Title: A Cold Day in Hell

AUTHOR: A verbatim brainfart by Snarlsnout

Email: Snarlsnout@yahoo.com

PAIRING/RATING: Sam/Nicole "R/NC-17" for descriptive smut in Part 3...

SPOILERS: Somewhere between Seas 2's "Taboo" and "Superman's Cape" (no spoilers--just the occasional presence of George-- which God knows, spoiled enough eps for me...)

DISCLAIMER: Popular created by Ryan Murphy & Touchstone; No profit, infringment or disrespect is intended...

A/N: This is actually the first fic I've written; but hesitated posting due to "questionable" content (and talent!)

Part One

Open: the caf--

"Oh my gawd!" Carmen excitedly nudging Lily, "check out Stone Cold's new pants!"

"Yea, Josh has 5th period gym w/ him--apparently he ~needs~ those loose baggy legs..."

"Wait" Carmen (in confused mode) "Josh checks out other guys in the shower?"

"Yea...hey..." Lilly (tilts head, goes all quizzical; momentarily forgetting her juice-box) "what's up with that?"

Just then Sam plops her tray down, food slopping everywhere, and w/o greeting or preamble launches into another 20 minute tirade about Harrison and George's latest atrocities. This had the markings of one of her all-too-frequent "all about me" rants so her friends gradually phased her out in their usual fashion--Carmen just nodding vague agreement while slowly and meticulously picking Sam's tray clean, while Lily replayed her mental fantasy of traveling to Mr. Cluck's corporate farm in Arkansas and releasing "thousands of head of chicken" to roam free like The Goddess intended...

"...just to much pressure" Sam concludes her soliloquy with the ever popular grimace and rubbing both temples w/ her fingers.

"Yea...well.." Carm contributed, secretly (and not so) jealous of the attention Sam was getting from 2 guys while she had none.

"You know Sammy," Lily paused momentarily to appear thoughtful (as if the diatribe she was about to embark on was pure heartfelt, spur of the moment, instead of "chapter 47" from her Che Guveraesque journals), "maybe you're feeling pressured because you're not ready--or willing--to submit to either of them. Maybe your path lies in a different direction. I have some pamphlets here..."

There it was. Like a key phrase from a hypnotist--the minute Lily mentions any kind of tract or pamphlet, people feel free to tune her out. Like a telemarketer--you get tired of hanging up on them so you just set the phone down and let them ramble...Carmen returned her attention to Stone Cold while Sam's attention had never really left her own "devastating dilemma". As a matter of fact, the only person to pick up on any of what Lily was spouting, was Nicole who just happened to be walking by. And judging by her arched eyebrows and evilly pleased leer at Sam, it definitely registered.

"Oh yea Mcfearsome..." Nicole sneered to herself, "leaving Denialville...all aboard!"

Nicole may (or may not) have accidentally confused Freddie Gong's table with the empty tray rack as she tossed her leftovers on the way out. The entire chess club sitting there dumb-founded w/splattered food dripping from their faces...


Moments later; the hallway--

"Well, I'll do what I can for ya, big guy" Nicole was assuring George, her eyes shifting over his shoulder to watch Sam enter the Novak. "leave her to me" Nic quipped, finishing the conversation. "Knowledge of one's opponent equals power--The Art of War" floated through her mind, and she'd just Mati Hari-ed the latest intel from the reluctant quarterback.


Moments later later; the Novak--

A toilet flushes. Sam emerges from the stall to see Nicole standing there filing her nails and staring at her in the mirror. Sam shakes her head in disbelief, inwardly cursing her bad luck, and heads toward the door.

"Oh hey, Spam--I must say, I never realized you had so much school spirit--denying one of our gladiators premature access to what should rightfully be the spoils of victory...At this rate, your "save it for marriage" philosophy should single-handedly insure us the state championship."

Sam might've been able to blow anybody else off w/ a "whatever" and kept walking, but there was something about Nicole's challenges that she could never back down from--even though she loses a good 80% of them...

"Not that it's any of your business Satan, but neither George nor I feel ready to make that commitment at this time...there are...other extenuating circumstances..."

"By the name of Harrison John? But you're not ready to commit there either, huh Spam? Maybe you're still holding out for Josh--uh-huh, he told me about your pathetic little crush--or maybe your little tree-hugger friend was right--maybe you don't want to commit to anyone simply because they're male..."

"W-w-what?!" Sam was genuinely perplexed now--was ~that~ what Lily was insinuating? She'd have to start paying more attention...

Nicole's predator instinct had Sam backing nervously around and around the big velvet "tuffet" in the center of the room her eyes desperately panning between the door and Nicole's glare...weighing her chances; her mind replaying that Discovery channel show w/ the leopard taking down a gazelle in full flight.

"Is that your deal Spam?" Nicole closed the gap, "Are you a great big honking lezbo?!?" she screeched and leered, poking the back-pedaling Sam repeatedly in the chest.

"I-I-I..." Sam sputtered, tripping, falling back on the tuffet.

"Because if it is--" Nicole pounced. She grabbed Sam's terrified face in both hands, and when she was sure Sam was no longer averting her eyes, she obscenely licked both of her cheeks and planted a rough wet kiss full-on mouth-to-mouth. "--I'd be glad to help you...out"

Sam shuddered w/ revulsion and finally squirmed free as Nicole just rolled over and laughed hysterically. Oh yeah, this was going to be fun...


"Argh". Sam still repulsed, wiping Nicole's saliva from her cheeks and lips; continuing to do so long after it was no longer necessary. "I've been slimed."

She turned just in time to see Nicole emerge from the Novak and instinctively turn her gaze straight toward her. Nicole flashed her prey an evil grin and started pursuit.

"Oh my God--she's like the Terminator!" Sam panicked. Spinning to flee, she knocks April Tuna on her ass. Star Trek notebooks fly everywhere and as a small crowd gathers (to laugh rather than help) Sam uses the diversion to make a break. She looks back once seeing the crowd part and Nicole striding forth in slo-mo slicking an eyebrow with her pinky and donning a pair of wraparound shades.

Sam reaches Ms. Glass's chem-lab...Sanctuary? Probably not, but at least Bobbi Glass despised Nicole more than she did Sam. Locked! Where to now? Ms. Ross? No. She needed big guns--Vice Principal Krupps office! Another fearful glance back--Nicole gaining ground...Long black duster trailing back to reveal her Glamazon uniform as Sam continued to see her impending doom arrive like slo-mo Hollywood special effects, a fog rising up from the Kennedy High floor...She knew the next time she looked back Nicole would be barrelling down on her astride a Harley Fatboy; sawed-off 12 gauge in hand...

"Gulp," Sam gulped, launching into survival mode. Running full bore tossing people, trashcans anything she could in her wake in an effort to delay her pursuer.

"Thank God! I need you!" Sam managed between deep, painful gasps for breath as she slammed VP Krupps office door and leaned back against it as a brace.

"Um, yes..." VP Krupps stammered, simultaneously paging his secretary and starting his video-cam legal-defence system...

Sam cracked the door just enough to see an empty hall in both directions. Resting her forehead against the cool door glass as she gradually regained her breath and composure, almost convincing herself that nothing really happened...

"I, um, I need you to sign this expense voucher for the Zapruder..."

Part Two

Later; Sam's locker--

"I'm telling you guys, she's like Pepe Lapew or something...everywhere I turn, she's there..."

Carm and Lily rolled their eyes well aware of the journalist's somewhat exaggerated descriptions...

"With that hair, I would've suggested Lisa Simpson as the more appropriate cartoon character" Carm chortled.

"Yea--that ep where Lisa's replaced by her evil twin, who's like this homicidal-lesbian-cyborg thing," Lily joined in.

As the warning bell rang, Sam grabbed her books and turned just in time to see her three favorite blondes heading straight towards them. As the other students parted like the sea to let Their Aryan Pultritude pass three abreast, Sam threw her friends in front of her like a shield and nervously peered out between them as the trio of cheerleaders passed without so much as a glance in their direction.

"Oh my God Sam, you were so not kidding" Carmen began sarcastically "That cold, icy stare--the threatening gestures--you're days are numbered my friend...watch your back in the exercise yard..."

"You know what guys? Laugh all you want," Sam said huffily, slamming her locker. "You're not the one being stalked by HanNicole Lector!" Sam stormed off leaving Carm and Lily looking at each other questioningly for a moment before bursting into laughter.


Later; the McQueen Palace--

"Thank God," Sam moaned; lethargically moving to her room leaving a trail of discarded bookbag, jacket, shoes etc through-out the house. A nice, long hot shower--wash away this day! The 'rents working late; Brooke at Glamazon practice--alone at last...

Sam was totally luxuriating, even contemplating a 3rd lather/rinse/repeat cycle. The entire room filled with steam; condensation on every surface. She wasn't even sure she'd heard the intruder enter until she saw a distorted silhouette on the shower stall door. She scanned the suddenly confining shower franticly looking for anything that could be used as a weapon, finally deciding she'd attempt to blind them w/ her squeeze bottle of conditioner and then pummel them w/ the spongy backscrubber...

But just as quickly as they had entered, the figure disappeared.

"The nerve of that gymnastic squad--usurping ~our~ practice space-" Nicole pouted, dropping her uniform & books on Brooke's bed, "like any-one would want to watch a bunch of spaz-es flailing around on a mat."

"Damn! Sam must be in there contributing to the water shortage again" Brooke bemoaned. "I'll just run downstairs..."

Sam left the water running as she nervously peeked out...empty. She made a quick bolt to her bedroom door and locked it. OK-New plan: get dressed quick and run like hell to the neighbors. Suddenly, she realized it was not just her imagination as she heard Nicole's crude cackling from Brooke's bedroom. The entire event replayed in her mind's eye. Furious, she flung open the adjoining door to Brooke's room--

Nicole was reading and ridiculing Brooke's e-mail, while Brooke had just returned w/ some diet Cokes. Both stood totally transfixed by the image of Sam gesturing, shaking & ranting like a lunatic; stark naked and soaking wet--

"I'm onto you now, you psycho! You just stole my underwear! How twisted is that!?!"

Brooke had never seen Sam--or anyone--that livid before...like confronting a rabid animal. Yet Nicole just took it all in stride--

"Um, yeah---first off Spam; I didn't think you hippy chicks even ~wore~ underwear, and secondly, I'm thinking there's probably not a huge market for used training bras..."

Sam looked down at herself as if suddenly realizing her appearance; then managed to squeal, cover herself and slam the door simultaneously but not before dousing them both with the whipping motion of her long wet hair...


Next day; Kennedy High--

Sam nervously scoped the hallway: coast's clear. Grab as many books as she could; avoid her locker the rest of the day--in fact, vary her entire routine as much as possible...She was stocked til 5th period when Carmen and Lily came up behind her--

"Hey Sammy! Any word from the knicker-napper--" Carmen halted mid-quip as Sam screamed and jumped 3 feet off the ground. She fell back, slamming against her locker--

"Jeez Carm! Do you realize how close you just came to getting pepper-sprayed!?!"

"Easy Sam," Lily soothed, "I was thinking maybe it was your mom--or Brooke--gathering laundry. You know they always complain about picking up after you. Did you ask them?"

"Are you insane? I locked myself in my room after that. Calling you guys was my sole contact with the outside world..."


Third period; Glass' Chem lab--

Sam was a bundle of nerves anyway, this pop-quiz was not helping! Terrified of turning around, she slowly snuck Carmen's compact out of her purse and tried to scope out Nicole behind her in it's 2 1/2 inch mirror. She found Nic's paper and slowly brought up the angle to discover Nicole staring straight at her. Sam gasped. Nicole smiled, winked, then made an obscene tongue-flicking gesture that could give Gene Simmons a complex. Sam kicked Carmen under the desk and as she stifled a scream and rubbed her ankle, she saw Sam frantically rolling her eyes behind them. Carmen was totally dumb-founded as Sam got more, and more insistent, soon jerking her entire head. Finally, infected by Sam's sheer terror, Carmen slowly turned around--Brooke was totally absorbed in her test while Nicole was filing her nails and day-dreaming out the window...

"Miss McPherson, Miss Ferrara--eyes front please," Bobbi Glass instructed, "You too, Miss Julian."

"Of course, Ms. Glass, sir" Nic chimed sweetly. Sam shuddered, feeling Nicole's eyes poreing over every inch of her...


Fourth Period; The Caf--

Sam's helping Lily hang yet another "Earth Day" banner. And of course, right in front of the popular crowd's table...

"Hey Sam, there's George at lunch. What a coincidence..."

"I'm not sure we're exactly speaking right now--let me know if he looks over here..."

Lily held the small ladder as Sam climbed up to tape the banner.

"Hmmm, wearing your new low-rise jeans--I'm pretty sure he'll look over" Lily teased.

"What can I say? I'm a total slut," Sam giggled, exaggerating a few twist and turn movements just in case...

"If you ask me, they still look pretty hot together" Nic winked conspiratorially at George, "Hard to believe...well, you know..."

"Wait, are you telling me Sam and Lily---"

"As a 3 dollar bill! However, I for one refuse to condemn anyone for a youthful indiscretion. I mean, look, less than a month after the break-up and they're both in healthy, happy, hetero relationships... Oh my God, Georgie, did she not tell you?! You must have the patience of Job trying to help Spammy over her repulsion of "all things male"."

Sam glanced over her shoulder to see if she was generating the desired effect and was dismayed to see George had already left. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying the show though, most of all Nicole who was just smiling at her dreamily...Sam freaked! Twisted and elevated, she had a considerably larger audience than she'd hoped, or had even been aware of.

"Jeez--you sick freak! Were you just checking out my ass?!?" Josh and Sugar Daddy looked down at the table, faces flushed red. Mary Cherry, Popita and Brooke stared at her as the source of a loud vulgar interruption, while Nicole just looked around w/ her best shocked and innocent expression. Sam jumped down and ran hysterically out of the caf; Lily would've followed had the banner not fell on her...


Next Day of Sam's Torment; Chem class--

"Um, Ms. Glass, sir, I have a question of psyche-o-logical nature.."

"Unfortunately Ms Cherry, I'm afraid it's irreversible. Generations of inter-breeding among the Southern aristocracy have left a bitter legacy only total genocide will eradicate..." Bobbi Glass replied, either anticipating the question, or more probable just seizing another opportunity to humiliate Kennedy's token belle.

"Sswoosh" over MC's head though as she mentally filed that nugget for whatever future use. "No, mah question is more concerned with the debilitating disease known as Narcyosism and Delusions of Glandure..."

A few eyes strayed over to Sam as Bobbi Glass eloquated--

"Well kids, to quote '90's industrial-metal band Ministry, 'the mind ~truly is~ a terrible thing to taste' Narcsisism is a mental condition named after the mythological character Narcsissus who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool. As time went on, this self-obsession became all encompassing..." (Several more heads turned toward Sam as if she were the visual aid for this discussion.)

"Taken to extreme, this "I-Me-Mine personality quirk" could lead to selfishness, vanity, bouts of paranoia, even escalating to megalomania."

The room was eerily silent as Sam slowly looked around and saw the entire class staring at her. Fortunately the bell rang before she could form any kind of reaction.


After school; The Palace--

Sam had spent the previous night at Lily's, feeling vaguely violated in what had once been the sanctity of her own home. Maybe her Mom could help her figure this out. But as she entered the kitchen she realized it was Jane's night to work late. Mike was distractedly attempting to make dinner and close a business transaction on the phone. Sam sighed and waved over her shoulder at him on her way out. Just as she reached the doorway, he hung up. 'What the hell' Sam thought; she really missed her Dad's guidance maybe Mike could offer some insight...

"Do I come across as a narcissist to you? I was accused of being totally hung up on myself today..."

"Well...you do seem a little self-absorbed at times..." Mike started distractedly but began an immediate back-pedal as he saw Sam in her defiance stance (arms crossed, nodding & staring, tongue circling the inside of her mouth...) "I mean, um, it's good to have a positive self-image...maybe if Brooke felt more secure about herself she wouldn't be so prone to dietary concerns..."

"Argh!" Sam exclaimed "We're talking about ~my~ issues here! It's not always about Brooke, you know."

Sam stomped off, leaving Mike confused, rolling his eyes, and contemplating the hereditary insanity of McPherson women...

Sam had just reached the foot of the stairs when the doorbell rang. A delivery man; package for Sam. Opening it revealed two dozen red roses and a small card. Sam rushed to her room before reading it.


"Dear Samantha, I apologize for approaching you the way I did in this matter. My feelings were--are genuine and I should've considered yours with the same regard. Please--just one more chance. Things could be so right between us"


Unsigned. But Sam had no doubt of it's origins. Sam spent the rest of the night holed-up in her room, the whole world closing her into this narrow box.


Another day in hell; Chem class--

Carmen was almost late as she rushed in and grabbed her seat. Glancing nervously at Sam (who she was sure was in mid psychotic melt-down) she noticed the brunette had tiny cuts and scratches all over her hands. There was also a large brown grocery bag on the desk...

"Oh my god, Sam what happened?" (Her best friend's now a "cutter"?)

"Like that old power-ballad Carm--Every rose has it's thorn..." Sam smirked, just a little distant; a little deranged...

The bell rang; Bobbi Glass beginning her routine call-to-order...

"OK people, may I have your attention please.." But Sam had stood and out-voiced her w/ the same line. She turned, opened the bag, and proceeded to shake the mangled roses out all over Nicole's head. She crumpled the bag, tossed it at the blonde and walked out of class.


Later; the Novak--

Sam sits curled up on the "tuffet" in a total crying jag as Harrison enters; approaches cautiously...


She looked up tearfully; Her best friend, and just when she needed him the most! Thank God they could put aside all the issues between them in times of crisis...

"Oh Harrison..." Sam blubbered as she hugged him, "That heinous bitch is driving me crazy...She's all I can think about now...24/7..."

Harrison remained unmoved and distant--

"Well, I guess that explains everything then...The reason we can't be together...You could've told me Sam--My God Sammy, If I can accept it from my mom, surely you'd know I'd support my best friend..."

"W-w-what?" Sam drew back. "I'm not interested in you so I must be gay?!? Is that what you're saying?" The last straw; could her world possibly suck any more?

"Hey whatever..." Harrison rose to leave, resolving never to weaken again, "...glad you liked the flowers..." he muttered as he left.


Sam drug herself to the mirror and was greeted w/ even a more hideous wreck than she'd imagined. As she blinked back tears her eyes brought Nicole into focus. She turned, gripping the sink for support. If this is how ends, she thought, I shall go out w/ a quiet dignity...

"So Satan (sniffle) we've come full circle, eh? Are you happy now? Was this little experiment in debauchery a success for you? Everybody thinks I'm a complete psycho now--I've alienated all my friends--I've alienated all my enemies! You've thoroughly convinced me how truly heinous and unlovable I am--How wrong I was to hope that anyone would find me attractive--to believe for even one minute that I deserved a chance at happiness...that I was worthy of being loved?"

Nicole was truly taken aback. She devastated people on a daily basis so it wasn't that; she realized how fragile Sam really was, how close she's come to destroying the one thing she...really...cared...about. Wow--there it was.

"Is that how you read it Spam? Maybe I just don't want to see you wasting your time--your self--pursuing some illusion of happiness. May be I was jealous of those boys--of everyone--knowing how unworthy they all are of you? Maybe I was hoping you'd realize this emotional intensity that's always existed between us? Maybe I was hoping it was mutual? And maybe, like everything else in my life, I blew this one pure chance because I go about everything ass-backwards in an effort not to leave myself vulnerable?" Nicole roughly wiped away a stray tear and continued "I'm the one who's unworthy, Spam. You? You deserve the world laid at your feet...And unattractive? God! McPherson, you are so...painfully...earth-shatteringly...frickin' beautiful."

Sam teared up all over again, but managed to choke out "Nicole...I-I had no idea...I've always saw myself the way I saw you seeing me, ya know?--A geek...some nerdy brainiac who dared to think she deserved to be one of the cool kids, to be popular...I tried so hard...Too hard...I-I mean, I never really cared what Brooke and the others thought of me, but you...your opinions on everything were so black-&-white, so strong...the things I used to do for your approval...your respect...until I realized I was never going to get it..."

"Don't you see Spam? You had it all along. You were the one person as stubborn--("strong" as you so eloquently put it)--as me. You were like this mirror I held myself up to. Always true to yourself. And most of the time I was like this twisted, perverse reflection of that...of you. I'm not the only one seeing things in black & white, you know? You formed an opinion of me in like 7th grade, locked it in and never once looked back. Granted it was a pretty valid one, but did you ever look for the reasoning behind it? I thought that's what you "investigative reporter-types" did--look for the root cause...the fact that I may have been feeling as insecure as you were. God, I wanted to reach out to you so many times--when your father died, when we all got the "instant family" news, the whole Harrison debacle...But by then it was too late--we were both locked into our self-defined little roles; our self-inflicted prisons--Hard-hearted. And Hard-headed..."

Both girls daubed at tears; looking inward a moment. Sam turned and met Nicole's bittersweet gaze in the mirror. "Well, Satan, looks like we're both on the same side of the looking-glass now..."

Nicole looked at Sam imploringly; Sam nodded and smiled...

Part Three

Sam gripped the edge of the sinktop for support as she watched Nicole slowly approach her in the mirror. Suddenly she was directly behind her. Sam stood almost a half a head taller than the petite blonde, but as Nicole's body pressed against her, she knew she'd loose in any confrontation. The blonde's body felt firm & muscular; no doubt an added benefit from hours of daily cheerleading exercises.

Sam could see Nic's eyes peering over her shoulder as they both studied their reflections.

"What do you see there Spam?" Nicole asked.

"I see...a beautiful blonde princess...and...a frog--no lower than a frog...the scum on the pond itself..."

"Well, you got the first part right, but look again Spam. I see a sweet young girl on the verge of blossoming." Nicole reached up and grabbed a handful of Sam's hair; the slightest tug to force the girl to look up at herself and also to pull some of that tangled brown mane away from her face..."A girl who has no idea of what she can become--if she'd just spend a little more time w/ her new sis' make-up...and a hairbrush occasionally."

(yeah, yeah) She'd heard it all before...Suddenly Nicole pressed herself against Sam's back as she stretched up to lick and nibble at Sam's exposed ear. Sam shuddered unexpectantly at the feel of Nic's soft warm breath in her ear. She felt a dampness spreading...down there. As Nic pulled back to study her unrelentlessly in the mirror, Sam bit her lower lip and watched sheepishly.

"Work w/ me here" Nicole lightly slapping the backs of Sam's upper arms till she raised them enough to allow the blonde to pull her T-shirt over her head. She barely had time to look embarrassed as Nic unclasped her no-frills white cotton bra and peeled it down her arms.

Sam, shocked motionless at first, soon jutted her chin out steeling herself for the onslaught of "I've-had-zits-bigger-than-those" comments that, oddly enough didn't appear to be coming. Instead, Nic traced the undersides of each breast w/ her middle fingers, supporting and jostling their slight weight. She lightly rolled each nipple between thumb and fore-finger til they sprung to attention and then pinching them slightly she stretched them letting them support the slight but critical mass. She leaned Sam sideways gently, ducked under one arm to kiss and lick at the pale rose-colored nipple, causing Sam to moan and melt. Nic repositioned herself behind Sam; so that all Sam saw in the mirror were two hands pressed against her flat stomach forming a diamond window for her belly-button and who's fingers where pointing down to her crotch like divining rods seeking moisture (They'd come to the right place!) she almost giggled, then gasped as Nicole undid her zipper and slid both jeans and panties down to mid-thigh in one smooth motion. (OK, Sam studied her reflection--stark naked; strange place...) She just barely noticed, a peripheral glimpse, as Nicole crouched down behind her. The blonde rolled Sam's jeans & panties down her legs and tapped her right leg wordlessly indicating Sam to raise it. (God-maybe I should work on my appearance) Sam thought vaguely as she felt Nicole momentarily struggling to get her pants leg over her combat boot. Finally free, Nicole clapped the the inside of Sam's calves like a bell as the brunette slowly spread her legs further and further apart until Nic was satisfied. She traced the lines between Sam's firm white cheeks and thighs with both thumbs, spreading them slightly and exposing Sam in all her glistening glory. Nic spanked her once as she rose and smiling at Sam in the mirror--

"To paraphrase my esteemed colleague from the South--'Girl you got an ass that rawks!'". Sam giggled w/ embarrassment--still nervous as hell but also, suddenly at ease... Nic turned her slightly, and as Sam leaned back against her they joined in the first tender, nervous kiss. Nicole had her arms around Sam, hands resting on her bare hip while Sam caressed Nic's face & brushed at her hair (No way like porcupine!) Their kisses gradually grew more passionate as their lips tried to find the perfect fit; as their tongues explored; as their breath came in gasps and moans. Nic's hand moved from Sam's hip to her heat in a move that seemed to take forever to reach it's goal...but once there, proceeded to caress and manipulate in ways Sam had never even done for herself. If she was any wetter, she'd be a puddle on the floor. Nicole pulled Sam's left arm behind her back and bent the nervous brunette forward onto the countertop. Sam gasped as she felt it's cold, wet surface, her nipples hardened in reaction. Nic forced her hold enough to cause Sam to arch her back, and as MC would say--"propel her buttocks heavenward". Nic trailed the back of her hand down between those two perfect white globes and did not stop the descent until her finger was circling Sam's navel. Sam was pinned, all she could do was squeeze her thighs together around Nic's wrist.

As Nicole patiently "struggled" to move her arm she felt Sam melt against her wrist, rubbing herself against it, slowly, experimentally at first, then w/ vigor and a clear goal in mind. Sam relented only enough to let Nic get her fingers in a better position to help, and with her entire arm literally drenched in "essence of Sam" she matched the brunette's wildly escalating gyrations. Nic watched Sam's reflection in total awe and admiration as the brunette stifled her moans by nervously biting her lower lip; her eyes fluttering wildly behind closed lids; those amazing delicate eyebrows arched inquisitively, expectantly...Sam finally bucking in the throes of ecstasy while a shaken, excited Nicole struggled relentlessly to hold her pinned. Her orgasm her only means of escape...Nic felt Sam experiencing a deep final shudder, then collapse limply onto the counter. The blonde subsided her caresses, letting Sam return to earth gradually, almost as in awe of the proceeding exchange as her partner had been...As they each regained their breath and composure they chanced nervous, guarded peeks at each other in the somewhat steamed mirror.

"Nic--" Sam stuttered, "that...t-that was, um..."

"Incredible? Awe-inspiring? The most amazing experience of your young post-pubescent life?" Nicole offered.

"Yes!" Sam exclaimed, again w/ the nervous lip-biting accented by increasingly vigorous nods--"All of the above!" she proclaimed; her eyes bright; her smile even brighter...

"Terrific--couldn't be happier for ya kiddo", Nicole tried to bluff away her sense of pride and satisfaction, "you might want to freshen up a little tho, smells like Bankok in August if you catch my drift.."

Sam folded and soaked some paper towels all the while watching Nicole, pretending to be cool and non-committal, in the mirror. The big phony. (my god! this is it-I have met Nicole's challenge! I have walked thru the Valley of the Shadow! I have met the enemy and we are one! We are...Equals!) If only she could leave it at that...but not our Sammy--

"Um, Nic, that seemed, um, a little one-sided though...what do you get out of this?"

"Well, let's see...bragging rights to all our friends for starters. The knowledge that I rocked your little world--and was the first to do so...Why? What do you want me to take away from this...Sam?"

"You know I'll hate being beholding to you--I-I'm hoping you'll be patient...tolerant..." (Give the Devil her due!)

"As you pay it back? Yea, I think we can negotiate something..."

Nic pretended to remain aloof as she watched Sam get dressed and they prepared to face the outside world again. Ever the drama-queen, Sam was suddenly overtaken by concern--

"Oh my God--does this make me like your ~bitch~ now?"

"Um, yeah. Spam, maybe if we were both doing a dime up in Frontera or something, but in our world let's just call it dating, m'kay?"

Sam nodded again nervously; dead earnest. 'Oh yeah' Nicole thought again, 'this is going be fun'....

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