TITLE: Energized

SERIES: Spam and Umad.  AU #7 (After "Rocket from the Tomb")

AUTHOR/E-Mail/FB: Snarlsnout@yahoo.com

PAIRING/RATING: Dawn/Sam Fluffy PG-15?

DISCLAIMER: Joss Whedon (Buffy); Ryan Murphy (Popular)

SPOILERS: S6 Buffy (Once More With Feeling) rewatched Dawn (and her blue turtleneck!) in slinky dance-mode with Sweet--spoiled me alright. ;o)

DATE: July 16-19, 2002

A/N #1: Pure and simple--I've become totally infatuated with 2 things of late--The minimalist retro-blues stylings of "Holly Golightly" (tres Bohemian!) and the beautiful and talented young actress Michelle Trachtenberg, and by extension, Dawn (Nabakov much?)

A/N: #2: This isn't a song-fic; it's a musical extravaganza! Hey if Joss can do it...<g>. I doubt 10 people in the world have heard "Pretty Good Love" so just imagine a sultry, torchy, bluesy number like "Fever" and if you're still clueless, think Jessica Rabbit...

'70's Pop lyrics be damned, it was raining like a mofo in the Sunnydale region of Southern Cali. Sam and Nicole had driven 2 1/2 hours thru a torrential downpour to spend the weekend with their respective sweeties; they just hadn't planned on being cooped up together in the dreary old Magic Box all morning.

Willow had promised to help Giles and Anya computerize their inventory (still the geek at heart, she quipped about "trading the abacus for an Apple"). She was compiling spread sheets as they wandered around counting gew-gaws...Xander having been recruited for the heavy lifting; and Buffy was there apparently just to annoy Anya by picking up one item after another in bored, idle curiosity...

Nicole was sitting across from the redhead at the research table. She was working on her lap-top as well--however she was having a little fun w/ Photoshop; manipping Buffy's head onto Playboy Bunnys' bodies and posting them on message boards the world over...(what? it's a common hobby...)

Sam and Dawn were doing Goddess-knows-what up in the book loft. Their squeals and giggles wafting shrilly over the entire shop. Some sort of teasing/bickering ritual that quickly degenerated into a challenging (albeit good-humored) round of one-upsmanship name-calling--

"Lois Lame!" Dawn taunted.

"Kiss-slut!" Sam countered with that superior smirk.

"Tippy Typewriter!" the freckled girl jabbed.



"Little Punkin' Belly!" Sam drew her ace-in-the-hole--leaving Dawn momentarily speechless; eyes bulging and her mouth gaping, stunned by the blow...

"BUF-FYYYYYY!!!!" Dawn screamed at the top of her lungs. There was one only one person who could've betrayed that secret. Only her big sister would embarrass her like that!

Sam flew down the ladder and past the table laughing so hard she could barely see straight. Followed by an extremely flustered Dawn. Damn! The one time she hadn't worn her sneakers!  She had borrowed Buffy's knee-high brown leather boots hoping
Sam would notice how "grown up" she was. Sam was easily distancing her, as Dawn found running in heels totally awkward.  Plus she was still trying to spot her elder sibling, who had wisely taken refuge behind the counter--

"I can't believe you told her that!" Dawn screeched. Half giggle; half groan...

"Jeez Spam!" Nicole winced. Ducking her head defensively with each circum-navigation the 2 brunettes made of the table.  Then rolling her eyes at Willow, "I liked it better when she was comatose..."

"Awww Nicky!" Willow gushed, "Leave them alone! They look so cute at that age--like--puppies!"

"You know my Uncle Frank raises Labrador Retrievers," Nic began, jerking her head and tracking Sam's last lap with her evil intense gaze. "And looking at Spam now, I can see the same huge floppy paws...That mildly retarded look they get with their tongues lolling out...Always knocking things over with their wild, wagging tails..."

And as if on cue--

Sam rounds a corner barely balancing on one foot; Dawn is not so lucky as she careens into a display table at full speed.  Time seems to be as temporarily suspended as the large crystal figurine of Astarte. Every head in the magic shop turns slowly in unison watching the young brunette's arms flailing as she makes...one...two...three attempts to halt it's inevitable descent. But gravity claims it's sacrifice; and the jaws of it's observers as they watch the fragile statue shatter; the shards rain...Until finally everyone is staring wordlessly at a spray of glittering slivers...

"Smooth move, Summers!" Anya broke the silence with a loud, pained bellow.

"I-I-I d-didn't meant to..." Dawn blubbered, tears and humiliation quickly engulfing her.

"You little girls couldn't have held your Romper Room back in the gym? What ever happened to milk and cookies?--And nap time?!?"

Sam came immediately to her girlfriend's side-- "Anya, Mr Giles, We're sorry. It's as much my fault as it is hers--"

Rupert tried to brush off everyone's embarrassed stares with a mumbled "Well, um, these things happen I suppose..."

"W-w-we'll pay for it--"

"Fine Dawn. I'll just add it to the astronomical "punitive damages" list you already are indebted to us for," Anya harshly belittled her.

Any further protests Dawn attempted to bleat out were soon stifled by Buffy; suddenly large and in-charge. She sucked at the whole "responsible adult action" thing, and trying to imagine how Joyce would've handled it, probably overcompensated--

"You most definitely will pay for it, young lady. You'll start by cleaning this mess up. Then we're going straight home.  Sam, I'm sorry, but Dawn is grounded until we can figure out a proper punishment..."

"Buf-fy!" Dawn pleaded.


"B-B-Buffy," Willow stammered, "It really was an accident-- I remember what a clumsy doofus I was at that age..."

"Yea, C'mon Buff--" Xander piped in, rolling his eyes toward Sam. No doubt mentally replaying one his cataclysmic, embarrassing fuck-ups in front of Cordelia...

"She's an innocent", Sam began again, trying to bear the brunt, "She doesn't know...C'mon, she's just a k--" regretting her choice of words even before they left her mouth...

"Say it Sam!" Dawn demanded. She was used to it from the others, but from Sam, it hurt. "Just a kid?!?" she fumed, nodding furiously, clutching at her necklace--"I wish--"

The room went black.


Sam is suddenly illuminated by a soft, blue-tint baby spotlight. She is clad in "Season One ~Windstruck~ era" clingy black and white stripped sweater and black beret. (Skin-tight black Capri pants and Mary Janes w/ taps complete the ensemble.)

Some distance behind her, over her right shoulder, falls another shaft of soft light, this one a neon red. One's eyes are drawn first to the black baby grand piano as a shadowy form tinkles out a slow bluesy 12 bar intro. The view expanding to encompass the stand-up bass and minimal drum kit as the musicians kick in with a slow, hesitant backbeat.

Finally our eyes move slowly, sensually up the form of the slender brunette poised in front. Past the black, stiletto heels; past the calf-length simple black gown slit to the hip on one side to free her slender, agile legs. Up past the microphone she clutches between nubile, young breasts. Past the bare shoulders and spaghetti straps (which criss-cross several times down the plunging backless gown). Ultimately she raises her soft, angelic face, opens those humongous baby-blues and focuses only on the brunette in the foreground...

She begins with a gasp, then slowly, huskily accentuating every syllable--

Baby my love is deep
as deep as the bottom of the ocean.

She glides slowly towards the other girl, her steps following the hesitant beat. The warm red glow engulfing her as if drawing it's energy from her source. Every fourth step is a half step back, a chance to kick out one of those long shapely legs, snap her fingers rhythmically and slowly lurch forward again...

As pure as a new born baby.
It outshines the sun above.

And finally locking eyes with her desired, she delivers the simple yet smouldering tag-line--causing Sam to look away from the pure raw emotion--

And that's a pretty good love.

Circling Sam now, seductively shimmying she rasps out the next chorus. The older brunette trying to maintain her poise, until Dawn is out of her field of vision when she struggles to catch a quick gasp of air; a loud gulp as Dawn completes her first rotation-

And baby my love will last
as long as there's life in my body.
I'd swear to you on the Bible
any old time you like...

Completing another round Dawn extends the microphone to Sam. She has no choice but to agree--

That's a pretty good love.

Turning her back towards Sam, she again begins to circle her. This time rhythmically rolling her hips; one arm extended limply above her head, fingers snapping to the sultry beat. Sam's big brown eyes attempt a 360 degree rotation in her head as she tries to track the nubile vixen visually...Dawn puts just enough emphasis on the hip-slips to make Sam's eyes drop magnetically to her firm round undulating bottom each time she passes in front of her--

Baby please come on home
I want to put my arms around you.
Tell you I'm glad I found you
That's the way I feel about it...

Not even looking, totally in sync, she holds the mic over her shoulder for Sam to chime in breathlessly--

That's a pretty good love!

Blue and red spotlights have merged together in a brilliant cold purple glow. The two young women meld as well. Sam's hands find Dawn's swaying hips, then slowly engulfing her, pulling her back towards her, arms around her waist. Dawn shakes her long auburn mane, and leans back against Sam's shoulders. Their eyes meet and whatever message they exchange is betrayed by their huge radiant smiles. Sam's taut body soon joining Dawn's as the sway breaks into a slow, sensuous mating dance... The smaller girl repeatedly spinning out until only their hands are joined at the end of outstretched arms; and then spinning back in until the other girl is fully embracing her...Sam melting a little more every time she draws her near; her legs threatening to fold, and if they did? At this very minute she would float away! One final pull brings the young brunette spinning back into her waiting arms, her long hair twirling. Sam holds her steady in a low, slow dip, then brings her back up face to face, arms entwined as Dawn brings it home--

Baby I love you so
Don't get me beggin' and pleadin'
When your love is all I'm needing.
There's nothing I won't do
And that's a pretty good love.

Sam whole-heartedly agrees--

That's a pretty good love.

--The purple glowing spotlight pulsates in time, as the throbbing, hypnotic music slowly fades...Both our brunette beauties alternating a repeat of the last line as if it has become their mantra...one final strobe, then blackness...


There was a flash, almost like lightning, and the Majic Box interior looked the same as it ever had. Nicole and the entire Scooby gang momentarily mesmerized like an exceptionally wasted crowd of fans at a Pink Floyd concert...A pregnant pause; a  collective gasp before bursting into wild applause...They were like that; minus the clapping...

Nicole the first to regain some semblance of awareness-- "What the Frickin' Hell was that?!?"

"Oh I think we all know exactly what that was!" Xander began in his smug, self-righteous mode, levelling the accusation directly at Anya. "Tell us the part again about giving up the wish-granting--"

"Nah-Hunh-uh!" she interrupted in protest. "You're not throwing this off on me--You were the one who summoned ~The Malignant Music Man to River City~ with that magic amulet..."

"H-h-hey guys..." Willow tried to defuse the bickering (and of course claim more time center-stage) "I don't think this is really a spell. It feels almost...primal--like a "Forces of Nature" type event..."

"Of course!' Anya chimed in. "There comes a time in every human girl's life when she embarks on the road to womanhood-- altho judging by Dawn's advanced--and awkwardly attractive-- physical development I would've assumed her hormones had
already come into play--"

"So what?--" Nic trying to translate for the rest of us-- "You're saying the munchkin's in heat?!?"

Buffy dives across the table, snatching Nicole up by a big wad of fabric under her chin--"How dare you debase my little sister's emotions--Thier's *sob* is a *sniffle* Miraculous Love!" Nic smoothes her shirt back into place and smirks as a distraught Buffy wallows in tears...She stumbles blindly towards Willow who distractedly comforts her with ("There. There.") reassuring back-pats...

"Um, guys--" Willow tries to Mary-Sue us back to reality. "I don't think it's just a matter of the heart--or hormones-- it's like the whole package coming together; like Dawnie's aligning with some age-old rite of passage---"

"Yes. I believe your right..." Giles confirmed, having been upstaged enough by that rank, arrogant amateur for one episode... He tapped a finger to pursed lips and immediately located the needed text book--despite the fact that Anya had rearranged the entire library according to height and color co-ordination...

"Yes--I think this is what we are witnessing: The Beltane-- the beginning of the Druid calendar signifying Spring and the Birth Cycle...(skimming) yadda, yadda, yadda...Dawn is crossing the metaphorical bridge to womanhood--as you all have to some extent (wistful sigh)--realizing, no--declaring herself to be a virile, sensual being. Whether we accept it/respect it or not-- she is now empowered with Nature's great Cycle of Life..."

"Well I for one am willing to welcome her to the sisterhood!" Willow piped up--then imagining how that sounded to all the perverted hetero imaginations present--"Um, of course I meant the ranks of empowered, self-accentuating women everywhere... regardless of sexual orientation..." she wilted under--

a) Buffy's slightly distrustful glare.
b) Nicole's laser-like jealous stare. and
c) Xander and Anya's hopeful, horny glances at the thought of more erotic rituals...

Of course the Scoobys were so busy theorizing and pontificating that they hadn't notice the two youngest members slip out. The rain had stopped; replaced by a cool, cloudy gray. Dawn and Sam leaned breathlessly against the brick wall in the alley beside the Magic Box listening to "all that noise" escaping thru a high open window...They found themselves staring longing, lovingly into each other's eyes--possibly deeper than they'd ever looked before--Sam brushed some wayward strands of Dawn's long auburn hair back off her face, and caressed her soft freckled cheek with her thumb...

"Hey baby--shit! Dawn--I'm sorry for all those "kid" cracks-- all the cradle-robbing jokes we've--I've made at your expense... I just want to tell you that I've always respected who and what you are--well not ~always~; that first day you were a major pain in the ass--but, you know...I still don't understand all you guys have tried to tell me about "The Key" and all--but you're the "realest" person I've ever met--"

Both girls blink back a fugitive tear.

"I love you Sam."

"I love you too kiddo--I, argh!" Sam groaned, turned toward the wall and lightly, theatrically bonked her forehead repeatedly against the cold, wet bricks. "Stupid. Stupid. Stupid."

"Ssh, ssh. Sammy? It's OK," Dawn consoled, catching the older girl's head in mid-bonk, turning her around, and trying to push back some of that unruly brown mane. "Besides--you're chipping the bricks..."

Sam gave her a sarcastic eye-roll, then nodded and sniffled her surrender...

"Sam, I really don't mind when ~you~ call me that--well not as much as I used to," she smiles coyly. "Actually, I'm even cool with Buffy doing it--in the right context!--It makes me feel loved...accepted. Everyone else uses it to dismiss me as if I don't matter...Like I'm an annoying, unwelcome intrusion on their otherwise perfect existence...Like I really had a choice in the matter...All I really want is to belong--"

"You do! You belong to me!" Sam boldly declared. "Um, if you want to..." A rare glimpse at her insecurities...

Dawn engulfed her in a tight, emotional hug. "More than anything Sam!" They pulled back long enough for reassuring exchanges of searching eyes and delirious smiles, then embraced again, basking in the closeness and comfort.

Fearing the others might have finally noticed their absence, they head back inside; Sam grabbing Dawn's arm as they pause on the threshold.

"So, once more to clarify--" Sam began darting her majical tongue across that sexy, mischievous grin. "You're alright with 'Kiddo' but I'm assuming 'Little Punkin' Belly' is still off-limits?"

"Don't push me McPherson," Dawn shifted into Badass/Destined-to-be-the-Next-Slayer mode, "I'm an Empowered, Enlightened young woman with 'Primal Earth Mother Life Force' flowing thru me-- I'll kick your scrawny ass..."

And finally, bringing it full-circle (like the Great Circle of Life which we all learned about in today's instalment*) Dawn draws ~her~ ace-in-the-hole (gladly provided by Nicole) and taunts her beloved with--"Mary Tyler Whore!"

Sam's jaw drops momentarily, allowing Dawn a head start, but she's soon in pursuit with "Scrappy Doo!" bellowing thru-out the Magic Box as they run a reverse pattern of this morning's course...

tbc...I'm almost sure of it now...

*um, whatever, look it up.

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