Title: Childe of the Daywalker, pt. 5

Author: BKFaith

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Fandom: Buffyverse and Blade

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A/N: Things are going to get reaaaalllll weird. Enjoy! It seems that this story’s universe keeps getting bigger and bigger and I want to tell more and more stories within stories, SO! I am trying to get through what seems like may be a ten-part story and then I can think about sequels or whatever.

Rating: R for language and violence. No sex in this chapter. I know that sucks, but sex will return very soon.

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And you can use my skin
To bury secrets in and
I will settle you down.
And at my own suggestion,
I’ll ask no questions
While I do my thing in background…
-Fiona Apple

The night was hot and sticky, the kind that made you wish you were home eating mint chocolate chip ice cream not trudging through sewers and alley ways tracking demons. Faith was tired and dirty and annoyed, but most of all horny. It’s been six months since Ricky’s death and Zaire’s defeat, but Faith simply did not feel totally invested in her duty as a Slayer. Duty, good how I hate that word. Right now her team was tracking some tricky vamps hiding out in Chinatown.

“Faith here” she slowed down, taping her earpiece

“Hey Faith, it’s Raylan.”

Shifting her weight and leaning on an alley wall she asked, “What gives baby doll?”

Signaling her team to slow down and scan the perimeter.

“We are done with our sweep, so I am heading over the bridge with James. We need to go to the club tonight at any rate.”

Faith smiled a little smile, “ Is that your vampire way of saying you miss me?”

“Ha! I always miss you Faith, “Raylan spoke is serious tones, “But even I get bored and I know where you go, there lies the excitement.”

“You sure know how to sweet talk a lady Ray.”

“I though I was speaking with you Faith.” James muffled laughter came though.

“Do you have me on speaker phone Ray, cuz I wear to Go—“

Their levity was broken by a hard crash and scream and the sound of flesh being pounded.

“Incoming!!!!!” Faith heard Berkley scream. She turned looking at her tactical assistance.

“Talk to me Berk, what’ve we got? Ray?”

“Almost there baby, see you in a few.”

“Berk! Report now!” stakes out, blood pumping, Faith was no longer bored. But plenty horny.

“Faith, sir, it looks like we are being semi-circled by a group of Unidentifieds. They have Alpha cornered and it looks like some are coming in behind us.” The young assistant looked haunted, it was one thing to do drills, another to come face-to-face with the bogeymen.

“Berkley, I want you and whoever from Beta out, pull back, ya hear?”

“Uh, yes...yes sir.” Said with an awkward salute

“And stop calling me sir dammit! Go, go, go!”

“Alpa,” Faith tapped in her in earpiece,” What’s your twenty?”

“We’ve got 10 vamps Faith but there hyped up or something. Johnny’s down, Kim is dead and we’re fighting like alley cats. Backup?”

“I’m heading up and Raylan’s on the way.” Faith launched herself through the other side of the alley and skidded to a halt. “Holy Muther-Fuckin’ shit. Those assholes are huge.”

Each vampire stood at least 6’6 feet tall, whether male or female. Engineered, Faith thought and then jumped into the fray. The fighting was furious, Faith was trying to turn the vampires attention towards her, since everyone with her now was pretty much human, turning to her left she backhanded a vamp and then jumped on his back and twisted his neck, driving a stake into his heart. All the vamps turned form their fighting and looked at her, as if someone was controlling them. One spoke for them all.

“Slayeeeerrrrr.” Faith actually cringed at the way her name was said.

Fuck me, where is Rayl-

“Ah boys, you forgot about me. That is always how it is, always a the wife of a Slayer, never a Daywalker.” Raylan strode into the alleyway, nodding to Faith. She was radiant as usual, the black Mia boots bring her 5’11 muscled frame to an impressive 6 feet; she still was dwarfed by the MegaVamps. Still, it was one thing for the vampires to face a Slayer, even an experienced one, but they were less sure now with the Daywalker present. The MegaVamps seemed immediately to reassess the situation, the Daywalker worked with the Second Slayer called Faith. This indeed would be a battle. Faith smiled and took in her lover, damn she’s fine, and oh boy we are going to have fun tonight.

“Hey, Sexual Chocolate,” Faith called, ignoring Raylan’s raised brow. “Let’s hurry this up so we can go home, if you know what I mean.”

“I do indeed.” Raylan pulled out her broadswords and the fight began in earnest.


They were tiring. Five MegaVamps were still alive and the ugly fuckers did not look like they were going out without quite a fight.

“James, can you get any of the vamps?” Raylan hoped at least one could get taken down because at this point, exhaustion was becoming a factor.

“Working on it Ray.” James’ clipped response came due to concentration, not disrespect. The Scandinavian was the best sniper they had, Raylan had confidence in her, but patience was wearing thin.

“Good, James. Fire when ready.” Faith cut in, halting any terse comment Raylan was about to make.

They both turned towards the swooshing noise behind them.

“Mind if I cut in Lil’ Blade?” Raylan’s eyes went wide with recognition, but before she could respond, short, quick gunshots were heard, as the midnight vigilante pulled out two silver 9 mm guns and quickly disposed two of the MegaVamps.

“What the fuc--?” Faith was a trifle confused.

“You really need to start carrying guns Raylan and Company.” The newcomer stated

“Thank you Devon, you know they are not my specialty.” Raylan’s voice was strange, Faith noted. Subdued and demure. What the fuck? This time she finished her thought.

Their hero stepped out of the shadows, revealing a quite stunning creature. Faith sensed right away that she wasn’t fully human, not that you could tell by looking, but she was, of course, immensely beautiful. Is every woman Raylan knows hot as hell?

“Who’s the looker Ray?” standing with her arms crossed, Faith tried to hide her petulance. She failed miserably.

“I will do introduction after we dust the last of these behemoths.” Raylan clanged her swords together in anticipation.

“Sounds like a plan Ray.” Faith turned to look at their new friend,” How ‘bout you Wonder Woman?”

“The name’s Devon, but I’ve already down my share, I’ll leave the rest to you beauties.” Devon lounged against the wall but remained alert.

“I gotta shot.” The wooden bullet sliced its way through the air, inserting itself forcefully and with finality in a Mega’s heart.

“Thanks James, I think we can handle these three bad boys, er, girls, whatever.” Faith nodded towards Raylan to take the outer perimeter. She had long ago learned that the life of a Slayer depended on skill, innovation and, dammit, friggin’ teamwork. She also learned that little small stakes tucked in the small of one’s back did not always make the grade. The Second Slayer was proud of her innovation, which had even spread to some of the other Slayers—long, majestic stakes, anywhere from 2-4 feet, with handles on the inside. She had designed them based on weapons from her martial arts training. They proved mighty useful when facing enemies you did not what to get to close to.

Faith charged in, sensing that although incredibly powerful, these particular vamps were none too smart or not fully in control of their own faculties. The one she charged seemed to be a leader of sorts and pulled out a nasty looking sword.

“Okay big guy, what do ya have for me?” She snarled.

The vamp swung the sword form behind his head, but Faith deftly blocked the blow with a straight-arm knife block. She used her stake to turn his sword over and jut the other stake towards his heart. The vamp dodged out of the way and grabbed a hold of Faith’s other arm and twisted, hard. She let out a slight grunt and then kicked him where all men had a weakness.

“You fucker!” spitting at him the undead challenger. He was dazed enough for her to free her arm and drive the left hand stake through his jaw, quickly following with the right to the heart.

She turned to see Raylan slice off the head of the female Mega and sharply turn her eyes upward. The Mega was heading for James. James stood up smiling, her position now compromised. The Mega thought she was a mere human and was surprised at the speed at which this long-legged being sailed into his body. The impact from James’ jump was nothing compared to the sharp pain in his heart and the whimper he felt as his body began to disintegrate. James landed deftly on her feet.

“You all are not the only ones with special powers.” The Nordic beauty stated with a brilliant smile.

“Yeah, yeah we know, you keep reminding us.” Faith retorted wrapping her arm around James’ shoulder.

James cocked her eyebrow at the fourth member of their party. Raylan smiled and proceeded to make formal introductions.

“Faith, James, this is Devon…and old, uh, friend of mine. We sort of grew up together.” Raylan finished uncomfortably.

Faith eyed her laconically, “Vampire and Wonder Women grow up? Together? Wait…vampires can grow up?”

“It is a very long story.” Raylan replied cryptically.

“Yes, it is and my name is not Wonder Woman, Second Slayer.”  Faith eyed her…what? Competition? Carefully, same height as me, beautiful caramel skin, long cornrows and small, maybe skinny but definitely powerful as hell. Faith could feel the almost unbelievable strength coming off the young woman. Wish I had a damn Dragon Ball Z power-thingy to tell how strong she was.

“Okay Wonder—er, Devon…um, how’d you know we were here? And thanks.” A cute dimpled smile followed the sentiment.

A scrunched forehead replied,” Lil Vamp didn’t tell you? I’m tracking Katrina—Kit, I mean and kind of looking out for you guys…” she trailed off with a little whistle.

“Really? Uh, Ray you couldn’t have mentioned that we have Wonder Woman here for a bodyguard.” Faith propped a pretty hand on her hips for emphasis.

“Uh, er, well, I …” uncharacteristically inarticulate, Raylan just looked at the ground.

James, true to her heritage, remained quiet.

“Well then, ooookkkkaaay. Look Faith, Lil Vamp, why don’t we get back to your office and I can tell all the details of my little mission. Plus, I believe you have a special guest arriving in the morning? One Miss Dawn Summers?”

“How did you--?” faith started,” Never mind. Yeah let’s get out of the gutter.”

“Never!” was the new hero’s response.

Faith smiled brightly,” Okay, I definitely could hang out with you girlfriend.”

“Good, ‘cuz I’m takin’ a liking to you too sexy.” Devon smirked and waggled her eyebrows as they wrapped their arms around each other and headed out of the alley.

James and Raylan just looked on, one amused, one very nervous.

“Just don’t say a word James. God, like one big kid is not enough already.” Raylan’s shoulders sank in defeat. “Come on, we better catch up before they pull out their dicks and start peeing on stuff.”

James grunted an agreement, oh yes, I think this is going to lots of fun.

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