Title: Starting Over

Author: Barbara A Taylor

Email: bataylor@nor.com.au

bio: Barbara has published prose and poetry. She is a regular reader/performer at Stand Up Poets’ Nights and her aspirations are to make an audio cd of her poetry.

Samples can be heard at http://batsword.tripod.com

Barbara lives in the Rainbow Region of NSW, Australia

Starting Over

Mope not fair child, when you
in times of sorrow find,
through anger and shame, blame
upon the bearer of your life.
But rather, ponder on a future world
where hopes remain, but must be fed
to stay alive with freshness of new starts.
Open your fragile heart, say yes to
tender love. Reclaim the past no more.
Instead, reach out, affirming in great joy
new realms and possibilities.
Take her as a person.
Do what you will with your quill.
She has no feather fetish anyway.
Nor fear. That eider duck has shed and
fled before, landing safely, every time
on calmer waters. ‘Tis better
to write words in music;
Play lyrics in sync with
the rhythms of your mind,
feed the conscious spirit,
promulgate the positive.
For if music truly be the food of love
starve not. Play her mellow mouthfuls
till her body tingles, and
strains and strings
meet perfect pitch. Digest
harmonic derivatives.



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