Title: Childe of the Daywalker, part 3

Author: BKFaith

Email: BKFaith@hotmail.com

Fandom: Buffyverse (incl. AtS)/Blade movies

Pairing: Faith/OFC

Rating: R (sex, violence, swearing, adult themes and demons)

Spoilers: Any and all in Buffyverse and Blade, but mostly AU

Disclaimer: Besides the characterization of Rayaln Blade and her holdings, I own little. ME, Joss Whedon, Fox, Warner Bros and a whole mess of other folks own these characters. Ladies loving Ladies happens here and people may die. If ya want to post this story somewhere, ask.

A/N: Damnable typos and grammar. I was an English major, can you believe it?!?!? I like to title my chapters after songs I like. Enjoy.

Thank yous: Carla for asking. And for your incredible SFAIR series—keep writing. My love—ANK, Slayer Pride, my buddies, Rebecca for being so enthusiastic about this one and for all of you for reading. Feedback makes me a better woman.

Ted Just Admit It (chapter 1)

Look at everybody
Naked and disfigured
Nothing’s shocking
-Jane’s Addiction

Everything was silent. Quiet and still. Almost like in movies when there is a thin creepiness and you want to fast-forward past it because you know something disturbing or frightening is coming. That’s how Faith felt. Sitting on her fire escape, she smoked and thought and thought and smoked. Knowing the crew and ultimately, she and Raylan would have to face their enemy-Zaire was terrifying. I’m a Slayer , she’s a Daywalker. Can’t we handle this? All this introspection was giving Faith a headache. She got up looking for Ray.

“Ray?” trudging through the duplex looking for her lover was not high on her ‘fun things to do at home’ list.

“Yo! Ray” She’s probably fuckin’ sleeping. Damn cute vamp, Faith thought as she peered around the living room to, indeed, she her woman fast asleep. Hmpph. Faith was in deep contemplation as to what to do. She realized both she and Ray needed rest before tonight’s patrol and possible showdown, but she was, after all, a mischievous one and could not let the sight of Raylan in small black boy boxers and a tight white ribbed tee go unhindered. Getting onto the couch with her lover, she nuzzled softly, buzzing a little in her ear.

“Raaaayyyyy” she whispered softly in a giggle, “Rayyyyyyyy *cough* hee hee, Raayyyy.” Her gut was aching with the desire to release.

“Baby.” Faith stiffened immediately. Uh oh. “Give me one good reason why I should refrain from beating you senseless. Someone’s cranky.

“Wellll” Faith drawled in a childlike voice, “I have something upstairs. In the bedroom that you might like.” She waited as the bait dropped.

“The bedroom huh?” Two dark amber pools, almost coal-black with sleep and understanding, stared into deep pools of melted chocolate, “That’s a fine reason young lady.” Ray raised up her entire upper body in one fluid motion, astounding her lover, “Lead the way.”


Raylan was convinced she was in Heaven. Faith’s dark, thick mane was draped over her prone body, sticking to her like hot, white rice in coconut milk. She felt pressure and pleasure and raw strength pushing into her body-- demanding that it open and accept the invitation. Her breath sounded labored but was steady as she focused on breasts swaying, hands reaching, backs tightening, buttocks flexing, thighs gripping and that neck.

“Fai…Faith, I need to…”She stopped, closely her eyes and swallowing a particularly dry lump.

“What do you need Ray?” Faith asked in a husk that was so round and full, it made Ray look up with startled, loving doe eyes.

“Can I?” Keep you? Protect you? Make you? Love you? Raced through her mind. “Bite you?”

A long, deep smile came across Faith’s beautiful cherubic face, she answered Raylan’s unasked pleas. “Always.” Leaning in close enough for Ray to feast and fill herself. Faith felt the first pinch in her neck and then a sweet, soft hum. Being bitten by Ray was like being hugged, told you were special and beautiful and smart and eating chocolate all at one time. There was nothing sluggish about it, except that she could hear everything. Her clock ticking with thunderous accuracy, their hearts in tandem, her breathing, her knees scrunching up on the sheets as she pulled in closer to Raylan’s body. It was connection in a word. All that had terrified and bewildered her was captured in a kiss. Well, a bite, but still a kiss of sorts. She felt Raylan’s release approach as she was sucked on and pushed deeper into such sweet tenderness, flesh that she knew so intimately, yet never knew. When she felt the final suck and Ray’s muted screaming of her name, she passed out.

The Woman in You (Chapter 2)

Did I hear you say
that you believe in Angels?
I guess I bring out the devil in you.
But we can both remove our halos,
Cuz’ even angels need love too.
-Ben Harper

Faith woke first, taking in the diligent breathing of her lover and the soft rumpled relaxation of their bed. Even in these true and happy moments, she felt a terse pessimism in her heart. Must be that cheery childhood and all it’s warm and fuzzy moments, she snorted silently. What scared her most about facing Zaire was not being injured or dying, it was losing Raylan. Ray kept saying something wasn’t right and Faith felt she had an idea what it was. Why would Zaire, a powerful Hell Angel, spend all this time toying with Ray, Faith and their crew, when she could have attacked? Her heart lurched at the thought of Ray going back to…that. Her. She closed her eyes, abetting the inevitable headache that accompanied the thought of losing Raylan. Love is definitely not for the weak of heart. Sighing, she turned to look at her lover more critically. Reaching over, brushing down unruly locks, “Do you really love me?” she whispered.

“No I’m just saying Ray. I mean I’m just wondering if you’re really okay with this whole Zaire thing. I know you’re playin’ stoic girl but—“

“Drop it Faith.” Raylan growled, “You have no idea what you are talking about, okay?”

“Don’t I?” Faith let the question hang between them while lighting a cigarette. “I just don’t want to see you get hurt by that bitch.”

She never saw the punch coming. All she saw were angry feet standing dangerously close to her head. ‘How the fuck did I get on the ground?’ she thought.

“Like I said. Faith.” Raylan practically spat, “Leave it.” She turned with resigned silence leaving Faith in the office alone.

Faith got to her knees slowly, before rising to her feet. “Pack a mean punch Ray Ban.” She called out to the Daywalker. Sighing she sat in her seat, grimacing at the thought of that giant Hell Angel, albeit, attractive Hell Angel, touching Ray. “What is it with girls and angels?”

“Damn. I have it bad for the little uncrisped vamp-child.” Faith chuckled. “Well I’ll be…” She sat thinking.

Faith smiled at these thoughts, remembering less than pleasant conversations that followed on the road to her romance with Raylan.

“What the fuck do you want Faith?!!” Raylan screamed,” You wanna hear how she fucked me? Huh? What I called her in bed? What she called me? You want to know what that demon body could create? How she could do anything she wanted to me? Any-fucking-thing and I could not stop her!!??” Raylan was screaming, crying and …Faith blinked, bleeding? Where had that come from?

“Ray!!” Faith held up Raylan’s hands “Raylan!! Stop it, you’re bleeding. Please, stop hurting yourself.” The pleading in Faith’s voice broke Raylan’s rage.

”Faith?” Raylan asked with delirium. “Oh god!!??”  Falling into Faith’s arms, she wept.

Faith leaned over to her lover, kissing her back. “Wake up love.”

Daylight (chapter 3)

All I ever wanted
was to pick up on  the day
Put the pieces back together my way
-Aesop Rock

“So what’s the plan Ray Ban?” Faith was concerned. Raylan was even quieter than her usual silent self.

“Hmmm?” was Raylan’s laconic response.

Faith turned off the radio in the Pathfinder and waited for Raylan to speak.

“You are worried that I am going back to her.” It wasn’t a question.

Faith gasped slightly, but did not reply otherwise.

“Faith, baby, I don’t know how to explain it.” Raylan breathed in loudly and released it on a count.

“ When Zaire and I were sleeping together, it was like, I was whole.” She said the last word so softly, Faith had to close her eyes briefly to hear it.

The silence was painful.

“It was not until she…left that I knew.”

“Knew what?” Faith asked with hesitation.

“That I never loved her. I was addicted.” Raylan put on her dark glasses to match the dark night and looked out the window, ending their conversation.

“She dies tonight, Faith. Tonight it ends.” Faith had never heard less life in the vampire’s voice.


“Okay ya’ll heard the bosses,” Carlos spoke with charming ease, “We take our assigned posts, we stay alert and no one’s a friggin’ hero. We leave the Angel of Smiles and Chuckles to the big girls.” Everyone laughed. That’s why Faith liked him, that’s why he was Number 3. He could do what she and Raylan couldn’t--make people feel comfortable.

“Faith and Raylan have the Promenade and DUMBO. James’s got Deluge, Kit you’re  team’s splitting the Westside warehouses and the East Side clubs, with back up from some of the floaters and my team’s on lockdown, monitor and maintain here at HQ.” He paused for effect, “Any questions? Good, if shit pops off, you keep your teams back, listen to the Alpha and kill the bad guys. And keep in contact with HQ kids.” That got a chuckle from the crowd. “Okay, git.” The teams dispersed, all hoping that Zaire would hone in on their leaders and stay the hell away from them.

“Hey Carlos.” Ricky bounded up to the taller man” Where do I go again?”

“Rick. Bosses orders, you stay here kid. Upstairs and out of harm’s way.” Carlos started to walk away.

“Hey wait ‘Los, that’s no fair!” He grabbed Carlos’ arm turning him.

Carlos looked at the hand on his arm. Ricky removed it swiftly. “Look, doll, boss’ orders. You know how Faith feels about you. You got an issue, take it up with her.”

Ricky looked over at Faith and Raylan huddling and then back at Carlos, “ Guess I’ll watch some good DVDs tonight.” Putting his arm around Carlos’ shoulder, they walked out.

Crazy Baldheads (Chapter 4)

Them crazy, them crazy
We gonna chase those crazy baldheads
Out of our town.
--Bob Marley

The two warriors walked silently along the Promenade, both of them taking in the most beautiful view of the City. The light shining off of the magnificent bridges, The Williamsburg hanging in hopeful shadow of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. The soft bustle of tugboats and water vehicles and the bright lights shining from the Financial District, even at this time of night. They would walk here on long talks, owning the night as their own, romancing one another into the dawn. They would tease each other, coming up with outrageous explanations of the Empire State Building’s coloring for the night. Tonight was not such a night.

“I swear to God, I have no idea why anyone would want to live in the City—friggin’ look at it!” Faith exclaimed animatedly.

“I know right,” Raylan snorted,  “ It’s like, ‘Hi,

I live in Soho in a shoebox, pay three G’s for rent and drink frappachinos all day.’”


“Total.” Raylan agreed.

They were silent again, waiting for the inevitable eruption of battle that would be Zaire’s appearance. They both were ready to die if need be, but really wanted to make it through to go home and snuggle.

“Ray?” Raylan raised an eyebrow in response, “Remember how in ‘Twin Warriors’ when Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh’s character fight all those Mongolian soldiers and he beats them up with a rope?” Faith bounded lightly as she recounted the scene.

Raylan frowned, “ You sure aren’t thinking of the scene when Jet Li fights the dude with the weird voice in the ink factory with the rope in ‘Once Upon a Time in China’?”

“Hmmm, no I just think he likes the rope –thing a lot. Her uses it every movie.” Faith replied seriously.

“Naw, only in the most historic movies.” Raylan was really invested in this conversation.

They both paused a moment before they heard:

“You two are the most inane creatures I have ever met.” Zaire’s dark, smoky body greeted them, seeming to rise out of the shadows and tower over them. She looked ghastly with her wings extended, spanning 10 feet in width and commanding attention.

Not as impressive as Angel from X-men, Faith thought. She snorted, knowing she would have to tell Raylan her thoughts later.

“Zaire, now here I thought we were all friends and lovers and you come with the insults.” Faith responded with a sardonic smile and sway.

Raylan loved to listen to Faith talk smack. She herself was more of a brooding, problem-solver. She never understood Faith, Blade or Zaire’s need for witty quips. Must be some kind of hero thing, she mused.

“I hope you enjoy your present Faith.” Zaire walked menacingly towards the warriors.

“If it’s your pretty head on a platter--then I am going to dance a jig baby.” Faith crackled with readiness.

“Zaire.” Both Faith and Zaire started at Raylan’s soft voice, “I owe you pain” she quoted one of her favorite lines from her favorite show.

Zaire leapt in the air intending to cut down the Slayer and Daywalker with her wings, but they both jumped to opposite sides of her frontal attack. They knew that Zaire would die only if they attacked her from high and low. Thank God for all those kung fu movies Raylan quirked inwardly. She spun around quickly, producing her signature broad words. Rarely did she use them because most of the foes she faced died by her hand or knife or occasionally she delved into the Slayer realm of the stake. But Zaire was a special case and needed to die by her Dreamtalkers, as she named them. Faith had been trying to get her to change their name but…hell.

Faith for her part, had opted for the long sword, she wanted the satisfaction of ramming it through the Hell Angel’s sternum. Her powerfully-muscled legs flexed as she brought the sword up to clash with Zaire’s strong arms. They traded strike like poker sharks—lighting quick but with absolute forethought and expertise. Zaire was caught off guard by Raylan’s fierce attack from her side, she did not remember the Daywalker being this strong, the broadswords swooshed in on her like the wind of the Death Angel, slicing into her left wing. She cried out in pain, jumping back and letting the top talon of her right wing slice into Faith’s face as she tumbled away. Raylan’s eyes immediately went to Faith’s hand pressed against her slashed face, but Faith nodded that she was okay and straightening up her shoulders, held her long sword at the ready. Zaire breathed raggedly as she held her wing tightly to her back. She spoke with dark menace.

“I see you two have been doing more than just screwing.”

Faith’s eyes gleamed with pure venom, “Miss it don’t you? Baby?” Raylan nodded, “Hey Z, yo, know she says I’m the best she’s ever had. Just burns you up doesn’t it?” Faith finished with a mock shiver.

Even the Hell Angel was not above the big dick game, she came at the Slayer with renewed hatred.

“You’ll watch me rape and kill her Slayer. And I’ll enjoy every moment of your torture.”

Faith’s eyes went dead. Uh oh Raylan thought Zaire’s in trouble.

Faith ducked under the Hell Angel’s wing, bringing the long sword right into Zaire’s sternum, cracking the breastbone as she pushed it through. From an angle, it looked like they were in a comfortable embrace—Zaire’s wings coming almost to a full close around the Slayer, enveloping the Slayer’s back. Before Zaire could finish crying out in shocked pain, she felt twin painful rips in her tender wings as Raylan raggedly dragged her broad swords through the thick midnight expansions.

“Get your own girl bitch!” Raylan spat, yanking her broad swords out, releasing rivers of blood.

Faith rolled out from the mock embrace with ease. Zaire gurgled and lurched forward holding her open wound in her chest.

“Have a fun trip home to Hell.” Faith whispered.

Zaire, now on her knees, looked up at her two sentencers. “I’ll kiss Ricky a kiss for you when I get there.” And then she was gone.

They both looked at each other, “Oh shit!”


Faith reached frantically for her cell phone as Raylan raced frantically across Flatbush Avenue towards the Chop Shop.

Oh god Oh God Oh God, please, oh God not Ricky, please God.  Silent tears fell from Faith’s face. “ Carlito?” Faith’s voice was so small and thin, Raylan looked over to see where it came from.

Carlos was silent so long, Faith thought she was under water. “Faith, just get here. Just get here.” Was his ragged cry and then he was gone.

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