Title: Moving On

Author: Barbara A Taylor

Email: bataylor@nor.com.au

bio: Barbara has published prose and poetry. She is a regular reader/performer at Stand Up Poets’ Nights and her aspirations are to make an audio cd of her poetry.

Samples can be heard at http://batsword.tripod.com

Barbara lives in the Rainbow Region of NSW, Australia

Moving On

She never left me, nor departed
when dark skies dimmed
our intimate encounters.

Body, hands, lips,
All her touches, so gentle
like golden memories of today:
unyielding, forever
held closely to my own weakened
and broken heart,
enwrapped in union,
civil and civilised
till deaths we
both do part.

So decades on
she’s still here.
Emotions stir
to hear our music once again,
and imagine that wicked smile.
Profound, her placement,

a deep impact upon my life,
yet now it’s truer that I say
I want to take another lover,
feel only friction of soft breasts,
make love on lush green lawns of clover.

I want to say
the time is here. Time
for a brand new day

of switching off, then
turning on
to recklessly start over.



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