Title: Best Trip Ever

Author: Alex O’Neal

Fandom: Popular

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Author's Notes: Well, this is my very first stab at fan fiction. All constructive criticism is very welcome, cuz frankly, I feel way out of my depth here. JJ

Hiding behind a big tree, waiting on baited breath, she watched as her unsuspecting target slowly drew closer. She felt her heart pounding in her chest as she carefully took aim and launched her attack. The round weapon sailed beautifully through the air in a perfect arch and hit the intended target squarely in the face with a soft poof.

The look of pure, wide-eyed surprise on Sam’s face, mixed with the snow that now slowly melted and made its way down her cheeks in rivulets was enough to send Brooke into almost hysterical laughter.

“Gotcha McPherson!” She managed to wheeze out as she attempted to catch her breath while tears of laughter poured from her hazel eyes.

“Why you little…” Sam ground out with mock ferocity as she wiped at her face with her gloved hands. “You’re sooooo gonna pay for that one McQueen!”

“Oh, puuhlease!” Brooke snorted disdainfully, not the least bit worried. “You couldn’t catch a cold if someone hit you over the head with it!”

Barely had the words left her mouth when her eyes widened to an almost comical degree and she let out a squeal at the sight of a rapidly approaching Sam. Turning on her heel she took off running as fast as she could down the snowy slope with the other girl in hot pursuit, laughter trickling in the wake of the two teenagers.


It had all started rather innocently just a week before when Mike had suddenly sprung a winter vacation surprise on his family. Two weeks in a semi-secluded cabin, courtesy of an old client at the firm, with walking distance to some of the very best slopes in the country. In other words; the perfect chance for them all to bond without the pressure of school, work and demanding outer influences. It would also give them some much-needed time to spend with the newest addition to the McQueen-McPherson clan.

Mackenzie had arrived into the family just a few months prior but neither Mike nor the teenagers had really had time to get to know the little tyke, both school and work stubbornly getting in the way.

Sam and Brooke’s first reaction to the news had naturally been to object, rather vehemently. Not to the part of spending time with Mac of course, but the idea of two whole weeks with nobody your own age to talk to but your soon to be stepsister was not very tempting to either teen. Sure, since the birth of little Mac things had started to settle down somewhat, but it was still slightly strained between them. And they sure didn’t want to spend two whole weeks cooped up together pushing their newly acquired boundaries to the limit.

Their protests were of course a lost cause. Mike had merely smiled and told them, with a voice that brooked no objection, that it was a superb opportunity for them to once and for all put their differences aside and really get to know each other. And if all else failed they could always hit the slopes instead of each other for once. Jane had wholeheartedly agreed with him and with that it was settled; they were going on a family bonding vacation together.

Both teens had groaned in frustration and merely prayed they’d get out of this one alive.


The first few days passed without altercations and both teens were actually starting to fully enjoy the trip, and surprisingly, each other’s company. Not that either of them would ever admit to that except under the most severe form of torture, of course. The days were spent on the slopes skiing and snowboarding until they could hardly walk and the nights were spent in front of the fireplace wrapped in warm blankets drinking hot cocoa and cooing with Mac.

It was quickly shaping up to be one of the best trips ever.

On the fifth day of their vacation the girls decided to give their aching bones a break from the slopes and instead go exploring together in the woods surrounding the cabin. While Sam was getting the last instructions from a worried Jane about ‘not getting lost’ and ‘paying attention to where she was at all times’, and ‘not to stray to far away from the cabin’, Brooke sneaked off and hid behind one of the big trees in the outskirts of the forest. Carefully gathering enough snow to form a rather big snowball, she hung back in giddy anticipation and awaited her unsuspecting target.


Brooke could her the labored breaths of her pursuer getting closer as the other girl slowly gained on her. All of a sudden the blonde cheerleader hooked a quick right in a desperate attempt of getting away, and it would probably have worked too if only Sam hadn’t anticipated her move.

The breath was knocked out of her lungs as the smaller form of the journalist came crashing into her, taking her to the snow covered ground in a tangle of snow, arms and legs.

“HA!” Sam chortled triumphantly as she straddled the out of breath blonde girl, effectively pinning her to the cold ground. “Couldn’t catch a cold, huh?! I’ll show you,” the brunette huffed, slightly out of breath. Grinning wildly she quickly grabbed two handfuls of snow and started rubbing it into the squirming cheerleaders face. “Eat snow McQueen!”

“Stop! Stop! I give up already!” A squirming Brooke managed to get out while trying to avoid having snow stuffed into her mouth by shielding her face with her arms.

Sam quickly grabbed hold of the blonde’s wrists and pinned them to the ground beside the cheerleaders’ head. “Oh, you give up do ya?!” the brunette grinned playfully, their faces mere inches apart. “Well, what if I don’t think you’ve suffered enough? Ambushing me like that - and without provocation, no less. And then insulting my ability to catch colds?! Oh, no princess - you’re not getting away that easily.”

“W-what are you going to do to me?” Brooke stuttered softly, her heart almost beating out of her chest at the suddenly very close proximity of the other girl. Without her permission her gaze slowly wandered the planes Sam’s face taking in every little detail from her glittering brown eyes framed by almost impossibly long thick lashes, her small delicate nose only inches away from her own, and the full, luscious-looking ruby colored lips.

Brooke unconsciously licked her own lips as a surge of warmth quickly spread from the pit of her stomach through her body like liquid fire, setting every nerve ending ablaze.

Sam noticed with surprise how Brooke’s gaze slowly seemed to glaze over, and her pupils dilated, as the other girl seemed to take her in. Before she could fully understand what was happening, the blonde cheerleader’s tongue peeked out to wet supple, pink lips and Sam felt her breathing hitch as her groin clenched almost painfully. 

“I… oh god –,” Sam got out in a breathless whisper before she was helpless to do anything but answer her body’s suddenly desperate demand. Swiftly closing the distance between them she gently brushed their lips together as her brown locks came down like a soft canopy to shield them from potential prying eyes.

The taste and texture of Brooke’s supple lips was truly amazing and Sam had to force herself not to go back for more once the kiss ended. Instead she leaned back slightly, attempting to tuck her unruly locks behind her ear with a trembling hand, as she carefully tried to gauge the blonde’s reaction to this new development.

The soft touch on her lips was like nothing Brooke had ever felt before, and it was over much to quickly for her tastes. Looking up at Sam through half lidded eyes she wound a hand into Sam’s thick, brown locks and forcefully tugged her back down again.

Sam gasped in surprise before her eyes fluttered closed and she responded to the soft lips moving sensuously against her own.

This time the kiss was decidedly firmer as both girls curiously explored each other. Brooke parted her lips slightly and sucked on Sam’s full lower lip, gently teasing her tongue over the luscious piece of flesh. In response Sam moaned softly and her own tongue came out to join in the game, gently tracing Brooke’s impossibly soft lips. Without hesitation the cheerleader greedily sucked the probing muscle into her mouth and whimpered quietly as Sam started to explore.

The rest of the world faded into nothingness as their kiss grew with fevered intensity and their tongues fought for dominance inside the others mouth. Roughly they crushed their lips together in a frantic attempt to devour each other, before the desperate need for air forced them reluctantly apart.

Both girls were breathing heavily as they stared at each other with something akin to wonder in their eyes.

“Wow…” Sam breathed, her gaze fixed on Brooke’s slightly swollen lips that seemed to beckon her with each panting breath that the blonde cheerleader expelled.

“Yeah… wow,” Brooke uttered softly, “I don’t know what just happened here, but can we bottle it?” she joked weakly. The need to taste Sam’s lips again was almost overwhelming in its intensity and she had to fight the urge of reversing their positions and ravishing the brunette completely. “If this is how we’re going to spend our time together from now on I not going to complain.”

Sam giggled softly and a playful smirk emerged on her slightly puffy lips. “Although I believe that Mike wanted us to use this vacation to get to know each other better, I somehow doubt that he had this scenario in mind.”

Brooke smiled ruefully and nodded in agreement to the brunettes’ words. “Probably not,” she admitted, suddenly hit with visuals of Mike and Jane finding them naked together in bed. She chuckled quietly as she saw herself trying to explain the odd situation to the enraged parentals; ‘But we were only trying to preserve our body heat. Honest! It was soo cold in here, and I didn’t want poor Sam to get pneumonia or something.’

“What’s so funny?” Sam wondered curiously as she bent down and gently rubbed their noses together in a small Eskimo kiss. God, she was powerless to resist this girl. Brooke was so soft and warm and she smelled so good. She was like a drug, and Sam was already hooked.

Sighing happily, Brooke wrapped both arms around Sam’s body and pulled her into a crushing hug. “Just picturing the parental’s faces if they ever found out,” she whispered into a delicate ear and couldn’t resist nipping at the earlobe playfully.

“Hmmm…” Sam mumbled, happily nuzzling into the blonde’s neck and trying to pull in as much of her sweet scent as she could. Then she sighed softly and lifted her head, gazing down into hazel eyes, a serious expression adorning her face. “Mike and mom are not gonna like this one bit,” she said softly, gently tracing a gloved hand over Brookes’ forehead and down her right cheek, her eyes drinking in the movement greedily.

“No they won’t,” Brooke acknowledged quietly. “The kids back at school won’t be too happy either. Nic’s gonna blow a gasket, and I bet Harrison won’t exactly be willing to shower us with well-whishes either.” Suddenly it felt like the whole world was against them, and her eyes welled with tears. Did they even stand a fighting chance?

“Hey…” Sam gently palmed the cheerleader’s cheek while looking deeply into the tear-filled hazel eyes. She felt despair seep into her very being and cursed herself silently. How stupid of her to think that Brooke might have actually wanted this too. The blonde really enjoyed her popularity status at school, and this was nothing less than committing popular suicide if it ever came out.

“If you… if this is g-going to-to be too much for you…” she stuttered softly, no longer able to meet Brooke’s eyes. Sam drew in a ragged breath, determined to give the blonde girl an easy way out if she wanted it, but gloved fingers covered her lips and prevented her from speaking.

“I-I love you, Sammy.” Brooke confessed shyly, shifting her fingers slightly and gently began caressing Sam’s cheek. “I think I fell in love with you a long time ago, I just never… I never realized that it was love that I felt. But now…” she breathed as she gazed into Sam’s chocolate brown eyes in quiet wonder. It was going to work. They were going to make it work and god help those who tried to stand in their way.

“Now I know, and I’m never letting you go again. There’s no way that this is too much for me, and the rest of the world can just go f-…”

Her last words were swallowed up in the fierce kiss bestowed on her lips by the deliriously happy journalist, leaving her breathless and slightly dizzy.

“I couldn’t agree more, princess,” Sam whispered softly when their kiss ended. “I don’t know when it happened but somewhere along the line I fell in love with you too. I didn’t quite understand it at the time and I guess it was just easier to go on pretending to hate you. But now things are much clearer. I’m deeply in love with you and if you’ll let me I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make you happy.”

“You already have Sam,” Brooke replied resolutely, unable to resist the urge of lifting up slightly and brushing their lips together again. She hummed in soft appreciation before once again focusing back on their conversation.

“Then it’s settled. We simply won’t tell anyone about us… at least not yet,” she amended at the look of surprise gracing Sam’s face. “Let’s spend some time by ourselves and see where this thing leads us before we involve everybody else.”

Sam’s trademark smirk made an appearance at her last words. “Want me all to yourself do ya?” she kidded gently, secretly elated that the blonde felt the same way as her. She felt like singing.

“Oh you bet I do! This girl isn’t much for sharing, now give me some sugar!” Brooke growled out in mock ferocity as she, in a move that totally caught Sam by surprise, finally reversed their positions and found herself delicately sprawled on top of the willowy journalist.

“Hmmm… I like,” she purred softly as she bent down and stopped mere millimeters from her goal, simply loving the feel of the other girl beneath her. Their breaths mingled as she gazed adoringly into soft chocolate orbs so close to her own, and she felt her heart swell and her throat constrict painfully with emotion. Just as she was about to continue with her new most favorite pastime, kissing Sam senseless, a voice rang out and echoed through the still forest.

“SAM?! BROOKE?! Dinnertime girls!!”

Jane, and she was obviously on her way towards where they currently lay.

“Rats!” Brooke mumbled as she seriously considered staying right where she was, kissing Sam until the world stopped spinning, all consequences be damned!

“Don’t even think about it, blondie,“ Sam stated with determination while valiantly trying to fight back laughter at the cute pout now adorning the cheerleader’s scowling face. “We agreed to keep a lid on things for now, and I doubt that’d be possible if mom found us in this… uh… compromising position.”

“As much as it annoys me to admit it; you’re right,” Brooke conceded grumpily as she reluctantly got to her feet and helped the brunette to stand. Before Sam had a chance to react the blonde leaned in and quickly licked at the brunette’s lips, eliciting a soft moan in response. “To be continued at a later date,” she whispered throatily into the trembling journalists’ ear just as Jane came into view.

“You’re soo gonna pay for that one, McQueen!” Sam hissed under her breath as she felt a blush gradually creep up her features. Putting on a fake smile she waved at her mom coming down the slope towards them. “Down here mom!” She called out unnecessarily.

“Well, considering I really enjoyed what happened the last time you said that; I can’t wait,” was Brooke’s nonchalant reply as they both started walking towards Jane in a leisurely pace.

“Remember McQueen, paybacks are a bitch,” Sam threatened softly so that only Brooke could hear as she let their gloved hands brush together with gentle innocence.

Oh, yeah. This was definitely shaping up to be the best trip ever.


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