Title: Optimism

Author: Barbara A Taylor

Email: bataylor@nor.com.au

bio: Barbara has published prose and poetry. She is a regular reader/performer at Stand Up Poets’ Nights and her aspirations are to make an audio cd of her poetry.

Samples can be heard at http://batsword.tripod.com

Barbara lives in the Rainbow Region of NSW, Australia


Wrap not
in sheets of ebony
rather, tangle
in golden satiny folds

be light, no longer uptight
go with the flow

take her hand in yours
wish for future happiness
Say you’re under her spell

be daring, speak it loud
stand up, be proud. Come to the dance?
With me? With me?
Tremble no more, her love implore, over
a candlelight dinner for two

strong, determined
fiercely independent woman
stop for a while

imagine a magical night
of touching, whispers and sighs
that beg for your lips, your hands
your heat and your tongue, flaming

harder now. More, please, she says
and you give it to her

the way she wants. Next morning
picture this scene: instead of packing
black briefcase, the laptop, that irksome
mobile phone, she’s soft in her nakedness

almost stunned by that wild night of bliss
yearning, no, pleading,
Please, once more.



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