Worth it

By: Shadower


Disclaimer: They belong to FOX. I own nothing.

Fandom: House MD

Pairing: Cuddy/Cameron

Rating: PG

Author's note: This story is, in a way, a continuation to my "Something with Strawberries" story.

Panting, gasping, she clawed through the air sitting up, her body covered in sweat "God..." she sighed. Throwing off the covers, she stood up, heading for the kitchen. She poured herself a glass of water and pressed the cool glass to her forehead as she leaned against the counter. She hated those long, cold, nights when she'd go to sleep, and wake up, alone. The nights only their bed would see her wake.

Her head turned to the sound of a key scraping the lock, and she couldn't help but smile. With Cameron, being awake was worth it.


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