Title: Angel of the Morning

Author: amoute

Email: amoute@mts.net

Copyright: March 7th, 2001.

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. All persons are imaginary and any resemblance to persons living or otherwise is purely accidental.

Jo sat in the dimly lit bar nursing a beer and her thoughts. She had been a regular here at one time, but over the years her visits diminished. A few months earlier, she returned after an absence of almost seven years. The crowd was different, younger, but she expected that. She never talked to the clientele and only spared a few words to the bartender. She didn't come here for the conversation or the music; she came here to remember.


She was 24 in the summer of '91, young and full of energy. She tried to burn off that energy by playing various sports, but inevitably it was never enough. She would come to this bar every weekend and occasionally during the week. She would meet up with her friends and they would dance, drink and have a good time.

One Saturday night, she noticed a new face, a very beautiful face. The young woman had shoulder length blond hair and the most amazing grey eyes. She was tall and beautifully sculpted with a figure that most women would kill to have. Jo was entranced, hardly taking her eyes off the woman the whole night.

Although Jo had many friends and was always making more, she was actually very shy. She made friends by forcing herself to walk up to people and introduce herself. The whole time her heart would be in her throat and her stomach would be fluttering. She found by being forthright, she was able to overcome her shyness.

This was not the case when she found herself attracted to a woman. So many times someone would walk in and catch her attention, but she could never get up the nerve to introduce herself. As a result, she spent most of her early adult years happy, but alone. The tall blonde changed all that.

Jo figured she would never have a chance when she first saw the woman. By the time she could work up the nerve to even go near her, someone else would scoop her up. She spent all night watching the tall lovely woman, enjoying how she walked, laughed and danced. Jo went home alone that night and dreamed a sweet dream of a lovely blonde woman...dancing slowly. Dancing with her.

The blonde woman slipped from her mind during the week, Jo had other things to think about. She was in her final year of apprenticeship as an electrician and her boss was riding her hard. He liked the young woman and was determined to see that she knew the trade inside and out.

Jo was tired when she arrived at the bar, but a couple of beers and a winning streak at the pool table soon loosened her up. The blonde arrived a couple of hours before closing, on the arm of another striking woman. Jo sighed, knowing she missed out again. The woman was back on Saturday, and the weekend after that, always on the arm of the other woman.

On a Thursday near the end of the summer, Jo received her journeyman's papers and decided to celebrate. He boss gave her an extra long weekend as a reward and told her not to come back until Tuesday.

She walked into the near empty bar and commandeered the pool table. A few of her friends were there, but most would not be in until the weekend. Jo didn't mind; she actually enjoyed the quiet relaxed atmosphere. She talked to the bartender for a while then sat with a small group of friends. They congratulated her, bought her drinks, and talked. The bar filled a bit more, but was still half empty when the DJ came on shift.

Jo was so engrossed in the conversation; she didn't pay attention to what was going on around her. She started slightly when a hand tapped lightly on her shoulder. She looked up into the incredible grey eyes of the beautiful tall blonde woman.

"I'm sorry to intrude," The woman's voice was like honey, thick and sweet, "but I was wondering if you would like to dance?"

Jo's throat closed up on her, she gulped trying to find her voice. "Uhhh..." Someone kicked her under the table. "Uhh...sure...ok." She managed a weak smile.

The woman raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure?" She asked, with a hint of amusement.

Jo took a deep calming breath, "Yes, I'm sure." She flashed her most confident smile and rose from the table. For one frightening moment, she thought her knees would buckle, but she quickly found strength and followed the blonde to the dance floor.

After the dance, Jo invited the lovely woman back to the table. She accepted. They spent the rest of the night talking and dancing. Jo slowly became more comfortable with the woman. She learned that the woman's name was Angela and she was a social science graduate who worked for the government. She was two years older than Jo, and enjoyed various outdoor activities.

To say Jo gave Angela her total attention was an understatement. She didn't even notice when one by one, her friends left the table, giving the two of them some privacy. To her immense relief, Jo also learned that the other woman who accompanied Angela to the bar was only a friend.

All too soon, Angela announced that she had to leave since she had to be at work early the next morning.

"Maybe...I'll see you tomorrow night?" Jo asked, standing as Angela prepared to leave.

"Yes. That would be nice." Angela's smile nearly melted Jo on the spot. "I had a good time tonight. Thank you." She leaned over and kissed Jo lightly on the cheek. Jo felt her legs buckle and was grateful for the table, since it kept her from collapsing. She remained standing until Angela was out the door and then she sunk back onto the chair. Her friends returned and after a flurry of questions, they teased her ceaselessly.

Jo arrived unusually early on Friday, and was surprised to discover Angela already there. They danced, talked, touched, and kissed. That night, Jo did not go home alone.


Jo ordered another beer and took a quick glance around. It was almost full, so she decided to give up her table and take a stool at the bar. She nodded politely at the woman sitting next to her, then turned so she could watch the women on the dance floor.

She remembered when she would bring Angela here and dance every weekend. They would tease and touch each other until they were so worked up, they'd barely make it into the door of their apartment, tearing off their clothes and making love until early morning.

Jo reflected on their ten years together. All the times of laughter, love, anger and tears. Everything, good and bad. Times when she witnessed her lover's eyes flash cold steel grey with anger, and dark smoky grey with passion. She never regretted any of their time together. In fact, it was their time together that she missed.

Watching the couples on the dance floor made her realize how much she missed dancing. Angela didn't seem to have the time or the energy anymore. She worked long hours as an advisor to some big-wig politician. Most nights she would not get home until long after dinnertime. They would spend a couple of hours together before Jo went to bed, needing to rise early the next day. Jo would be gone by the time Angela awoke. Often, Angela would have to leave on trips to various parts of the country for several days on end. She loved her job, enjoyed the challenge. Jo knew she should be happy for her.

But they seemed to be drifting apart and Jo was starting to wonder if Angela needed her anymore. Her blue-collar job could not compare to the excitement and challenge of white-collar politics. She was strictly of the lunch bucket, tuna sandwich brigade while Angela was caviar and champagne. It seemed even their conversations were stifled. Angela was no more interested in electrical inspections and codes than Jo was in back room political wrangling. She knew she still loved Angela, but she didn't know if Angela still loved her.

Angela was presently in the middle of a four-day First Minister's conference in Ottawa. Today was their tenth anniversary and Jo had not heard from her at all.


The dance floor was set in the centre of the large bar surrounded by tables. As Jo watched the women dance, she became aware of a woman watching her from the opposite side of the room. The woman smiled seductively and without breaking eye contact, she gracefully crossed that dance floor and stopped in front of her.

Jo thought for a moment how the woman seemed out of place. She was wearing a well-tailored navy jacket and skirt with a white silk blouse. Everyone else was in jeans and t-shirts, including Jo. The woman looked sophisticated, elegant and sexy.

"Hello," The woman said huskily.

Jo looked quizzically at her. She was about to say something when the woman asked, "Dance with me?"

Jo hesitated for a moment. It had been so long since she danced. She agreed and followed the woman to the middle of the dance floor.

The woman lightly wrapped her arms around Jo's neck. Jo hesitantly put her hands on her hips and they started to dance.

They gazed into each other's eyes. The woman seemed slightly amused by the look of confusion and uncertainty on Jo's face. She pressed her body closer and rested her head on Jo's shoulder.

Jo felt her pulse jump when the woman pressed closer. She became aware of every point where their bodies touched. The woman's perfume intoxicated her senses. She moved her hands from the woman's hips to the small of her back, pulling her even closer. The woman turned her head and nestled into the soft warm skin of her neck. Jo was lost in the feeling of the body swaying against hers. It had been so long since she felt anything like this. She groaned softly when she felt soft lips graze her neck.

Encouraged, the woman lightly ran her tongue along Jo's jaw, to the base of her ear. She licked the lobe and drew it into her mouth, sucking lightly. Jo shivered in response. The woman pressed against her, wrapping Jo in a dance of seduction to which she willingly succumbed.

The dance ended, the woman slowly pulled away. Her eyes locked with Jo's, which were dark with passion and lust. She grasped Jo's hand and led her off the dance floor.

Jo followed her down a small hallway, past the bathrooms to an inset doorway. The woman pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply, her tongue performing its own seductive dance. Her hands roamed over Jo's body, from shoulders, down her arms to her back before finally coming to rest on her buttocks. The woman pulled her closer, pressing her groin against Jo.

Jo's hands were also exploring the woman's body, one finding a path under the silk blouse the other under the skirt. She ran her fingers lightly along the warm flesh then cupped a heavy lace covered breast. She kneaded the firm flesh, rubbing her thumbs against the hard straining nipple. Her other hand caressed a firm thigh.

They broke apart, breathless and burning with lust and desire.

"Come home with me." The woman husked.

"Yes." Jo whispered.


Jo barely had her door closed when the woman was on her again. They kissed and touched, driving each other into a near frenzy. Jo wasn't sure they would make it out of the parking lot.

Sensing things were getting out of control, the woman pulled back, trying to calm her breathing. "Not here." She gasped.

Jo could only nod as she pulled away, her mind full of questions she did not want to ask. It seemed this woman wove a spell around her, and asking questions would only serve to break it.


As soon the door closed behind them, Jo pulled the woman into her arms. They kissed again and again as their hands moved to remove clothing and explore warm flesh hidden beneath. They stumbled to the bedroom and fell upon the bed in a tangle of arms and legs. They were slightly awkward in their eagerness and lust as they explored the secret places of pleasure. They found a rhythm that made them reach the heights they so desperately sought, both women crying out their pleasure.

Jo lay on her back; her breathing returning to normal and she felt some of the sorrow and uncertainty fall away from her. However, she wondered how long it would be before those feelings returned. She rolled over on her side, propped up on her elbow and looked down at the beautiful woman beside her.

"When did you get home?" She quietly asked, gazing deep into smoky grey eyes.

"A few hours ago," Angela replied, "When I saw you weren't home, I went looking for you. I'm not sure how, but I knew you'd be at the bar where we first met."

"I thought you had another two days at that conference."

"I did," Angela grasped Jo's free hand, kissed the palm, then placed it on her breast, "But I couldn't miss our anniversary."

Jo smiled at that, then noticed Angela's eyes glistening with tears. "What's wrong?" She asked.

"When I first got to the bar and saw you sitting there, I thought maybe..."

"Maybe what?" Jo prodded gently.

"Maybe you were looking for someone else."

"I...I never would do that." Jo looked away, filled with love and need. "I just missed you."

"I missed you too my love." Angela's voice was barely audible. "But...I can't do this anymore."

Jo felt a jolt through her. This was it...this was what she feared. Angela was going to leave her. She looked down at the woman she loved. "Can't do what. Can't be with me anymore?" She croaked.

Angela's eyes widened. "No!...oh God no." She reached up and cupped Jo's cheek. "Is that what you think?"

"I...I thought maybe..." Jo shook her head, "I'm not sure what I thought. I feel like... we're losing something."

"I feel like that too." Angela whispered, "But what I meant...what I can't do...is be away from you. I feel like...like we're drifting apart...I don't want to lose you." She rolled into Jo's arms as her tears flowed freely.

Jo held her tight, relieved but also concerned. She never realized they were experiencing the same fears.

"I don't want to lose you either." She felt her own tears sliding down her cheek, landing in Angela's hair, "You mean everything to me."

They lay in each other's arms, weeping for several minutes, neither wanting to let go.

Angela finally pulled her head away from Jo's shoulder and looked up into eyes filled with sorrow and love. "I talked to the minister about lightening my duties."

"What did he say?"

Angela smiled wearily, "At first he didn't understand why. He didn't realize the extra work I have to take on because my colleges still think of me as single with nothing better to do. I explained to him that just because we're not legally married, my commitment to you is no different than any of his married staff. I should be allowed the same rights and concessions as my married counterparts."

"And what did he say to that?"

"He told me to go home and enjoy my anniversary." Angela's smile widened, "And to tell you how lucky you are to have me."

Jo laughed, "Believe me, I already know. It's something I'll never forget."

Angela's face turned serious, "I can't promise you that there will never be anymore late nights or long trips. I can only promise that there won't be as many."

"I understand that," Jo said, "And I know I can make an effort to adjust my schedule too, I don't need to accept every job that comes my way." She leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on Angela's forehead. "I'll do everything I can to be with you."

Angela smiled up at her, then cupped the back of her head, pulling her down to soft warm lips. They kissed deeply, slowly and fully. They moved against each other, without the blind urgency of pure lust, but with the slow gentleness of love. They made love until the early hours of the morning, recapturing some of the magic they lost. When they were finished and before sleep overtook her, Jo gazed at her slumbering lover. She was grateful that her angel would be there in the morning. With their love and determination, she would be there every morning.

The End

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