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Author:  Mel M./Misty


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“You ready Billie?”

Jessie grunted as she crammed her last bag into the trunk of the car.  “Yeah, just have to grab my CDs,” she shouted, running into her house.

Hugging her dad, then Lily, she grabbed her CDs and she was out the door.  She still hadn’t told them about her and Katie but she would when the time was right.  They’d given her permission to go on a road trip with the older girl and it was gonna be wild.  They were driving to California and stopping as many places they could, searching for adventure.  Sliding into the passenger seat, Jessie smiled happily.  “Let’s go.”

“You got everything?” Katie asked softly, setting the radio to her favorite station.

“Yup, I’m ready to go.  So where are we going first?”

“Actually, my dad asked me to take some papers to a friend of his.  It’s kinda out of the way but we’ll still have plenty of time to get to California and have some fun.”

“So where is this friend?”


“Cool!  Are we gonna stay there overnight?”

“Yeah.  My dad wants me to stay there a few days and mail him some stuff but after that we’re home free.”


Jessie yawned, waking with the dawn of a new day.  The sky was still in mists of pastel as she stretched.  Katie was still driving yet she didn’t look tired.  She was very concentrated on the road which caused a slight smile to creep onto the younger girls lips.  “Did you sleep at all last night?” she whispered, still tired.

“I slept for a few hours after you fell asleep.  When I woke up I couldn’t fall back to sleep so I decided to start driving again.  We’re almost there.  Once we get into town we can get a hotel room and have some breakfast if you want.”

Jessie groaned.  She didn’t want to get up, she wanted to sleep some more.  Rubbing her eyes awake, she sat up.  “Sure.  How long til we get into town?”

“About ten minutes.  The hotel’s not too far from here though.  I know because my dad use to bring me here with him when I was little.  I still remember some of the people I met but I probably wouldn’t remember them now.  We lived here for a little while too but my parents didn’t want to stay.”

“I don’t know why.  It’s beautiful here.”

“I dunno, some kind of “adult” problem I was never told about.  Anyway, where do you wanna go for breakfast?”

“I dunno.  You’ve been here before, you pick.”


“Wow, this place looks kinda expensive.  Are you sure we can afford this Katie?” Jessie whispered, taking in the beautiful Inn.

“Yeah, my dad’s paying for the first night.  If we need to stay longer his friend said we can stay with her.  She’s a really nice lady.  Did you wanna go with me to take these papers?”

“Uh, sure.”

Katie went to the front desk, returning with their key.  “Ok, let’s go.”


Moments later. . .

Jessie sighed, looking at all of the pictures.  “Who’s that?” she asked quietly, pointing to one of the portraits.

“That’s Erika Kane, my dad’s friend.  He’s doing some business for her and her husband Chris Stamp.”

“Ms. Kane will see you now Miss Singer,” the man interrupted.

Both girls stood, Katie guiding Jessie into the extravagant office belonging to Enchantment’s owner.  They walked in, standing close together.  The short older woman approached them with a smile.  “Katie?” she asked softly.

Katie smiled.  “Hi Ms. Kane.  My dad sent me to hand deliver these papers.  He doesn’t trust the post office,” she replied, handing her the papers.

The woman, who looked amazing for her age, skimmed over the papers then tossed them on her desk.  She would look them over thoroughly later but now it was time to make her guests feel more at home.  “Katie, you’ve grown so much.  Last time I saw you, you were only about eight and now you’re a beautiful young woman,” she whispered, giving the teen a hug.

“Yeah,” Katie whispered, not really knowing what to say.

“And who’s your friend?”

“Oh, um, Ms. Kane this is my girlfriend Jessie Sammler,” Katie choked out, still very shy around the Queen of cosmetics.

“Please, call me Erika and it’s a pleasure meeting you Jessie,” she replied, shaking the young girls hand.

“Mom . . .” the raven haired girl stopped mid-sentence when she saw her mother had company.

“Bianca, you remember Katie don’t you?  Kurt Singer’s daughter.  You two use to have slumber parties.”

Bianca stared blankly for a moment, trying to remember that particular time in her childhood.  She did remember her but it had been so long.  “Katie?” she whispered in shock.

“Bianca!” Katie shrieked as she hugged the taller girl.

“OMG!  It’s been forever!” Bianca giggled hyperly.

“Bianca, this is my girlfriend Jessie,” Katie whispered, backing away.

“Nice to meet you,” Bianca greeted, shaking the confused girls hand.

Erika smiled.  “Bianca, you came to see me about something?”

“Oh it’s nothing mom, it can wait.”

“Ok.  Well I have some work to do so why don’t you girls spend some time together.”

Bianca nodded, leading the other two teen downstairs.  “So, how long have you two been together?” she asked cautiously, wondering if she was jumping to conclusions.

“About a year and a half,” Jessie whispered.

Bianca smiled.  So maybe true love did still exist.  “You two are really cute together.”

“Thanks,” Katie replied with a blush.  “Hey, do you think you could show us around.  Maybe take us somewhere we could catch up and clue Jessie in on our past?”

“Sure, BJ’s is just around the corner.”


“So you guys were like . . .”

“Yeah, we didn’t even like know how people would react but it kept guys away.”

“And look at us now, were raging lesbians,” Bianca laughed.

Katie giggled, “so, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Well, no.  I am in love with someone but she’s out of reach,” Bianca sighed.

“Straight?” Katie mumbled through her mouthful of fries.

“No, my mom ran her off and I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again.  Her name’s Rain Wilkins.”

“Awww, that’s so horribly,” Jessie pouted.

Katie frowned.  That was awful but what could they do?  “Do you know where she’s living?”

“No, she didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye,” Bianca whispered, bowing her head.

“Hey, have a little faith Bianca.  If it was meant to be then she’ll come back.  Love works in funny ways,” Jessie reassured, glancing lovingly at Katie.

“Yeah, I mean look at me and Jess.  We’ve got a long fight ahead but we’re ready to face anything if we have to,” Katie added, taking her girlfriends hand and squeezing gently.

Bianca smiled.  Maybe Rain would come back.  She’d been thinking about her since Frankie had passed away.  The memories of Rain kissing her forehead and telling her things would be ok haunted her.  She remembered everything.  Rain loved her for who she was but she never wanted to see that.  It had taken her months to realize that and now it felt like it was far too late.  Seeing these two did strike a spark of hope within her.  Looking at them, she replied, “Thanks guys.  I just hope she comes back soon.  I miss her.”

“Hey, I was wondering.  Do you have anything to do for the rest of the summer?” Katie asked as Jessie grinned.  This trip would be so much more fun with Bianca there and maybe they could cheer her up.

Bianca thought for a moment.  “No, not really.  Why?”

“Do you wanna come with us on our road trip?”

“If my mom’s ok with it, I’ll join you guys.  It couldn’t hurt, right?”


“I think it would be a good idea.  It’ll give you the opportunity to check out other colleges,” Chris said as he sat in front of the teen.

Erica frowned.  She didn’t really want Bianca to go but she knew it would be a good experience for her.  She’d be back in a few months and things would go back to normal.  “Of course you can go honey.  It’ll give you a chance to explore other states,” she agreed hesitantly.

“Thanks mom!”

“Just take your cell so I can get a hold of you if I need to.”

“I will,” Bianca replied excitedly.  “We leave tomorrow.”

NM - Summer Heat

Comments: This is the second part of this series so stay tuned for the rest.


They'd been driving for days, viewing the new landscapes, eating at cheap restaurants and sleeping. They hadn't found adventure yet but that would soon change. The sun beat down on them with a fury, the New Mexico summer making their drive hazy and sweaty. Bianca lay asleep in the back seat as the other two tried to stay awake and hydrated. Katie pulled into a restaurant parking lot and sighed. This trip was taking its toll on her but having Bianca there was a relief. She had driven for a few days and now Katie had the privilege. Closing her eyes she felt beads of sweat race down her neck. Taking in a breath, she whispered dryly, "you guys want something to eat?"

Bianca began to stir at the mention of food. Katie had been saving up for this trip since her freshman year and now they were using that money to survive. It was late afternoon and she'd slept most of the day away but it didn't matter. Smacking her tongue against her dry mouth, she opened her eyes and gave a sleepy nod. Swallowing to clear the harsh dryness in her throat, she mumbled, "sounds like a plan."

They all weakly stumbled into the diner and took a seat at the only free booth. This place was pretty packed. A young blonde came swaying their way, seemingly slightly distracted. Standing in front of them, she flashed a smile then asked, "can I start you all off with something to drink?"

Katie almost laughed at that. Here they were sweating Niagara Falls and this little smart ass was asking if they wanted something to drink. She liked this girl. She was a fire cracker. "Yes, three glasses of water," she managed to say before her voice gave.

The Latina disappeared into the crowd, heading for the kitchen. Approaching the cook, she sighed. "No, they're not after you. They're three young girls passing through. I'm almost positive they mean you no harm Michael."

The cook grumbled something as the waitress filled three large glasses with ice and water. "Don't be so paranoid," she teased, heading back to the table.

Jessie nearly squealed with delight when the waitress returned with their water. Sipping hers, she listened to the soft music humming in the background. Bianca smiled, taking one big gulp of her water. It felt like heaven against the dry interior of her mouth. Katie took a sip, then returned her attention to the waitress. The crowd was clearing now and they seemed to be the only ones there.

The Latina set menus in front of them, reciting their daily specials by memory. Jotting down their orders, she went back to the kitchen. Handing the cook the orders, she stretched tiredly. Sitting in the booth next to them she asked cautiously, "you guys aren't from around here, are you?"

Bianca shook her head. "I'm from Pennsylvania and they're from Illinois," she replied, grinning as she looked the girl over. She was very sexy but probably straight with a boyfriend.

Katie shook her head in shame as Bianca drooled over their waitress. "We're on a road trip," she added, hoping the Latina was ignoring Bianca's worshipping.

A brunette waitress joined the other at the table behind the girls and smiled softly. "How'd you end up here in Roswell?"

"We're just passing through on our way to California," Katie replied, yawning shortly after the last word was uttered.

"Cali? Sounds like fun. Any reason for going or just felt like it?" Maria asked nonchalantly.

"We've always wanted to go there but none of us ever got the chance," Bianca answered before sipping her water again.

"So how long are you staying?"

"We might stay a day or so but then we need to head out again. California awaits," Jessie sighed, her eyes dreamy with the thought of cool ocean breezes, pastel sunsets and hot summer nights on the beach.

"What's next on the site seeing trip? There must be a million things between here and CA," the Latina questioned.

"We wanna see the crash site before we leave and then we're headed for the Grand Canyon," Katie sighed as hunger growled in her stomach.

Maria turned her head as the cook muttered something. She walked over to him and grabbed their plates. Setting them down in front of the girls, she smiled sweetly. "Enjoy your meal. And if you need anything just holler."

"Actually, do you guys know of any really cheap but decent motels?" Jessie asked before shoving a fry in her mouth.

"And maybe some cool places to hang out?" Katie added, wiping ketchup off of her girlfriend's face.

"Don't worry about a dingy motel, you can stay in my spare room. My dad's out of town so what he doesn't know won't hurt him. My name's Liz and that's Maria," Liz offered.

The girls were weary for a moment but they could tell the other girls meant them no harm. They all nodded as they began devouring their meal like a pack of famished wolves.

"As for cool places to hang out, we'll show you around later after you're fed and rested. We wouldn't want you chicas passin out on us," Maria added.

"Thank you Liz and Maria. We really appreciate it," Bianca whispered before gulping down another glass of water.


Two hours later. . .

"That party was kinda lame," Katie sighed.

"Parties around here usually are," Liz replied as three guys and a girl approached.

"There you guys are! Jessie, Katie, Bianca, this is Michael, Isabel, Max and Kyle."

The girls waved as the others nodded. "It's nice to meet you," Bianca replied, staring at Isabel.

"So did you guys wanna go see the crash site?" Kyle asked, taking out his keys.

"Is there enough room?"

"Yeah. Max, Michael, and Is are going with my dad. Hop on in and we'll get going."

"Sounds like a plan," Maria agreed as she and the other girls piled into Kyle's ride.

They drove in silence for what seemed like forever. Then they saw a flash of light trail along the sky. It hit the Earth causing a slight shake that emitted a bright light. He headed toward it, stopping when the reached the glowing object. They all got out of the cars and stared in awe.

"Wow," the trio chorused, staring up at the enormous vessel.

They all backed away as the hatch lowered to reveal a blonde woman. She stepped out of the ship and stood before the dark haired boy. "Max, I'm here to talk about our son."

"Ok, I think that's our queue to leave," Kyle suggested, guiding the others into his dad's truck and his car.


About an hour later at the Crashdown. . .

"What was that all about?" Jessie asked meekly, staring at Michael, then Isabel.

Michael glared at them then nodded to Isabel before retreating into the kitchen. She sighed, holding her head in pain. "It's a really complicated story so I'll sum it up the best way I know how. Michael, Max and myself are aliens from another planet. The woman you saw get off that ship is also an alien. Her name's Tess. Max is our king and I'm his sister. Tess was sent here to get pregnant by Max and have his baby in an attempt to take his thrown."

"Whoa," Katie murmured. She wanted adventure but this was a little much for her.

"Yeah, and that's the REALLY short version," Maria sighed.

"Is there any way we can help?" Bianca asked sincerely.

Isabel shook her head. "I'm afraid we have to deal with this ourselves."

They all heard the door open and stared at the boy listlessly. "She's here to have my son. He couldn't survive on our planet so they sent her back. He's due any moment. She wants to meet me tomorrow so we can discuss what we are going to do with him."

"Max, you know this is a trap," Liz whispered as Michael returned to the group.

"She's right," Michael agreed with a nod.

"We have to try. This is my son we are talking about," Max growled defensively.

"Maybe we can outsmart this girl and still get you your son," Bianca mused, trying to figure out a way of doing that.

"How?" Isabel asked cautiously. She didn't know these people but if they were willing to help them then she would listen.

"I have an idea," Katie began.


The next evening. . .

Jessie sighed as she walked down the hall. She tapped gently on the door and peeked in. Max froze, wiping his tears away. "Come in," he breathed gruffly.

Jessie opened the door a little more and met his dark eyes. "Dinner's ready."

He smiled warmly. "Thank you."

The girl couldn't stand this. She walked over to the brooding alien and gave him a hug. "Don't worry Max, things will work out."

From outside eyes had been watching. They faded into the night, anger and pain held within. He would pay for his betrayal and so would she.


Three hours later. . .

"Here goes nothing huh?" Jessie whispered as they drove into the depths of the New Mexico desert.

"We all have to be very careful. We don't know what traps she may have set," Max warned with a worried sigh.

"So where do we stop?" Kyle asked softly, keeping his eyes on the road.

"Here," Isabel whispered.

"Why?" Michael questioned.

"I feel it. She's telling us to stop here," she explained as the car rolled to a complete stop.

"Let's go," Michael instructed as he got out.

The others followed slowly, looking around for any traps. There was a sudden flash of light and they all froze. She approached them silently but she was not alone. Waving her hand, the other two forms walked in separate directions. "We do not want any trouble Tess," Max whispered.

"But you do want your son. There's only one way to get him Max. You'll have to go through me," she hissed, her blonde tresses wild in the breeze.

Max stared at the others. They needed more time. His eyes focused on Tess again as she balled up her fists. "Go, tear them apart," she instructed as two shadows slithered closer to the group.

One appeared in front of Jessie, smirking wildly as he backed away. Charging a lightning bolt, he released it in her direction.

"Jessie, look out!" Katie screamed, pushing her lover out of its path. She whimpered and fell to the ground, trembling from the impact.

The other shadow appeared, launching a fireball at the remaining members of the group. Michael hit the ground, taking Max with him. Maria and Liz watched from behind the car as the flames neared. Bianca frozen with fear, her doleful eyes transfixed on the molten death that awaited. Then she felt another body force her to the ground and whisper softly, "stay low to the ground."

The sphere soared past them and they sighed with relief. Bianca caught her breathe, staring into the eyes of her savior. She blushed lightly, pressing her lips to the woman's cheek. "Thanks."

Isabel smiled softly. "You're welcome."

Michael narrowed his eyes, redirecting the sphere at the shadow. It burst into flames as he focused his powers on the other one. Seeing him throw a ball of electricity his way he deflected it, sending the jolt back to the shadow. He saw the form scream and fall to the ground lifelessly. He now stared at Tess. "Hand the kid over Tess, I don't want to hurt you."

Tess looked around, frightened. "He's in one of the pods," she replied.

Michael nodded then knocked her out with a pipe. "That's for setting us up," he growled.

"Somebody! HELP!" Jessie cried, holding her girlfriend's lifeless form.

The others looked over at the two teens and their faces became pale. Max scurried over to them, kneeling beside the girl. "Jessie, let me help. I. . .I can heal her."

The girl nodded, moving out of his way. He concentrated silently, his hands over Katie's wound. Bright light emitted from his hands as the wound healed itself. He broke away, trying to keep some energy.

"This was ne hell of a night. What do you say we all get some rest?" Kyle suggested from behind his car.


The next morning. . .

"Wow, it's beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you Jess."

She leaned in and kissed the shorter girl's lips. With a smile she took another look at the sunrise and sighed. "I love you

"I love you too. We should go see if Bianca's up," Jessie whispered, taking her girl by the hand and leading her into the kitchen.

"Morning," Liz yawned, pouring a cup of coffee.

The two girl's nodded as the others slowly filed into the kitchen. Max met their eyes as he spoke, "before you go I have something I would like to say. Thank you for all of your help. Without all of you I wouldn't have my son. Katie, how are you feeling?"

"I feel great. Thank you for everything. We all really enjoyed meeting you guys," Katie replied happily.

"Maybe we'll stop by on the way back," Jessie added with a smile.

"You're always welcome here in Roswell chicas," Maria replied.

"It was nice meeting all of you. Have a safe journey," Isabel whispered as the three girls grabbed their bags.

"Take care," Bianca sighed as they left.

LA - City of Dreams

This is the third part of this series so stay tuned for the rest. It's a short one but there's more to come ~.^ Enjoy!


Her dark eyes focused on the endless road before her as the sun began to set. Pastels blushed across the sky as one of her companions stirred. "Where are we?"

"An hour outside LA. We'll be there soon."

"Thank goodness, I'm hungry," a voice groaned from the back seat.

"You're always hungry Katie," Jessie teased.


An hour later. . .

"Well, this looks like the cheapest we're gonna find," Jessie sighed.

"At least there's a restaurant across the street," Katie piped up as her stomach growled angrily.

"You are such a bottomless pit girl," Bianca laughed.

They all froze as ten men surrounded them. "What do we have here? Looks like we found us some dinner boys," one chuckled.

They closed in, showing their true faces. The three teens huddled closely, trembling with fear. Their hearts raced as the creatures neared them. They were facing death and it caused their blood to run cold. Would this be the end?

"Hey! Leave them alone," a voice warned.

They saw a man in their group bare the same horrid face the other ten did and closed their eyes. This couldn't be happening. Then the battle began as four forms circled the creatures. They wasted no time, moving in cautiously. All the girls could hear was fighting and cries of agony before silence. After defeating their opponents they approached the girls. "Are you three ok?" a soft female voice whispered.

Jessie was the first to open her eyes, meeting those of a brunette with blonde highlights. "I-I-I. . ."

"Shhh, it's ok. Would you girls like a place to stay for the night? We have a hotel so there's plenty of room and it's on a safer side of town," the woman offered.

Katie and Bianca looked up, still frightened. "W-W-Who are you? And what do you w-w-want?" the brunette stammered softly.

The woman smiled gently. "My name's Cordelia. This is Angel, Wes and Gunn. We're here to help you. You don't look like you're from around here. I'd feel better if you stayed with us tonight. At least you'll be safe."

"What were those things?" Katie gasped, barely above a whisper.

"Come with us and I'll explain everything."


Moments later. . .

"So they were. . .vampires?"


"Oh god, this is all too much," Jessie whined, clutching her head. "I think I'm getting a migraine."

Katie held her girlfriend closer as she spoke, "so you guys fight these creatures? I thought he was one of them."

"I am a vampire but I drink pigs blood. I have a soul and do everything in my power to get rid of the demons that hurt innocent people," Angel replied, flashing her his signature bad boy grin. What a cute young woman.

"It's just what we do girl," Gunn added as he sat beside Bianca with sly grin.

"Thank you," Bianca whispered, meeting Gunn's eyes. "We really appreciate it."

"So where you ladies from?" he asked smoothly.

"A long ways away from here. East coast," Katie answered.

"What are you doing all the way over here?" the British man asked curiously.

"I'm looking for a friend and they're looking for adventure. Well, it started out as a road trip but here we are, having sodas with a demon, a vampire, a thug, a geek and a British guy," Bianca mumbled, not liking the guys advances on her and her friends.

"A friend?" Cordi asked softly.

"Yeah. It's a long story. Maybe you guys can help me find her," Bianca replied, meeting the seers eyes.

"What makes you think we can help?" the brooding vampire questioned.

Bianca bowed her head. "Because you're the type of people she'd end up around."

Wesley raised a brow. "What might her name be?"

"Rain. . .Rain Wilkins."

"The witch?" Fred piped up.

Bianca instantly met the woman's eyes. "You know her?"

Angel nodded. "She passed through here a couple months ago. We saved her and she stayed with us for a few days. She went to Sunnydale to help our friends."

"Sunnydale?" Katie asked, a little confused. "Where's that?"

"Not too far from here," Fred replied as she wrote something down on a sheet of paper. "Here are the directions to the magik shop they hang out at. You should be able to find your friend there."

Bianca's face lit up. "Thank you so much."

"We'll go first thing tomorrow morning but I think we need some sleep," Katie interrupted.

"I'd have to agree. I'm exhausted," Wes yawned. "Cordelia, would you how them to their rooms?"



Meanwhile. . .

"Have they been found yet?"

"The Five Elements are almost in place master."

"How much longer?"

"Only a matter of days sire."

"Then we must prepare. The end of this pathetic planet is near!"

Hellmouths, Vampires and Demons, Oh My

This is the fourth part of this series so stay tuned for the rest.  There will definitely be at least one more ~.^  Enjoy!


Katie squinted then smiled.  “Looks like we’ve reached city limits girls.  Which way to that shop?”

Bianca mumbled, throwing the directions in Jessie’s lap.  Jessie laughed softly, unfolding the paper.  “Turn right up here.  It should be down that street,” Jessie replied.

After driving for a few more minutes they spotted the shop.  Katie parked across the street and waved her companions out.  “C’mon guys.  It’s daylight so we should be ok.”

Jessie and Bianca joined her as they made their way toward the shop.  Something didn’t feel right here.  It was far too quiet.  They looked around as they crept toward the door.

“And where do you think you’re going?” a voice roared and they froze.

The creature was very large with bloodied claws and razor sharp teeth.  “Oh fuck!  We’re gonna die,” Bianca squeaked, trying to shove the others in the door.

“Hey!  Your problems with me Torrent!” a female voice yelled, calling attention to herself.

The three girls watched as a blonde woman and a brunette circled the creature.  “C’mon big guy!  Show your stuff,” the brunette taunted.

The creature attacked fiercely but the two women, with their steadfast steel blades, defended their territory bravely.  Torrent, as he was apparently called, lashed out with threads of lightning, knocking both women down.  Chanting was then heard as the redhead of their group floated toward the atrocious beast, flames reaching through the sunlight to smack him back.  Another blonde began to chant as well, her dark haired companion swinging at the animal with a very broad, mystical looking axe.  A third voice joined the chanting as a force field surrounded the being.  The man backed away as the first two women jumped to their feet.  The barrier lowered and they sliced the demon in half.  He groaned and faded in a whirlwind of smoke as the group formed once more.

Bianca caught sight of one of the blondes and simply fainted.  Jessie caught her before she could hit the ground and stared up blankly.  They had to be in the right place.  Katie met their leaders eyes and whispered softly, “Thank you.”

The woman smiled softly.  “Sure thing.  I’m Buffy.  This is Faith, Xander, Anya, Willow and Tara,” she replied proudly as each one raised their hand when their name was called.

Katie sighed with relief.  It was great to be amongst friendly, semi-normal humans.  “Hi.  I’m Katie and that’s Jessie.  We’re looking for somebody by the name of Rain Wilkins.  Your friends in LA told us she was here.”

A dark haired woman crept out of the shop, meeting the younger teen’s eyes.  “I’m Rain Wilkins.  Who are you?”

Jessie growled in frustration as she tried to lift Bianca.  Xander laughed softly as he lifted her friend into his arms.  She smiled shyly, whispering softly, “it’s a really long story.  Could we talk about it somewhere a little more private?”

Buffy nodded.  “Good idea.  We can talk in the shop.  Come on in,” she offered, showing them in.

They all took seats as Xander set the unconscious brunette on one of the couches.  Buffy tilted her head at the girl and sighed.  “Who is she?”

Before Jessie or Katie could speak Rain stepped up, “her name’s Bianca Montgomery.  What are you two doing here and why is she with you?”

Katie met the woman’s eyes as she responded calmly, “my name’s Katie Singer and this is my girlfriend Jessie Sammler.  Bianca’s an old friend of mine and when I met up with her again I invited her to go on a road trip with us.”

Tara looked at the girl on the couch then back at the other two.  “W-Why did she freak out w-w-when she saw B-Buffy?” she stammered nervously.

“I’m not sure,” Jessie replied honestly, a bit nervous herself.

“So how’d you guys end up in Sunnydale?  It’s not really a vacation hot spot,” Willow joked, trying to lighten the mood.

“Bianca came looking for Rain.  We ran into some trouble in LA but this really nice lady, Cordelia , and her friends helped us out.  They told us we could find Rain here so here we are,” Katie replied nonchalantly.

“She came with you to find me?” Rain asked, very shocked.

“Yeah but that’s all I’ll say.  The rest she can say herself when she wakes up,” Katie confirmed.

Rain sighed softly.  “So what happened out there?”

“Two down, two to go.  Torrent had to split,” Faith snickered.

Buffy frowned.  “There are still two more out there.  We need to hunt them down before nightfall.  We’ve killed the stronger two so the others should be easy,” the slayer added.

“Think we can handle it B,” Faith whispered confidently.

Buffy shook her head.  “I think it would be better if I stayed here with our guests in case anything happens.  Why don’t you and the others go, I’m sure you can take them,” she instructed.

Faith nodded.  “Ok, c’mon troops!  It’s time to kick some demon ass,” she shouted as they all marched out to begin their demon hunt.


An hour later. . .

She smacked her lips together tiredly as consciousness set in.  She yawned, opening her eyes.  Seeing a familiar face she screamed and fell off the couch.  Katie bolted in, frantically looking around.  “What’s wrong?”

Bianca stared at the blonde in shock, muttering softly, “Since when did you go blonde?”

Buffy gave the girl a puzzled look as she let out a very confused, “huh?”

Jessie concentrated on Bianca, trying to calm her.  “Hon, who do you think she is?”

“That’s my sadistic, evil, hell spawn of a half sister, Kendall Hart,” the brunette seethed bitterly.

The blonde shook her head.  “Um, no.  I’m sorry if I scared you.  My name’s Buffy Summers.”

Bianca sighed with relief.  “Thank god!  I’m sorry about the way I acted.  If you knew my half sister you’d react the same way.  It’s just. . .You look exactly like her, except blonde.”

Buffy chuckled softly.  “It’s ok Bianca.”

Anya ran in, panting frantically, “Buffy!  Demon. . .Willow. . .”

Buffy was out the door before the demoness could finish.  The others followed her out, watching cautiously as Faith fought the demon.  Killing it easily, she looked over at the huddled crowd. 

Buffy ran over to the crowd, whispering worriedly, “how bad is it?”

Xander lifted his best friend, leading everyone back into the shop.  Setting her on the couch Bianca had been on, he sighed deeply.  “He just knocked her out.  Faith took him out before he could do anything else.”

“What did they want?” Katie asked fearfully.

“Th-They mentioned something about f-f-five elements,” Tara stuttered, kneeling beside her lover.

Anya sighed, pulling out several books.  “Looks like research time,” she chirped.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Jessie whispered.

Buffy nodded.  “See if you can find anything in any book about five elements.  If they were trying to take Will alive then that means they’re up to something.  Lets get to work.”


Four hours later. . .

Faith growled angrily, throwing a book at the wall.  “Damn witchcraft and their stupid elements!” she snarled heatedly.

“Maybe we should call Giles.  I mean, he’s the answer man, right?  Maybe we’re missing something,” Xander proposed.

Buffy nodded, already dialing the number.  Walking into the training room, she was relieved when he answered the phone.  After speaking with him for a moment she hung up and returned to the group.  “Their called The Five Maidens.  He said we have a book about them,” she informed.

Katie waved her hand excitedly.  “Right here!  This book talks about them in allot of detail.”

“So what are they?” Tara whispered as Willow began to stir.

“It says they’re five random human beings chosen at birth by these beings called the Powers to protect some kind of Spirit realm,” Katie explained.

Willow raised her head, whispering dryly, “is there anything else?”

Tara instantly eased her lover back onto the couch, cooing gently, “shhh, I’ll get you some water sweetie.”

“The rest is a journal thing about people who’ve been chosen before.  It talks about the powers they had and stuff,” Katie replied.

“Great.  We’ll see if we can find anything important in that book but for now I think we should all head home and get some sleep,” Buffy suggested, weary and starving.

“Hey Jess, you guys can crash at B’s place.  We got plenty of room, right?” Faith offered.

“Of course.  Just don’t mind my little sister Dawn, she’s a little weird.”


Two hours later at the Summer’s home. . .

“Hey Dawn.  I’m Jessie and this is my girlfriend Katie.”

“Hey.  It’s so cool to have a couple girls my age around here.  My sister is so lame sometimes,” the teen giggled happily.

“She doesn’t seem so bad but then again, I don’t have to live with her,” Katie snickered.

“No kidding,” Dawn agreed.  “Hey, you guys wanna check out my room?  I just got these really awesome Yugioh cards.”

“OMG!  You duel?” Jessie squeaked with delight as her eyes lit up.

“Hell yeah!” Dawn replied, showing them to her room.


Meanwhile in another room. . .

“Bianca. . .”

“You don’t have to say anything Rain.  I understand.”

“No, you don’t.  I love you Bianca.  I’ve loved you since the day we first met.  I still love you and I won’t stop loving you.  No matter how much money your mother throws at me,” the brunette whispered, near tears.  She had to get this out.

“Rain. . .” Bianca whispered before pulling the girl into a hug.  Embracing her tightly, she continued, “I came here to find you Rain.  I’ve been through allot and through all of it you were there, in my heart.  Now that I have you again I’m not letting go.  I graduate soon and Sunnydale U will so accept me.”

Rain held on gently with a soft sigh.  “Are you sure your mom won’t flip?”

“She can flip all she wants.  I’ll be 18 so she won’t be able to control me anymore.  Besides, she knows I can make my own decisions.  I’ve proved it.”


A couple hours later. . .

“Psssst!  Bianca.”

The brunette stirred, following the beckoning voice.  “What?”

“You wanna go with us to the Bronze?” Dawn whispered with inquiring eyes.

The girl grinned wildly.  “Sure,” she whispered, climbing out the window and down to where her friends were.


Early morning at the Summer’s Residence. . .

They crept into the front yard and paused before the door.  “Ok, we all go in different entrances and if anyone gets caught you know nothing, understood?”

The others nodded a confirmation.  They each went a different direction, leaving one behind to scale up the wall to the window on the second floor.  Taking a deep breath, the form got closer to the wall.  A blunt object met the figure’s head before it collapsed.


The next morning. . .

With a long yawn, she stretched like a cat then rolled out of bed.  After making a quick stop in the bathroom, she headed to one of the guest rooms.  The door was open so she peeked her head in, calling softly, “Bianca?”

Not getting an answer she raised a brow and headed downstairs.  She stumbled into the kitchen, yawning again.  “Hey, have any of you guys seen Bianca this morning?”

Faith looked around then shook her head.  “Nope, haven’t seen her since last night.”

“Hmmh, I just checked her room to see if she was up but she’s not there,” the young brunette admitted.

“Don’t worry about it Dawn, she probably just went for a walk,” Rain replied, trying to ease the girls worry.  Bianca was a big girl, she could take care of herself.


That afternoon at the Magic Box. . .

“So what do we do now Buff?  We don’t really have any leads here,” Xander muttered, truly concerned.

The blonde Slayer sighed.  “I don’t know. . .” she paused, looking around.  “Where’s Bianca?”

Rain frowned.  “We don’t know.  I have a bad feeling about this Buffy.  It’s not like her to leave and not tell anyone where she’s going.”

“She’s been captured by Valorian dracons,” a voice informed from the open door.

“GILES!” Buffy squeaked happily as she threw her arms around him.

He laughed softly.  “It’s very nice to see you as well Buffy but we have more pressing matters at hand.  We must find the maidens and stop these accursed demons before they achieve their mission.”

“Valorian dracons have a mission?  I just thought they were worthless bottom feeders” Anya replied, still perky as ever.

“Their existence weighs heavily on the maidens and the Spirit realm.  They were created to one day take over the Spirit realm and force every being with a soul to obey them,” he sighed.

“People just don’t get tired of trying to take over the world.  And these guys are getting creative.  So how do we stop them?” the blonde slayer questioned.

“We must prevent them from capturing the Five Maidens.  They will receive their powers tonight and if the demons can retrieve all five of them they will open the Spirit realm,” he explained.

“Do we know who they are?” Willow chirped.

“And what does this have to do with Bianca?” Rain whispered.

All of their attention shifted as Faith bolted through the door.  Her breaths were jagged as she handed Rain a note.  The witch read it then met wondering stares.  “They have Bianca and they plan on finding the others.  We must move quickly.”

Giles smiled at the other’s confused gazes.  “Your friend Bianca is one of the Maidens.  Spirit.  There’s said to be a medallion which detects these maidens,” he informed.

“So how do we get it?” Buffy asked, knowing there had to be some kind of catch.

“Put your hands out,” Anya instructed.

The Slayer quirked a brow and put her hands out.  “Now what?”

The demoness grinned as she set a small gold pendent in the Slayer’s hand.  “Now you have it.”

“Well that was easier than I thought,” the Slayer snickered.

The medallion then began to shimmer as four of the five gems on it illuminated different colors.  Xander was the first to notice this and promptly brought this to the other’s attention.  “Uh, guys, why’s the little pendant thing going nuts?”

“Four of the Maidens must be near,” Giles mused.  Then he noticed two faces he wasn’t familiar with.  “Buffy, who are your friends?”

“Their friends of Bianca’s.  That’s Jessie and her girlfriend Katie.  Guys, this is my ex-watcher Giles,” the blonde replied as she examined the device.

“Pleased to meet you Mr. Giles,” two voices chorused.


“Hey, what’s that?” Willow asked, pointing at the back of the object her best friend held.

The others looked at the symbol but nobody said a word.  After a moment Katie inspected the symbol closely.  It seemed familiar.  “I’ve seen it before but I’m not sure where,” she sighed

Jessie peered over her girlfriend’s shoulder and giggled.  “That looks kinda like my birthmark.”

“Th-That must be the symbol of the Maidens.  W-W-Which means. . .” Tara stuttered, pausing before she finished her sentence.

Giles met Rains eyes and asked softly, “did your friend Bianca have any marks like that?”

“Yes.  She has a tattoo of the symbol.  She drew it herself,” the brunette witch replied.

The ex-watcher turned his attention to Jessie and smiled.  “Jessie, would you mind doing something for me?”

The teen stood up and smiled.  “As long as I don’t have to sing ‘Where’s the Love’ I’d be more than happy,” she joked, getting snickers from everyone who knew what she was talking about.

The older man stared in confusion then spoke softly, “would you take this into the training room and tell use what happens?”

“Uh, sure.”


Moments Later. . .

“All of the gems dimmed accept the yellow one.  It was weird.”

“Did all of them completely stop glowing or did they fade slightly?” Willow probed.

“Hmmm,” the Brit pondered.  “This means you’re the Air Maiden as are three others in this room or just outside this shop,” he concluded.

“Well it’s not me.  I’m a demon,” Anya declared proudly

“It can’t be me or Faith.  We’re Slayers,” Buffy added.

“Katie’s a Maiden too but I’m not saying any more than that,” Jessie revealed with a sly grin.

The others chuckled as Willow studied the symbol then met their eyes.  “I have a symbol like that on my arm but you can only see it if you’re checking for a vein,” she admitted.

All eyes fell on Tara.  She smiled softly, whispering, “I’ve never seen that mark before.  Unless there’s an innocent outside the shop I guess I’m the only one left.”

Willow blushed as she remembered where she’d seen that symbol before.  “Um, actually, you do have a mark like that, if you connect the freckles on your back.”

The blonde witch blushed, shyly murmuring, “s-s-so what can w-we do?”

“We should prepare for battle.  We must get Bianca back yet at the same time avoid any confrontation with them until we’re ready.  But it’s your call Buffy,” the ex-watcher replied.

Buffy nodded.  “Ok.  First we see who posses what elements and then we train.  Faith, check the streets for info.  Maybe we can find out where they’re keeping Bianca.  Jessie, Willow, Katie and Tara, you guys go in the training room and train.  You won’t get your powers until tonight but it doesn’t hurt to be ready with magik just in case.  Rain, see if you can get me a layout of the most common hide outs in Sunnydale.  The High school is our best bet but see what else you can find.  Giles and I will be here figuring out what we’re gonna do when we do go in for the fight.  If anything happens, contact us as soon as you can.  Lets do this,” the Slayer instructed.


That night. . .

“Ok guys, are you sure you’re ready for this?  I think me and Faith can handle them if you guys wanna stay behind,” Buffy whispered as they approached the battle field.  Rain and Faith had both gathered sufficient evidence on Bianca’s whereabouts and judging by the heard of chanting demons they had been correct.  The Slayer knew this should be easy but she also had a bad feeling.  That was why she wanted the teens to stay behind.

“You’re not getting rid of us that easily Buffy.  We’re in this together,” Jessie replied boldly.  This new situation had forced her to think more like an adult and rise above.  She was part of something so precious and ancient yet she was merely a girl.  She had learned much already but worries of returning home were already plaguing her.

Faith smiled.  “Lets go,” she instructed as she lead them in.

They crept, silent as a murder before the strike.  Though none of them made a sound the demons knew they were amongst the trees.  They closed in, surrounding the group but they would not succumb to evil.  They were born to fight and they would shed blood if it was necessary.  The Chosen Two held their friends back, silently instructing them to prepare their attacks.

The Slayers met each other’s eyes and smiled a strategy.  Each took a different direction, destroying anything in their paths.  But soon hordes flooded the battleground and they were too outnumbered.

“Faith!  Buffy!  Get out of there!” Willow screamed, fearing her friends would not make it out alive.  Then she too was in distress.  Demons had surrounded them and all her, Tara, Anya and Rain could do was try to keep them from Jessie and Katie.  One demon made its past their assault and dove at Katie.  He grumbled in surprise when he found himself flying into a tree.

“Stay away from my girl,” Jessie warned, using her newly acquired telekinesis to throw a few others around.

Katie wrapped her arms around her girlfriend, whispering unsteadily, “thanks Billie.”

Giles smiled proudly.  “Harness your powers now.  It’s our only hope,” he instructed.

“Giles, I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.  I mean, we don’t really know what we’re capable of,” Willow protested.

Demons swarmed toward the small group, plowing right over Buffy.  They began to circle the fallen Slayer.  At seeing this Katie became furious.  “Stay away from her,” she growled, slivers of ice raining down on them.

Buffy jumped to her feet, waving a thanks as she began to fight once more.  She motioned for them to retreat and slowly backed away, drawing closer to the small group.  Just then they all heard a scream, their attention now on Faith who lay lifeless on the ground clutching her side.  Willow’s stare became distant as a wave of fire sliced through hundreds of demons.  The remaining demons fled, as Buffy rushed over to Faith side.  “Faith, can you hear me?”

Rain panted slowly, watching the vanishing shadows in the distance for a moment.  She made her way to Bianca’s side, untying her.  “You ok?”

The fallen Slayer coughed up blood, spitting it out before speaking.  “B. . .take care of them.  They. . .they need you.”

Tears filled the blonde’s eyes as she touched her lover’s cheek.  “Faith, baby, don’t leave me.  I need you.”

Bianca saw the two Slayers and ran toward them like the wind.  Kneeling beside Buffy, she met her gaze.  “She’s not going anywhere.  May I?”

Buffy nodded as Bianca placed her hands over the other brunette’s wound.  Breathing deeply her hands began to glow a pastel purple.  Moments later she backed away and they all watched in astonishment as Faith opened her eyes.  She blinked in confusion as her girlfriend helped her up.

Anya raised a brow and tapped Bianca on the shoulder.  “How did you do that?”

Bianca smiled.  “I heard the demons talking about my power, which is healing.  It felt kinda weird but it was like I’ve known how to heal my entire life.”

Buffy cupped the other Slayer’s face in her hands and kissed her gently, murmuring between kisses, “don’t. . .you. . .ever. . .scare. . .me. . .like that. . .again!”

“I hate being the barer of bad news but I honestly don’t believe this is over,” Giles sighed as the group gathered together again.

“Giles is right.  Th-That was too easy,” Tara agreed as Willow leaned against her.

“We should get some sleep,” Rain suggested as they headed toward the Summers residence.

Battle to the Death

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A week later. . .

“Rrrrrh!  Why are these damn demons taking their sweet time!” Jessie whined in frustration as the table began to tremble.

“Easy there Jess.  I think they’re planning something big,” Rain sighed, looking around at the others.

“They ain’t planing, they’re preparing,” Faith replied darkly.

“What d-do you mean,” Tara murmured, still getting use to being a living target.

“They know Red sets things on fire, Billie throws shit around with her mind, Binks heals and Kat over there flings ice.  They figure if they can find a way to avoid those powers, they can win,” the raven haired Slayer explained.

“We need to train.  If we’re all gonna work together to beat these guys we need to be ready.  You Maidens have to get use to your powers before I get you anywhere near a battlefield.  We can’t afford to make any mistakes,” Buffy added.

“Um, in case you guys don’t remember, the demons didn’t see Tara’s powers,” Bianca whispered.

“Hey!  She could be our secret weapon.  They don’t even know she’s a maiden,” Willow suggested, smiling brightly at her lover.

“Very brilliant idea Willow.  Buffy is right, however.  You should train but it’s not safe to train here.  I’m sure you have powers still hidden within and I’d hate for those powers to be unleashed in this shop.  I know of a place where we will all be safe.  We’ll leave at dawn.”


Later. . .

“Whoa, where are we?” Katie whispered in amazement.  The vast stretch of land was blanketed with green grass and large, flowing trees.  She’d never imagined Sunnydale could be so beautiful.

“This is a secret realm the Powers created as training grounds for Slayer who made it that far.  It’s protected by magik which allows nothing to be harmed within its fields.  It won’t allow anything to pass through it without proper preparation and code,” Giles explained as he lead them into an open field of nothingness.

“This place is wicked cool Old English,” Faith stated as she saw a pile of wood and basic tools.  That could prove useful.

The man smiled.  “Let’s get started.  Willow and Katie, you two find a spot and train.  Your elements are exact opposites, therefore it’s only logical to have the both of you testing those powers on each other,” he instructed.

As the two Maidens walked off together the Slayers approached him.  “Hey Giles, we were thinking we should set up a training course for us Slayers.  I mean, we don’t have any weapon or equipment but we still need to train,” Buffy reasoned.

“Actually I did bring weapons but a course is a good idea.  Jessie, go with them and help them build.  It should strengthen your telekinesis,” he ordered.

As they walked off Bianca suddenly felt alone.  With a deep sigh of helplessness, she whispered, “so what can I help with?”

“You will be helping Tara,” the ex-watcher explained.

“Helping her with what?” the brunette asked.

As if on queue Tara let out a frustrated growl.  “Damn!  Why won’t these damn powers work?  I’m useless as a secret weapon if I can’t control my own powers.”

“Bianca, hit Tara,” he instructed.

Both women stared at him blankly, mumbling in unison, “huh?”

The Brit smirked.  “All of your powers are directly linked to your emotions which is why the others have used theirs and you haven’t.  We need to test your emotions to tap into your powers,” he explained.

Bianca took a deep breathe as she met the blonde’s gaze.  “Sorry about this,” she whispered as she hit the girl in the arm.

Tara just flinched, watching as the brunette clutched her hand and mumbled “ow” a few hundred times.  The witch looked over at the ex-watcher.  “That didn’t work.  So what now?”

Then they all heard Willow yelp in pain as she landed on her backside.  The Earth began to quake, trembling just enough to make Katie lose her balance and fall to the ground.  Willow stood, helping her sparring partner up.  They both looked over at Tara who seemed pretty embarrassed.  “Sorry about that,” she called to them.

They both smiled.  “It’s ok,” Katie replied as she watched Jessie jog over to where Giles stood.

“The Slayers are all set up and training Mr. Giles,” she informed before blowing a kiss to her girlfriend.

Katie caught the kiss and put it in her pocket with a grin.  Her Billie was so cute.  Her eyes met Willow’s and they nodded.  They had to train some more.

Giles looked down at the girl and nodded.  “Good.  Now you will train with Tara to see what else you’re both capable of.”

“What do you mean?” Jessie asked, a little confused.

“Each Maiden possesses powers according to their element.  It’s easier for Willow and Katie because their elements are fire and water.  In the book of the Maidens it showed every generation of fire and water have possessed very similar powers.  But air and Earth are more unpredictable.  Their powers have been scattered, with no correlation whatsoever,” he explained.

The girl nodded.  “Ok.  We’ll see what we can unlock,” she assured as she walked over to Tara and Bianca.

Bianca frowned as she sulked toward Giles.  “So what can I help with now?  I’m kinda a fifth wheel since nobody can get hurt here.”

“This is true but I do have a few exercises for your powers.  Follow me,” he instructed.


The next afternoon. . .

The bell on the door rang as a smoldering form raced in.  Patting the flames out he met questioning gazes.

“What do you want Spike?” Buffy sighed, eyeing him carefully.  She still didn’t completely trust him.

“I’ve got info.  Seems them demons of yours are plannin somthin huge,” he replied arrogantly.

“When and where?” Faith demanded, glaring at him.

“Tonight just outside Sunnydale.   If ya need a lift, I’ve got the ride,” he offered.

“Th-That sounds like a good idea,” Tara whispered.

Giles nodded.  “I agree.  Unfortunately there’s not enough room in my car so Spike’s van would be the next best option.

“Right then.  Meet me at my crypt at sunset,” he replied before throwing his coat over his face.  He then opened the door and made a mad dash for the shade.

Katie met Rain’s eyes, slightly concerned by the vibes she was getting from the man.  “Can we trust him?”

“Yes,” she replied simply.

“How can we be sure?” Jessie probed, more aware of the man’s emotions than she was comfortable with.

Buffy ran her fingers through her hair.  She hated to admit it but Spike was more of an asset than a threat.  “He has a chip in his head.  It makes it impossible for him to hurt any human.”

“A vampire with no bite?  Man, that must really piss him off,” Bianca laughed, amused at the concept.

“It does but he’s changing.  I can feel it,” Jessie murmured.

“You can feel it?” Faith asked.

“Yeah.  It must be connected to my powers,” the girl explained.


Sunset. . .

They moved faster than lighting, rubber squealing like thunder as they came to a halt.  “We’re here.”

“Why’d you stop?  I don’t see anyone around here?” Jessie questioned, not even feeling any demons aside from the vampire.

“We’re just outside the demon gathering grounds.  Figured we better think up some plan for we go chargin in,” the vampire replied.

Buffy nodded.  “We should split up,” she suggested.

“How should we split up?” Willow mused, taking a quick count of how many fighters they had.

“We’ll divide into four groups of three.  Then we can close in from the four elemental directions.  Faith, Tara & Anya will cover the north, Buffy, Willow & Bianca down south, Spike, Katie & Rain to the west & Jessie, Xander and myself will be to the east,” the ex-Watcher replied, gesturing with his hands as he spoke.

“So what’s the go signal?  We don’t want them knowin we’re comin,” Faith asked.

Jessie perked up.  “I could reach all of you telepathically!  Giles can tell me when and I could send some kind of message if you guys don’t mind.”

“Ok, let’s do this,” Buffy agreed as they split up and spread out.

When they were all in position, Giles nodded to Jessie.  She concentrated, focusing her energy on the auras of her friends.  A feeling of mixed emotions attacked her system and she clutched her head.  Regaining her composure, she tried again.  This time she heard her own voice as if it were on a loudspeaker.  She opened her eyes to find Giles grinning at her.  “Did I do it?”

“You did very well Jessie,” he whispered.

On the battlefield Tara was the first to surface.  The demons didn’t see her until they were rooted to the ground.  The next to appear was Willow who bombarded them with a rain of fire.

The others attacked full force, destroying the few who remained.  Though the battlefield was now a pit of fire the demons would not succumb.  The survivors gathered close, preparing their attack.

Katie grinned as she approached.  “Let me handle this guys.”

They all stepped back as the girl focused her powers.  After a moment of silence she turned around.  “Run!” she whispered, only loud enough for her allies to hear.

They trusted her words and didn’t stop running until they reached Spike’s van.  They felt the Earth tremble as a wave of white showered their enemies.  There was silence as they stared at her.  “What just happened?” a very confused Faith asked.

“I thought they needed to cool down.  Hope the avalanche wasn’t overkill,” Katie bragged proudly.


Later at the Summer’s residence. . .

Katie sighed, flopping down on the couch next to her girlfriend.  “That was fun!”

“Yeah, we should do that again some time,” Jessie giggled hyperly, still buzzing on the adrenaline from the fight.

“Ya know what B, I like these chicks.  They ain’t half bad.  Maybe we could team up again,” the raven haired Slayer announced with a shrug.

Buffy snickered at the blank stares the girls were giving her.  The entire time they’d known Faith she hadn’t been very friendly and now she was nice.  “Don’t be so shocked guys.  Faith’s like that.  I think what she’s trying to say is that you’re welcome back any time.  I’d love to see you guys again.  It’s been great meeting all of you.  So how long do you guys plan on staying?” Buffy murmured, knowing they all had lives to go back to.

“Well, Jess still has a year left of school but I’m sure we’ll be back.  I mean, this place is so cool and if it weren’t for you guys we wouldn’t know about our special abilities.  It’s really made me look at myself and what I plan on doing for the rest of my life.  I can’t speak for Jess but I want to come back, go to Sunnydale U and help you guys kick ass.  It’s a life I want,” Katie confessed, meeting her girlfriend’s gaze worriedly.

Jessie smiled.  “Yeah, Sunnydale seems like the place for me.  I’m not really a fighter but if I can help then I will.  I’ll be back after school finishes up.  I still don’t know what I wanna be but I do know it’s gonna be here,” she assured, caressing her lover’s cheek.

“What about you B-Bianca?” Tara whispered.

“I’m saying goodbye to Pine Valley once and for all.  There’s nothing there for me anymore.  My mom’s gonna freak but this is my decision and she’ll just have to deal with it.  I’m putting in an application at Sunnydale University and with my grades they’ll beg me to go to school there. I should be back in a couple weeks,” Bianca explained, clearly set on her decision.

“I’m gonna miss you guys,”  Willow whined, sad to see her new friends go.

“We’ll keep in touch,” Jessie sighed, hugging the redhead.

“You better or I’ll hunt you down,” Faith warned jokingly.

The room filled with laughter before falling into a saddened silence.  It was time for them to depart.  “Well, we better head out,” Katie mumbled reluctantly, not wanting to leave such a wonderful place.

“You guys be careful,” Willow instructed, worried about the extensive journey the girls would have to make.

“We will.  See you guys in a couple weeks,” Bianca replied as she and the other two walked out to the car.


A week later at the Sammler home. . .

“So girls, how was your trip?” Lily asked as she passed the mashed potatoes to Rick.

Jessie met her girlfriend’s knowing gaze with a wry grin.  She would not tell them of the things they had encountered on their journey for these simple humans would not understand such tails.  Her voice was steady and joyful as she spoke, “It was awesome Lily.  We met the coolest people in California.  I think after I graduate I wanna go back and see them again.”

“Really?  What kind of ‘cool’ people?” Rick probed, sensing something different in his daughter’s voice.

“They were just a group of college kids.  They gave us a tour around campus, showed us the local clubs and hung out with us.  It was totally awesome,” Katie answered, covering for both of them.  She too knew it would be pointless to tell these people of their discovery.

“They must be freaks if they hung out with you two,” Grace sneered, still jealous that Jessie has been allowed to go cross country while she was stuck at home all summer.

“Grace, don’t talk to her like that!” Lily scolded, slightly angry at the girls attitude.

Grace rolled her eyes, muttering sourly, “whatever.”

~<>~ Th END ~<>~

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