Title: Questions

Author: Mel M./Misty AKA SSailorUranuss@aol.com

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Pairing: Who else? Starfire/Raven

Rating: R for some f/f romance

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"I do not mean to intrude upon your meditation friend, but may I ask a question?" she asked from the cross legged position she sat in next to the smaller form.

One pale eyelid drifted open, pupil eyeing the redhead cautiously.  It was futile.  She could not avoid the girl forever.  It had been an entire week since they had switched bodies.  The thought still disturbed the empath.  She could not let that incident effect her judgement.  She inhaled slowly, deeply before releasing her reply, completely relaxed in demeanor, "what is it Starfire?"

"Do you trust me?" the Tameranian chirped almost too innocently.  The boys were "doing the hanging out", leaving them here alone.  Since their encounter she had thought of Raven more than she knew just a friend would.  More intimately.  On her planet it was a natural, widely accepted connection between two untamed souls but on this planet it was frowned upon.  This she did not understand.

The tone tightened Raven's muscles as she felt abnormal feelings coming from her team mate.  Her own voice replied suspiciously, "what are you up to?"

Starfire used instant flight to raise her limber body from the floor to a standing position.  Not bothering to smooth her skirt, she took a few steps.  She stopped before the cloaked girl and knelt.  Her pleading eyes carried something the empath could not pinpoint.  "Do you trust me, friend?"

As firm tan thighs brushed past one side, the empath's heart jumped.  She could not allow herself to think that way.  She was a friend.  The look her eyes found upon opening gave her an awkward feeling.  Why was she so jumpy?  With interest and honesty, she spoke, "yes.  Why do you ask?"

"Indefinitely?" the taller girl probed.  She studied the befuddled expression her pale skinned friend was showing.  But she was quickly distracted by the girl's strained cheeks, showing off the delicate bone structure that sculpted her perfect white face.  Lost violet pools peered as she examined Raven's gaping mouth, slender lips and pink tongue which was hidden behind slightly parted teeth.

"Is there a reason I shouldn't?" Raven's voice cracked slightly, the nervous energy running rampant inside her small body.  This was becoming dangerous.  If she got too emotional things would start blowing up.  She took a few long breathes as she waited impatiently.

"If you do trust me friend, please close your eyes," the princess coaxed in an almost sultry tone of voice.

The cloaked girl was weary but she did as requested.  That is, until she felt powder soft lips uneasy against her own.  Her mind began a protest which her body completely ignored as she pulled the taller girl closer.  A shy, delicate tongue traced her lips, causing the tiniest of gasps.

Starfire took the pale girl's mouth, exploring every inch of the warmth.  She pulled back for one breath before leaning in for more.  The girl was a drug and the princess indulged.  Her stronger body eased the empath onto her back, her muscled thigh tight against the cloth between Raven's legs.

Pale lids rose in panic, her small body launching her in a sitting position, bathed in sweat.  A dream.  A huff of relief left her lungs as she massaged the bridge of her nose.  It was the third time this week the dream had surfaced and Raven was deeply afraid.  Starfire was her friend and that was how it would stay.

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