Birds of Prey the Musical

By Ry_Rain

Rating: PG-13 for mild cursing

Warnings: AU

Disclaimer: The only characters I own are the ones not from the show or the shows history. I'm just borrowing the rest. Also none of the songs belong to me.

Spoliers: Maybe a slight one for Devil's Eyes

Summary: What would happen if there was a meta that could make people sing?

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A/N: This is not part of my Greatest Love of All Series. I just got bored and this idea popped into my head. It takes place when Ashley, Barbara, Carolyn, and Dick were in high school. It's a cross between Grease and Grease 2.



Ashley, Carolyn, and Dick are sitting in the courtyard, watching people walking around. They were tired and sore from the night before. Batgirl had gotten in some trouble and they got the crap beat out of them trying to help her. It was the first day back.

Spending my vacation in the summer sun, / Gettin' lots of action and a lots of fun. / Scorin' like a bandit 'til the bubble burst - / Suddenly it got to be September First.

Woe is me, all summer long I was happy and free. / Save my soul, the board of education took away my parole. / I gotta go back, back, back to school again. / You won't find me 'til the clock strikes three; / I'm gonna be there 'til then... / I gotta go back, back, back to school again. / Whoa, whoa, I gotta go... back to school again!

A pink car pulled violently up to the curb. Barbara Gordon, Kayla Carter, and their friends walked out and headed up the sidewalk. They didn't look at anybody.

Geometry and history is just a pain, / Biology and chemistry destroys my brain. / Well don't they know that I deserve a better fate? / I'm really much too young to matriculate.

Well mama please, your child's come down with a fatal disease. / Mama said, "Come on you lazy bum now get your butt out of bed!" / "You gotta go back, back, back to school again!" / It's bye-bye fun, get your homework done, / You better be in by ten, / I gotta go back, back, back to school again. / Whoa, whoa, I gotta go... back to school again!

Ashley, Carolyn, and Dick watch them walk by. All three of them never taking their eyes off Barbara.

"We save her life last night and she doesn't even look at us." Dick got up and looked at Ashley and Carolyn who were just watching Barbara and her friends. "You know, she didn't even say thank."

"Sit down and shut up Boy Blunder. We don't need you yelling our identities all over school." Ashley looked at Carolyn. "Why are we even talking to him? He's a freshman."

"You were a freshman last year and Carolyn talked to you. Plus, Bruce said to be nice to me."

"SHUT UP!" both Ashley and Carolyn yelled and glared at him.

I got my books together and I dragged my feet, / Then I saw this angel boppin' down the street. / I said, "Hey, pretty baby, hows about a date?" / She said, "I'm going to school, and I can't be late."

Well, I can see, that look in her eyes was sayin' "Follow me," / And I was caught - I thought of playing hooky, but on second thought, / I gotta go back, back, back to school again. / You won't find me 'til the clock strikes three; / I'm gonna be there 'til then... / I gotta go back, back, back to school again. / Whoa, whoa, I gotta go... back to school ... again!!!

"The only reason why they don't talk to us is because they're rich. Do they not know you are a Wayne?" Dick asked Ashley.

Barbara's friends heard this and changed their course. "Great. Thanks Dick. They're coming over here now."

Kayla Carter was the first to speak. "Hey Ashley. We were wondering if you wanted to sit with us." She looked at Carolyn and Dick with disgust in her eyes. "You can bring your … friends."

"No thanks Kayla. I'd rather not lose my breakfast. Come on Carolyn. We have to get to class." With that Ashley and Carolyn walked away, missing the hurt look in Barbara's eyes.

"Well," Kayla huffed. "That was totally uncalled for." She looked over at Dick who was staring at her. "What do you want?" Dick shook his head and ran away. "He's cute for a freshman." Kayla looked over at Barbara. "Are you alright Babs?"

"I'm fine. I have free first. So I'll see you guys next period." Barbara headed into the school.

"Where you gonna be?"

"Library." Kayla and the rest of Barbara's friends looked at each other, then at Barbara and quirked their eyebrows as the watched her sulk to the library.




Barbara quietly walked into a study room. She wasn't surprised when she passed Ashley and Carolyn. She knew they didn't have a class first period. Her and Ashley had the same exact schedule and they had gone over them as soon as they got them. Bruce wanted to know where they were during school. She sat down at the table and looked at her 8th grade yearbook. Her and Ashley had been best friends. Everyone called them ABBA. She had no idea why but everyone including Ashley thought it was funny. For the talent show they sang Dancing Queen because of it.

Barbara flipped to the end of the eighth grade pictures. She slowly touched Ashley's picture. It had a huge, red heart drawn over it. Nobody knew she had a huge crush on Ashley. Not even Kayla, who was now her best friend. Not a very good friend, Barbara thought. If she knew about my crush, I would be the laughing stock of the school. Not to mention Ashley would never talk to me again except on sweeps.

Guess mine is not the first heart broken / My eyes are not the first to cry / I'm not the first to know / There's just no getting over you

You know I'm just a fool who's willing / To sit around and wait for you / But, baby, can't you see / There's nothing else for me to do? / I'm hopelessly devoted to you

But now there's nowhere to hide / Since you pushed my love aside / I'm out of my head / Hopelessly devoted to you / Hopelessly devoted to you / Hopelessly devoted to you

My head is saying, "Fool, forget him." / My heart is saying, "Don't let go. / Hold on till the end." / And that's what I intend to do / I'm hopelessly devoted to you

But now there's nowhere to hide / Since you pushed my love aside. / I'm out of my head / Hopelessly devoted to you / Hopelessly devoted to you / Hopelessly devoted to you

The bell rang and Barbara wiped her tears away, wincing as she touched her black eye. She headed out the main library and saw Ashley waiting for her. "You alright?" Barbara nodded. "Let's get you to the bathroom and recover that black eye. People are gonna think someone is beating you." Barbara nodded and they headed to the bathroom.

"Thanks for last night," Barbara said as they walked into the bathroom.

Ashley waved it off and said, "Don't worry about it. It was your first sweep by yourself. Something was bound to go wrong. Always does. We were just doing our jobs."

"You ran into a burning building thinking I was in there. You didn't have to do that." Ashley shrugged. "You saved my life. You didn't even know for sure if I was in there or not, but you went in anyway. I owe you my life."

"A tutor session when I need it will do."

Barbara held out her hand. "Done. Whenever you need a tutor just call me."

Ashley looked at Barbara and laughed. "You're strange Red. Real strange." Barbara smiled at the nickname as Ashley finished reapplying make-up to cover her black eye. "There you go. Can't even tell you have a black eye." Barbara looked in the mirror and was surprised to see this was true. "I've gotten plenty of practice. Been doin' sweeps since 8th grade." Barbara looked over at Ashley and saw the sad look in her eyes. "Come on. We're gonna be late for class."



Ashley and Carolyn were sitting in the courtyard again, waiting for Dick. "I say we just leave him," Ashley said as she turned to look at Carolyn.

"You know we can't. Bruce would kill us."

"God! I hate him. He's such a fuckin' teacher's pet." Ashley looked around looking for him. She suddenly spotted him. "Is that him running after Barbara?"

Carolyn followed Ashley's gaze and nodded. "Sure is. Wonder why he's wanting to talk to her?"

"Isn't it obvious? He has a huge crush on her. Probably wants to ask her out. Like he has a chance."

"And you do?" Ashley glared at her. "Come on. You are even more obvious then him. I can't blame you guys though. She is hot." Ashley continued glaring at her. "Don't worry. I hate bats." Ashley laughed. "Besides, you are my best friend. I would never do that to you." Carolyn pushed Ashley with her shoulder.

"Barbara!" Dick yelled once she was in hearing range (as was everyone else including Ashley and Carolyn). Barbara spun around and saw Dick. She sighed and rolled her eyes as she stopped and waited

for him. "Hey," Dick said, trying to catch his breath. "I … was wondering … if you wanted … to go out … sometime. You know … on a date."

"Dick, I sorry but … you `re just not my type." Ashley smiled and Carolyn saw the hope in her eyes.

"What's your type then?" Dick asked. Ashley and Carolyn looked at each other, rolled their eyes, and laughed.

Barbara looked at Dick, trying to figure out if he was serious. "You really want to know?"

"Yeah," Dick replied. "That way I can either change your mind about you type or change myself to match your type."

"Pretty confident of ourselves," Barbara said. Dick blushed and looked on the ground, which had suddenly became very interesting. "You really want to know?" Dick nodded. Barbara sighed.

If you really want to know / What I want in a guy... / Well, I'm lookin' for a dream on a mean machine / With hell in his eyes. / I want a devil in skin tight leather, / And he's gonna be wild as the wind. / And one fine night, I'll be holdin' on tight...

To a coooool rider, a coooool rider. / If he's cool enough, / He can burn me through and through. / Whhoa ohhhh / If it takes forever, / Then I'll wait forever. / No ordinary boy, / No ordinary boy is gonna do. / I want a rider that's cool.

Barbara turned her jacket inside out to reveal a black lining. Carolyn looked at Ashley, "Well she just describe Oracle if she was a boy."

That's the way it's gonna be, / And that's the way that I feel. / I want a whole lot more than the boy next door, / I want hell on wheels. / Just give me a fine motorcycle, / With a man growin' out of the seat. / And move aside, cause I'm gonna ride...

With a coooool rider, a coooool rider. / If he's cool enough, / He can burn me through and through. / Whhoa ohhhh / If it takes forever, / Then I'll wait forever. / No ordinary boy, / No ordinary boy is gonna do. / I want a rider that's cool.

"You know Dick is going to ask you to build him a bike now right?"

"Bruce would never let him have one."

I don't want no ordinary guys, / Comin' on strong to me. / They don't know what I'm lookin' for, / They don't know what I need. / They're gonna know when he gets here, / Cause the crowd will be shakin'. / I'll do anything to let him know, / That I'm his, his for the takin'.

I want a coooooool rider, / A cool, cool, cool, cool rider. / I want a coooooool rider, / A cool, cool, cool, cool rider. / I want a C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R. / I need a C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R.

I want a coooooool rider, / A cool, cool, cool, cool rider. / I want a coooooool rider, / A cool, cool, cool, cool rider. / I want a C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R. / I need a C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R.

Ashley and Carolyn watched as Barbara danced away from Dick and to her dad's car that just pulled up as she finished singing. "Again. No way will Bruce let Dick have a bike."

"If you build it he will. And you know Dick will ask him to have you build him one."

Ashley nodded. "And its not like I don't have enough parts laying around after all the bikes you've crashed and destroyed." Carolyn grinned sheepishly as Dick walked over. "Ready to go Boy Blunder?"


Carolyn looked over at Ashley. "So what are you going to do about the situation?"

Ashley waited until Dick was well ahead of them. "Build myself a bike I can ride to school before he asks Bruce to have me build him one." Carolyn nodded as Ashley pulled Dick out of the driver's seat and threw him in the backseat. She put her glasses on and they climbed into the car. "Ready to go?" Carolyn nodded and they were off. Just then Ashley realized something. "Is it just me or was everyone singing a lot today?" Carolyn and Dick looked at Ashley and shook their heads. "Good, I wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy."

A few seconds later the car halted to a stop. The three occupants looked at each other. "Batcave now Ashley," Carolyn ordered. Ashley nodded and slammed on the gas pedal. They took off like a bullet.


"Batman something is going on. Everyone at school was singing," Ashley said. As soon as her, Carolyn and Dick had gotten home they called Batgirl and they were all in the Batcave discussing the matter at hand.

"Oracle, please. You were probably just daydreaming." Bruce looked at everyone else in the cave. "Anyone else think someone has everyone singing?" Everyone raised their hand. Ashley glared at Bruce. "Why would someone do that?"

Barbara was the first to speak up. "Everyone is singing their true feelings. Maybe someone wants to pit people against each other. What better way then have everyone reveal their deepest, darkest secrets?"

Ashley nodded. "Batgirl's right. Our second period teacher was singing about how he hated his job and was an alcoholic. Who in their right mind would actually admit that?"

Bruce sighed. "Well, what do you propose we do about it?"

"I looked up metas who's powers may allow them to do this and I have a four leads as of now. The Delphi is still searching the database though. You, Batgirl, Canary, and Robin can each follow one lead. I'll stay here and tell you if I come up with anymore." Carolyn winked at Ashley. She knew what Ashley would really be doing.



"Oracle, have you gotten anymore leads?"

"No Batman. No more." Ashley looked at the simple motorcycle frame she had gotten done. "Did any of them pan out? Batgirl? Canary? Robin?"

"Mine's dead," Carolyn said. "Literally. Was laying on the floor swimming in his own blood. It was still warm. I must have just missed the murder."

"Don't worry about it Canary. Its not your fault. Robin, what about you?"

"Same thing Batman. Just missed it."

Ashley heard Bruce grunt. "What is it Batman?"

"Mine was dead too. Same thing. Body was still warm even. Batgirl did you find anything?"

"Nothing. No one was there. The place was empty. I looked for fingerprints on the door knobs and there weren't any. There's dust all over the place. No one has … wait a minute."

"Batgirl, what is it?" Ashley looked at the monitors and saw Barbara's heart rate had increased tenfold. "Batgirl, is someone there?"

"I think so. I just found a set of footprints leading outside. Should I follow them?"

"I don't know. Oracle, what do you think?"

"Don't follow them Batgirl. Just get out of there. Its probably a trap. Trust me."

"I trust you with my life Oracle."

"Alright. We've done all we can. Batgirl, go home. Canary and Robin meet me at out usual place and we'll head home."

"Confirmed. Going silent."

"Oracle. Do you think this last guy is our guy?"

"Wouldn't surprise me the least bit. But why kill the others?"

"You think he did it?" Carolyn asked. Ashley didn't respond. "Oh god. I hate it when you don't respond Oracle."

"Sorry. We should go silent before Batman yells at us or we accidentally use our real names. See you in the morning." Ashley cut her comm off. She turned to her bike and looked at it. She moved around collecting other pieces.

Well this bike is automatic, it's systematic, it's hydromatic / Why it's a greased lightnin'!

We'll get some overhead lifters, and four barrel pods, / Keep talkin', whoah keep talkin' / Fuel injection cut off, and chrome plated rods, / oh yeah I'll get the money, I'll see you get the money / With a four-speed on the floor, we'll be waitin' at the door / You know that ain't shit when we'll be gettin' lots of tit -/ greased lightnin'

[Chorus:] Go, greased lightnin', / you're burnin' up the quarter mile / Greased lightnin', go greased lightnin' / Go, greased lightnin', / you're crossin' through the hit that trial / Greased lightnin', go greased lightnin' / You are supreme, the chicks'll cream for greased lightnin'

We'll get some purple pitched tail lights / and thirty inch fins, oh yeah / A palomina dashboard and duel muffin' twins, oh yeah / With new boosters, plates and shocks, / I can get her on my rocks / You know that I ain't braggin', she's a real pussy wagon - / greased lightnin'

[Chorus:] Go, greased lightnin', / you're burnin' up the quarter mile / Greased lightnin', go greased lightnin' / Go, greased lightnin', / you're crossin' through the hit that trial / Greased lightnin', go greased lightnin' / You are supreme, the chicks'll cream for greased lightnin'

Ashley chuckled to herself as she realized what she was singing. She didn't care and just continued looking for pieces for her bike, knowing she was actually dancing around instead of just walking. If this bike doesn't impress her, I don't know what will. Ashley looked at her Oracle suit and decided she would wear her casual Oracle attire. Leather bomber jacket with a wifebeater underneath, and, tight leather pants. The pants are definitely skin tight. Ashley nodded and walked over to the bike dumping all the pieces she had collected on the ground. This should be enough.

[Chorus:] Go, greased lightnin', / you're burnin' up the quarter mile / Greased lightnin', go greased lightnin' / Go, greased lightnin', / you're crossin' through the hit that trial / Greased lightnin', go greased lightnin' / You are supreme, the chicks'll cream for greased lightnin'

Ashley smiled as she looked at her bike. She looked at the clock and groaned, then trudged up the stairs.


Bruce, Carolyn, and Dick were sitting at the table eating breakfast. Ashley stomped in and practically dropped in her chair. Carolyn smiled and winked at her. Bruce looked over at her worried. "Are you okay Ash?"

"I'm fine Bruce. Just tired. I couldn't … yawns … sleep." Ashley turned to Carolyn. "Coffee. PLEASE." Carolyn nodded.

"Hey Bruce," Dick started. Ashley and Carolyn rolled their eyes, already knowing what Dick was going to ask. Bruce looked at Dick. "I was wondering if maybe I could get a bike." Bruce shook his head. "What if Ashley built it?"

Bruce looked at Ashley. "Sorry Dick but there just aren't enough good, working pieces." Carolyn tried not to laugh as she handed Ashley her coffee. "Thanks Tweety." Carolyn nodded and sat back down across from Dick.

"Why are there not enough pieces?" Bruce looked over at Carolyn then back at Ashley. "With all the bikes Carolyn has totaled there should be enough pieces to build one bike."

"Well, I kinda built one for myself. You know … one I could ride to school. I know you would never let me ride the Delphi to school."

Dick snorted. "I can't believe you named your bike and the computer Delphi. What couldn't think of another name?"

"My alias is Oracle smartass." Bruce glared at her. "You know as in the Oracles at Delphi? What did you fail mythology?"

"You don't take mythology until 9th grade Ashley. He just started yesterday."

"Bruce, I learned mythology in the 6th grade. Dick went to the same school I did. How else could I have picked that name in 7th grade if I didn't already know it?" Dick stuck his tongue out at Ashley. "Real mature Dick. You give freshman a bad name." Ashley took a sip of her coffee and looked at Bruce. "I hope you're not mad. Its just I do have a class M license and I wanted a bike to ride to school. It's not like it cost anything. Give Carolyn a couple more bikes and in a couple of weeks I'll have enough parts to build Dick here one." Carolyn stuck her tongue out at Ashley, which Ashley returned right away.

"And you say I'm immature."

"Yes you are. It's different when it's between best friends. We are just joking around." Dick rolled his eyes as Ashley and Carolyn giggled.

"Alright you three. Go get ready for school. I don't want you being late on your second day, ASHLEY."

"What? I was late because I was helping Red cover her black eye. She didn't do a very good job. I didn't want people thinking Commissioner Gordon was beating her or something." Bruce nodded and waved them off. Ashley grabbed Carolyn's hand and practically dragged her upstairs. "Come on Tweety."

Once they were upstairs and safely in Ashley's room, Carolyn asked the question that had been on her mind all night. "What's it look like?"

"It looks great," Ashley responded as she threw some clothes on the bed. "You'll see it. I was going to offer you a ride to school. I figured Dick could catch a ride with Bruce or one of his friends. Bruce would never trust you to drive the car."

"Shut up." Carolyn looked through the clothes Ashley had thrown. "You are really going to go though with this?" Ashley nodded. She quickly pulled her nightshirt off and threw on the wife beater. "You don't think she'll get suspicious? I mean, when have you ever worn leather to school?"

Ashley undid the drawstring on her pajama bottoms and changed into the leather pants. "Never, but there's always a first time for everything, right?" Carolyn nodded as she watched Ashley button up the pants.

"Could those BE any tighter?" Ashley glared at Carolyn as she pulled on the bomber jacket.

Ashley turned around to look at Carolyn. "How do I look?" She turned around so Carolyn could see the whole effect.

"Like a C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R."

"Very funny Carolyn." Ashley rummaged through her closet. Carolyn was looking at how tight Ashley's leather pants really were. "Stop checking out my ass Tweety." Carolyn blushed as Ashley turned around with a smug smirk on her face and threw her a helmet. "Here, you might want to start getting ready. Meet you in the garage."

Ten minutes later Carolyn was in the garage waiting for Ashley. She saw a covered bike and figured that was Ashley's new one. She heard someone coming down and turned to see Ashley coming down the stairs. "What took you so …?"

"What do you think?" Ashley asked as she ran a nervous hand through her now very short hair. When she walked into the light Carolyn saw the blue highlights. "It looks stupid doesn't it?"

"No. It looks cool Ashley, but what made you cut your hair? You loved it."

Ashley shrugged. "I was getting tired of having to brush it every time I took my helmet off. Granted it looked great when I shook my head after taking it off, I still didn't want to have to worry about it. I plan on riding this bike to school everyday.  Maybe I can teach you how to drive better so someone else can maybe ride with me."

Carolyn chuckled. "Sure Ash. Are the highlights permanent?"

Ashley shook her head. "Semi. I figured I should ask Bruce before I go for permanent highlights, especially blue ones."

Carolyn nodded. "Why did you change your shirt?" Ashley blushed and grinned sheepishly. "Got blue dye all over it huh?" Ashley nodded. "Well, at least now you can take the jacket off at school."

"Yeah. That's why I didn't just put another wife beater on." Ashley pulled the cover off the bike. "So, what `cha think?" Carolyn looked at the bike and was speechless. Her mouth kept on opening and closing without any words coming out. "Are you trying to impersonate a guppy?" Ashley said as she laughed and climbed on the bike. Carolyn glared at her. "Put your helmet on so we can go. You heard Bruce about being late," Ashley said as she put her own helmet on.

"You were the one late to second yesterday," Carolyn said as she climbed on behind Ashley after putting her helmet on. Ashley turned around, stuck out her tongue, and then closed the visors on her and Carolyn's helmet. Carolyn wrapped her arms around Ashley's waist and they were off.



Barbara and Kayla were sitting at the picnic table in the courtyard with the rest of their friends. "I wonder what that freshman will look like after what you told him yesterday," Kayla commented. Barbara shrugged.

"Doesn't look any different to me," one girl commented as she pointed towards Dick. Barbara and Ashley followed her finger and saw him hanging with a bunch of other freshman.

All of a sudden a motorcycle could be heard not far off. "Dick doesn't look any different but," Kayla paused as two people on a motorcycle come into view. "It looks like someone else is interested in our Barbara and heard her little song yesterday. I wonder who he is?"

All: Whoooh ooooh who's that guy? / Whoooh ooooh who's that guy?

Dick: He came out of the darkness in the middle of the light, / Blazing like a mother with a fist of dynamite.

Freshmen: He ain't foolin' no one on that pile of chrome and steel, / Burnin' up the pavement like he was some kind of wheel.

Seniors: He's lookin' for a rumble and some heads are gonna bust, / He's gonna take a tumble with one solitary thrust!

Barbara's Clique: The only thing you guys are gonna do is eat his dust!

Who's that guy? / Where did he come from? / Who's that guy?

Freshmen: Please tell me someone.

Barbara's Clique: I never knew anyone could be so cool.

All: Whoa oh oh / Who's that guy? / He's just amazin'! / From headlight to tailpipe, his burners are blazin'.

Barbara's Clique: Looks to me like he could really fly!

Who's that guy, who's that guy? / Whooo ooooh who's that guy? / Whooo ooooh who's that guy?

Dick: He wears a pair of goggles like a man from outer space.

Barbara: It really doesn't matter that I haven't seen his face.

Seniors: We're gonna wrap those handlebars around that neck of his. / The punk is gonna get it!

All: When we find out who he is!

Ashley: Everybody wants you when they don't know who you are.

Barbara's Clique: If you're a man of mystery, it really takes you far.

Ashley: Everyone around you thinks that you're a star!

Who's that guy?

Paulette: Where did he come from?

Who's that guy?

Barbara: Where can I get one?

Ashley: They never knew that I could be so cool!

Whoa oh oh / Who's that guy?

Barbara's Clique: On that motorcycle

Ashley: What would they say if they knew it was Ashley?

All: Looks to me like he could really fly!

Won't somebody tell me...Who's that guy?

All: Whoooh ooooh who's that guy? / Whoooh ooooh who's that guy?

Everyone watched as the person on the back of the bike climbed off and took off her helmet. "Man, that Carolyn Lance is lucky," Kayla said as the other rider took off and started circling the parking lot again.

Carolyn walked pass Barbara's clique and winked at Barbara as she sat down next to Dick and punched him in the shoulder.

Who's that guy? / Where did he come from? / Who's that guy?

Freshmen: Please tell me someone.

Barbara's Clique: I never knew anyone could be so cool.

All: Whoa oh oh / Who's that guy? / He's just amazin'! / From headlight to tailpipe, his burners are blazin'. / Looks to me like he could really fly!

Won't somebody tell me

Whoooo's that guy? Barbara: Where did he come from?

Whoooo's that guy? Barbara: Where can I get one?

Whoooo, whoooo, whoooo?

All: Whoa oh oh

Whoooo's that guy? Barbara: Dressed in leather

Whoooo's that guy? Barbara: Whoooo, whoooo, whoooo?

The mystery rider finally parked and climbed off the bike. Everyone was watching as he reached up to pull of his helmet. Dick was just waiting to see Ashley's long hair come tumbling out but it never did. Instead, he saw her new hair cut. Ashley turned around before she took her goggles off. Barbara gasped, "Oracle." Kayla looked at her like she was insane.

Ashley grabbed her helmet and headed over to Carolyn and Dick. As she passed Barbara's table she winked at Kayla. "Well, it looks like someone else has a little crush on Barbara," Kayla said.

Barbara blushed as Ashley turned around to look at them. "You mean Red?" Ashley asked as she winked at Barbara, causing her to turn an even deeper shade of red. Kayla nodded and rolled her eyes. "Why would you say that?"

"Well, you were in the courtyard yesterday when Barbara was singing and now you come to school on a motorcycle and in leather. You never did that before."

"Yeah, well, my brother, Bruce Wayne, gave me the bike yesterday when I got home. I just had to rub it in Dick's face that I had a bike and he didn't." Ashley winked at Barbara and said, "See you in second Red," then she walked over to Carolyn and Dick and sat down. She gave Dick a noogie and said, "How you doin' little bro?"

"Get off. You're a bitch you know?" Ashley just smiled as he stomped off.

"What was that about?" Carolyn asked.

"I felt bad for him." Carolyn quirked an eyebrow. "I just boosted his popularity. Look."

Carolyn watched as a group of seniors walked up to Dick. "Hey, Freshman!" Dick turned around and looked at them scared. "You know those two girls who came in here on the bike?" Dick nodded. "Well, you are our new best friend. Come sit and wait with us for school to start." Dick nodded again and walked with them.

Carolyn chuckled. "On contrary to popular belief, Ash, you are a good person." Ashley blushed and shrugged. Carolyn hugged her and then looked her in the face. "You are. And if you know who can't see that? Then she doesn't deserve to be loved by you. That is a great honor and I'm glad I am one of few to be loved by you."

Ashley looked up at Carolyn with tear filled eyes. "Come on. Lets get out of here before you go and make me cry." Ashley stood up and straightened her jacket. "I have a rep to protect now." Carolyn chuckled again as she followed Ashley into the building. Barbara was watching them the entire time.



"Robin, I want you to check out another lead Oracle found. If he's dead take some pictures and get some skin and hair samples." Dick face paled as he listened to Bruce. "I know it seems disgusting but you wanted more important jobs and collecting evidence is a very important one." Ashley and Carolyn chuckled as Barbara also paled after thinking about what she might have to do tonight.

"What about me Batman?" Carolyn asked.

"Canary, I want you to stay here and man the Delphi. Oracle actually found two leads and her and Batgirl are going to check the other one out." Bruce looked at the two girls. "Civilian clothes tonight girls. Oracle you're fine but you may have to lend Batgirl some clothes." Bruce looked at Barbara and rethought what he just said. "Or maybe Canary could lend her some. She looks taller then you." Dick chucked as Ashley rolled her eyes. Bruce looked at Barbara again, "You'll need a new name for while you are there."

"Where are we going?" Barbara asked.

"Bowling alley," Ashley responded. "Know hangout of the Muse. Our Meta. The place looks like it came straight out of some musical. I checked it out after school. Figured out a good escape route." Ashley walked over to the Delphi and started searching. "You know how to bowl right, Batgirl?" Barbara nodded. "Good. The only way to get in tonight is to participate in a doubles tournament."

"What? We have to bowl to check out this guy?"

"Yep. And we are going against his team."

"What if we lose?" Barbara asked. Ashley looked at the computer. "Ah I've already learned when you don't answer that's not good. What happens if we lose?"

"Don't worry about," Ashley looked at Barbara. "We won't lose."

"How can you be so sure? You gonna use your powers? Like that won't be obvious."

"You can't use your powers. There's some spell on the place that doesn't allow it. Probably the owners power. It's a place for Meta and humans alike to hang out without any worries. Nothing can happen as long as we don't get on the owner's bad side." Barbara rolled her eyes. "Come on. Lets go get you something to wear and talk about a code name for tonight." Ashley and Barbara started walking out of the cave. "Canary, I'm gonna raid your closet to get Batgirl something to wear!"

"Okay," Carolyn absent-mindedly answered.



Ashley threw some cloths on the bed. "Try these on as I run back down to the cave to get my jacket and our comms for tonight." When Ashley was halfway through the door she turned around and said, "Don't forget to think about a name. Be right back."

Barbara watched her walk out and close the door. She sighed and looked at the clothes Ashley had laid out for her. Black pants and a dark blue turtleneck. "Well, at least her and Carolyn have good taste," Barbara muttered. She quickly changed and then looked at herself in the mirror. "I hate my hair."

"Why?" Ashley asked as she walked back into the room. God, she looks beautiful, Ashley thought. Barbara jumped when she heard Ashley. "Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you. Why do you hate your hair?"

"I've had the same hair do for two years now. I tired off it."

Ashley pulled a chair out. "Sit," she instructed. Barbara sat down and looked at Ashley. "You trust me to do something with your hair?" She heard Barbara gulp. "Don't worry, nothing serious like what I did to mine today. Just something different." Barbara nodded. Ten minutes later she was looking in the mirror again. "Volia!"

"Wow, Oracle it looks, great!" Barbara looked in the mirror again. Cornrows? I don't think I would have ever thought to do that.

"It does look great." Ashley winked at Barbara. She was greatly surprised when Barbara winked back. Ashley looked at her watch. "We better go or we're going to be late." Barbara nodded and headed out the door. Ashley grabbed her jacket and her and Carolyn's helmets and they were off.


Ashley and Barbara pulled up to the bowling alley about an hour later. Ashley stopped right before they walked in. "Wait a minute, what's your name?"

Barbara thought about it for a minute and then said, "How about Venus?"

Ashley chuckled. "Alright. Venus it is. Good thing because our team name is the Myths. Now don't forget. We're supposed to be from Bludhaven. The Muse is the opposing team captain. His partner is…," Ashley stopped in front of a bulletin board, "… coincidently Aphrodite."

Barbara could hear Carolyn chuckling along with Ashley. "You couldn't have told me before I picked my name," Barbara hissed.

"I just read it off the board Red. Calm down. The Muse will think its funny."

Barbara rolled her eyes as a big guy with a red shirt came over to them. "You guys bowling tonight?"

"Yeah," Ashley replied. "We're the Myths." The guy looked at her in amusement. "My name is Oracle and this," Ashley pointed to Barbara, "is Venus."

The guy laughed. "Well, you two are already on my good side. You guys are going against the Muse. Her partners name is Aphrodite." Ashley and Barbara looked at each other, Her?, they thought. "I hate her and she'll be pissed about you using the same Goddess as her. Don't worry though. She won't try anything in here and I'll make sure you guys get out before she can." The guy looked at them. "My name is Big Daddy Spence (Shout out to my freshman English teacher. Don't ask.), and I am the owner of this joint." B.D. Spence shook Ashley and Barbara's hands. He raised an eyebrow at Ashley.

"Do you gotta see them?" B.D. Spence nodded. "Alright. Watch my eyes." B.D. Spence watched them go from blue human eyes to green cat eyes. He nodded. "And," Ashley said as she closed her eyes. All of a sudden she was gone and in her place was a large shadow. Just as sudden as she disappeared she reappeared. "That's it." B.D. Spence looked at Barbara. "She doesn't have any."

B.D. Spence nodded. "Follow me and I'll show you to your lanes. The Muse is waiting for you." Ashley and Barbara followed the owner. As they walked he greeted several people. Both Ashley and Barbara filed away their appearance and names. B.D. Spence stopped at the very last two lanes. "Muse, your competition is here." The Muse turned around to reveal … Kayla Carter. She laughed as she noticed they were both wearing masks. "Oracle and Venus. They're from Bludhaven." Ashley smiled as Barbara just stood there speechless and emotionless. "Bowl a fair, clean game." B.D. Spence turned to Ashley and Barbara and bowed. "Good luck ladies."

Ashley and Barbara nodded as B.D. Spence left. The three girls just stood there staring at each other. Kayla's partner came up just then, "Are we gonna bowl?" They all nodded. Aphrodite went over to the console and then looked at Ashley and Barbara. "What are your names?"



Kayla snorted as Aphrodite raised an eyebrow and huffed. "Team name?"

"The Myths," Ashley responded. "I have to say I think its just … just … what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, I know intimidating how you and Venus here are both named after the Goddess of Love." Aphrodite just glared at Ashley as Barbara blushed and Kayla chuckled.

Ashley: Come on everybody, gather round. / I'm gonna show you how to knock 'em down. / When I'm on the ball, I'm the number one. / And I'm gonna show you how it's done.

Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock-'n-roll. / Hey, come on, let's get this show on the road. / Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock-'n-roll. / We're sittin' on a bomb that's about to explode.

We're gonna score tonight, we're gonna score tonight. / If you're lookin' for a fight, then the time is right. / We're gonna wipe the floor with you tonight.

We're gonna score tonight, we're gonna score tonight. / We're gonna rock, we're gonna roll, / We're gonna bop, we're gonna bowl. / We're gonna score, score, score, score, score tonight!

Ashley looked at the score screen. "Looks like you're up first Venus." Ashley leaned over Barbara as she put her shoes on, "Don't worry about getting strikes every time. We need to get them to talk."

"Yeah, well, don't get mad if I beat you," Barbara said as she winked at Ashley and headed up to the lanes. Ashley just watched speechless as Barbara took her place on the lane. As Barbara started her approach she wiggled her butt at Ashley who turned a darker shade then Barbara's hair. "Strike!" Barbara squealed. "I can't believe I got a strike. I mean, I did win State when I was 12 but that was 4 years ago. I haven't bowled since." Everyone stared at Barbara as she sat down. "You're up Oracle."

Ashley blinked and said, "Yeah. I know." Damn! She's good at this, Ashley thought.

Ashley: Screams... Hey Venus, take a look over here, / I'm your kingpin, honey, and I'm gettin' in gear!

Barbara: Hey Oracle, Oracle, go bowl that strike, / And I just might be your baby tonight!

Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock-'n-roll. / Hey, come on, let's get this show on the road. / Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock-'n-roll. / 'Cause the stakes are high, and the winner takes all!

We're gonna score tonight, we're gonna score tonight. / Don't get sore when you lose tonight, / We're gonna show you how to do it right.

We're gonna score tonight, we're gonna score tonight. / We're gonna rock, we're gonna roll, / Were gonna bop, we're gonna bowl.



Kayla and Aphrodite were watching as Ashley bowled another strike. "I do believe that was my third strike in the tenth frame." Ashley looked at the score monitor. "Oh my, it was and look another perfect game for me." Ashley and Barbara high fived. "Looks like we won this game, just like the other two."

"You cheated!" Aphrodite yelled.

B.D. Spence was there in milliseconds. "Who cheated?" Aphrodite pointed at Ashley and Barbara. B.D. Spence looked at them. They looked right back. B.D. Spence made a motion with his hand and Ashley nodded. He looked at Aphrodite and said, "They didn't cheat. How could they have cheated?"

"She bowled three perfect games. That's impossible."

B.D. Spence shrugged. "I've done it several times in a row. There's no way she could have cheated on my lanes without me knowing. You are just a sore loser." Ashley smirked and shrugged as B.D. Spence went up to the front counter and turned on the microphone. "LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. WE HAVE OURSELVES SONE NEW CHAMPIONS!" Everyone cheered except Aphrodite and the Muse. "ALL THE WAY FROM BLUDHAVEN, PLEASE GIVE A ROUND OF SOUND FOR … THE MYTHS ORACLE AND VENUS!" Everyone clapped and cheered as B.D. Spence motioned for Ashley and Barbara to stand up. When they did everyone started clapping louder. They bowed and sat back down. "SO, IN CELEBRATION, A DRINK FOR EVERYONE ON THE HOUSE!" Everyone clapped and headed to the snack bar.

Ashley and Barbara walked over to the front desk and turned in their shoes. "Hey, Big Daddy Spence!" B.D. Spence turned around. "We need to get going. You know, don't want Aphrodite trying anything when we leave, but I have a question I was wondering if you could answer for me." B.D. Spence nodded. "What are the Muse's powers? Or is she human?"

"You know how everyone been's singing all over town lately?" Ashley and Barbara nodded. "Its because of her. I hear she's trying to get some people to stop liking Batman and his friends. Trying to get everyone to think he's the criminal mastermind behind all of Gotham's crimes." B.D. Spence saw Aphrodite on heading towards them. "Hey Oracle? Your shadow thing, can it work with other people too?" Ashley nodded. "Use it on you and Venus and get the hell out of here. Aphrodite is on her way."

"Thank Big Daddy. Venus hold my hand and don't let go." Barbara nodded and grabbed her hand. Ashley closed her eyes and all of a sudden they were gone.

Just then Aphrodite made it over to the desk. "Where did they go?" B.D. Spence shrugged. "Dammit!" she said as she stomped back over to the Muse. B.D. Spence watched the front doors open and close and chuckled.



All of a sudden Ashley and Barbara reappeared. Ashley looked over at Barbara to see how she was holding up and saw she was shivering. She took off her jacket. "Here," she said as she handed it to Barbara. "I know it can get cold in shadow mode. I'm use to it though so take my jacket."

"Thanks," Barbara said as she let Ashley help her put it on. "You already knew Big Daddy Spence, didn't you?"

Ashley chuckled. "Yeah, I lived with him and his parents a long time ago. I'm surprised he remembered me."

"Why did you live with him?"

Ashley climbed on the bike before answering. "Right before Bruce's parent's died they adopted me. Big Daddy Spence's family was my first foster family." Barbara nodded as Ashley put on her helmet. "Ready to go?" Barbara nodded and put her helmet on.

Ten minutes later Ashley pulled up to Barbara's house. Barbara climbed off the bike. "Bye."

"See ya Red." Ashley started the bike back up.

"Wait. What about this?" Barbara asked as she fingered the collar on the bomber jacket.

Ashley looked over at her. "Keep it," she said. "Looks better on you anyway." With that Ashley was gone. Barbara watched her ride into the night then went into her house.

"Hey, Dad. I'm home."

Jim Gordon looked at his daughter. He had never seen her so happy before. "Where you get the jacket?"

"A friend gave it to me." Barbara went over and kissed her father on the cheek. ""Night Dad. See you in the morning," Barbara said right before skipping into her room. Her father chuckled as she shut the door. Once inside her room, Barbara took off the jacket and laid it on the bed. It was brown with a white stripe across the center.



The room was completely dark when Ashley walked in. She figured Carolyn would be asleep so she was surprised when Carolyn turned the light on and asked, "So how was your date?"

"Very funny Tweety. You know as well as I do it wasn't a date. Although I surely wish it was." Ashley quickly changed out of the leather pants and into her pajama bottoms.

"Where's your jacket?"

"I gave it to Barbara because she was cold from being in shadow mode. When I dropped her off I told her to keep it. Looked better on her anyway." Ashley climbed into her bed and turned to face Carolyn. "I really think I'm in love with her."

Carolyn smiled and nodded. "I know sweetie. Who knows? Maybe she'll turn around." Ashley huffed. "I mean it. You are beautiful Ash. If she can't see that then she's blind."

"Thanks Care. You know, you have to stop being so nice. You're gonna make me cry one of these days." Carolyn laughed. "Night Tweety."

"Night Ash."



Everyone was in the Batcave. They were all gathered around the Delphi watching all the different things Ashley was pulling up on the screen. "More Metas have been found dead. This time by the police."

The pictures that were coming up were gruesome. Barbara suddenly recognized one of the bodies. "Is that …?"

Ashley nodded. "Big Daddy Spence, owner of X Lanes. The Muse was probably upset about losing last night."

"I don't think Kayla could do this. Besides, it was Aphrodite who was pissed about losing." Everyone stared at Barbara. "What? I know Kayla better then all of you put together. She could never kill someone."

Bruce nodded. "Oracle, can you get the security footage?"

"I might. That depends on if the cops already got it or not." Ashley started searching and got a weird look on her face as the video came up. "The cops must not have even known about the cameras. Usually they take the tapes for evidence."

"Maybe they just made a copy," Dick said.

"Maybe," Ashley replied, not at all believing that.

The five of them watched as Kayla and Aphrodite walked into B.D. Spence's office. Ashley looked at Barbara as she typed something to change the view to the office. She grabbed Barbara's hand. Barbara smiled down at her.

"Is there sound Oracle?" Bruce asked.

"Yeah," Ashley said as she started typing. "I'm pretty sure there were mics on the cameras."



"Come on Spence. I know you know. What are Oracle and Venus's powers?"

"That is none of your business Aphrodite." B.D. Spence looked at Kayla. "What's wrong with the Muse?"

"Nothing. She's just tired." Aphrodite looked at B.D. Spence. "Spence, come on. What could it possibly hurt?" Aphrodite looked into B.D. Spence's eyes. "Tell me now!"

"Oracle goes feral and can change into a shadow. Venus doesn't have any. She's not a Meta."

Aphrodite nodded. "Anything else?" B.D. Spence shook his head. "Good. Muse! Come here," she said as she pulled a knife out of her back pocket. She looked Kayla in the eye. "Kill him." Kayla nodded and advanced on B.D. Spence.

*End Flashback*


The gang watched as Kayla proceeded to murder Big Daddy Spence. Ashley sat staring at the screen on the verge of tears. "Oracle?" Ashley looked up at Barbara and broke down crying. Barbara hugged Ashley as everyone watched and said. "We'll get her. I swear we'll find her." Ashley nodded.

"Are you alright Ash?" Carolyn asked.

Ashley nodded and wiped her tears away as she said, "I'm fine Tweety. I just knew Spence." Bruce put his hand on Ashley's shoulder and squeezed it showing his support. "He was my foster brother before I moved in with the Wayne's. We were very close even after I left."

"Why didn't he say anything about the telekinesis and premonitions and things?" Carolyn asked.

"Because he knew Aphrodite could use it against me." Everyone looked confused. "She has the power to take over people's minds. Red was right. Kayla would never kill anybody but Aphrodite made her."

"That still doesn't answer why he didn't say anything."

"I can answer that," Barbara said. "Spence's power is stopping other Meta's powers. He probably allowed Aphrodite to use her powers on Kayla so she wouldn't think he was hiding something." Barbara looked at Ashley and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Are you alright?" she asked.

"I'm fine Red. Thanks." Barbara stood up, then Carolyn came over and hugged Ashley. "I'm fine Tweety. Don't worry about me."

"How do we find Aphrodite?" Dick asked.

Ashley smiled and turned to the computer. "Already have. I got her real name from Spence last night. She teaches senior history at the high school."

"And the Senior carnival is tonight so she's be there," Barbara said. Ashley nodded. "But one problem. How do we get in? Canary is the only senior among us."

"Right, but she can bring one non-senior guest." Everyone looked at Bruce.

"Why are you all looking at me?" Bruce asked.

"Who should go with Canary?"

Bruce looked at Carolyn who shrugged. "Well, Canary, you were going to bring Oracle anyway, right?" Carolyn nodded. "Well, she might as well go with you. Oracle, you've taught Batgirl how to use the Delphi right?" Ashley nodded. "Then she'll man it. Is that alright with everybody?" Everyone nodded except Dick.

"Batman, what will I do?"

"Robin, I want you to come with me. We'll be waiting outside the carnival in case Aphrodite tries to run. What's the theme?"

Ashley and Carolyn smiled. "Masquerade."

Bruce chuckled and nodded. "Well, that helps with the secret identity thing." Bruce turned to Ashley and Carolyn. "I want you two to dress in your casual sweep clothes and wear your real masks. I don't want anything to happen to you that we can prevent. Alright?" Ashley and Carolyn nodded. "Good. Now go get ready."



"Wow. This place looks so cool. They did a great job," Ashley exclaimed as she walked into the carnival area. There were rides, games, entertainment, and all the other things you need to have a carnival.

Carolyn nodded in agreement. "Yeah, it is. How are we going to find Aphrodite with all these people around in masks?"

"Easily. I looked and Aphrodite is at the adult kissing booth and the Muse is at the student one." Carolyn looked at Ashley with horror in her eyes. "What?" Ashley asked.

"Aphrodite is at the kissing booth?" Ashley nodded. "And we uses her eyes to take over people's minds?" Ashley nodded. "Do you see where I'm going here?"

Ashley started to shake her head but then the realization came over her. "She's gonna take over the minds of all the adults in Gotham!" Carolyn rolled her eyes as though saying Duh! "Lets go find the kissing booth." With that they headed off, little did they know, one of Aphrodite's lackeys was in the bushes listening to their conversation.

Ashley and Carolyn had been walking around for a half hour and they still hadn't seen Aphrodite. They just couldn't seem to find the kissing booth. They had followed all the signs but seemed to be going in a circle. "Something's wrong Oracle. We're right back where we started."

Ashley nodded. "I know." Ashley looked around. "But something seems different. This is the entrance right?" Carolyn nodded. "Then where is everybody?" Carolyn looked around too and saw there was no one else nearby.

"Ah, Oracle. It's a pleasure to meet you again." Ashley spun around and saw Aphrodite standing behind her. There was a very large group of very large men behind her. "I'd like you to meet my new friends and it looks like you brought someone as well." Aphrodite flicked her wrist and the men behind her started coming forward.

"Uh, Oracle?"

"Yeah Canary?"

"What do we do now?" Ashley didn't answer. "That's what I thought. Ah man. I knew what was supposed to be the best night of my senior year, other then the prom, was going to be ruined with this crap. I just knew it."

"Yeah, well, maybe the prom will be a blast and won't get ruined by this crap." One of the men tapped Ashley on the shoulder. She turned around and yelled, " I'm trying to have a conversation here. Do you mind?" The man just stood there staring at her with a strange look in his eyes. Her eyes went feral and she punched him in the face, knocking him on the ground. "Apparently not." The rest of the men hesitated. "Come on. We don't have all night."

Suddenly all the men came at them at once. There were feet and fists flying all over the place. It was hard to tell who was winning and who was losing. Just as suddenly as all the men had came at them, the few that remained standing stopped. "Oracle? Do you hear anything?" Ashley shook her head. "That's what I thought." Ashley looked at Carolyn and quirked her eyebrow. Carolyn pointed to her ear and Ashley's eyes went wide.

"Looking for this?" Aphrodite asked. Ashley turned around and saw Bruce and Dick holding a struggling Barbara. "I found Batman and Robin outside the gates. I thought I would bring your partner Venus, or should I say Batgirl, so she could have some fun too."

"If you hurt one hair on her head, I'll …"

"You'll what Oracle? You and your friends don't kill. Its against your own rules." Ashley took a step forward. "One more step and she gets it."

Ashley stopped and looked at Carolyn, then at Barbara, then back at Aphrodite. "What do you want?"


Ashley looked at Barbara. "Don't do it Oracle. I knew this might happen when I joined you guys. Don't do it."

"If I give myself up, you'll let my friends go? Including Batman and Robin?" Aphrodite nodded.

"Don't do it Oracle." Ashley looked away. "Canary tell her not to give herself up. She'll listen to you."

Carolyn looked at Ashley who shook her head, "Sorry Red but I don't think she'll listen to me on this one."

"Let them go Aphrodite." Ashley looked down at the ground, she couldn't stand seeing the disappointment in Barbara's eyes. "Let them go and you'll have what you want, me."

"Escort Oracle's friends outside please." The spell on Batman and Robin was broken. Ashley watched them be pulled off school grounds. A single tear ran down her face. "Don't cry Oracle. I'll make sure you don't miss those goody two shoes." Aphrodite ran a finger along Ashley's arm. "You made the right choice."

"Are you sure?" Aphrodite nodded. "Don't be." With that Ashley pulled a knife out of her jacket and sliced Aphrodite's throat. "I only did it so they wouldn't see me sink to your level." Ashley threw the knife down and ran like a bat out of hell.



Barbara, Carolyn, and Dick were all sitting at a picnic table in the school courtyard with sullen looks on their faces. The Gotham newspaper was sitting on the table in front of them open to the front page. The headline read: GOTHAM HIGH TEACHER KILLED. THROAT SLICE. NO LEADS AS OF YET.

"I can't believe she did it," Dick said.

"I can," Carolyn said. Barbara and Dick looked at her. "Her family was endangered. That woman was threatening the people Ashley loved. Of course she did it. Why do you thing she made sure we were out of the park?" Barbara and Dick shrugged and looked down at the table. The front page of the newspaper flew away.



Barbara was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. She knew her dad was worried about her. She had bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep. Also, she hadn't left her room except for school and meals. She didn't even do sweeps. When she did come out, she didn't talk and was always wearing the jacket Ashley had given her. Why did she do it? She killed someone because we were in danger. But, we're in danger every night we go out on sweeps.

"I love her." Barbara paused at the realization. Now that she looked back she realized that Ashley just might have had feelings for her too. All the flirting and the winking. She also remembered Carolyn saying she couldn't believe Ashley had given her the jacket. She wouldn't even let Carolyn wear it. She wrapped the jacket tight around her and fell asleep, dreaming of Ashley and what could have been.


(A/N) Here comes that spoilage I was talking about.




"Miss Barbara, please," Alfred begged.

"No Alfred. I have to try and save Helena," Barbara said as she pulled on a leather bomber jacket. "She has worked so hard on trusting people and now one of those people betrays her? She'll be broken once I get her out of Harley's control."

"Miss Barbara is that a new jacket?"

"What? Oh no. I've had this jacket since high school Alfred. Why?"

"Well, it just looks like Miss … Miss Ashley's favorite jacket. I never saw it after that night at the bowling alley."

Barbara looked down at the jacket and smiled. "That's because she gave it to me." With that Barbara walked out the door, more confident then ever now that she was wearing Ashley's jacket. She hadn't worn it in years. It had been in storage with all her other stuff from her days as Batgirl. When she heard Harley had the power to take over people's minds she had started thinking about Ashley again.




Barbara and Dick were walking through the annual Gotham High Senior Carnival. "Hey Babs, aren't you glad the carnival is during the day this year?"

"It was last year Dick," Barbara replied curtly.

"I know, but I didn't get to go last year. "I'm glad I skipped my sophmore year. I heard it was the hardest."

Barbara looked down at the ground before answering, "It was."

"Man you're lucky. You've gotten to go to the carnival all four years."

Barbara stopped and spun around. "Yeah, well I wish I hadn't gone my sophomore year but her can't have everything right?" Barbara had been happy this year up until now. Hey boyfriend had broken up with her the day before and she went right back into the funk she had been in when Ashley left.

"Hey Babs remember when …" Dick stop talking when he saw something behind Barbara.

Barbara looked up and sighed. "Remember what Dick?" she asked. He just pointed at something behind her. Barbara gasped as she turned around, "Ashley?"

Ashley walked up to them decked out in full leather. She ran her hand along the sleeve of Barbara's jacket and said, "Looks good on you. Where did you get it?"

"An old friend I had a crush on gave it to me."

"What happened to her?"

"She did something she thought would make us hate her and took off." Barbara looked at Ashley's face her eyes were in feral mode. "Ashley, what's wrong?"

I got chills, they're multiplyin', and I'm losin' control / Cause the power you're supplyin', it's electrifyin'

You better shape up, cause I need a mate, / and my heart is set on you / You better shape up, you better understand, / to my heart I must be true / Nothing left, nothing left for me to do

[Chorus:] You're the one that I want / (you are the one I want), ooh ooh ooh, honey / The one that I want (you are the one I want), / ooh ooh ooh, honey / The one that I want (you are the one I want), / ooh ooh ooh, honey / The one I need (the one I need), / oh yes indeed (yes indeed)

If you're filled with affection, 'n you're too shy to convey / Better take my direction, feel your way

I better shape up, / cause you need a mate I need a mate, / who can keep me satisfied I better shape up, / if I'm gonna prove / You better prove, that my fate is justified / Are you sure? / Yes I'm sure down deep inside

[Chorus:] You're the one that I want / (you are the one I want), ooh ooh ooh, honey / The one that I want (you are the one I want), / ooh ooh ooh, honey / The one that I want (you are the one I want), / ooh ooh ooh, honey / The one I need (the one I need), / oh yes indeed (yes indeed)

You're the one that I want / (you are the one I want), ooh ooh ooh, honey / The one that I want (you are the one I want), / ooh ooh ooh, honey / The one that I want (you are the one I want), / ooh ooh ooh, honey / The one I need (the one I need), / oh yes indeed (yes indeed)

You're the one that I want / (you are the one I want), ooh ooh ooh, honey / The one that I want (you are the one I want), / ooh ooh ooh, honey / The one that I want (you are the one I want), / ooh ooh ooh, honey / The one I need (the one I need), / oh yes indeed (yes indeed)

Ashley and Barbara passionately kissed. Barbara looked Ashley in the eye and saw she now had tears in them. "Ashley, what's wrong now?"

"Look around."

Barbara did and she realized where they were. The crime scene from two years ago. "Ash, its in the past. There were no witnesses. No one knows who killed Aphrodite."

"Just you, Bruce, Carolyn, and Dick."

"Carolyn's gone. She left as soon as she graduated. Went somewhere with some guy name Ollie. She couldn't stay here without you. Neither can I. I'm leaving as soon as I graduate."

"Barbara, don't. I never left town. I just moved out of the manor and somewhere else. Please, don't try to find me."

"What do you mean find you? Don't leave me again. I love you Ashley. Please, don't leave."

"I have to Red," Ashley said as she backed away. "Its for your own good. Don't leave. The city needs you." With that Ashley went into shadow mode. Barbara watched the shadow move away. A single silent tear ran down her cheek.

*End Flashback*


She felt as if Ashley was right next to her as she headed to No Man's Land. She looked up in the sky and could have sworn she saw someone jump from the Clocktower to the roof of the next building over. Nah, she thought. I'm just seeing things because of all the stress.


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