Series: Destiny Series

Title: War

Author: Mel M./Misty AKA

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Pairing: W/H, D/Misty, Barbra/hee hee, you actually get to find out in this one ~.^

Rating: NC 17 for sexual content and most likely language

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Sunrise. . .

Sitting beneath the fading stars, she watched vibrant beams peek out from the mountains. The view was breathtaking, an endless sea of darkness being forced away by blankets of shining warmth. She felt strong arms wrap around her waist and a smile crept onto her lips. "Good morning love."

"Any morning is good if it begins with you," the other whispered softly. "We should go back inside. You'll catch your death if you stay out here too long."

"You wouldn't let me do that," she chuckled as they both found their way back to her room. Curling up under the covers, she sighed.

Smiling sadly, she whispered, "I have to head to work soon but you should get some more sleep."

"Work? It's barely dawn. . ."

"Shhh, I'll stay with you until you fall back to sleep sweet Bonnie."

She snuggled close. "Why do you call me that Angel?"

"It's Celtic for pretty girl. You're my pretty girl, love."

Moments of silence swept by and when she heard steady sleeping breathes she untwined from her lover's limbs. Kissing her softly on the lips, she then rose from the bed to get dressed.


Later that morning. . .

"So tell me, why should I consider the likes of you for this job?"

"I've dealt with these matters before. Mutants and metas aren't all that different and I've faced some of the strongest in my time," he replied with a soft growl.

"So I see. When can you start?"


"Good. Now go get those troublesome birdies but bring them back alive. I wanna see them squirm before you squeeze the very life out of them. Oh and if you disappoint me like the last one did, I'll make sure you die slowly."

"As you wish Harley. I guarantee at least one by this afternoon."


Meanwhile at the Clocktower. . .

Red tendrils danced along the air as her body tossed and turned. Something stirred within her and she woke bathed in sweat. Her heart thudded loudly in her chest as she whispered to darkness, "Gina?"

Silence met her as she glanced out to see blinding sunlight raining through open curtains. Realization came over her yet still she felt unease heavy in her stomach. Her emerald gaze met solid red digits, it was time to begin the day. This morning she had beat her alarm, shutting it off so it wouldn't disturb the others. Pushing worry down deep within, she masked it with a smile. They would never know of her apprehension.


In another room. . .

Her eyes squeezed shut, her mouth wide open as she let out a long yawn. Morning really did suck, didn't it? Opening her sapphire eyes she stared lovingly at the woman of her dreams. 'So heavenly,' she thought, basking in the glow of what was now a very good morning indeed.

Then her gaze met that of her clock and a disgruntled groan escaped her lips. 'Damn school! Damn it all to hell!' she roared in her mind. Why did everything good in life have to be limited? She hated not being able to spend some alone time with her lover but there was never the time. Especially not now. With Harley and Ivy still on the loose they had to keep their guard up.

The infamous two still hadn't made their move and all of them were starting to get impatient, even Oracle. They had all been doing sweeps and getting info off the streets as well as from Reese and Gibson. Reese wasn't much help seeing as the deadly duo hadn't committed any crimes lately. So he had nothing to pin on them. Gibson, however, was the man. He knew every meta and mutant from New Gotham to L. A. just by their scent and he promised them he would contact them if someone particularly evil showed up.

"Dinah, get up! It's time to get ready for school!" she heard a voice yell.

'Jesus, does she have to fuckin scream so loud? Other people are sleeping here!' she growled in her mind as she carefully rolled out of bed. "Yeah, yeah," she muttered as she stumbled quietly into her closet.


Moments later. . .

Barbra wheeled in, furrowing her brows at the younger woman sitting at the table with a cup of coffee. "What are you doing up so early? Shouldn't you be at home, you know. . ."

"In bed with my mind numbingly hot girlfriend? Yeah I should. Sara had the night shift at work last night. She's at home asleep. I couldn't sleep so I came here to see you and the kid off," the brunette replied, sipping her coffee. "I made coffee. Your mug is on the counter next to Dinah's Spice Girls thermal cup," she added with a shutter at the mention of her little sisters "favorite group".

"Um, thanks. Why couldn't you get to sleep?" the redhead inquired, grabbing her mug and sipping slowly. "Mmmmh, very good coffee. Just the way I like it too. You're so sweet sometimes, you know that Helena?"

"Just a little uneasy, nothing big. Sweet? So I've been told but I'll never admit to saying that," she quipped proudly. Watching her mentor slowly she let a Cheshire cat grin take its place on her lips.

"What are you grinning from ear to ear about?"

"It's about damn time Barbra. She better be good to you or I'll have to go Huntress on her," she warned, her steel gaze warm and soft.

Barbra blushed nearly as red as her hair at the mention of her love life. "She's been warned. Several times actually."

"Good. So. . .how was it?" Helena whispered eagerly.

Barbra looked away shyly, not believing she was having this conversation with the girl she had basically raised. Before her was no longer a girl but a woman who knew who she was and what she wanted. Smiling, emerald met steel blue. "Amazing. She can make me feel again Helena. When. . .when she touches my skin her meta powers allow me to feel every caress as if I still had my legs. She's. . .oh god. . .the way she touches me. It's like nothing I've ever felt before."

Helena bit her bottom lip with joy, seeing the hunger growing within her best friend's slightly glazed eyes. "I'm glad she can do that to you. Do you love her?"

"Does she love who?" Dinah yawned as she sat down between them.

Barbra glanced at her watch. "We have to get going or we're gonna be late. Helena made some coffee so grab your mug and get a move on. Alfred has the car out front," she replied, wheeling toward the elevator. "We'll talk more about this later Helena," she called as the door closed with her and the young blonde inside.

"So, do you love who?" Dinah asked again, putting on her seat belt.

"I don't wanna talk about it," Barbra whispered, pulling out into the street.


Afternoon. . .

Barbra sighed, wheeling in from another long day at school. Dinah wasn't far behind, sitting on the couch to relax. "So, are you in love with who? And don't give me the 'I don't wanna talk about it' line again," Dinah demanded.

"Well, um. . ."

"Barbra's got a girlfriend," Helena teased as she walked in. Glancing at Dinah, she grinned. "I'm starting to think charm runs in their family."

"No kidding. First you and Sara, then me and Misty and now Barbra and Gina. I think our lives have officially turned into daytimes newest soap opera," Dinah agreed, watching Barbra's face turn different shades of red.

"Yeah, All My Lesbians," Helena chuckled.

Misty giggled as she walked in and sat next to Dinah. "I'm guessing I just missed Red's coming out party? Damn, I miss all the good stuff!" she joked with a huge grin.

"Birds. . ." they heard a dark growling voice boom from the Delphi.

They all stared in silence, fear consuming Misty's features. "I have a friend of yours here with me," the voice continued.

"Let me go you overgrown fur ball!" a female voice screamed.

"Angelic?" Oracle gasped, fear gripping her very soul.

They could hear a hard slap across the face. "Behave little birdie," he laughed.

Misty stood, her body rigid with anger as her eyes began to flicker red. "Leave her alone," she growled fiercely.

"Phoenix? So good to hear your voice again but unfortunately I don't have time to chat," he replied as he plucked one feather from his victim.

She let out a muffled cry, trying not to give him the pleasure of hearing her agony. He continued, snapping each feather in half with delight. With each broken feather came another wail of pure despair, her screams echoing throughout the Clocktower.

Tears burned Oracle's eyes as she tried her hardest to stay strong. But she couldn't. Her lover was being tortured and she was helpless. Every loud crack brought tears closer to spilling from the redheads eyes. Helena and Dinah sat there in utter shock, their minds blurry with confusion and animosity. How had this happened?

"This will be your final warning. Stay out of the way or you will all suffer a worse fate," he now warned, the abuse now coming to an end as the com was crushed.

Misty stood with clutched fists, her rage overpowering her will. She felt a loving hand on her shoulder but quickly shrugged it off. "SABERTOOTH!" she roared, her fist going right through one of the Clocktower walls.

Dinah's eyes widened as she backed away and met Helena's eyes. Her eyes changed, Huntress now gracing them with her presence. She approached the younger woman, cautiously inching closer.

Wolf landed on the balcony, looking around worriedly. "Um, did I miss something?"

Oracle held her composure together as best as she could, hearing the phone ring. Picking it up she whispered, "hello?"

"Oracle, it's Gibson. Angelic's here but she doesn't look too good. Somebody beat the hell out of her and broke all of her wings. I think she's. . ."

Before he could say the most dreaded word in the entire universe she cut him off, "Phoenix is on her way." Putting the phone down, she looked in Misty's direction.

Huntress paused as the girl yanked her arm from the wall. Misty stood upright, turning her head toward Oracle. Blazing red eyes met emerald. "Where?" she breathed as calmly as she possibly could.

"No Mans Land," Oracle ordered as Misty ran to the balcony and leapt off.


Moments later. . .

She knelt in a scarlet sea, fury still flickering within her pupils. "Flour. . .get me flour," she breathed sharply, her
trembling fingers stained berry red.

"How. . .will this help?" he asked meekly, his hands shaking as he handed her a bag of flour.

Tearing it open, she forced tears back. "It'll stop her wings from bleeding until I can get her to the tower," she whispered, taking a handful of white powder and tossing it along the tips of the broken feathers.

Scooping Angelic into her arms she nodded a solemn thank you to the man who had done everything in his power to save her sister.


Later at the tower. . .

Oracle turned away. "Unless you four have a way of healing her there's nothing more I can do. There's extensive internal and external bleeding as well as a few other injuries. There's no way I can stop the bleeding," she admitted, wheeling over to the Delphi. Resting her elbows against the counter, she held her face so they wouldn't see the tears pouring down her cheeks.

Canary shook her head. "I won't let her die. I have an idea but I need some help from all three of you," she whispered determinedly.

"Will it hurt her?" Wolf murmured quietly through held back tears.

"I don't think so. It's our only chance," Canary replied harshly, her eyes meeting those of Huntress.

"What do you need?" Huntress asked, willing to give anything if it meant saving their new friend.

"I need you and Wolf to lend me your self healing powers. Those will help her during recovery. Phoenix, I need your powers the most. You have the power to heal, rise from the dead and be reborn. I'm gonna use that power to heal her current wounds and stop the bleeding so she doesn't die. Will you help me?" Canary nearly begged, unsure this would even work.

"How do we know this will work?" Oracle breathed, still not turning to face them.

"We don't but the only way we can know is if we try," Canary answered as Huntress and Wolf both put one hand on her shoulder.

Phoenix placed her hand on the girl's back, whispering gently, "do what you have to if it will save her. Try your hardest Canary. We believe in you."

Canary smiled, concentrating on the energy pulsating through her. Each energy was a strong color and she knew each by its owner. Her hands began to glow as if the Powers That Be themselves were helping her save this woman. The glow became a flowing red color, the wings now restoring themselves as did the rest of her body. Then the glow became a vibrant purple with swirls of forest green, the limp form consuming the energy as she began to breathe again.

Canary fell over the woman, the pure power of what she had done draining every drop of energy from her young body. Huntress was quick to help, scooping the girl into her arms. Phoenix stumbled backwards, nearly falling until Wolf caught her. Huntress met Wolf's gaze and they nodded, carrying the younger women to Dinah's room for some down time.


Meanwhile. . .

"You know, if you run you'll only die tired. Thankfully you couldn't run far. It's a pity that you failed me last week but did you really think I would let you live after that?" she mused running candy apple red nails down oddly colored skin.

"I. . ."

"Shut up!" she hissed slapping the other across the face. "It's not polite to interrupt people when they're talking."

Her gaze shifted to the tall, dark haired man in a lab coat. "Is it ready?" she demanded, her eyes shimmering with joy.

"Yes, if my calculations are correct it should work perfectly," he replied with a nod.

"It had better work. This is your last chance Dr. Sutera," she grumbled, sitting in the other chair.

A bead of sweat eased down his cheek as he started flipping switches and checking monitors. He watched as his creation worked its magik and waited for the monitor to beep. When it did he turned everything off and hoped the damn thing had worked for the sake of his life and that of many others.

She got up out of the chair, staring at him expectantly. "Did it work?"

He looked back to his monitors. "We won't know until you try it out. She's still breathing. I'm surprised she lived through that," he replied, fearing for his life.

Harley faced the woman who clung to life by a thread. Watching her hand morph, she grinned. "Then you're lucky Doc, I'll kill her instead of you. Your debt is repaid now go before I change my mind," she ordered, dismissing the man.

He turned away, clicking a switch under his desk. He calmly walked out of the building then ran as fast as he could. He was thrown a few feet as the building exploded into flames. Getting up he continued to run. He had somebody he had to go see before she caught him and killed him the way she had killed the woman in the chair. He knew this was not the end of her and he vowed to make sure she would pay for her crimes.


Evening at the Darkhorse Bar. . .

Helena walked in, here eyes still filled with worry from the events that had taken place earlier that day. Getting behind the bar she served a few people before being pulled aside by Leonard. "Hey Leonard, what's up?"

"You see that guy over there in the corner? He says he's a friend of yours and paid me nicely for giving you the night off," he replied with the gayest grin known to man.

"Nicely? How nicely are we talking?"

"He got me a date with his super hot half brother," he whispered softly, shoving Helena in the man's direction.

Helena got the hint and cautiously approached the man. Huntress was on stand by as she stopped in front of the dimly lit table. Steel blue met icy blue and a mist of calm fell between them. "Helena Kyle?"

"David?" she whispered hugging him excitedly.

"It's been a while, hasn't it Hel?" he whispered, not wanting to attract any attention.

"Yeah, it has. Is something wrong?" she whispered in return. She knew his mood by the color of his eyes and right now he was very pissed and slightly scared. This wasn't like him. She had never seen him like this.

"Yes. I need your help Huntress," David whispered in her ear.

Her eyes changed as she smiled at him. "How bad is it this time?"

"You make it sound like I do this often," he growled, turning to get out of the booth.

"Hey, relax. I didn't mean it the way it sounded. I just need to know if you being in public is a bad thing."

He sighed. "She could be anyone. She's a shape shifter."

"Ok, that's bad. Oracle, do you copy?"

"I copy Huntress."

"Bad girl who likes to shape shift, any ideas?"


At the tower. . .

Sara gasped, praying Phoenix hadn't heard that description. Touching Barbra's shoulder, she met her gaze, "she's my. . .grandma. I thought she was. . .something's not right here."

Oracle nodded.


Back at the bar. . .

"Her name's Mystique. We don't know how to take her down but I'm looking into it."

"Thanks Oracle," she whispered before searching the perimeter with her steel gaze. Nobody looked out of place accept for a woman in a red dress who stood near the back exit. "Okay, I need a plan now. She's here and she wants this guy dead."

"I'm sending Wolf. She'll be waiting out front for your friend. Get him out of there and hold her off. Expect anything Helena, she's very smart."

"I'll keep that in mind," she whispered, pushing David along the wall so the woman couldn't see him. She got to the door and pushed him out into the street where he met Wolf. Huntress looked back, realizing the woman had seen David. She waited outside as Wolf took the man to safety.

The woman walked out and Huntress threw her to the ground. Her eyes met pastel blue, blonde hair splashed wildly against the harsh pavement. She took a step back as she gasped, "mom?"

"Huntress, it's a trick!"

Huntress shook her head, pinning the blonde woman against the wall. "Who are you and how do you know about my mother?" she growled furiously.

"I know her because my face was the last she saw before she died," the voice, sounding exactly like her mothers, rasped before throwing her off and disappearing.

Huntress jumped to her feet, scanning the area briefly before jumping onto the nearest rooftop. "Fuck! I lost her. I'm headed back, see you soon Oracle."

"We'll be here."


Half an hour later. . .

"So what's the deal David? Why's psycho bitch after you?"

"It's a long story. I had a debt to repay."

"What kind of debt?" Oracle demanded.

He lowered his head. "It happened almost eight years ago. My father, Arkady Rossovich, was murdered by a man known only as Wolverine. Shortly after that a good friend of my fathers, Eric Magnus Lehnsherr, took me under his wing and that was when I first met Harley Quinn. I made the mistake of wishing my father's murderer dead," he revealed.

Misty nearly flew off of the couch and in the man's direction. It took both Dinah and Huntress to get her back to the couch. "You had my father killed?" she growled angrily as Wolf raised a brow.

"She came back to me a week later and told me that my request has been fulfilled. The man who had killed my father was dead and she brought me his heart to prove it. I didn't know until much later that my father was one of the bad guys. I'm sorry about your father, I was young and stupid. I never thought it would actually happen."

"Wait a minute, our father was stabbed to death," Wolf began, staring at Misty.

Misty lowered her eyes. "No, he wasn't."

"What. . .what do you mean? The autopsy. . ."

"Was faked. The Professor didn't think you or anyone else should know the truth and he made me promise to never tell anyone what really happened," she whispered, trying to keep her eyes open. She couldn't bear the memory of her father's death, it was far too painful.

Wolf narrowed her eyes. "So what really happened then? Or are you gonna lie to me again? Why do you know and not me or anyone else?" she barked bitterly.

Dinah touched her lover's shoulder, offering her as much support as she could. At the contact she was taken to another place, another time. She stood and watched in horror as a ten year old little girl watched an atrocious beast hold a smaller man up by the throat. She saw the tears in the young girl's eyes and reached out, only wishing she could touch her. The beast met the girl's eyes then snarled and returned his attention to the man. He laughed as one massive claw ripped through the man's chest. Holding a still beating heart in his palm, he dropped the lifeless form and turned to the girl. Kicking her into a metal wall, he then faded to blackness.

Huntress was at the blonde's side the instant she realized she was seeing something. "Dinah, are you ok? What did you see?"

With tears in her eyes, Dinah looked at Wolf. "He was brutally murdered, can we leave it at that? Or do you wanna put her through more hell than she's already in?" she hissed, very upset.

Wolf furrowed a brow. "She. . .she was there," she whispered with a dark realization.

Oracle frowned, returning to the subject at hand. "So how did you repay your debt to her?"

David shifted nervously. "After I discovered who that man was and what he was capable of I decided to research his DNA. You see Wolverine had the ability to heal himself and I was determined to unlock the key to his healing capabilities. I thought that if I could figure that out his DNA could help cure many of the worlds diseases as well as make humans heal faster. I went to school and became a doctor, researching this on the side. About three months ago Harley came to me. She said it was time I paid her back for what she had done for me. At first I refused but when she threatened to kill all of my family I had no choice but to comply. She gave me a machine and a laboratory. She told me my job was to make the contraption work and then I would be free to go, my debt would be paid."

"This machine, what was it created for?" Oracle demanded softly, entering information into the Delphi.

"It's a very complex mechanism. Its basic purpose was to transfer meta human abilities to a human, giving that human meta powers. The first time we tried it, nothing happened. She was furious. She told me I had better fix the problems within the span of two weeks or I was dead. So I started working on it. Then she had me modify it by making it transfer any power the being possessed to a human."

"So this machine would take the powers from one being and instill them in a human?" Oracle replied, fascinated and intrigued by this.

"Yes. She came to me this morning, demanding I prepare the machine. I didn't know if it would work but I didn't tell her that. She would have killed me on the spot. Instead I made a few final adjustments and proceeded with the first and last test it would ever see. She had somebody brought in and set in one of the seats with a blanket over her."

"Do you have any idea who this woman was? Did she have any distinctive features?" Oracle questioned, ready to type that information into a search database.

"All I saw was red hair and I think she had blue skin. I'm not really sure though," he replied, trying to give as much detail as he could.

"Her name was Mystique. She was a mutant known for shape shifting. She was also my grandmother," Misty whispered, still feeling very ill.

"So what happened after that?" Huntress asked.

"She told me this woman was our meta and that she would be the human test subject. I did as I was told and set the machine to do its work. I watched the monitors carefully, praying it didn't work. I'm assuming it did because when it was over she stood and looked at the other woman. I thought the meta would be dead but she wasn't. Harley told me to leave so I got the hell outta dodge after activating the emergency detonation switch under my desk."

Oracle nodded. "The news only reported one body which means Harley is running around with shape shifting abilities. She could be anyone," she sighed worriedly.

"Well, that explains how she knew who my mother was but why would she take credit for killing her?" Huntress demanded.

"Because she did," David whispered.

"What do you mean?" Huntress hissed, trying to control herself.

"Mystique was responsible for you mother's death. Now I know why Harley took her powers. She wants the ultimate revenge," Misty explained.

"Killing me with the powers that killed my mother? Oh God is she gonna be in a world of hurt," Huntress muttered, turning to leave.

"Wait, we need a plan," Dinah yelled, now in Canary mode.


An Hour Later. . .

"Ok, Wolf you go after Ivy. Since you've already been poisoned she can't poison you again. Phoenix and Huntress, you two take down Mr. Toothy. I think I can hold Harley off long enough for you guys to kick the crap outta the others," Canary instructed as they all jumped into the building from the rooftop.

Wolf grinned, kicking Ivy into a wall as Harley and Sabertooth appeared. Huntress leapt at Sabertooth, knocking him into Phoenix who kicked him back to her. Canary had Harley cornered but she knew the woman was far more dangerous than she looked. Their eyes met and Harley smiled. What was she smiling about?

"Do you really think you can take me Canary Jr.? I'd really like to just kill Helena and get on with my master plan but if you insist on being in my way then I guess I'll have to terminate you," Harley mused, her hands and face morphing as she changed.

Canary gasped, seeing the face of her mother. Anger came over her as she pushed the woman against the wall and growled, "don't you dare take the form of my mother you vindictive psycho bitch."

Harley grinned, shifting into the form of Rogue. Grinning, she threw off a glove and touched the girl. Not wanting to kill her Harley pulled away sending the limp form crashing to the ground. "She was yummy, who's next?"

"Huntress, what's going on. . ." Oracle demanded.

Wolf grinned proudly, looking down at Ivy all chained up. Turning her attention to the rest of the fight she frowned. Seeing the face of her mother, she paled. She noticed her gloves weren't on and quickly jumped at her to keep her from attacking Huntress.

"Huntress? Phoenix? Wolf? Canary? Do any of you copy?"

Harley growled angrily, grabbing the girl by the throat. She started laughing, expecting the girl to go limp any moment now. She suddenly stopped laughing when she realized her powers didn't work on this girl. Throwing her against the wall with her recently acquired telekinesis, she smirked once more. Two down, two to go.

"It's not looking good Oracle," Phoenix panted.

Phoenix flew back into a steel cabinet, slowly getting up and charging her powers. Huntress continued to keep Sabertooth occupied when suddenly a loud thud was heard. They both paused and looked to see Oracle in the process of beating Harley to death with her sticks. She'd managed to get the woman down but as soon as Harley could focus she pushed her away via telekinesis. Shaking her head, she shifted again. This time she took her form of Storm. Laughing wickedly, she watched the mighty Oracle squirm.

Building a ball of ice in her hand she continued to enjoy seeing Oracle stuck and unable to move. This telekinesis was pretty damn nifty. She raised her hand and launched an ice storm at the wheelchair bound hero.

Not being able to move she knew she would have to take this hit directly. Closing her eyes she prayed Phoenix had had enough time to gain the power she needed. A moment passed when she felt something shelter her quickly and shake from the shock of the blast. Angelic fell back, still too wounded to actually fight. Looking at Phoenix she smiled. Her sister was about to kick some serious ass.

Wolf and Canary began to stir as Phoenix began to glow red. With her head down she spread her arms, like wings, then looked Harley right in the eyes. Her eyes were blood red as a wall of fire and blinding light consumed her. They all shied from the light, waiting for it to dim. When it did they all stared in shock at the huge flaming bird woman floating before them.

Phoenix threw a small fireball in Sabertooth and Huntress' direction, both parties jumping in different directions. Huntress glared for a moment before taking cover with the others. Harley moved to attack Oracle once more but found the bird woman in front of her instantly. "I don't think so Miss Quinn. Your time has come, the Phoenix has risen," she whispered before slapping the shape-shifter into Sabertooth. Having them both on the ground, the blaze surrounding her flared as she launched a sphere of flames at them.

They both screamed, covering themselves as the sphere hit them. Phoenix became her human form once more, smirking at her handy work. "But we don't kill," Oracle whispered from behind her.

Smirking, she met a solid emerald gaze. "It won't kill them. It's not real. None of it was. But they don't know that. They think they're burning to death but it's an illusion. The form I took was also an illusion. I never use the same form twice. My powers as Phoenix are very limited that's why I choose to use illusion rather than actual fire. It conserves energy and doesn't hurt anyone," the brunette explained as she cuffed Harley.

Huntress quickly chained Sabertooth as Wolf helped Canary to her feet. They all let out relieved sighs as they heard sirens in the distance. "We'd better get out of here before the police arrive. I don't think Reese would be able to get us out of this one," Oracle suggested.


Later back at the Clocktower. . .

Barbra wrapped are arms around the younger woman, pulling her close before kissing her lips gently. "Don't you ever go and do that again. You had me worried," she teased, trying to lighten the sullen mood.

"Sorry beautiful, I didn't mean to scare you," Gina breathed before capturing her lover's lips in a passionate kiss.

"Looks like G's got a girlfriend. Told you there was a reason you never got along with any of your boyfriends. Well, except the gay ones," Misty jeered with a snicker.

"Hey!" Gina hissed, glaring at her little sister.

Sara smirked. "If you remember right Mist, she swore up and down she wasn't joining the Marines for the hot chicks. I'm guessing we've been right the whole time," she added, watching her older sister's face and ears burn crimson with embarrassment.

Barbra laughed and shook her head. "You two are unbelievably cruel. I'd love to stay and chat but I've got some business to attend to," the redhead purred, dragging her lover to their bedroom.

Sara, Dinah and Helena all burst into giggles as Misty walked onto the balcony. Making sure the door was closed, she perched on the edge now deep in thought.

Helena sensed Misty leave and when her laughter subsided she peeked out onto the balcony where her eyes found her friend. Looking at the others, she whispered, "what's up with the brood bug? We won, she should be happy."

Dinah bowed her head. "She has the right to brood Hel. What she went through. . .it was horrible. I don't think she'll ever forget."

"How horrible?" Sara asked meekly, bowing her head.

Dinah put her hand on the other blonde's shoulder sending the memory into her quickly so she could see how painful it was to be there. She also set a hand on Helena's shoulder so she would understand Sara's morose mood for the remainder of the evening.

"Now maybe you should go talk to her Sara. She needs you right now. Whether or not she'll admit that is another story," Dinah whispered before sitting down with a very stunned Helena.

Sara quietly slipped outside and placed her hand on her little sister's shoulder. She felt the muscles tighten and whispered gently, "it's just me. Listen, about earlier I'm sorry."

"Sara, don't apologize. I don't need your sympathy or anyone else's."

"You're right, you don't need sympathy but you do need a shoulder to cry on," the blonde replied, her slender arm wrapping around the smaller female.

Misty turned in her sisters arms and nuzzled her face to the pale neck. She knew she was right and once she admitted that to herself she could no longer hold back her sobbing. Sara let the younger woman cry, her own silent sobs flowing freely after a moment.

"I miss him Sar," Misty sniffled, still bathing in the warm comfort her sister's arms brought.

"So do I Mist. I know I wasn't always there for you but I'm here now and I'm not going anywhere."


"Promise. You are not alone." ((thank you Michael Jackson and Todd. My muses aren't happy with this you know. They want both of you. . .um, back to the fic))


Inside. . .

"Do you think they worked things out?"

"Sure looks that way kid. I think they'll both need some down time when they come back in, don't you?"

"Yeah, I get the hint Hel. I totally agree though. God she's beautiful."

Helena laughed suddenly. Pausing at the hurt look on Dinah's face, she smiled. "I just think it's funny that all three of us, the mighty Birds of Prey, have been transformed into lap dogs," she laughed.

Dinah joined her in the laughter, her hurt instantly gone. "You know, that is funny. They even got Barbra. Boy, they're good. They must have been practicing."

"Oh yeah, very well trained in this field."

"What field?" Misty asked as Sara closed the door behind them.

"How much of that did you hear?" Helena asked, blushing slightly.

"Enough. So what field?" Sara replied tauntingly.

"The stealing hearts and making innocent girls fall in love with you field," Dinah teased, pulling Misty to her.

"That works for you kid but what's Hel's excuse? She's far from innocent, aren't you kitten?" Sara purred, grabbing Helena by her collar.

Helena purred softly, smiling up at her lover. "Maybe we should go to my place."

With that they left and the two younger girls raced to their room.


In the master bedroom. . .

Gina set Barbra down on the bed, kissing her passionately as she rested on top of her. Their clothes had been shed on their way in, their bare bodies sweltering against one another. The brunette broke the kiss, fervently attacking her lover's pale neck. Filed nails scratched down the center of the meta's back, between her wings, leaving crimson stains of lust throbbing on porcelain skin. Gina's eyes fell dark green with feral hunger as her entire body quivered. Meeting her lover's glazed pupils she captured cherry blossom lips.

When they parted the redhead spoke softly, "Your eyes changed. . ."

"It's a meta thing. They change with my moods," she explained.

"But I've never seen them change like. . ."

"Shhh," she interrupted. "Let me make love to you Bonnie, you won't regret it."

Barbra caressed the younger woman's cheek and with a smile she replied, "you know I can't say no Gina. Just remember, I'll get you back afterwards."

"I'm counting on it," Gina purred, her body heavy against the other.

The redhead threw her head back, resting it on a pillow as she let out a nearly primal growl. She heard her heart thudding in her chest as her lover's tender lips cascaded down her smooth, pale flesh. Her eyelids became heavy with desire as her partner manipulated her aching, taut nipples. Her eyes drew shut, taunting kisses showering her stomach and thighs. A smile crept onto her lips as she physically felt for what seemed like the first time in seven long years. Though she could feel, she was far too drunk with passion to attempt moving. Instead she lay victim to foreign touches along her legs and thighs. Then she felt two familiar silky fingers slip deep within her. She moaned carnally, desperate for more. This ardor did not go unnoticed. She gasped dizzily, flashes of heat bathing her with sweat as the brunette captured her clit with rose stained lips. She rocked slightly, her legs only allowing minimal use under these circumstances.

"Gina, I need you," her primal, raspy voice begged. Those tender digits pushed deeper, sliding in and out at a steady pace. Her body tightened, her hips instinctively bucking as fast as her weak muscles would allow. She panted steadily as her lover tugged at her love bud and increased her pace. Now her body shook almost violently, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Sweat dripped from her naked body, riding the waves of passion as she came. "Oh god, GINAAAA!"

When her body stopped trembling she met her lover's eyes. She said nothing as her eyes flickered with wickedness. Gina's eyes widened slightly. That look was a little scary. "Enjoying yourself?" she managed to purr, her voice a little uneasy.

Barbra smiled impishly, rolling them both over so she was on top. Leaning in for a kiss, her muscular arms slid behind Gina's head. Before Gina knew what was happening she felt her wrists strapped to cold steel by silk. "What the. . ."

"Do you trust me?" the redhead purred into one ear.

"With my life but. . ."

"Shhh," Barbra hushed, kissing her lover lightly on the lips. "close your eyes and trust me."

Gina reluctantly closed her eyes and relaxed against the pillow. When she felt silk against her skin and saw darkness she became uneasy. She wanted to talk but she trusted Barbra and being blindfolded couldn't be so bad. "What are you up to lover?" she purred.

"You'll see, or at least feel it," the redhead replied cheekily. Before her lover could reply she captured her lips in a heated kiss. Pulling away, she grinned evilly.

Gina heard her lover move away from her and raised a brow. "Going somewhere?"

"No, just grabbing something. Remember, my legs don't work unless your skin is touching mine," she reminded, her limitation not a burden at the moment.

Gina waited. What was this little vixen up to? "So are you just gonna leave me like. . .OMG THAT'S COLD!" she squeaked as an ice cube cascaded down her stomach.

Barbra let out a small laugh before guiding the ice cube around her lover's stomach and breasts with her tongue. Sucking up the water, she trailed the cube further down causing Gina to squirm. Sucking the ice into her mouth, she pulled away temporarily. Watching her lover whine and pout almost caused her to burst into evil laughter but she resisted the temptation. Instead she waited for the brunette to relax then trailed the ice along her lover's slit. Gina shivered, trying to move her legs. This was when she finally realized her ankles were also bound. She sighed deeply, feeling chills flow through her as the slick chill moved between her pussy lips. The redhead eases her thumb along her lover's clit as she pushed the cube in then sucked it out. Gina let out a hiss of pleasure and begged, "please."

After doing this for a minute or so Babs chewed the ice up and kissed her way back to Gina's lips. "Not yet. That was just the tip of the iceberg sweetheart."

"Mmmh, I love that way you touch me," the brunette purred as she felt smooth nails inch down her belly.

"Hmmm, I know," Barbra replied, pulling out her next surprise. Trailing the sharp blade down the woman's stomach, she paused when she reached her belly button.

"What the. . ."

"Shhh, just feel," she instructed, the blade's tip now circling hard nipples. She couldn't resist trapping one nub between her teeth as the steel formed goosebumps on her lover's stomach. She smirked as she pressed the blunt side of the blade between the anxious woman's sensitive folds.

"Oh G-G-God," Gina stammered lustfully. "Babs. . .I-I need you. . .in me. . ." she begged, her body throbbing with desire and anticipation.

Hearing the plea of passion she set the blade on the nightstand and forced two slender digits into the brunette's sweltering snatch. Gina clung to her lover, lust quaking her body as she neared the edge. Slender digit moved with quickness, her thumb grinding against her girl's love bud. The brunette became rigid, screaming her lover's name as waves of endless passion washed over her trembling form. "BBBAAARRRBBBRRRAAA!!!"

The redhead untied the restraints then curled up next to her lover's quivering body, the tremors of lust subsiding with every raspy breath. After a moment of silence the brunette straddled the redhead, growling playfully, "round two?"

Kissing her hotly, she added, "I've got some kink you'll love sweetie so sit back and prepare for the ride of your life."


Half an hour later at Helena's apartment. . .



"Hold me. . ."

"Shhh," the brunette whispered, pulling her lover into a gentle embrace. "I am here with you." (again, thanks Todd and MJ ::controls muses so they won't kill anyone:: )


Meanwhile in Dinah's room. . .

"What's on your mind babe?"

"You," Misty whispered with a soft smile.

"Don't tell me you're ready for another round already!" the blonde whined teasingly. Her smile faded as she soon as she saw her lover's serious expression. "What's wrong?"

"I. . .I love you Di."

"I love you too but you already know that so what's the problem. You look worried."

"I'm. . .scared."

"Of what?"

"Losing you."

"You'll never lose me Misty, ever. Even if something happens, I'll be there. You will never be alone even when we're not together. You're always in my heart and nobody will ever be able to take that away from us. As long as we have each other and our friends things will be ok."

Misty's lips twisted into a smile as she met her lover's eyes. She felt those words lift her to that place where nothing could touch them, the place where only they mattered. Kissing the blonde's lips tenderly, she purred softly, "I know. Sometimes I just need to hear you say that gorgeous."

Dinah's eyes lit up as she returned the gentle kiss. "Glad that's all it was. You had me worried. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I understand a lot more than you think. Now give me your hand."

"Um, may I ask why?"

"As the song goes," Dinah began, singing the rest of her reply, "your burdens I will bare but first I need your hand, then forever can begin."

Misty giggled. "Never thought I'd ever agree with Michael Jackson but I do. So let forever begin my love," she whispered, taking her lover's hand.

New Gotham was safe and all were at bay. The streets would need saving once more and they would be there. This was their calling, their lives and they would do everything in their power to keep the city safe. This is where my tale ends so I bid thee a good night and pleasant dreams.

~<>~ The End ~<>~

So what did you guys think? It's the last BoP fic (aside from my addition to the "porn wars") that I'll be posting for a while. Must finish MANY others but I will write more when I can. Thanks for reading and I hope you feed the starving writers ~.^

~<>~ Mel ~<>~

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