Title: Slayers and Cheerleaders

Author : Mel M/Misty

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Pairing: I have to keep some things a secret but I'll give you this much. Brooke/Faith but there is definitely more to the story

Disclaimers: nope, don't own Buffy/Popular or any thing connected to the two shows. I'm just a poor fan fic writer with a femslashy lil brain so please dun sew me

Comments: I need feedback! Also, this takes place a week before senior year is to start. Nicole and Brooke never had their little scuffle, therefore Nic never ran Brookie over. Instead it was Sam who got George to cancel and Nicole hit the brakes when she saw Brooke. The two cheerleaders made amends and the rest is history.

Run Away

She ran until she had lost her breath and could no longer feel her own tears rolling down her numb cheeks. The world was such a cruel place with its twisted faces and mutated fates. Why had she run away from the only arms that could hold her and keep her heart content? Because those arms belonged to her rival.

Her body begged for her to stop but she forced herself to go on, deep into the sweet dark night that felt her agony and cried alongside her like the ghost of her innocence. Pushing her feeble muscles to their limit she continued on her aimless marathon. Then she hit something. She flew back a few feet and landed on her backside.

"Hey, you ok?" a female voice whispered softly.

She stood shakily, her knees threatening to crumble beneath her as the tears of the sky beat down on her already drenched body. She nodded though her body was debating the action.

A moment passed and she noticed that the woman hadn't left. She raised her bloodshot eyes too meet the gloomy, dark ones that stared right through her.

"You don't look so great. How bout we go to my place and get you some fresh clothes and a warm bath?"

She shivered and nodded instinctively. "What's y-your n-name?"

"Faith. You are?"

"B-Brooke. Brooke M-McQueen."

"Well, c'mon. Don't mind my psycho roomies, they've got a few screws loose," the brunette advised as she led the dripping blonde to Angel Investigations.

It didn't take them long to get to the building but the fierce storm was dying down to a low rumbling light show. Faith hurried Brooke into the building and quietly snuck her upstairs. She guided her into the bathroom and whispered before leaving, "towels are on the top shelf and my room's straight down the hall."

Faith closed the door behind herself and headed for her room.

"Who is she?" Angel whispered from behind the slayer.

Faith jumped and grumbled softly, "her name's Brooke. She needed my help. That's what we do, right? Help people?"

Angel nodded. "Be careful. You know I'm not fond of strangers."

"Keep your fangs to yourself or I swear I'll rip them out one by one," the now irate slayer growled then slammed her door shut.

Brooke shivered as she peeled her cold, soaked clothes off of her nearly frozen skin. She ran the hot water and slipped into the bathtub. The hot water melted her worries and brought the color back to her skin. She washed the cold rain out of her hair, then washed her body with the exotic body wash that smelled of black cherry's and cloves (the cigarettes). She got out of the tub feeling like a brand new person. She felt so alive, so new to this world. She wrapped a black towel around her body and opened the door a crack. She checked to see that nobody was about then snuck into Faith's room.

"Bout time. Here," the slayer joked, tossing a red silk 49ers jersey at the girl.

Brooke caught it and turned her back to the other female. Sliding her arms into the jersey first she still managed to hold the towel up until the jersey was covering her body from her neck to about an inch above her knees. She sat on the bed and began to dry her hair.

"I made some decafe if you want some."

"Sure. Two creams and three sugars." Brooke found her eyes glued to the brunette as she made the coffee. It was like this woman had some sort of power over her that she couldn't describe.

Faith smiled softly as she handed Brooke the warm coffee mug. She sat beside her on the bed and whispered softly, "what or who were you running from?"

Brooke avoided eye contact, gazing into the rich, milky swirls of steam in her coffee.

"You don't have to. . ."

"It's ok. I want to," Brooke interrupted. "Well, it's actually very complicated but to summarize the situation I fell for somebody and she belongs to somebody else." Brooke didn't realize she used the word "she" but it slipped before she had the chance to censor herself.

"Men are beasts. I don't see why women want to be with those pigs anyway," Faith replied with a wry smirk.

"Beats me."

They both finished their coffee and set the cups on the night stand beside the bed. Their eyes met and they both shyly looked away. Faith was the first to attempt eye contact again and this time her eyes were trapped by the other woman's cream soda colored eyes. 'So beautiful,' she thought, within a trance in which her body was leading her mind along on its journey. The slayer pressed her lips to the cheerleader's softly, her tongue sneaking its way into the other girls mouth.

Brooke kissed back gently, her body aching to be touched as her lips devoured the taste of the slayers mouth. So sweet, so deep, so beautiful in all its glory was what they were both to lost for words to say. They didn't know whether to continue this passionate expedition or stop and fear that they might never get the chance again.

The kiss broke, leaving both of them with shaken breaths. Faith said nothing as she silently swept her fingertips over the blonde's cheek. She laid on her side, her inquiring eyes beckoning her newfound friend to come nearer.

Brooke laid on her side alongside the slayer and they began to kiss each other feverishly.

"Brookie!!!" Nicole screamed in the sleeping Glamazon's ear. "C'mon, we need to get our schedules!"

First Impressions 1: The Bitch Nicole Julian

Brooke sat straight up, shaking her mind awake. "Huh? Oh, sorry Nic," the blonde stretched and followed her friend inside the building. They waited in the line patiently, hoping the line would move faster.

Faith crossed her arms defiantly as the other slayer signed the papers. "Welcome to Kennedy High Miss Spencer," Miss Glass handed the raven haired slayer a book and her picture ID. Faith eyed Buffy angrily as the headed back to the "watchermobile."

"Faith, you're the one who said you wouldn't mind going back to school."

"Yeah but I was thinking about going to Sunnydale High."

"You know you can't. You have a reputation around there. At least here you can make some new friends and please try to stay out of trouble."

"That's what my new watcher's suppose to make sure of, right? What's her name anyway?"

"Her name's Cherry Cherry. She's from Texas but her daughter Mary Cherry goes here and she's decided to live here so she can keep an eye on you."

"Great, my watcher's a fruitcake. Now I'm just waiting for a varsity football player to hit on me so I can break his nose. That would be the perfect first impression."

"Faith, please."

"Ok, ok, I'll be good. You are staying here for a few weeks though, right B?"

"Yeah. I trust Willow and Tara with Dawn. They'll take good care of her."

Brooke and Nicole finally got their schedules and headed back to Nicole's car. Upon getting in Brooke spotted her. The girl from her dream! Was it her? Same dead sexy tough exterior with that drop dead gorgeous leather jacket she remembered from her dream. 'Nah, it was just a dream,' she told herself as they sped off.

Faith's eyes followed Nicole's car as it sped off. The passenger seemed vaguely familiar. She shrugged it off and got in the backseat of the "watchermobile."


"Faith, wake up! It's time for school," Buffy chirped, way too happy for this to be morning.

Faith grumbled and cursed under her breath as she stumbled to the bathroom. As soon as she stepped out of the bathroom she stretched and headed straight for the kitchen. Grabbing a Snickers she grabbed her backpack and headed to the car.

Buffy met her there and they were off. They stopped in front of the school and Faith got out with a yawn. "See you later B."

"Try to stay out of trouble."

Faith shut the door and headed for her first hour. Being back in a school environment really disturbed the dark slayer. It was just too. . .perky! Walking down the hall to English was worse than patrolling on New Years.

"Hey baby!" one of the varsity football players shouted, whistling at the slayer.

Faith's dark, cold eyes zeroed in on the guy as she growled in a warning tone, "Watch it buddy! You never speak to a female like that."

The guy laughed. "That's a good one! If I had boots I'd be shaking in um."

This whole scene caught Nicole Julian's attention. A very attractive new gal being harassed by asshole football jerks. Her eyes studied the slayer carefully. She could tell she was very strong and didn't take shit from anybody but instead of approaching her while her guard was up Nicole decided to wait until the anger within the stranger had calmed.

Faith grabbed him by the throat and pinned him to his locker as she warned again, "I told you to watch it. Next time I won't warn you, got it?"

He gasped a yes, fear filling his eyes as she let him go.

Faith sighed and continued on her way until she felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around, looking down at the other girl. Faith noticed this girl seemed different than the other airheads at this school. She seemed intelligent, tough and her presence screamed bitch.

"Saw the way you handled that asshole back there, very impressive."

"Thanks. You are?"

"Nicole Julian. Look, I just wanted to ask if you'd like to hang out with me and my crowd. If not, have fun with Spam McPherson and the freak squad."

"Actually, if you hang out with the airhead crowd I'd rather be a freak."

"If you're calling my Brookie an airhead you'd better think twice cause I don't take shit from anybody little miss ghetto leather hoochie momma."

Faith smiled. This chick really did have some guts. "You got some balls calling me that and not getting that pretty little face of yours smashed in but you know what? I like your attitude so I'll let you get away with it. Where should I meet you?"

Nicole grinned. This was definitely an ally she wanted on her side. "Meet me at my table in the lunch room. I'll show you around and introduce you to my friends. What's your name?"

"Faith Spencer."

"Well Faith Spencer, I'll see you at lunch."

"See ya then."

First Impressions 2: The One and Only Brooke McQueen

Faith entered the lunch room, her eyes immediately finding Nicole. She walked over to the table and sat next to the Queen Bitch in silence.

Nicole smiled as she spoke to the slayer, "the others will be here shortly."

Sugar and Josh approached the table, eyeing the new girl cautiously.

"Faith, this is Sugar Daddy and Josh," Nicole introduced, pointing out which name went with which face.

"Yo, wuz up?" Sugar greeted as he sat down.

"Not much. Nice to meet you."

Brooke rolled her eyes as Mary Cherry continued to ramble on about Lily's new "save the animals" campaign that was irritating her. They sat at the table, Brooke eyeing the brunette in disbelief.

"That's Brooke and Mary Cherry."

"Pleased tah meet ya hun. Whaht'd ya say your name was?"


"Faith? Whah momma Cherry told me bout you. You're stayin with that rebel bleach blonde Buffy, raht?"

Faith kept her cool and nodded. That accent was driving her insane. Thank god she wasn't living with them.

"Brookie, you haven't said a word to our guest. Where have your manners gone?" Nicole scolded playfully.

Brooke smiled. "Nice to meet you Faith. How's your first day at Kennedy high so far?"

"Not to bad. Met the strangest people. One kept going off about saving the animals and the other just seemed like a total freak."

"That would be Lily and Carmen, Sam's friends."

"Haven't met the journalist from hell yet, if that's who you're referring to."

Brooke shot Nicole a warning glance as silence set in at the table.

Brooke couldn't keep her eyes off the new girl. I was like if she looked away she'd disappear. The bell rang to interrupt the staring contest and they all got up to leave.

"Spencer, I've got next hour with you so I'll show you the Novak before we head into class." Faith just nodded and followed, completely clueless as to what the Novak was.

Nicole lead the slayer into the Novak with a smile. "This is the Novak. Yeah, more or less it's a bathroom but this is where memories have been set in stone. Brookie and I have memories here and we hang out in here a lot." With that they headed to class.

First Impressions 3: Buffy, Meet Nicole

Faith and Nicole waltzed out of the school side by side, looking like they were a deadly duo that could take down anything ranging from a horde of vamps to Bobbi Glass. Buffy was parked in front, next to Nicole's car where Brooke was waiting patiently.

Buffy got out of the car and stared at Faith.

"Hey B."

"Hey, how was school?"

"It was great." Faith turned to Nicole and said softly, "Nic, I'd like you to meet my best friend Buffy Summers. B, this is Nicole Julian."

At first Nicole didn't know what to think. Her eyes took in every visible inch of the blonde slayers tanned body as her mind tried to register why she was completely speechless. That was one thing nearly nobody could do, make Nicole Julian speechless.

Buffy smiled shyly as her eyes scanned the well dressed, tough looking female. She held herself a lot like Faith so it didn't amaze Buffy that they'd become allies, she just couldn't figure out why they weren't trying to kill each other.

Nicole noted that Buffy was wearing old faded blue jeans and a black T-shirt that read "I Can't Remember If I'm The Good Twin Or The Evil One." She grinned, her eyes still glued to the stranger.

"Hi," Buffy finally said as her curiosity got the best of her. She wanted to know what this girl sounded like, how sweet or rough her tone was or how meek or strong her voice was. For some reason Buffy wanted to know everything about Nicole Julian and for once it wasn't because her slayer instincts were going nuts.

"Hey, nice to meet you Buffy," Nicole brought her vocal chords to say softly but still with that "I'm THE bitch" twist she always put on her sentences. She couldn't believe her voice had come out so low and weak. What was happening to her?

"This is another girl I met. Her name's Brooke," Faith added before a silence could overcome them.

Buffy's attention shifted to Brooke. "Pleased to meet you both. You guys wanna go for coffee or something?"

Nicole shifted her attention to Brooke. She'd nearly forgotten about her. Hell, she'd nearly forgotten her own name but that didn't matter right now. "I'm game. What about you Brookie?

Brooke had been too busy staring at Faith to keep up with the conversation but she did remember hearing the word coffee which reminded her of her dream. She mentally chuckled and replied, "Sure. Where do you guys wanna go?"

Buffy and Faith looked at each other then back at the two blondes. "We were hoping you could direct us to a good coffee shop. We're new and, well you know how that goes," Buffy stated, feeling quiet embarrassed.

"Yeah, there's this great lil diner over on. . ." Nicole stopped herself. 'They're new here you moron, they don't know the street names!' she mentally screamed. "You guys can follow me. It's not too far from here."

Buffy smiled. "Ok. Hope they have Gevelia coffee, I can't stand generic crap."

"Believe me hun, they only serve Gevelia and they've got every flavor ever made. Not only do they have THE best coffee but they've got cake and pie galore," Nicole reassured.

Buffy smiled and got in her car.


"This coffee is great," Buffy sighed, her eyes focused on the steamy swirls in her cup so she wouldn't be caught staring at Nicole.

"It's pretty good," Faith added, sipping hers.

"So, where are you guys from?" Brooke inquired, also staring into her coffee mug.

"Sunnydale. I'm here for a college course and I talked her into going back to school," Buffy replied.

"I bet it's beautiful, where you come from," Brooke sighed dreamily.

"Not really. It's ok but not beautiful. Too many damn vamps," Faith muttered.

"She means the gothic population," Buffy recovered, giving Faith the evil eye.

Faith nodded, mentally smacking herself for that.

Brooke looked at her watch. "I gotta get home. Dad's having a family dinner and I have to be there."

Buffy smiled. "Why don't you go with her Faith?"

"B. . ."

"I think that's a great idea. That way you get to meet Spam," Nicole encouraged.

"I don't think Dad and Jane would mind if want to," Brooke offered shyly.


Brooke led the way as they walked out of the small diner, leaving the two blondes alone at last.

First Impressions 4: The Journalist from Hell Sam McPherson and a Parental Unit

"This it?"

Brooke nodded, opening the door.

"Brooke, is that you?" Mike yelled, nearing the door.

"Yeah dad."

Mike stopped in front of the two girls and quirked a brow.

"Dad, this is Faith."

"Hi, you can call me Mike," her father answered with a smile and an offered hand.

Faith shook his hand firmly and replied, "hey Mike."

"Daddy, I was wondering if Faith could join us for dinner," Brooke begged, giving her best pleading puppy dog eyes.

Mike couldn't bear that look. It always forced him to crumble and give in. It wasn't anything major so he supposed it was ok. "I don't mind. Jane's upstairs with the baby and Sam's in her room. Dinner will be done soon."

Brooke nodded and lead the slayer to her room.


"So, Buffy, who do you live with?" Nicole said nervously.

"Um. . .my sister Dawn. My mom. . .she. . ." Buffy fell silent for a moment and the composed herself as she spoke again, "my mom just recently died."

"I-I'm sorry," Nicole whispered, feeling bad for even asking that question.

"It's alright. So, who do you live with?"

"My evil bitch of a mother, a few servants and myself. Mommy dearest isn't home much. Out boinking some corporate asshole or strolling around an island as far away from me as she can possibly be."

"Oh," Buffy replied nervously.

They both sat their cups down and their eyes met. For a moment they could feel a sort of bliss washing over them and before either of them knew what was happening they found their lips pressed gently together in a warm, gentle kiss.

Nicole stood. "I. . .uh. . .have to go." She walked out of the diner briskly, out of the slayer's sight before she could speak.

'Nicole. . .that name is so foreign to my lips but mmmh, it makes my body temperature rise when I say is. Buffy! Snap out of it! Just a simple little kiss! But could it be more?' she pondered as she stood and dizzily wondered back to her car.


"Come in!" Brooke shouted as she heard a knock on her door. Sam entered silently with a smile.

"I was wondering if I could get my book back from you. You've held it captive for over a month," the brunette said roughly, teasing her stepsister to be.

"Brooke, you got a brush I could. . ." Faith stopped mid-sentence and stared at the other brunette blankly, absentmindedly forgetting that all she had was a black towel wrapped around her perfect, muscular body.

"Sam, this is a new girl I met from school. Faith this is my stepsister Sam."

Both raven haired beauties cautiously looked over the other carefully, catching every minor detail of the other's appearance.

"Hi, pleased to meet you Faith."

"Same to you." Faith glanced at Brooke for an answer.

"Oh, right, top left hand drawer," Brooke informed sheepishly.

As soon as the slayer was out of site Sam began her interrogation. "Why is there a half naked woman in our bathroom? Why is she here for that matter? And what do you know about her? For all we know she could be some mass murderer that preys on teenage girls."

"Sam, that's really none of your damn business. I don't have to answer to you for anything and I am fully capable of choosing my own friends. Now if you're going to harass me about our dinner guest, get the hell out!" Brooke growled defensively.

Sam was taken back but angrily replied, "I was just watching your back, ok. I don't trust her at all but if you wanna invite her in and let her tear your world apart, go right ahead." With that she stormed out of the room and into her own, purposly slamming her door shut.

First Impressions 5: Jane and the First Kiss

Jane had just put little Mac to sleep and she was headed downstairs for supper. She knocked on Sam's door and was greeted by a very grumpy "what?". "Dinner's ready," she informed, turning to go to Brooke's room. She heard a mumbled "thank you" and knocked softly on Brooke's door.

"Come in."

Jane opened the door and peeked in. "Diner's ready."

"Ok, we'll be right down."

Jane shut the door, a little confused. Who was "we"? She went into the dining room and had a seat, waiting for the others to join her.

Mike had set the table and because he'd gotten off work early he'd even made dinner. He sat at the other end of the table and smiled softly. "We have a dinner guest, hope that's alright with you."

"Oh, that's fine.," Jane said as it finally dawned on her.

Sam trudged out of her room, slamming the door then thundering down the stairs. She put on her best game face though she really didn't know if she could stand being at the same table with that. . .ooh, that skanky looking bitch. Sam hated this girl almost as much as she hated Satan and for the life of her she didn't know why. Somehow she felt this thing was a threat to Brooke and dammit she didn't like that feeling. She took a seat near her mother and faked a smile.

Brooke and Faith appeared before them in a matter of minutes and Jane smiled.

"Jane, this is my friend Faith. Faith, this is Jane, Sam's mom."

"Hey," Faith said politely as Brooke directed her to a seat near Mike.

"Pleased to meet you Faith. Glad to have you here for dinner," Jane replied cheerily.

As silence set in they made their plates and silently ate supper. After the meal Brooke took the dishes to the sink and the conversation returned to the table.

"So, Faith, where you from?" Mike questioned with a smile.

"Sunnydale. Lived in LA for a while but then I came here with my friend Buffy."

"You look a little old to be in high school. What year are you?" Jane questioned.

"I'm a senior. I dropped out a few years back but I decided to get my life back and go back to school. I know it sounds crazy but I really wanna get my education and actually be somebody."

Both Jane and Mike smiled approvingly. Apparently Faith had made a few mistakes but she seemed determined to straighten her life up.

Faith glanced at her watch. "I gotta be outta here soon. B's expecting me before Roswell starts."

"Well, it was nice meeting you," Mike said as Brooke stood to lead the slayer from the table.

"I'm gonna drive her home, ok dad?"

"Ok, drive safely."


Brooke smiled shyly as she whispered softly, "Goodnight. See you at school tomorrow."

'Want, take, have,' Faith thought, internally grinning. She tentatively kissed the cheerleader then went quietly into the house her and Buffy were staying at.

Brooke traced her lips numbly as she turned and got into her car. 'She just kissed me,' she thought, her mind catching up with what had just happened. 'Brooke, she wants you and you want her. Talk to her tomorrow. Util then keep your attention on the road,' she thought, starting the car and heading home.


"So hot stuff, how was meeting the family?" Buffy chuckled lightly.

"Her dad and step mom think I'm a good kid and her sis hates my guts. I think it went pretty well. How was your hot little chat with the Queen Bitch?"

"She kissed me," Buffy sighed dreamily.

"B's got a girlfriend! B's got a girlfriend!" Faith teased playfully.

"Oh shut up," Buffy replied, playfully punching Faith's arm. "I'm not the only one. I can see that look in your eyes. That look you get when you've done something that could be considered criminal. Faith's got a girlfriend!"

"Shut up and watch Roswell."

Trouble at Kennedy

"Brookie, what happened?"

"The principle. He was murdered last night."

"How?" Buffy cut in from behind Nicole.

"From what I've gathered they don't exactly know. But when they found him he was completely drained of blood."

Faith shot Buffy a nervous look and got one in return.

Sam grinned, appearing out of the shadows. "You two wouldn't know anything about this, would you? Being from the Hellmouth and all. I did some digging on you picture perfect new girls. Seems our friends here are Vampire slayers."

"Sam, this is ridiculous. Vampires don't exist and what right did you have looking them up?"

"I have a right to protect my sister from these loony toons!"

"Listen Spam, beat it or I'll show you the real meaning of pain."

Sam shrugged. "Suite yourselves." With that she walked off into the crowd.

Brooke gritted her teeth. "I swear. . ."

"Nicole, we need to talk to you and Brooke somewhere quiet."

"Doesn't look like we're gonna have class today so lets go to my house. Mom's out on business."


"You mean Sam wasn't lying?"

"I'm afraid not."

"You brought bloodsuckers to town with you? Just fricken peachy!"

"Hey, we didn't bring them though chick! They were here before us!"

"Guys, chill out. Faith, we have to patrol tonight. It's the only way to make Kennedy High safe again."

"I'm game."

"Whoa, wait a minute! You two are gonna roam the streets in a strange town to stake vampires? What if you get lost? This isn't Sunnydale y'know."

"If you're askin to go with, no can do Brooke. Me and B goin is 5 by 5 but you two would get hurt."

"Or worse, bitten."

"If we did you could kill the head vamp and we'd be free though."

"It doesn't work that way. Once you're a vamp you're stuck that way til you get staked."

"So we just sit around and hope you two come back here alive?"

"That's the plan."


Faith and Buffy crept through the halls of Kennedy High, unaware that they were being followed.

"It's the slayers!" a vamp screamed. Suddenly everything was quiet until they heard a scream outside. They raced out there to find Sam at the verge of being bitten.

"Hands off fang face!" Faith hissed, pulling Sam away from him and pushing her to the side. Faith smirked and dusted the vamp while Buffy made sure Sam was ok.

"Hey B, you hungry?"

"Oddly enough, yes. Lets take her to Nic's house. I could swear I saw yogurt in her fridge."

"Any canned chocolate whipped cream?"

"I think so. . ."

Both of them snickered as they helped Sam to her feet and led her to Nicole's house. Faith knocked on the door and waited.

Nic answered the door and rolled her eyes. "Since when do you pick up strays?"

"Since she almost got bitten by a vamp."


"I want the brunette. She'll be my perfect creation."

"But she's a slayer."

"Not that one. She's too. . .raunchy. I want the journalist. Find her and bring her to me!"

"As you wish."


"So they were waiting for us?" Buffy asked, swallowing another mouthful of nonfat black cherry yogurt.

"Um hmm," Sam mouthed as she nodded, downing another marshmallow.

"Ok, when did this turn into a food fest?"

Buffy snickered. "Hey Faith, tell um why we're eating so much."

"Well you see it's simple. Slayin makes you hungry and horny."

"Really?" Brooke giggled, evilly plotting against the raven haired slayer.

"Yeah!" both slayers chimed.

"So what's Spam's excuse?"

"Nerves. She must be a little jumpy after seeing those vamps and almost being bitten," Buffy reasoned.

"Sam, why were you there in the first place?"

Sam froze. She was caught. She bit her bottom lip. "I. . .uh. . .well. . .I was kinda following the slayers. Wanted to see if all I'd heard was true. I mean, Mary Cherry isn't exactly a reliable source of information."

"Mary Cherry? You mean she actually talked to you?"

"It took forever and my word I wouldn't rat her out for some dirt she accidentally slipped to me about her and some nameless person but she caved." Sam shuttered.

They heard a knock at the door and Nicole stood to answer it.

"Nic, if you don't know them don't invite them in."

"I know that much sweetcheeks," Nicole replied then answered the door. To her surprise it was Cherry Cherry.

"Outta mah way! Ah know she's here!"

Faith cringed. The same annoying accent Mary Cherry had let her know her watcher had arrived.

"Ha! There y'are! Ah just got bahk an the council informed meh that y've been transferred bahk tah that sexy Brit Rupert Giles. Thought yah maht wanna know."

'Thank God!' Faith thought then smiled softly. "Um, thanks, I guess."

"He'll be here tomarrah mornin." With that she elegantly pranced out of the Julian estate.

"Rupert Giles?" Brooke asked with a fearful and curious look on her face.

"My watcher," Buffy replied before devouring another spoonful of yogurt.

"He'll be here tomorrow? Shit. B, you know how bossy he can be," Faith whined.

"Faith, chill out. He's probably just coming to check on us."


"Faith, you're home early. Did you walk."

"Yeah, another death. School's been canceled for the rest of the week."

"Well, you're in luck. We have three days to stop these vamps on our own. Giles can't make it til then. He's pretty busy at the Magic Box and all."

"Thank god. So, what do we do til nightfall?"

"What do you say we all go to the fair?" Nicole proposed, stepping out of the bathroom.

"5 by 5 with me but where's Brooke?"

"Right here," Brooke whispered into Faith's ear from behind her.

Faith shivered. "When do we leave?"

"Whenever. It opens at like noon and doesn't close til midnight. It's in Malibu so it rakes in a lot of cash and people and the ride there's beautiful," Nicole replied with a smile directed at Buffy.


Sam sighed. Since Brooke had started riding with Nic she'd been walking home. It wasn't so bad though. It gave her some time to think. She turned an ever so familiar corner but was caught off guard by a cloaked person standing in front of her. Her eyes widened as he grabbed for her. She did the first thing that came to mind. She ran.

The cloaked form laughed, swiftly moving though the brush he had chased her into. Two more cloaked forms leapt in front of her, cornering her.

"W-What do you want?" Sam panted, out of breath.

"Our master wants you," one informed as the other two grabbed her and knocked her out. "Take her to the entrance of the cave and wait for me. I'll leave the slayers a note and be there shortly."


"It's getting late. We need to get going soon. We have to be home by sunset," Buffy noted.

"One more ride," Brooke pled.

Faith smiled. "Yeah B, just one more ride!"

Buffy chuckled. "Ok, but we have to meet back here after that ok?"

They all nodded, Faith and Brooke heading for the Ferris Wheel while Nicole led Buffy to the Fun House.

"Is it ok with you that our last ride is the Ferris Wheel?"

"I'm 5 by 5. Besides, it's kinda romantic. Y'know, lookin over the city from up high while the sun is fading into the darkness."

Brooke smiled as the ride began. As they reached the top she whispered, "I never knew you were poetic."

"I think Red's rubbing off on me."


"B's best bud Willow."

"Oh, the gay one?"

"Yeah," Faith snickered.

Brooke let her hand cup Faith's cheek as she turned her face so their eyes met. She kissed the slayer timidly at first but their passion grew and the kiss became more intense.

Buffy pushed Nicole against the wall of the Fun House. "You know I'm right but you'll never admit it."

"Really? What if I said that I'm falling in love with you Buffy Summers?"

Buffy looked shocked for a moment then whispered as she drew closer to the other blonde, "I'd warn you to never fall in love with a slayer. It's like walking hand in hand with danger."

"Danger thrills me, you thrill me. All I need is a soft glance or the touch of your hand on mine and I forget every fear, every doubt, every weakness that holds me back."

Buffy smiled. "If you can deal with vamps, demons, near death experiences and saving the world on a daily basis then I'm yours."

"I can face anything if you're with me," Nicole whispered, feeling like a helpless child as she pulled her new lover close and kissed her gently.

Faith grinned. "Brooke?"


"You think we should tell them?"

"If they can't figure it out but only Nic and Buffy."


Nicole and Buffy approached with grins on their faces. They met up with Faith and Brooke then headed to the car.

"Nic. . ."

"What Brookie?"

"I. . .I. . ."

"Me and Brooke are together now," Faith inserted.

Brooke blushed and smiled.

"Really? Congrats to both of you. Faith, take care of her. She's my best friend, my sister even, so if you hurt her I'll kill you myself."

"I'll protect her with my life and I'd never mean to do anything to hurt her."

Buffy coughed, glancing at Nicole.

Nic smirked. "Buffy and I are an item now too."

"B, you always go for the bad ones don't you. Not meanin it as an insult. When she was into guys she went for the bad boys and now she's goin after the bad girls. Guess they're just her type. Congrats and Nic, same warning stands."

Buffy blushed and grinned impishly.


Nicole sat in the driver's seat as Faith and Brooke snuggled in the back seat and Buff sat shotgun. Buffy kissed Nicole softly as she started the car.

"Kodak moment!" Brooke chuckled, clapping her hands. Everyone looked at her strangely. "What? I know people who would pay millions of dollars to get a picture of Kennedy High's Queen Bitch kissing another beautiful blonde."

They all started laughing as the ride home began.


"What the hell are you gonna do to me?" Sam screamed.

"I'm gonna make you my daywalker. You see, you'll be a vampire that can walk during the day, is prone to Holy Water and crosses. I've been working on this serum for centuries and failed many times but it's finally perfected. Once it's inside of you then we can see how perfect it really is. If it works then I can make my current children daywalkers and have an army the slayers wont possibly be able to defeat."

"And if it doesn't?"

"Then I'll use you to figure out what went wrong," the voice replied with a shrug.

"What are you waiting for then?"

"Midnight. That is the time when my daywalker will be born."


They laughed as they walked into Buffy and Faith's house. The laugher subsided when Buffy picked up the note and a somber look consumed her face.

"What is it B?"

"They have Sam."

"What? Where?"

"It doesn't say but I have an idea. C'mon, we have to go."

"Wait. Brooke, go into my room and get the supplies out of the steel chest."

Brooke nodded and ran up to get them.

"Why are they after Sam?" Buffy pondered aloud.

Nicole looked up wide eyed. "The book."

"Huh?" both slayers chimed.

"I read about this in an old Greek book. It's actually a prophesy. It said that when the Lady of Darkness kissed her chosen child with the nectar of the Olympians that her child would be the chosen, the vampire born of light. The daywalker. Prone to Apollo's light, Poseidon's water and the Christian cross."

"Great, a bunch of bloodsuckers roaming around in the sun. That would be great!"

"We need to find Spam now. It's 11:30 and the prophesy happens at midnight."

"Ok, supplies ready." Brooke set the big bag down with a groan.

Nicole grabbed a beautiful gold broad sword as Buffy and Faith grabbed stakes. Brooke smiled grabbing a pair of matching dragon daggers.

"C'mon, let's go."

"Where to?"

"The old cave you told me about."

"Right. We can be there in 5."


"It's almost time my child."

"I think not demon bitch!"

"Who are you?"

"Your worst nightmare," Nicole replied with a grin.

"Really? Get um boys."

The battle begun but was short and sweet with Nic slicing and dicing, Buffy and Faith dusting and Brooke stabbing the vamps to their demise.

Nic rushed past the last vamp and rammed her sword through the cloak woman in front of Sam. The woman screamed before she dissolved into amethyst smoke.

All for of them panted softly as Brooke untied Sam.

"Let's go home."

"Good idea."


The car stopped in front of the McQueen-McPherson home. Sam, Brooke and Nicole got out.

"We'll be right back," Brooke whispered before leading Sam to the door.

Mike answered the door.

"Hey dad. I was wondering if I could stay with Faith and Buffy until school starts up again."

"Sure," he replied before going back to what he's been doing in the kitchen.

Brooke and Nicole headed toward the car.

"Satan. . ." Sam said softly.

Nicole turned to meet her rivals eyes.


"No prob Spam."

They got back in the car with smiles on their faces.

"What do you blonde bombshells say we get back to the house and get a bite to eat?"

"Faith, you read my mind. Now I know what you two mean about the whole slaying thing. . ."

~<>~ End ~<>~

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