Title:  Natalie Loves Madison

Author: BKFaith

Email: BKFaith@hotmail.com

Fandom: Charlie’s Angels Movies

Pairing: Natalie/Madison Lee

Rating: R (sexuality, adult themes, cussin’)

Spoilers: Both movies…duh

Disclaimer: I just thought DAMN!! How does Demi Moore look so good at 40 with three kids!!! Helloooo to the major subtext here, very sexy, I wish they would have spelled it out a little bit more. I think Natalie is deeper than she seems. Wanna have a look with me? These ladies do not belong to me, they are not real, however, their fictitious selves belong to Columbia Pictures, McG, Drew Barrymore/Flower Films and Aaron Spelling.

A/N: All work is archived here, please ask if you would like to take it elsewhere. Because I cannot seem to be satisfied with anything related to “Daywalker”, I give you this tidbit to enjoy. Natalie thinks about Madison while they fight.

Feedback: Love that stuff; let me know what you think.

I knew in that moment you were my enemy, but I did not want to believe it. How could you be? I mean don’t you lov-? I shut my eyes, effectively cutting off the word before I even utter it in my mind. Sillie Natalie, goofy Natalie. The one who likes to shake her ass and fall down and loves Pete. But when I look at you or rather when you look at me, I see something, someone so wholly unrecognizable, so mysterious and magnetic, I want to be around and hover like a deluded bumblebee. When you yank my hair and press close to me, it wasn’t like that time, that one time just a few days ago. Strange how the same action cane mean so many different things. Yanking of hair, your lips on my flesh, a gun to my head. Well, I guess some things do have only one meaning. Perhaps. Your sooooo close Madison, so close to me. Your skin and heat are my damnation and even though I know you want to kill me, I am getting a tingly feeling. Down there! Don’t giggle, Natalie, don’t giggle. I’m shifting a little bit because I want to see your eyes when I say the words.

“Who are you?!” you seem surprised or annoyed or maybe scared. No matter, I just have to know, did you use me? Do you even care to remember how you were with me, what, last week was it? Jesus! Your about to blow my head off and I am thinking about your underwear and how tight your body must be from all this tension. Your saying something now and I am not even sure what it is, but have I got a response for you.

“I have something you’ll never have.” I’m saying this with as much gusto as I can, even though their arrival means your death.

“What’s that?” you purr. God! Do you purr, ugh, I’m getting weak. Focus!!

“Friends.” You are such a lonely bitch.


The girls don’t really understand my silence on the way to the premier. Neither does Pete when I get back. I just need to be alone.

“Hey Pete!?”

“Yeah, Nat?” God, he’s so sweet and cute like a puppy. Like our puppy, Spike. Yeah, well, I still need time alone.

“I’m, umm, well, I just wanna go for a little drive…alone, you know?” I squinch up my face, he’s not the swiftest runner in the lane, so I know if I combine words and body language, he gets a little confused.

“A drive? Alone?” See what I mean?

“Yeah, you know, by myself.”

I’m in the car and I’m thinking about you Madison. I hope you’re dead, because I don’t think I can survive you another time. When you were holding that gun to my head, all I could think about was the girls not making it and you taking me right there in front of that tableau on that stage like you did at your house. I wondered why you approached me at the beach, Dylan’s the one who falls for the bad guys and Alex is the dominatrix, but you came for me. Maybe it’s the dumb blonde allure, but you knew me better than that, right?

You knew I would be something to you—innocence and lust and warmth and that I would adore you forever and ever. I didn’t even realize you had slipped me your number when you leaned into my molar mike. God, I wanted your lips. You smelled like sea salt and sweat and coco butter and woman. I made some lame excuse to the girls and Pete. I never really lie to them, I never do anything wrong, I never sneak out, but I did that and more for you. I still probably would do anything for you. Thank god you’re dead.


I arrived at your house, just as you instructed, wearing my most sexy and innocent underoos—Strawberry Shortcake, mmm, my favorite. You on the other hand, were born sexy I bet. Thin stilettos wrapped around your seductive ankles, you had on the tiniest underwear I have ever seen in my life and your beautiful chest was gloriously nude. I almost passed out and did, in fact, trip and fall on my way over to you. You caught me kissed me so swiftly, I was not even sure it was really happening, but when I felt your tongue in my mouth teasing and searching and bringing the most welcoming warmth into my mouth, I knew it was real. How come I only talk or think like this when I’m with you? I stop thinking. Your hands are in my pants, pulling on them, tugging on them but not breaking the kiss. Oh god your hands are…

“Madison!!!" It’s muffled but you feel it and pull back.
“What’s up my little Angel?” Damn, don’t look at me like that, I’m melting as the evidence between my thighs will attest.
“You’re um, I need, I …you’re really hot.” Oh. My. God. I am sooooo stupid, okay, she already knows I’m a blonde and stuff, and that I’m quirky-sweet Natalie.

“Natalie, my dear, you have absolutely no idea how hot I am.” And then your hands are upon me again. I am divested on tank and pants, but not underoos, no bra was needed. I am on your bed and you are between my legs and I am so far gone and so deep into this thing that I want you to turn me every way but loose. You have your hair down and it smells like Blue Nile and I wonder how a woman so fine as you, wants me in your bed.

“What do you want Natalie?” I’m silent. Stunned. You know what I want. I don’t speak.

“Nat-a-lieeee” All sing-songy now, huh, okay, well, uh, I

Pulling your black hair covered head close so our lips are almost touching I speak.

“I want you to show me how well a bad Angel and a good Angel can get along.” I did not now how prescient my words were in that moment, just that you were obviously such a bad, bad, sexy, sexy lady and I needed to feel that energy all over me.

“Ohhh, do you know little Angel?” Your eyebrows are cocked and that smirk is lingering.

“Well my sweet little pure Angel, I want to be so, so bad with you tonight.” Pause “Will you let me?” You are wearing a full smile now and God Madison, you are so beautiful I cannot help but smile back.

I just say one word with a giggle, “Goodie!”


The moment your hot lips touch the flesh of my neck, I am yours. Of course you are on top of me, but I so want to be on top of you, riding you, feeling you inside me. I want to come on you, in you, with you. Ugh, your mouth is so hot and your have my whole right breast in your mouth. I think my hands are in your ass, I’m not sure, but I feel the lava-like presence of your crotch on mine. When did we lose our underwear? No matter. Your sucking on my and pushing into me firmly yet gently and I turn my head to the left and see the shadow of our bodies playing against the wall. You made a fire for me? My head snaps back at that exact moment, because you are inside me and I can tell by the look in your eyes and the fullness of my insides that you are not a safety word kind of gal.

“Madison! Yes, please baby, I need you!” No more thoughts come to me.
“I know you need me baby, you need me inside you Natalie, don’t you?”
“Yes!! Yes!! Fuck, Mmmm, more baby.”
“More what Natalie? Hmm?”
“More fingers please Madison”
“Why? This not enough?”
”Please, just, one more”

You took me from every position know to human kind. You topped me all night long. You stripped of any bit of innocence I may have had left. You fucked me, made love to me, had sex with me. You held me down and pushed yourself into my tightest places, you tied me to a chair and fucked me with that goddamned gold gun. I loved every minute of it. On the drive back, I kept thinking that there just was something wrong, how you would not look at me afterwards, but just wanted me to hold you. How you kissed my head and smelled every part of my body, how you stiffened when I asked such a small question.

“Hmmm, Natalie?”
“Who are you?”

You were quiet for the next hour before I got up to go. I hope you are dead Madison because I could not survive another day with you. It’s not your gun or your rage or you heated stare I fear, it’s your silence. I think I know a little ebit of who your are, only if for those brief hours we spent in each others arms and bodies, I know I have a piece of a bad Angel tucked inside this good one. I left you a little present to that night, a little silly card that said:

N © M

I wonder if that’s why you wanted to kill me.


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