Title: Pining

Author: Alex O’neal

Fandom: Popular

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Rating: PG-13.

Couple: S/B

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine, and they never will be. I just really like playing with ‘em. ;)

Author's Notes: I’m kind of a newbee at actually writing this fan fiction stuff; I usually just read it. J

Anyway, I’d really appreciate to hear what you think so far. All constructive criticism is very welcome. JJ

Warning: Ok, I really felt this story needed some extra warning for extensive sappiness. This story is extremely mushy, so if that ain’t your cup of tea… uh… don’t drink? Consider yourself duly warned.

Sighing softly Sam leaned her forehead against the cool windowpane of her hotel room, gazing unseeingly out into the dark San Francisco night.

She had arrived in the city two weeks prior to take part in a three-week long writing course for future journalists. The course, being one of the most prestigious and sought after in the country, was extremely hard to get accepted to and Sam had been very fortunate to receive this opportunity. It was indeed something that would weigh heavily on her future resume. Never the less, even though it had been a very interesting and a very enlightening experience for the budding journalist, she hadn’t been able to fully enjoy the event. Unfortunately she had been plagued with a serious case of homesickness since day one.

Truth be told, it wasn’t really home she missed so much. Rather, it was thoughts of a tall, blonde head cheerleader, who just happened to also be her lover, that filled her whole being with almost unbearable longing.

Falling in love with each other was a relatively recent development that had taken them both slightly by surprise. After all, it’s not every day that you realize that you’re madly in love with your own stepsister. When the initial shock had died down, however, they had both tentatively settled down and, within a few short weeks, their relationship had blossomed. Just as they had reached the I_love_you_so_much_I_can’t_be_without_you_for_a_minute-stage that occurs in every new relationship, news of Sam’s acceptance into the very ‘top-notch’ writing class had arrived. She’d sent in the application several months earlier with only faint hopes of getting in, and with everything else happening in her life, she had just forgotten all about it.

The incredible joy of getting accepted into such an esteemed and popular class had quickly been smothered by the sudden realization that she would have to leave Brooke, and their burgeoning relationship, behind. At first she had seriously considered tearing the acceptance letter in two, but Brooke had quickly halted her move and told her in no uncertain terms to go. The blonde firmly believed that, even though it would be agony to be separated for so long, Sam had worked much to hard to become a journalist to just toss this great opportunity in the garbage. “It’s only for three weeks, Sammy. Besides”, the blonde had smiled mischievously and hugged the morose girl close, “I’ve heard that reunions can be rather… interesting… affairs.”

So, with a heavy heart, Sam had left, and now here she was; Alone in her room, pining away in total misery for her blonde girlfriend, just as she had been for the past fourteen days.

The other people taking the course were bonding, barhopping every night and having a great time. Not that Sam begrudged them anything. They had asked her to join them on several occasions, and while being friendly about it, the brunette had declined every time. She just didn’t feel like going out. ‘Besides’, she thought despondently, ‘I’d only wind up drunk and start crying into my tequila anyway.’

Sighing again, she left the window and trudged slowly over to her bed. Reaching under one of the pillows she withdrew a wrinkled, light blue t-shirt and brought it to her face, inhaling deeply. It belonged to Brooke and was one of the cheerleader’s absolute favorites. Sam had stolen it out of Brooke’s room on the morning of her departure and even after two weeks it still carried a slight whiff of the blonde’s sweet scent. The action of breathing into the wrinkled cloth gave the poor brunette a small measure of comfort but also subsequently added to her misery as her yearning for the blonde increased with each breath. Falling onto the bed’s soft surface with a defeated slump, still clutching the crumpled t-shirt to her chest in desperation, she curled into a tiny ball and just let herself hurt for a while. Soon she fell into a deep slumber, filled with dreams of the lanky blonde cheerleader.

A sudden knock on the door startled her out of her sleep, and glancing at the bedside clock she was surprised to see the big red digits reading 2.34 a.m. Who could be at her door at this hour? Slightly groggy she stumbled out of bed and walked over to the door in bewilderment. Could she have ordered room service and then forgotten all about it?

“Who is it?” she asked hesitantly, grabbing her wallet of a nearby desk. If it was room service she would just pay and get rid of them as quickly as she could.

“It’s me,” came a soft answer through the door, the voice immediately recognized, nearly causing Sam to faint dead on the spot.

Instantly very awake, Sam dropped her wallet on the floor and tore the door open so fast she nearly smacked herself in the head with it. Standing out in the hallway, wearing white sneakers, faded blue jeans, a white tube top, and a shy smile stood the girl who had been haunting Sam’s dreams since her arrival in Frisco.

“Brooke?!” she gasped out, hardly able to believe her own eyes.

“Hey Sammy,” the blonde grinned, extremely pleased with the brunette’s flabbergasted reaction. “I was in the neighborhood, and I thought I’d drop by,” she added with a playful wink, hefting a small gym bag onto one shoulder while tucking a strand of golden hair behind her ear with her free hand. “Would you mind some company for a week or so?”

Without a word, Sam reached out, grabbed two handfuls of Brooke’s shirt and yanked her forcefully into the room, shutting the door with a bang. She then pinned the blonde cheerleader against the door roughly and proceeded to kiss her senseless, her tongue darting hungrily in and out of the blonde’s mouth. Only when the need for oxygen became too much to ignore did she relent and reluctantly pulled away slightly.

Panting heavily they both stared with burning desire into each other’s eyes, until Brooke’s head finally stopped spinning enough for her to regain the ability to speak again. “I guess this means you didn’t mind me dropping by?” she teased softly, nipping at Sam’s nose playfully.

For the first time in two weeks, a truly radiant smile spread across Sam’s features and she pulled the blonde into an enthusiastic hug. “Oh God, no!” she got out around the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat. “I’ve been totally miserable without you. I was seriously considering giving this whole writing thing up and go back home before I went completely insane.”

Brooke felt her eyes prickle with unshed tears at the heartfelt confession from the usually taciturn journalist. Dropping her gym bag on the floor to be able to close her arms around the other girl more properly, she burrowed deeply into Sam’s inviting neck, greedily taking comfort in the brunette’s presence.

“God… You don’t know how much I’ve missed you,” she whispered hoarsely. “I’ve been acting like a royal bitch to Jane and Mike ever since you left, and the entire gang at school thinks I’ve been PMS’ing for two entire weeks. Mary Cherry gave me a whole bag of Advil the other day,” she grumbled petulantly, making Sam giggle softly.

The sound caused a warm feeling of happiness to bloom in the pit of Brooke’s stomach, and she decided that she wanted to hear more. “It was either pack my stuff and get over here, or I was gonna to start throttling people with my pompoms,” she stated with fake seriousness, causing the brunette laugh out loud at the mental image.

“If I hadn’t gotten here in time I would have turned into this crazy cheerleader serial killer who’s only joy in life would have been to go around offing people left and right. I had even thought out this great new cheer to go with the killing and everything,” she related, stepping away from Sam slightly to start moving through a mock cheerleading routine, waving imaginable pompoms around.

“Eight, six, four, two!
Missing Sammy’s hard to do!
Two, four, six, eight!
Killing people, feeling great!
Feeling sad, feeling blue,
This is why I will kill you!
Makes me glad, makes me high,
this is why you have to die!
Yaaaay, killing!”

By now, Sam was helplessly rolling around on the floor laughing so hard that her side was aching. The sight caused Brooke to dissolve into laughter as well, and soon they both lay side by side gasping for breath.

When she was finally able to breath normally again Sam raised herself up onto one elbow and leaned over a still smiling Brooke.

“Thank you,” she whispered, gazing adoringly into hazel eyes as her free hand tenderly caressed the other girl’s smooth cheek.

“For what?”

“For coming here in the middle of the night. For making me laugh until my sides hurt… For being born,” Sam finished and closed the distance between them, gently brushing their lips together in a loving kiss.

“You’re welcome,” Brooke exhaled when the kiss ended. “If there’s anything else I can do for you, just let me know…” she trailed off as she wound her hands into Sam’s brown tresses, and pulled the other girl down into another, slightly more demanding, kiss.

Starting a slow and torturous trek down the cheerleader’s supple body, tenderly mapping the familiar territory with gentle hands, Sam moaned quietly into the kiss. She then let her lips wander down the blonde girls jaw towards an adorable ear, as her right hand stealthily slipped under the hem of the white tank top, lightly tracing the well-defined abs found there.

“Well…” the brunette husked teasingly, while nibbling on a tasty earlobe. “I do seem to have a lot of excess energy all of a sudden. Would you mind assisting me in taking the edge… off?”

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” Brooke whimpered as her belly instantly filled with liquid warmth at the simultaneous assault, of both Sam’s actions and her words, on her body. Arching her back helplessly into Sam’s talented touch she only had enough restraint to weakly sob out a soft “Bed,” before all her senses went into overload and she crushed her lips to the willing brunette’s in a ravishing kiss.

Whether they ever made it to the bed or not will remain unsaid by the author. It is however known that, on this night, neither girl got much sleep as they both diligently worked on taking the ‘edge’ of Sam’s excess energy.


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