Title- She pleads guilty

Author- Becca

E-mail - beccacurrie@msn.com

Rating- PG

Summary- who needs one

Notes I think I’m gonna make this a series so I’ll draw u all in then let u all down nice and gently with a lovely ending :P

Notes-II this is for Liz as she wanted a happy story to go with the sad nothingness one :D here u are

Janet had only been up for half an hour but already her day looked a hectic one. Exams for all SG teams as yearly check ups had come once again. She had unfinished reports for the general and also an errand to run for Sam . Just thinking about the tall blonde brought a smile to Janet’s lips. Janet’s musings where interrupted though by a phone call.

“Hello, Janet Fraser.”

“Doctor Fraser, this is Corporal Higgins from the SGC……”

Janet’s mind was racing at the mere mention of the SGC.

“..I’m just ringing to inform you that the SGC is on stand down for a few days….”

Relief flooded the doctors petite body.

“..the air conditioning system has been playing up a lot lately so we’re having it reinstalled.”

God Janet had to laugh a Gua’uld attack couldn’t cripple the SGC but a faulty air conditioning system could. God it was hilarious.

“ok thanks corporal. Bye.”

Bye doctor Fraser.”

Janet hung up the phone with a sweet realisation she had two days to herself. This morning she had found herself knee deep in reports etc now she was faced with two days of blissful peace.

The whole day was spent tidying up a much neglected garden. It now looked reasonably presentable. Now all Janet wanted to do was curl up with a nice cool drink and relax.


“No such luck!” smiled Janet as she went to answer the door.

“Sam?! What are you doing here?” Janet asked puzzled.

“What do you mean? Do you have company? I can come back…..”

“NO! no its not that …come in…I just didn’t expect to see you that’s all.”

Janet motioned for Sam to come and make herself comfy, which she did. Janet noted that Sam was wearing a figure trousers which groped curves in ways Janet never imagined. While Janet was staring at her, Sam, had moved into the living room and sat down.

“Hey Janet are you gonna stand around all day or are you gonna offer your guest a drink?” joked Sam.

Janet quickly caught onto the teasing.

“Well technically your not a guest.”

Janet moved from the hall to the living room and took her place on the couch.

“Oh is that right.” Smiled Sam.” Then what am I?”

`god Sam don’t go there.` thought Janet

“well your um your Erm…..”

“God Janet calm down I was only kidding. Are you all right?

Janet took a deep breath and sat on her now very shaky hands. `why am I acting like such an idiot? I never thought anyone had the power to do this to me`

Janet realised that Sam was calling her name to get her attention.


“Ummm yeah?”

“You sure your all right? Your acting kind of strange.”

“Yes I’m fine. Also what I was trying to say before, even though you were kidding, was that your not a guest you’re a member of the family, and last I checked members of the family didn’t know knock on their doors.”

Sam just sorta stood there for a while, doing her best fish impression though might I add, trying to process what Janet had just said. `family` that wasn’t a term in Sam’s vocabulary normally but she felt so part of something here. It made her want to get out of the base even when something unexpected turned up she always would rather go see Janet. Cassie and Janet!! Not just Janet Cassie too.

“Thank you.” That was it, that was all she could come up with.

You stupid fool` she thought to herself

Tell her more. Tell her how it feels to be part of her family. To not need an invitation to visit. How when sitting in complete silence its never uncomfortable when your with her. God tell her anything.`

But no all Sam managed was another thank you.

Janet moved over to where Sam was sitting and took Sam’s hand in her own.

“Sam I mean it you mean the world to Cassie.”

`And there it was` thought Sam. `I knew it would come eventually`

you mean the world to Cassie. Not me and Cassie nope just plain ole one person Cassie. Not that, that was a bad thing no it was great just not what Sam was hoping for. Sam’s heart broke and for a moment she let slip her emotions travel to her face before steeling up again, but that moment was enough for Janet to see the hurt.

“Not just to Cassie, Sam to me too. You’re the best friend I have ever had and probably will ever have. No-one will ever replace you in my heart.”

Following a heart felt sentiment came the awkward silence, which was cured by Sam asking Janet to dinner.

“Sure why not. How about that pizza place or the Chinese place you….” Janet was silenced from her ramble when she noticed Sam shaking her head.


“I meant really go out for dinner. To a restaurant. Lets get dressed up for a change. Spend wages that we never use.”

Janet sat in quiet contemplation for a while before nodding her head.

“so I’ll pick you up at 7:30?”

“That only gives me an hour to get ready!” exclaimed Janet.

“Janet you don’t need any more time than that surly!”

“But you said dressed up. I I’m gonna make myself look beautiful.”

“Well you certainly don’t need any more than an hour. You could go just as you are.”

Janet stood open mouthed. Had Sam Carter, woman afraid to show even the smallest emotion, just said the most beautiful thing she had ever heard spoken to her.

“Um what I meant was that …um…I’m just gonna go. I’ll see you tonight at 7:30”

Sam moved from the couch towards the door cursing herself inwardly for being so obvious.

“Yeah 7:30.” Mumbled Janet still to dazed to realise what was going on around her.


Janet was in a flown panic. She couldn’t decide what to wear. Running from the bathroom to her bedroom, Janet managed to trip up and fall flat on her face. Luckily there were no physical injuries but she sure was nursing a bruised pride, `thank god no-one was here to see that` thought Janet.

Half dressed in a lilac dress with one shoe on her hair half up and her face barren of any make-up, yeah Janet was defiantly panicking, and to top it all off she had 10 minutes till Sam arrived.

Switching to organised professional mode Janet put things in to a priority list

1 hair
2 make-up
3 shoes
4 bag and coat

5 minutes to go and Janet was surprisingly ready. She heard a toot of a horn, assuming it was Sam, she checked all the windows and doors before exiting the front door and locking it. Turning around Janet couldn’t help the gasp that escaped her as she came to witness the most beautiful sight in the world. Sam in a dress! Not just any dress, this was tailor made, cut to perfection, hugging all the right curves, but one more thing struck Janet. Sam was standing in front of a limo!

`something tells me this is a set up.` thought the brunette

“Well madam your carriage awaits.” Called Sam from the limo.

“Sam what’s going on?”

“well” breathed Sam as she moved closer to Janet. “like I said why not spend all those accumulated wages.”

“Yeah but I thought we were just going to dinner.”

“We are we’re just travelling in style. Soooo come on I’m freezing.”

`No wonder ` thought Janet. Sam was in a beautiful red dress cut at an angle from her knee right down to her ankle. ` God those legs` drooled Janet. It was a cowl front with a low criss cross strap back.

“You look beautiful” mumbled Janet suddenly embarrassed.

“ I look beautiful” laughed Sam. “ have you looked in  a mirror.”

“I um ..erm..can we just go cause it really is freezing.”

“sure.” Smiled Sam. “lets get the party started.”


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