Title: Forever Yours

By: Ry_Rain

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Attention: I do not own the characters from Once and Again.  They belong to the stupid people at ABC.

Rating: R for sexual content

Setting: Both Katie and Jessie have graduated from Upton Sinclair and are going to Oxford.  Katie’s dream of living in a loft in England has finally come true (Rick got them a great deal).

“Hey babe,” Katie shouted as she walked in.  Oh, oh.  Jessie’s trying to cook dinner, she thought.

“You’re home early,” Jessie shouted from the kitchen.

“What are you doing?  You know you can’t cook Billie.”

“Ha, ha, ha.  Don’t you know what tonight is?”  Tonight, tonight, tonight.  What’s tonight?Katie thought to herself.

“It’s our anniversary.  Don’t you remember?  Five years ago?  Our fist kiss up in the attic at Lily’s?”

“Of course I remember,” Katie lied through her teeth while fidgeting with her fingers, “How could I have forgotten?”  As a matter of fact, Katie hadn’t forgotten, she just didn’t realize what day it was.  “I’m gonna change into something a little more comfortable.  Try not to burn down the whole place, okay?” Katie said with the straightest face she could possible muster.

An hour later Katie came back down playing with something in her pocket.  Jessie had managed to finish dinner without burning the place down.  Unknown to Katie, Jessie had been taking cooking lessons during her days off.  The table was set up with two candles and the girls’ best dishes.  When Katie was taking a shower, Jessie had changed into a sexy, slinky, little black dress.

“Hey beautiful,” Jessie said when she saw Katie coming down the stairs.

“Hey sexy,” Katie replied.  “Dinner looks great.  How did you manage all of this?”  Jessie had made pot roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, and fresh baked bread, Katie’s favorite.

“Well, I have been taking cooking lessons when you have class and I don’t.  I’ve been planning this night for a while now.”

“Oh, really,” Katie said in a seductive voice.  She knew exactly what Jessie was talking about.  Although they had been dating for five years, they had never physically expressed their love for one another.  It was obvious that tonight might just as well be the night.

“Really,” Jessie replied in the same exact voice.  She knew Katie knew what she was hinting at.  They then ate dinner talking about their day.  They knew how their first class went because it’s the only class they have together.  Katie was majoring in, surprise, surprise, Public Affairs.  Jessie was majoring in teaching.

“I rented a movie.  Do you want to watch it now?” Jessie asked.

“Sure.  What movie did you rent?”

“That Mel Gibson one Signs.  The one with the aliens,” Jessie answered.

“Isn’t that a scary movie?  I mean, what if I get really scared?  Just what will I do?” Katie says in a playful voice.

“You can cuddle with me and hide your face.  Just as long as you promise you won’t dig your fingernails all the way in my arms this time.”

“I promise,” Katie said.  During the whole movie Katie was debating whether she should propose tonight or in the morning.  Once she had decided to propose in the morning she couldn’t decide how. After Signs was over Katie and Jessie watched Stepmom.  Of course the movie gave Katie an idea.

“Ready for bed?” Jessie asked as she got up and headed upstairs.  Katie silently followed her.

Once upstairs Jessie passionately kissed Katie.  Katie felt her blood start pumping faster and faster.  Her heart was beating so fast she thought people in the southern hemisphere could probably hear it.  Jessie started tugging on Katie’s shirt to untuck it.  She then took it off as Katie started unzipping Jessie’s dress.  She had been wearing nothing underneath.  Katie gasped at how beautiful Jessie’s naked body was, which of course made Jessie blush.  They kissed again and Jessie unhooked Katie’s bra.  They made their way to the bed, kissing the whole time.

They made love for hours.  They woke up the next morning naked, wrapped in each other’s arms.

“Wake up sweetie.  It’s morning.”  Jessie woke up with a smile on her face.

“It’s morning already?  So not fair.”

“Come on get up.  I have a present for you.”

“Ooh, present.  You know how much I like presents.”  Katie then pulled out the box she had had in her pocket the night before.  Obviously, Katie was going to try to copy the proposal in Stepmom.  When Jessie opened the box she knew right away what Katie was trying to do.

“As you probably have already figured out I’m going to somewhat copy that movie we watched last night,” Katie started out.  “I can’t copy it exactally because I haven’t been married before but here goes.  Jessie, I’ve loved you since the very first time I saw you.  I know I’ve told you this a million times but I had to say it again.  I wouldn’t want to live my life with anyone else but you.  With this thread I have created a circle.  The circle represents my never ending love for you.”  Then as Katie slid the ring on the thread she fininshed with, “Jessie Sammler, will you be forever mine?”

Jessie was speechless.  She had been in tears before Katie had even finished.  She also couldn’t believe Katie had remembered that she always wanted a claddagh ring as an engagement ring.  “Yes, of course I’ll be forver yours,” she answered.  They then made love again, this time it felt different.  It felt more special.

To be continued . . .


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