Series: Destiny Series

Title:  Primal Scream A New Beginning

Author:  Mel M./Misty


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Pairing:  Wolf/Huntress

Rating:  NC-17ish

Summary:  What if things had happened differently after Colin took Huntress down in “Primal Scream”?  This is what I think could have taken place.

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Primal Scream A New Beginning

Helena hung from cold metal chains.  The boys had left her with Wolf.  They were off getting their toys.  Wolf eyed the Huntress carefully.  Walking over to Reese, she struck him with her elbow, rendering him unconscious.  Returning her attention back to the woman, she stalked over to her hanging form.  Leaning in, she whispered hotly, “I can help you get the boys and get out safely.  I’ll even tell you how to save the cop.  But I don’t do my magik for free.”

Helena narrowed her eyes.  What did this attractive, vindictive, edgy blonde want from her?  Taking a breath, she mumbled, “what’s the price?”

Wolf smirked.  ‘This is where it gets fun,’ she thought, pulling the woman to her.  “Hmmm, what do I want.  Huntress.  Yes, you heard right Cat.  I want you.”

Helena trembled.  If she could save her friends and catch the bad guys she was willing to sacrifice herself but she wasn’t so sure her pride could handle that kind of big a blow.  “I’ll do anything,” she hissed as she felt the blonde’s plush lips on her tanned neck.

“Mmmmh, good.  Don’t whimper too much kitten, you might miss a key part in saving your friends,” she growled, nipping at the flesh.

“I’m listening,” Huntress sighed breathlessly.

“When the boys get back you take our leader and I can handle the rest,” the blonde began, massaging the woman thighs from behind.

“H-How?” Cat stuttered, enjoying this game a bit too much.  She was falling into ecstasy.

“They all wear this ring and collar combo.  I have the control that’ll paralyze them. Colin’s the only one who doesn’t wear one.  And tomorrow I can help you bag the big boss,” Wolf breathed, one hand pressing gently onto the leather between Cat’s legs.

“Oh,” Huntress nearly moaned.  “Wolf!  Mmmh, what’s in it for you?” she purred, her body on fire.

“Call me Lucy, baby.  You’re in it for me.  We’re the same Huntress, can’t you see that?” Wolf growled, her eyes changing to wolf eyes as she pressed two finger into the leather.

“Oh yes,” Huntress moaned, throwing her head back.  “You’re a meta human like me?  Mmmh, maybe we could work together more often.”

“We will be.  Now get ready.  The boys will be back soon so I have to go quick.  After I disable the others, tie all of them up while I help the boy in blue get free from his chains.  Then we’re on our way,” she rushed, moving the fingers a bit.

“Uh, I’m ready,” Huntress groaned.

“Then be quick.  Here they come,” the blonde informed, rubbing the leather before completely backing away.

Huntress regained focus.  Remembering everything Lucy had said, she waited for the right moment. Colin walked in, stun gun in hand.  Inching closer, he grinned wickedly.  “Well looky here.  We have a Cat who’s come to the end of her nine lives,” he chuckled, raising the voltage.

“Not yet,” Huntress growled, grabbing him by the neck with her legs as Wolf disabled the others.

Lucy unlocked the chains that bound Reese.  Dinah burst through the door, panting as she stormed in.  “Did I miss anything?”

“Just the fight,” Huntress teased.  “Maybe we should get back to the tower.”

“Um, sure.  Is she coming too?” the teen asked, pointing at Lucy.

“Yeah,” Huntress answered, grinning wildly.


Later in the Clocktower. . .

“Huntress, I lost contact. . .” Oracle paused.  “Who’s this?”

“Lucy, this is Barbra AKA Oracle.  She runs the show.  Lucy helped me and Reese get the hell outta dodge.  She wants to work with us.  She can get into places we can’t, she’s street savvy and she has meta powers matching mine with wolf instincts.  What do you say, room for one more?” Huntress inquired.

Barbra sighed.  They could surely use the help but was she a risk to all of them.  She knew by the look in Helena’s eyes this was a no win situation.  It was her way or no way.  Nodding her head, she returned to the Delphi System.  “We’ll need her help.  I’ve cornered our bad girl, narrowed it down a bit.  She’s wreaking havoc in New Gotham and we have to stop her.  It looks like she’s on her way to free the Joker but that won’t happen for a few days.  He’s currently in solitary confinement for bad behavior.  We have three days to take her and all of her henchmen down.  Think you can handle it Lu?  I suggest you all get some sleep tonight.  Tomorrow’s gonna be long and possibly painful,” Oracle replied coolly, trusting Helena’s instincts.

“I can handle anything Oracle,” the girl replied, flashing her wolf eyes briefly.  As her eyes returned to normal, she replied “thank you Barbra.  I promise I’ll be an asset to the team.”

“I’m sure you will.  I hope you have your own place though because there’s not enough room here for all of us,” Barbra teased, knowing the woman would be staying with Helena.

“She could always stay with me,” Helena offered with her trademark Huntress grin.

“Thanks,” Lucy whispered.

“Oh by the way, I’m Dinah,” the teen introduced.

Lucy smiled.  “Pleased to formally meet you Dinah.  Just to let you all know, when we’re out there my codename’s Wolf.”

“That’s very helpful.  I was wondering what we were gonna call you.  Well, we all better get some rest.  We need it.  Good nights work girls,” Barbra replied, wheeling to her bedroom as Dinah headed off.  Helena smiled, walking onto the balcony.

“Time to fly wolf.  Keep up if you can,” Huntress purred in a throaty whisper as she jumped off the building and into the night.  Wolf gave chase, making it to Helena’s apartment in record timing.

Walking in, the blonde smiled.  “So where do I crash?” she growled softly, already knowing the answer.

“In my bed with me,” Helena stated boldly.

Lucy went into the room, flopping herself onto the bed.  “It’s comfy,” she yelled.  “But the light is a bit bright.”

“That can be changed,” Helena whispered as she dimmed the lights.  Straddling the woman’s hips, she purred, “sorry it’s a little cold in here.  Just thought we could heat things up a bit.”

Lucy pulled the raven haired angel to her lips, kissing her passionately before breathing hoarsely, “we can set this place on fire kitten, I’m ready.”

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