Title: Within

Author:  Mel M./Misty

Email: SSailorUranuss@aol.com

Archive:  maybe The Realm & The Edge.  All others please ASK if you want to archive it

Pairing: H/D

Note: ok, I know my poetry sucks but here goes nothin.  I wrote this while on cold meds so forgive me if it's horrible.

A touch reveals so many feelings
A kiss revealing our darkest secret
But her grace and beauty makes me forget

Blonde splashed against black satin
Sapphire meeting steel
Cherry lips curl into a grin
And somehow I know what she's asking of me

Tan dances along porcelain
Tender pink flesh rising to meet the caress
And I tease
I play her like a violin
Her music fills me, completes me

She's restless
Weather bitten manicured nails scrape down her soft belly
This is only the bridge of our symphony

Then I find fine blonde curls
Again I tease
My fingers disappear between her milky thighs
She becomes a soprano
Her soft music fills my world

A gasp
A moan
Desire consumes her sapphire gaze

A kiss
A plea
And now she feels me within

Reality becomes a blur
She takes me away with her
Now we crumble into one another
I need no other lover

And together we spin into ecstasy
In this moment we are free
I finally know what is plain to see
She is my world, my eternity


So should I keep writing these lil things or quit while I'm ahead and stick to fic?

~<>~ Mel ~<>~

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