Title: Food For Pleasure
First published in Nest O Vipers, May 2000

By: Barbara A Taylor

Email: bataylor@no.com.au

Bio: Barbara has published prose and poetry. She is a regular reader/performer at Stand Up Poets’ Nights and her aspirations are to make an audio cd of her poetry.

Samples can be heard at http://batsword.tripod.com. Barbara lives in the Rainbow Region of NSW, Australia

If anyone would care to advise me on this kind of publishing, I’d be very grateful for your suggestions. Thank you. Peace and Love

Food For Pleasure

Preparation of food:
Melting thoughts and
Careful talents; the tastes
and colours, a vibrancy of selection.
A wicker basket, the chequered cloth,
Crystal, cutlery, starched napkins;
Those perfect bowls, ivory tongs,
Refreshments, ice,
Fresh juicy fruit; a creamy
Mature brie;

The calming smoke.
Our walk along the glossy beach,
The salty air, the heat, the glow
of a red orb sinking. The
dampness of sand
on our bodies
Under starry skylights
and peeking moon.

Such music and passion in this night.
The joy of returning home
Hand in hand
High on harmony.
The coffee, the port
more music – communication.
The happiness of tonight.
Another calming smoke,

The long  l  i  n  g  e  r  i  n  g    k  i  s  s ...

But I forgot to eat
her wonderful gourmet food
Sated only by
tantalising lips, and

She hated me for this.

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