Title: Numero Uno: First Person Singular

Author: Barbara A Taylor

Email: bataylor@nor.com.au

bio: Barbara has published prose and poetry. She is a regular reader/performer at Stand Up Poetsí Nights and her aspirations are to make an audio cd of her poetry.

Samples can be heard at http://batsword.tripod.com

Barbara lives in the Rainbow Region of NSW, Australia

Sound File

Numero Uno: First Person Singular

Attencion! Listen here, any shallow-minded folk,
I am unlike the peonís wife who says:
"I would lose anything
but not my husband."

I have no husband. No offspring.
No child of mine in future generations
will adulate about just who her mother was;

A grandmother I am not.
And no grandchild of mine will be proud of,
remember yet or ever call me graníma.

Who then
Am I?

Methinks, I, one
Is one: Number 1
Numero Uno
First Person

An unaccompanied
Radical female being
A perfectly sensible spinster
Not someone who solely spins
Twists fibres into threads.

Oh, and yes, I do know who I am.
So kiss me now! Please.
Let me feel your touches melt
like icicles in Springtime, when yellow buds
burst open with hopes for renewed life.
Raise heads in awe that we in
warm embraces engender
sweet Sapphic love
lured by mutual trust and
passionate grace.

Ignore their hostile words
for blinkered people cannot know
how they rip apart
and pierce my heart
in daily conversations
our gay lives, our pain
unstitched by pronouns,
insolent attempts to devalue now
the essence of a lesbian being.

Címon, open please, allow me in
Let yourself be free. Meet the
female child in me. I. A fertile
solo woman
giving birth
to herself.
Numero Uno: First
Person Singular.

Hola! Do yourself a favor.
Címon now, have a go.



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