Title: Mental Training  (Mel style)

Author: Melanie M./Shai/Misty

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Summery:  Buffy must undergo a special type of training and her opponent is. . .Willow!


From the beginning of time it was known to the Watcher's Council that their warrior against the dark evil, the slayer, would eventually face warriors of darkness that were far superior than the slayer. In those battles the slayer's body would turn traitor, begging her to give up so she could die and the pain could cease. It would be a contest of wills and only the slayer's will to survive would make her victorious. The task for the Council was to create a scenario that presented this contest of wills.

The first scenario the Council members came up with, was like this: They would drug the slayer and take away her slayer powers. Then make her face a vampire alone and without weapons. That scenario was quickly rejected due to the fact that they would loose to many slayers and it was inhumane, wasn't it? The Council members spent days figuring out a scenario in which the body would turn traitor against the mind.

What could it be … then it came to them: SEX. The Council soon came up with the scenario that throughout history was known as "Mental training". The scenario has been feared and enjoyed among the slayers that lived long enough to try it….

And now the fic.

Giles paced in the Magic Box as he waited.  How could they ask him to do something like THAT with HER?  It was obscene.  There was a knock at the back door and the watcher rushed to it.  He ushered the redhead in and sat her down.

“I got here ASAP,” Willow panted, indicating she’d been running. “What’s up Giles?” she questioned with worry stricken features.

“The council.  They have recently informed me of a special type of training the slayer must undergo.  A task known as mental training,” he explained in a somber tone.

“So, what is this training and what’s the problem,”  Willow asked, baffled.

The watcher squinted his eyes and handed the girl a paper.  As she read the watcher began to pace again.  Willow’s eyes widened as she read aloud “There are two people involved a teacher and the slayer . The teacher's mission is to seduce its unwilling slayer into having sex with him/her. The teacher is only allowed to caress and blow at the target sensitive areas of the body. The mission is only complete when the subject begs the teacher to have sex with her. The body wins over the mind.”

“Why did you ask me to come here?” the witch murmured, mentally knowing the answer.

“Buffy is a very beautiful girl,” Giles began, “but she’s like a daughter to me.  Willow, I can’t do that.”

“Giles, you don’t mean. . .” Giles cut her off with a nodding gesture.

Willow couldn’t deny she wanted Buffy and this was a perfect opportunity but she didn’t want to hurt Tara.  She knew how it felt thanks to Oz and she refused to put somebody she loved so much in that kind of pain.  “I need to talk to Tara,” was all she could manage before standing to leave.  Giles nodded and saw her on her way.

Giles smiled internally.  He knew Willow would do anything for Buffy and this task would not only test their friendship but also Willow’s relationship with Tara.  That was why he ask the witch instead of Angel.  Angel and Willow were the only two that were close enough to Buffy, aside from himself, that could actually get close enough to pull this off.


“Tara,” Willow whispered as she caressed the girls hair.

“Yeah,” the other witch whispered back. 

“I’ve been asked to help Buffy do a special type of training,” Will explained.

Tara smiled, “That just means your special but I already knew that.  So what’s the problem?”

“It involves seducing her,” the redhead choked.

“D-do y-you l-l-love h-her?” Tara pouted and gazed into her lovers eyes.

“Not the way I love you.  I need to know this is ok with you,” she returned Tara’s gaze then let her eyes fall in shame.  Could she be asking too much?

“Can I help?  You’ll need a tool to seduce her with and I have a wonderful idea on what to use,” the blonde whispered cutely.  What didn’t kill you made you stronger, right?  Willow looked up is shock.  ‘By the goddess, I never expected to hear her say that.  I know she loves me and I love her.  If we can make it through this we can make it through anything,’ she thought before speaking.

“Really?  What did you have in mind?”


“I’m glad you showed up,” Willow said softly, letting the slayer inside her and Tara’s dorm room.  ‘Ok Willow, you can do this.  So Buffy’s the most stubborn person you’ve ever met, big deal.  If push comes to shove you have a secret weapon,’ Will thought.

‘I wonder why I’m here.  Giles said to expect a call about training but what does training have to do with Will?’ Buffy thought, searching her best friend for any signs of emotion.

“Well, since you’re staying that night we’d better get dressed for bed,” the redhead internally smirked evilly.

“This is gonna take all night?  I figured it would take a while but all night?  Well, Dawn knows where to reach me.  I didn’t bring anything to sleep in,” the slayer informed, her face faltering slightly.

“I don’t think Tara would mind you borrowing something for the night.”  Tara buried herself further into the closet, praying Buffy didn’t see her as Willow opened the door.  “Take your pick,” Willow offered, grabbing something and heading to the bathroom.  Buffy probed the closet, not finding what she would have wanted to wear.  With a grumble she pulled out a black sports bra and a cute pair of red silk boxers.  At least she’d be comfy.  She shut the closet and changed clothes.  Tara breathed a sigh of relief.  She hadn’t been found.

Willow entered the room clad in a gorgeous forest green silk nightgown that appeared to be nothing more than a long shirt.  Buffy raked her eyes over Willow noting she had a bra and panties of matching color to the shirt that creased in just the right way as the shy geek stood there before her.  ‘OMG!  I just checked out my best friend!  Bad Buffy,’ the slayer mentally chided.  “So, what’s this all about?” Buffy inquired, desperately attempting to pull her mind outta the gutter.

“It’s about your training, mental training.  The council has requested you go through this training and I’ve been hired to help, sorta.  I’ll be your opponent, my weapon is a story.  My mission is to make you beg me to have sex with you.  Oh and Buffy, YOU WILL FAIL,” Willow explained.

Buffy was left speechless.  ‘You’ve gotta be kidding me!  This is an outrage!  This is gonna be too easy,’ the slayer thought with a grin.

“Have a seat,” Willow offered, pulling up a chair.  As Buffy sat Willow spoke softly, “Buffy, please don’t try to get outta the chair, it’s a really bad idea.”

Buffy gazed at Willow for a moment.  “Part of the rules?” the slayer probed.  Willow nodded and silenced the slayer.

“This tale is unlike any other you’ve heard up until this point, for this tale bares no once upon a time nor a handsome prince to come to the rescue.  On the contrary, this tale has no villain and no hero. Our main character is Buffy, the vampire slayer but this is not about her brave quests.  No, this is about human nature.  It was a dismal, silent night and the slayer was patrolling as usual.  How she wished she could be with her friends but the last thing she needed was a vampire horde stampeding all over Sunnydale.  The air had a hint of mischief to it so the slayer was cautious as she continued her patrol.  She could sense something behind her but when she heard rustling in the bushes not too far ahead her attention shifted.  She moved to walk forward but was stopped by gentle yet forceful arms capturing her waist, holding her in place,”  Willow began, positioning herself behind Buffy.  “Soft, gentle, familiar hands of a friend caressed the slayers muscular stomach as that ever so familiar voice whispered hotly, ‘Don’t fight me Buffy, I always get my way’, ” Willow follow the story’s actions, whispering those words hotly and tickling Buffy’s tight, naked stomach with her meek touch.

‘God Will, stop that!  It tickles. . .mmmh but it feels good.  Buffy get a grip!  Think of something completely pure,’ Buffy thought, scrambling to make up for underestimating her best friend. 

“The slayer leaned back, her hands caressing her best friends thighs.  ‘Mmmmh, Buffy,’ the other girl gasps,” Willow acted it out as if she really was there, emphasizing every word, every moan.

Buffy closed her eyes.  ‘Focus, Buffy, focus.  Um. . .ooh. . .I mean.  Oh god.  Music. . .Can I touch you, you wanna touch.  No! Another song,’ Buffy fought with her body, temporarily winning.

“Buffy turns around capturing her friend in a passionate kiss, their tongues mingling as their hands caress the other,” Willow let her fingertips guide her as she herself became aware of how hot she’d become.

‘They’re coming to take me away ha ha. . .’ Buffy thought, still trying to fix her mind on something far away from the topic of sex.  Then it hit her like a freight train.  Tara.  How would the Wiccan take this?  She was so sweet and, to Buffy’s knowledge, pure.  A normal girl.  She now focused on Tara which, for the moment, seemed to work.

“They slowly begin to undress each other,” Willow slowly inched her hand into the boxers as her other hand began getting the sports bra off.  Buffy didn’t seem to even flinch at this.  ‘Fine, you wanna play dirty.  Let’s play dirty,’ Willow grinned sardonically.  “Then out of the bushes came the meek, passionate blonde.  Her eyes drained at the sight before her eyes,” Willow signaled, saying that line loudly.  Tara crept quietly out of the closet, standing before Buffy just in time for the slayers eyes to shoot open and see her.  Buffy was frozen solid, caught and fearing the worst.  She tried so hard to speak but her vocal chords failed to cooperate. 

“Willow?” Tara questioned in a shaky tone, acting her roll well.

“The redheads shocked lover asked. The blonde silently made her way to the slayer, touching her cheek then trapping her in the gentlest kiss the warrior had ever received,” Willow continued as Tara acted it out.

Willow had been right.  It was the gentlest kiss she’d ever had and for a moment she didn’t want to stop.  Tara broke away and the bitter realization of her chances at failing set in, making the slayer even more determined to beat them.  Buffy’s only focus had just gone up in smoke.  ‘Talk about being double teamed.  Beating both of them will be a miracle,’ Buffy mentally whined.

“The two lovers kiss then begin to gently torment the slayers senses,” Will whispered.  She pulled Tara into a soft, gentle kiss then repositioning herself behind Buffy.  Tara gazed into the slayers eyes for a moment then knelt before her.  Willow slipped the sports bra off as Tara eased the boxers off, causing the very sensitive slayer to gasp.  The redhead traced Buffy’s breasts with her fingertips, watching her best friends nipple become solid under her touch.  Tara caressed the slayers thighs as she blew hot breathes onto the slayers most sensitive domain.

‘God, if there’s anything worse than death it’s this.  What kinda battle will this prepare me for?  Mmmh, mind over matter.  Oh, this is worse than pain,’ the slayer began to break down as she felt Tara’s soft touch dance on her skin.  “Please,” the slayer begged, unable to withstand them any longer.

“Please what?” Willow whispered in her ear.

“Stop.  Don’t stop, please,” the incoherent slayer pled, confirming her failure.

Tara stood and led Buffy to the bed.  Willow was right behind them, plotting none the less.  As soon as Buffy laid on her back Willow pinned her down.  Tara backed away to watch the beautiful scene.  Willow hungrily kissed Buffy, both of them horny as hell.

Tara knelt at the foot of the bed with a plot of her own.  She gently tugged Willow’s soaked panties off of her.  Tara kissed Willow’s softness then focused on the slayers wetness.  Willow moaned into her kiss with Buffy when she felt Tara’s lips on her skin.  Her body was a volcano, burning up and ready to explode.

Tara kissed Buffy’s wetness then slowly began to massage circles onto the slayers sensitive little nub.  Her fingers gently began to play with Willow, gently teasing inside and out.  Both the slayer and the hacker moaned loudly at the sudden attack.  Buffy disposed of Willow’s shirt and bra, fiercely attacking Will’s neck.  Willow sped her legs as she kneaded Buffy’s breasts.  Tara gently pushed her tongue into Buffy, giving the slayer the most awkward pleasure she’d ever experienced.  One finger gently slide inside of Willow, pleasing her at an increasing speed.  Tara was the only one who knew ALL of Willow’s weakest points and she used them, often.

Willow arched her chest, desiring release.  She knew it wouldn’t be long because Tara wasn’t much into teasing.  Buffy had never had a girl go down on her before but all she could think of was some sort of release.  She was so close.  She had become so sensitive due to lack of sex that she wasn’t hard to sexually please.

Tara quickened her pace still holding a kind, gentle touch.  She loved to please.  Pain wasn’t her thing, never had been.  She pushed just a little more knowing they were going to orgasm.

With final thrusts, moans and shivers Buffy and Willow crashed into a dizzy state of relaxation.  Tara collected her reward, devoured every drop of their juices.  Even before the blonde witch was done sucking them dry the other two had fallen fast asleep.  Tara took a quick shower then curled up in a chair and fell asleep.

Night passed quickly bringing the light of a brand new day.  Willow woke, rolling off the bed and onto her feet.  She smiled seeing the unconscious slayer passed out in her and Tara’s bed.  Thinking of Tara she searched the room for her but only found a note that read, “Willow, Just left for a little while.  Be back soon.  Love, Tara.”  ‘Oh Goddess what have I done.  She probably hates me,’ the witch thought with a frown.

Tara waltzed in cheerily, setting the McDonald’s bag on the table.  Noticing the distressed look that consumed Willow’s features she pulled her close and kissed her tenderly.  “I don’t hate you.  In fact I love you even more.  Last night made me realize that you are my world, my only and no matter how godly temptation is, she’s not you,” Tara whispered not wanting to wake Buffy.

That was when Willow realized who her only was.  No matter how much she loved Buffy she couldn’t “love” Buffy.  The previous night had meant nothing to her.  Buffy wasn’t Tara.  Tara was her heart and that love was something too strong for even the slayer to touch.  “I love you,” Willow smiled brightly.

“I love you too Willow,” Tara kissed her true love once more as the slayer began to stir.

Buffy got dressed and stumbled to the table.  Was it normal to wake up with a hangover when you didn’t have a drop of liquor?  Well that’s how she felt.  She looked up at her friends and smiled weakly.  Tara took the contents from the McDonalds bag and handed every one a McMuffin.  “Hope you don’t mind egg and cheese,” Tara looked at Buffy, who apparently didn’t care what it was.

Once breakfast was done it was down to business.  “Guys, about last night. . .” Buffy began.

“Buffy, we’ve talked about it and it meant nothing to either of us.  It was just. . .” Willow struggled to find the right word.

“Training.  I know.  I can see that it made your relationship stronger but it taught me a few things to.  I now know there are things far worse than death and. . .” Buffy stopped, her eyes falling to the table surface.

“C’mon Buffy,” Tara coaxed.

“Well,” the slayer blushed, “lets just say the power of true love can even strike the slayer.  I found my buried feelings for somebody after last night.  The dream was so real and I’m not gonna let this one get away,” she confessed.

Willow smiled.  “This stays between us right?” Tara meekly inquired.  All of them nodded in agreement and smiled at each other.

Buffy kissed Tara softly, then kissed Willow.  “Thank you, for everything.”  Both witches smiled and showed the slayer to the door.  “I’ll see you guys at the Magic Box,” the slayer headed home with a smile.

“Who do you think she’s in love with?” Tara whispered.

“I have an idea but I’m not sure,” the hacker answered, closing the door.

Part Two

“Love will lead you back. Someday I just know that love will lead you back to my arms, where you belong,” the dark slayer whispered as she benched another set of ten.  She always listened to that song when she worked out.  It gave her strength, hope and one thing she didn’t have much of, confidence.  She’d been out of jail for about a month now and the council had decided to reinstate her as an official slayer.

She’d been training with Angel and completing tasks left and right to prove herself.  They also told her these tasks would bring her up to speed with Buffy.  Buffy was a long story but Faith’s busy schedule kept her occupied pretty much 24/7.

Through all of the masquerades they were putting her through she still managed to find at least one hour of working out.  Training was technically working out but Faith preferred lifting.  When she was lifting she had time to think.  It was the only place she was safe with her dreams, fears and love.  Faith had always hated love and all it stood for but when she’d met her that changed.  That love had given her a reason to stand and fight, to take chances, but it was all in her head.  She loved and got nothing in return.

Faith remembered that day vividly as if it were before her at that very moment.  It had been the day, the moment she saw a glint of hope for her future.  It was the moment she had fallen for Buffy Summers.  It had happened so long ago but the memory had never died.  They had shared one breath-stealing kiss and fallen asleep in each other’s arms.

Faith had been horrified at the way her emotions were betraying her at the time but there was no turning back.  She claimed she couldn’t fall in love, though she already had, and Buffy was just far too apprehensive to take the chance.  That was when everything had gone to hell.  Buffy had turned her back but Faith still sat there waiting and loving in a cold, deadly silence.

“Faith,” Angel breathed softly from the doorway, not meaning to disturb her.  Faith let out a barely audible “come in” as she sat up.  “How you holding up?”

“Fine.  What do you want?” Faith posed, knowing that tone of voice.

“Well, Cordi had a vision and we’re all gonna go check it out but we need somebody here with Conner.  Lorne has to tend to his club so I was wondering if you’d keep an eye on him,” Angel replied, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.  He’d seen the way Faith handled his son and it always made him grin.  She was so gentle.  She didn’t speak to him in baby talk or anything but she held him and talked to him in a way he’d never seen anyone else do before, even Cordi.  At this moment he was preparing to hear a no and he was prepping himself to be able to utter the word “please”.

“How much you payin?”  Faith paused with a grin.  “Sure.  Broody Boy Jr.’ll be safe with me.  Ain’t like he’s got slayer strength and a few extra heads,” she continued.  “Unless you ain’t tellin me somethin.”

“No, no.  He’s a regular human kid. Lorne said he might stop by, so you might get off early,” Angel informed.  He paused and met the slayers dark eyes.  “Thank you.”

“Don’t start getting mushy on me Dead Boy.”

The vampire chuckled softly then handed Faith a role of cash.  “It’s for tonight, and all of your help.”

Faith’s eyes shimmered.  One thing she still got comfort from, money.  She grinned and replied, “thanks.  Your kid’ll be in good hands.”

“I know he will,” Angel said as he walked out of the room and shut the door.  As he walked away he grinned, thinking ‘You don’t know what’s in store for you Faith.’


Faith sat in the chair by the door and put her favorite song on.  Conner actually liked the song which surprised the hell out of Faith.  After putting it on repeat and starting it over she began to sing with it.  “Can you feel that?  Oh shit,” she followed, the words more said than sung.  “Drowning deep in my sea of loathing.  Broken your servant I kneel, will you give in to me.  It seems what’s left of my human side is slowly changing in me, will you give in to me.  Looking at my own reflection, when suddenly it changes.  Violently it changes.  Oh no, there is no turning back now.  You've woken up the demon in me,” she sang, dancing to the metal beat.


He cringed as he approached Angel Investigations.  “When will she realize that noise isn’t music?” he asked himself.  Stopping in front of the door he smiled.  “You must be Buffy,” he said.

Buffy jumped slightly as she spun around, nearly nailing Lorne with the back of her hand.  She dropped her hand to the side as Angel’s description of the demon came to her.  “Sorry, habit. Lorne, right?”

“That’s me.  So, we ready to go in?  I know the plan.  Hopefully she’ll turn that noise off,” he replied, shaking his head at Faith’s choice in music.

Buffy smiled.  “Hey, I like that song.  Anyway, we’ll go in together but you’ll leave with Conner.  I’ll be hiding.  Don’t let her come downstairs.”

“Gotcha chief.”


“Get up, come on get down with the sickness.  Open up your hate and let it flow in to me.  Get up, come on get down with the sickness.  You mother get up, come on get down with the sickness.  You fucker get up, come on get down with the sickness.  Madness is the gift that has been given to me,” Faith sang as Lorne walked in.   She paused the song with a grin.

Lorne smiled happily at the slayer for her small favor and gently picked Conner up.  “Angel says it’s gonna be a long night so don’t wait up.  He also said you better be ready for the council’s next task.  From what I’ve heard it’s not an easy assignment but he wouldn’t tell me what it was.  Well, have a good evening.  I can show myself out.”

Faith nodded.  “Hey, keep um safe.  Ya know, for Dead Boy’s sake.”

“I will,” the demon assured, showing himself to the door.

Faith pressed the play button and continued to dance & sing.  “I can see inside you, the sickness is rising.”  She paused, swearing she heard something.

“Don't try to deny what you feel, will you give in to me.  It seems that all that was good has died, and is decaying in me,”  Buffy sang from the doorway.

“Will you give in to me,”  Faith replied as if they were having a conversation instead of singing a song.

“It seems you're having some trouble in dealing with these changes, living with these changes,” Buffy sang roughly.

“Oh no, the world is a scary place, now that you've woken up the demon in me,” Faith sang then stopped the song.  “Long time no see B.  What brings ya here?”

“The council,” the blonde replied, twirling a lock of hair as she put on her seductive “I want you” eyes.  She followed Faith’s movement as she walked into another room and sat on the bed.  This would be a piece of cake.

“You their puppet now?  Who knew,” Faith replied, rolling her eyes.  Just another stupid test.  “What do they want now?”

“It’s about your next challenge Faith.  It’s called mental training. The council’s ordered you go through this training and I’ve been recruited to make sure it happens.  I’ll be your opponent, my weapon is a song.  My mission is to make you beg me to have sex with you.  Oh and Faith, YOU WILL FAIL,” Buffy purred, straddling Faith’s hips.

Faith gulped.  What kinda test was this anyway?  “B, I think you’ll be the losin team,” she replied confidently.

Buffy stood, stalking over to the bag she’d brought in.  Taking out a satin slip, she tossed it at Faith.  “Put it on while I get the music ready,” she commanded as she walked over to the stereo.

Faith eyed the slip then did as she was told.  This would be a piece of cake.  She quickly changed and laid on the bed.  “Try your hardest B cause I ain’t gonna break.”

Buffy smirked, pressing the play button.  “Wrap your body around me so we are one,” she began, crawling onto the bed and laying on the other slayer.  “Wrap your arms and your legs and your hands and your tongue,” she purred, nipping at Faith’s neck.  “Wrap you words and your life, your feelings and pain.”  She bit hard, licking away the small drop of blood.  “Wrap your cheatin’s and your memories. Wrap your touch and your shame,” she growled, her knee pressing between Faith’s spread legs.

Faith gasped, panting.  “You ain’t gonna win,” she insisted, her own body betraying her at the moment.

“Wrap your body around me.  In you I will hide.  Wrap your cold and your warm, wrap your truth and your lies.  Wrap your past and your plans.  Wrap your secrets and hair.  What you keep to yourself and baby what you share,” Buffy continued, her body rubbing against Faith gently.  “Wrap my body in you, wrap my body in you.  Wrap my body in you, wrap my body in you.”

Faith shivered.  ‘Gotta hang in there. . .God B, I’ve waited so long. . .can’t. . .uhn. . .give. . .in.’

“Wrap your body around me so it feels like home.  And where your heart is and your pictures and your keys and clothes.  Wrap your language and your places.  Your sex and your taste,” Buffy paused, gently brushing her lips along Faith’s neck.  “Your music and your money.  What you love and you hate.  Wrap your body around me,” she whispered, her blue eyes closed as tear threatened to escape.  She wanted nothing more than to win this time but she couldn’t coldly go forward with this as she’d been told to do.  She loved Faith and this time she was playing for keeps.

Faith noticed the dramatic change in the way Buffy was touching her and it scared her.  She loved the other slayer with what heart she had left but she didn’t know if she was ready for this.  She had a plan.  She’d give in.  That gave both of them a choice.  Things would be settled that night, she only wished she knew what to say.  Instead she sang the next line because she knew somehow that Buffy couldn’t.  “Til it hurts I said.  I wanna get lost in your news and your bed.  Tie me in with your juices, your tears and your sweat.  Take me with your muscles, your teeth and your scent.  Wrap my body in you, wrap my body in you.  Wrap my body in you, wrap my body in you.”  It sounded trashy and she knew that was why Buffy couldn’t bare speaking those words.  Maybe it was deeper than that or maybe she was just being nice.

Buffy forced herself to proceed, even if she would regret it in the morning.  She had to do this.  It was her job.  Coming to that conclusion she cringed at even taking the offer.  With an internal plea for help of some sort she scratched her nails down Faith’s sides, wishing the brunette would just say it was over and to get the hell out.

Faith could almost hear Buffy’s plea and she knew that her angel, her slayer, was hurting.  Knowing that, she couldn’t play along anymore.  If this was hurting Buffy then it wasn’t worth the pleasure that would be rewarded.  “I give B,” she paused, knowing what she wanted to say but wondering if now was the time, “make love to me.”  Now she felt uneasy and far less confident than before.  She was preparing for rejection or hate but she got the last thing she expected.

Buffy held Faith tight.  Had she heard right?  Had her begging and praying been heard?  She felt tears raining down her cheeks as she nuzzled Faith’s neck.  “Faith,” she whispered, trying her hardest to stop the tears, “I’m sorry.  It wasn’t suppose to be like this.  I. . .I love you Faith.”  She’d said it, the way she’d never had the courage to say it before and now she felt as if the veil was slowly being lifted.  If Faith didn’t feel the same, yes it would hurt but she could tell herself that she had tried.

Faith was in momentary shock.  Somehow she’d always known it but now it just seemed illusive and unbelievable.  Returning to her mind, she realized she’d better reply soon or Buffy might get the wrong impression.  She knew her mind was too shocked to keep her from saying what she wanted and fearing the consequences so she spit it out.  In a low, childlike tone she whispered, “I love you too Buffy.”

Buffy took a deep breath as the words sunk in.  The other slayer hadn’t shot her down.  What now?  She raised her head, her piercing blue eyes meeting chocolate brown.  Did either of them really know what those words meant to the other?  Perhaps.  She leaned in, her lips gently pressing to Faith’s.  This wasn’t their first kiss but it was.  This time it meant more than mixed emotions and bad timing.  It meant more than either of them could describe and in this simple expression of affection they both found silence.  They could only feel one another.  The screaming of the innocent whilst out on patrol, the shrieks of vamps, the whispers of a villain or even the mumbles of their friends was nothing but silence.  It was quiet.

Faith closed her eyes slowly, her hot, quivering breathes colliding with the other slayer’s lips when the kiss came to a pause.  Her tongue gently traced Buffy’s lower lip, taking the next step forward.  Buffy parted her lips and Faith slid her tongue in, exploring the blonde’s warm mouth as their hands removed what clothes they were wearing.

Their hands roamed, tentatively exploring this new territory.  Buffy broke the kiss, nipping at Faith’s neck before capturing one hard nipple between her lips.  Faith gasped, rolling the other slayers nipples between her fingers in return.  Buffy let the nub escape her lips, staring up at Faith.   Faith stopped as well.  Looking down at the blonde, she kissed her gently and caressed her cheek with one hand.

Buffy broke the kiss and nuzzled her face to Faith’s neck.  A tear raced down her cheek as she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms tightly around her lover.  This feeling inside of her was like nothing else she’d ever felt before.  It was like both her and Faith didn’t exist.  They were one in this moment, filled with a joy so great that not even fear or doubt could veil it.

Faith caressed Buffy’s hair.  “Shhh, why you cryin?” she comforted.  She felt another tear trickle down her shoulder.  She felt so very peaceful.  She’d never felt like that.  She could feel tears welling up in her eyes but she wouldn’t let herself cry.

“I-I’m happy,” Buffy sniffled, nuzzling more.  She kissed Faith’s neck between nuzzles, her hands gently caressing the brunettes back.  This was all she’d ever wanted and she knew that Faith was all she needed.

“Mmmmh.”  Faith moved out from under the blonde and laid her gently on her back.  Hovering over her, she met those soft, loving blue eyes.  Pressing their lips together they began to slowly move against one another, their nipples colliding as they did so.  They both shivered as the passion grew with their pace.  Buffy spread her legs, Faith’s sex now rubbing against hers.

They both moaned feverishly into the kiss, getting lost in each other.  More moans and pants followed as their bodies clashed faster.  They moved desperately now, so close to feeling the pressure ease that it was killing them.  They were grinding against each other, their kisses still so tender yet fiery.  Then it washed over them like waves splashing against a sandy beach.  A peaceful calm that left them trembling in each other’s arms settled over them.

“B,” Faith whispered breathlessly.  “That. . .we. . .”

“It was beyond words Faith,” Buffy panted, her fingers winding through the other slayers dark silky hair.

“It was beautiful,” Faith purred, nuzzling her face to Buffy’s neck.  “I love you.”

Buffy smiled warmly, tingling all over as the warm fuzzy feeling those words brought consumed her.  “I love you too Faith.”  She pulled the blankets over them, embracing her love tightly.


The sun beat against the curtains as the blonde snuggled up to the other warm body and began to stir.  Sleepily opening her eyes, she brushed the dark strands of hair from Faith’s face and lightly kissed her lips.  She laid there watching her beautiful companion sleep peacefully.  She seemed content, like she was having sweet dreams.  Her eyes were still for once.  They usually darted about due to her nightmares.  Brushing her fingertips over Faith cheek, she quietly slipped out from beneath the covers to get dressed.

Buffy stretched, pulling her hair back into a ponytail.  Sifting through the scattered clothes she found her own.  Setting them by the bed she picked up Faith’s shirt, inhaling the scent.  They still remained as one and she couldn’t resist wanting to feel Faith against her.  She smiled, slipping the other woman’s shirt on, then her pants.  She looked in the mirror and smiled.  She felt closer to Faith in these clothes.  Glancing at her lady love she smiled and silently left the room.  She crept down the stairs, finding Cordelia in what could be considered the kitchen.

Cordelia was the first to notice Buffy’s presence.  Smiling, she beamed, “Good morning Buffy.”  Something was different.  She could tell.  Scanning the slayer’s attire she grinned.  She was wearing Faith’s clothes.  It was sweet.  She’d accidentally wondered into Faith’s room the night before and seen them curled up together.  Seeing Buffy now she couldn’t help but feel happy for the both of them.  She was worried about how Angel would take this but she’d already decided to side with the blonde if this became an issue.

“Morning Cordelia.”  Buffy smiled brightly, almost blindingly bright.

“I like your clothes,” Cordi acknowledged, letting the blonde know she’d caught on and that she accepted and respected their union.

The others waltzed in, chit chatting amongst themselves.  Wess stopped dead in his track at the site of Buffy in Faith’s clothes.  “Um, Buffy.  Hello.  It’s a pleasure seeing you again,” he said softly, a bit uneasy.

“Hey Wesley.  Who’re your friends?”

“I’m Gunn and this is Fred,” Gunn answered, pointing at Fred who waved shyly.

“Oh.  It’s nice meeting you.”

Angel sat down with Conner in his arms.  “Fred, could you take him for a little while.  I need to grab breakfast,” he asked casually, not even noticing Buffy’s attire.  Fred took the baby and Angel opened the refrigerator to grab a glass of blood.  Sitting down, Angel noticed Buffy’s clothes.  “They look good on you.”

Buffy was confused for a moment then realized what he was talking about.  “Thank you.”  She knew he’d accepted it and that made her even happier.  “Do you guys have any real human food around here?” Buffy posed with a sly grin.

“Nah, just blood,” Gunn replied, shuttering. 

“Why?” Wess questioned.

“I. . .uh. . .I wanted to make breakfast.”

“Oh.  Well perhaps Gunn could drive you to the store.”

“That would be great.  How many am I cooking for?”

“I’m kinda hungry,” Gunn replied as his stomach growled.  “Make that real hungry.”

“Sounds good to me,” Cordi replied, never thinking twice about a free home cooked meal.

“I-If I wouldn’t be i-imposing,” Fred whispered, still a bit nervous around Buffy.

“I suppose I could have breakfast with all of you,” Wess answered.

“Then it’s settled.  Gunn, can you take me to the nearest store?”

“Sure thing.”


Buffy smiled proudly as she set the plates full of home cooked goodies in front of Angel’s crew.  Tara had taught her how to cook simple things.  Thank the heavens for that.  She’d made nearly everything.  Eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, pancakes (funny shapes ;) ) and a few other things.  Setting their requested drinks in front of them she smiled.  “I’ll be back in a few,” she informed, picking up the tray she’d put together for her baby.

Maneuvering past everyone else she sauntered upstairs.  She quietly pushed the door to Faith’s room open and smiled seeing the other slayer still sleeping.  She set the tray on the nightstand and gently kissed Faith’s cheek.  As Faith began to stir Buffy opened the curtains.  “Morning sleepy head.  I brought you breakfast.”

“Hmm?” Faith uttered, rubbing her eyes awake.  She stretched in bed and rolled onto her back.

Buffy grabbed the tray and sat on the bed.  Setting the tray in front of Faith she smiled.  “I made you breakfast in bed.”

Faith smiled softly.  “So it wasn’t a dream.  Thanks B.”

“No, it wasn’t a dream.  You’re not having second thoughts are you?” Buffy asked, slightly panicked.

Faith reached up bringing Buffy’s lips to hers then kissed her softly.  “Never.”  She looked over the food.  “You made this, huh?”

“Everything.  I love you.”

“I love you too.  When we goin back to Sunnydale?”

“I’m leaving today. . .wait, did you say we?”

“I’m goin with you B.  I’d die without you.”

Buffy smiled.  “We leave this afternoon.”

Part Three

Faith sighed contently.  Breakfast had been great.  Not to mention she was being pampered.  Staring at her lover she began to wonder how she had gotten so lucky.  This feeling inside of her was greater than she could describe.  She felt so free like Buffy had given her wings.  She was so in love that nothing could break her spirits.  Studying the blonde she finally realized what she was wearing.  “Hey B, those mine?”

Buffy slowly turned to her sweet raven haired  slayer and let a smile slide across her lips.  “I hope you don’t mind.  I just. . .”  Buffy sighed.  She could feel love in the air.  This was way different than it had been with Angel.  This felt like she’d lost herself in her emotions and she was trying not to fall too deep.  It was too late.  Faith had her heart and all she could do now was pray that this precious being wouldn’t break it.  She was scared but those fears had been calmed when she’d put Faith’s clothes on.  Now she felt those fears return.  She laid beside Faith and sighed.

Faith could tell her angel was afraid.  She knew about those feelings but she wouldn’t let them ruin it for her this time.  She pulled Buffy closer, holding her gently.  “Wanted to feel closer to me?”  She didn’t need an answer.  She knew she was right and she could tell that Buffy was beginning to relax.  “B, I’m not goin anywhere.  I promise.  I love you and I understand why you put my clothes on.”


“Yeah.  I think it’s cute.  Hey B?”

Buffy smiled lovingly.  “Hmmm?”

Faith blushed.  “What size do you wear?”

Buffy giggled.  “You gonna wear my clothes or are you just wondering?”

Faith kissed Buffy on the lips.  “I wish we could stay like this for eternity but since we can’t, I wanna be as close to you as you are to me.  I know it’s stupid but, ya know, love does funny stuff to people.”

“Faith, it’s not stupid.  It’s cute.  It’s comforting too.  I know how you feel because I feel it too.  It’s gonna feel a little weird when we go downstairs but they know and they accept us.  You don’t have to go to the Magic Box with me.  I know it’s gonna be kinda tense.”

“B, I’m goin with ya.  I don’t care what they think.  I’m gonna be there to back you up, give you some of my strength.  I need to be there, with you.  I always wanna be with you.  Oh fuck, I’m starting to sound like one of those corny sap stories.”  Faith shook her head.  How embarrassing.

Buffy smirked.  “Well, you gotta be sappy sometimes.  I think it makes me love you even more, if that’s even possible.”

Blushing and speechless, Faith sat up and grabbed Buffy’s clothes.  “You packed?”

“Yup, duffel bag firmly placed in the back seat of Angel’s car.”

“He comin?”

“Yeah.  He hates the idea of Cordelia driving his precious baby but he has no choice.  He’s decided to hibernate in the trunk until we get to Sunnydale.  He’s gonna check a few things out while Cordi and Fred go shopping.  That was the only thing he’d agree to.”

“So we’re ridin with the Princess and the pauper?  I can deal.  Are you gonna sit with me?”

“What kinda question is that?  Where else would I sit?”  Buffy grinned as Faith looked up instantly.

Faith pulled Buffy to her with a smile.  Kissing her lips lightly she whispered, “On my lap.  I really don’t give a fuck where you sit, as long as I can wrap my arms around you.”

Buffy rested her head on Faith’s shoulder for a moment with her arms snuggly trapping the other slayer.  They stood in bliss, lost in the silence.  Lost in the peacefulness of the each other’s comforting essence.  It was as if they had faded away, faded into each other.

Faith came back to herself first.  Only minutes had passed though it had felt like it was never-ending.  Clearing her throat she let her softest voice murmur, “I gotta throw a few things together.  Then we should go baby.”

Buffy inhaled sorrowfully.  Her eyes crept open as she pulled away and spoke, “Anything I can grab for you?”

Faith smiled.  “Yeah.  Could you grab the little black bag in the bathroom?”

“Sure, anything else?”

Faith sighed.  “Nah, I got the rest”



“Yeah!   Buffy said we get to meet this gorgeous goddess this afternoon.”

“Gorgeous goddess?”

“Well, I wouldn’t know or anything but that’s what she told me.  Exact wording and all.  Oh, we can’t tell the others about how close they are cause she doesn’t think they’re ready for it which probably means she’s not ready for it and maybe she doesn’t even want us to know but we kinda do so. . .”

“Willow, breathe.”

“Oh, right.  Well, you get my point right?”

“Yeah, I do.  I understand what you’re saying but if you think about it, her staying there overnight was like a shorter version of you coming to see me.  I think Buffy kinda wants to keep her girl to herself for a while but since she’s the slayer she can’t.  Dawnie couldn’t keep a secret and if this woman isn’t from here she’ll have no other place to go.”

The redhead nodded.  She’d never thought of that.  She’d always believed Buffy loved Faith more than anything in the world but one mistake after another only lead them both in the general direction of heartbreak.  She knew Faith had it bad for Buffy up until she’d left and she could tell that feeling was still around when they’d switched bodies.  She definitely had an idea of who Buffy was bringing home but she didn’t want to get her hopes up.  She’d already forgiven Faith and through examining the past she actually started missing Faith.

“Do you know who it is Will?”

“Hmmm?  Oh, I don’t really know but I think it could be somebody I know.”

“Like who?  I mean, you don’t have to tell me.”  Tara snuggled against her girl, smiling happily.

“I think it’s Faith.”

“Is that bad?”

“Not for Buffy, or me but the others might have a problem with it.  I think Dawnie will like her but Xander might get all weirded and I know he’ll expect me to be mad at her but I can’t anymore because I forgave her and I’m over what she did but I’m not sure he is and. . .”

Tara kissed Willow softly, shutting her up for the moment.  Nuzzling gently she smiled.  “Will, things will work out.  Maybe we have a rough road ahead but we can’t worry about the maybes.”

Willow smiled.  “Yeah, you’re right.  We’ll just have to wait and see.”


Faith and Buffy sat in the back seat, silence consuming them as sun induced sleep beckoned.  They had stopped at a gas station.  Cordi was filling the tank, Fred was inside buying refreshments, Angel was out like a light and the slayer’s felt drained.  Faith raised her sweat drenched head to peek out the window.  Her vision was slightly blurred and sounds were distorted.  Something wasn’t right.

Cordelia put the gas cap back on with a smile.  This trip would be. . .  Her eyebrows scrunched together as she saw a short chubby female rushing toward the car.  Her brow twitched as she thought, ‘hey, she’s kinda cute.  In an out of place loser way.  She sounds like Xander.  Oh god no!  I’m so not going there again.’  Cordi smirked to herself, then studied the girl who leaned on Angel’s car bathing in sweat.

The girl met Cordi’s eyes.  “You?” she gasped, surprised.

Cordelia tilted her head in confusion, “Me what?  My name’s Cordelia.  You are?”

“Angel’s seer?  The slayers are in danger.  They have consummated their relationship and for that the prophesy will punish them,” the girl panted quickly.

“How. . . wait, are you from another dimension or something?  What prophesy?  What’s happening?”

“I’m Misty, a seer from Arizona.  The prophesy was brought upon by Angelus.  The curse had been long forgotten since this dimension has changed so much.  It’s more accepting now but when Angelus emerged he cursed the slayer with this prophesy.  He knew of the two slayers walking on this Earth at the same time and in anger bestowed upon them a curse that would slowly poison them if they fell in love with each other.  The consummation of their love triggered the prophesy.  We have to help them.  For everyone’s sake.”

“Wait, you’re telling me Angelus is killing Buffy and Faith from the inside out?  Not good.  You’re a seer?  What did you see?  How can we save them?” Cordelia panicked, nervously pacing.

“I saw Faith in the back seat, knowing something was wrong but unable to do anything about it.  She feels weak and helpless.  One thing she can’t stand to feel.  The only way to end the prophesy is if Angelus banishes the curse.  I don’t know of any other way.”

“A-Angelus?” Fred stammered, approaching the car.

“Great.  Is there anything we can do in the meantime to help them?  We need to get to Sunnydale, fast,” the seer spat frantically.

“Yes.  I’ve brought a serum that will slow the process and ease their pain.  I made it myself.  Aside from being a seer, I’m also a High Priestess.”

“How do we know we can trust her?” Fred interrupted.

Cordelia pondered this for a moment.  Fred did have a point.  She poked her head into the back seat.  Both slayers were sweating heavily and looked as if they were knocking on death’s door which sent chills up and down the seers spine.  Focusing her attention on the other two women she sighed in defeat, “we have to.”

Misty nodded.  “May I come with you to Sunnydale?  I have friends there so I’ll be no bother once we’re there,” she asked, opening the car door.

“You’ll have to crawl in next to the slayers.  You can tend to them while I drive.  Don’t try anything stupid either, Fred may seem shy but she’s got great aim with a dagger,” the brunette threatened.

Misty nodded, sitting beside Faith.  “Drink,” she whispered as she pressed an open vial to Faith’s lips.  Faith opened her mouth and drank.  She knew that voice but she couldn’t remember where she’d heard it before.

(Flashback in black and white)

A small girl hunched on the floor sobbed.  Wiping her tears away she picked up the broken glass, her small hands quivering as the shards clunk in the metal bucket she placed them in.  Cutting herself she gasps between sobs.  Grabbing a hankie, she wraps her hand and continues picking up the glass.  She turns her head, half of her beautifully pale face bruised and cut.

(End flashback)

Swallowing the last drop Faith felt comfort in this stranger.  With the energy she did have she whispered to Buffy, “Drink.”  Buffy drank from another vial, only doing so because she trusted Faith with her life.

Cordi started the car and they were on their way to Sunnydale.  Misty stared down at Faith with a smile.  Brushing a few stray strands of hair from the brunettes face she sighed.  “I won’t let you die,” she whispered softly.

(Flashback in black and white)

A small brunette girl is cowering in a corner, shaking in fear.  “Mommy?” she’s crying as the bedroom door slams shut.  “Mommy. . .” she whispers, hugging her knees as she sniffles quietly.

(End flashback)


“Giles!” Cordi screamed upon entering the Magic Box.

Giles came running from the supply room as Willow and Tara tore themselves away from their research.  Xander was at work and Anya was busy counting money.  “Cordelia?  My you’ve changed,” Giles whispered.

“Yeah, I’m half demon now as well as a seer but enough about me, the slayers are dying.”

Giles felt his chest become heavy.  “Dying?” he asked, the reality of that not sinking in.

“Don’t ask me about it.  Ask our little friend over there,” the seer replied, pointing at the stranger.

Willow’s eyes turned black as she leapt at the woman’s throat.  “Undo it dammit!  They can’t die!”

All of the others stared in shock.  Willow wasn’t usually violent but something had triggered her rage.  Cordi finally spoke again, “she’s here to help!  She gave them some liquid and they’re doing a little better!”

Willow released the female from her grip as her eyes returned to normal.  Something was very wrong here.  Her reaction had felt like something, or someone, was controlling her.  She stood in silence, pacing over to seat to have a sip of water.  After drinking a little she sighed and whispered, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened.”  Without another word she sat down and began trying to figure this out.

Misty gasped to catch her breath.  She sensed an evil inside of the other witch and its strength worried her.  She’d never met Willow but she knew this wasn’t the way she normally acted.  She doubled over, screaming in pain.  Another vision.

(cut to vision)

Willow launched a ball of energy at Buffy, her red hair fluttering in the wind as her charcoal eyes met steal blue.  The blonde slayer was quick to dodge it, managing to gain a step or two toward her best friend.

(end vision)

Tara automatically ran over to the seer to catch her before she fell.  She helped the seer up and blushed slightly.  She usually wasn’t the type to be physically helpful.  The instant before the seer had a vision Tara knew what was gonna happen and prepared herself for it.  She felt odd now.  In that one moment she had been physically strong and it felt as if something was trying to tell her something.  Maybe it was telling her to protect the seer.

“Thank you,” Misty whispered, her hazel eyes attempting to catch Tara’s.  Looking at the others she smiled.  “My name’s Misty.  I have information on the sickness that has overcome the slayers.  I was only able to translate a few lines of the texts but I do have them with me.”  She hoped her diversion had worked.  She didn’t want to tell them of her vision because she knew it could only cause more conflict.

Giles smiled brightly.  “Really?  May I see them?”

Misty smiled.  “Ripper?  It’s been forever.  Of course you can see them.  Maybe you can translate them better than I have,” she handed him her back pack which bore the books.

Giles studied the girl and his eyes widened.  He’d met her about a year before he’d met Buffy.  She’d trained with the Council and she had been an orphan from what he knew.  She’d been a cute little girl and now she stood there in front of him as a woman.  Taking the books he smiled softly.  “How have you been Misty?  The last time I saw you, you were quite young.”

“I’ve been alive.  The Council decided they didn’t want another female Watcher since the last two have. . .well, you’ve probably heard the stories.  I’ve been in LA for the last two years.”

Giles looked her over again.  Something about her had changed.  He remembered the last female watcher but he couldn’t recall the one before that.  “Stories?”

“You know of Faith’s watcher who turned out to be a greedy wench but the other story has been hushed by the council.  The slayer before Buffy and her watcher had a very strong relationship.  Selina, the watcher, fell in love with Nicole, her slayer.  They were an incredible team until the Council found out about their relationship.  They were ripped from each other’s arms & executed in a manner not even I can bare to see once more.  Just one more reason I agreed to leave.”

Giles nodded.  He’d heard the story  but until now he couldn’t believe it was true.  “Very tragic,” he sighed, sitting down to translate the texts.

“Excuse me!  How did we get on the topic of books and story telling here?  Misty had a vision, isn’t anyone curious as to what it was about or am I going crazy?” Cordelia screamed.

Anya eyed the seer and smiled.  “Two seers?  Hmmm, that’s interesting.  Usually when one seer has a vision the other gets it as well,” she stated, shrugging.  Putting the money away she joined the others.

Tara looked at the seers cautiously.  “What was the vision about?”

Misty froze.  She really didn’t want to tell them but as every set of eyes focused on her she new she had to.  “I saw Buffy and Willow dueling.  The witch’s eyes were black with magic and the slayer’s were filled with a raging blood color that could only mean vengeance.  It wasn’t pretty.”

Willow sighed.  This had to be part of the whole prophesy.  “Where were we?”

“It was dark.  I couldn’t see the surroundings.”

“Whoa, demon hunt already?  Gee, evil never rests, does it?” Xander groaned as her entered the shop.

Misty shivered in pain as another vision came to her.

(cut to vision)

“You’re gonna die,” Xander growled as he pressed the ax closer to the vampire’s throat.  “You won’t hurt any more people.”

“Bloody hell!  I’m killin demons remember?  I ain’t got much of a choice cause of this sodden chip!”

“You’ll die slowly you dirty, disgusting piece of filth,” Xander hissed, decapitating the vamp.

(end vision)

“William?” Willow asked.

Misty looked up, confused.

“You said William while you were having your vision.  Who is he?  Is he your boyfriend or something?” Willow asked.

Misty snickered.  “No, oh hell no.  William the Bloody, better known as Spike.  We use to hang out.  He’s in trouble. . .” then she spotted Xander and quickly became quiet.

“Oh, we have a guest.  Hey, I’m Xander.”

“Um, hi.”

“So, what about Spike?” Giles pried.

“In my vision he was decapitated.”

“By who?” Tara asked.

Misty eyed Xander.  “Him.  They were in Spike’s crypt, having an argument.  Xander had an ax to Spike’s throat and as the argument heated up Xander beheaded him.”

“Yay me!” Xander cheered

“And that’s a bad thing?” Willow mumbled.

Misty narrowed her eyes.  “One thing I won’t tolerate is bashing of my friends.  I understand you’re all close in this circle and that doesn’t involve me but don’t overstep your boundaries when it comes to my friends, no matter how badly they’ve wronged you.”

Anya ran over to Xander and hugged him tight as Dawn walked in.  Dawn ran over to where Buffy was passed out and knelt beside her.  “Giles!  What’s going on?”

Misty’s eyes snapped toward the young woman.  She could tell the others were lost for words so she decided to inform this girl of the problem at hand before the others sugar coated it.

"The slayers are dying.  I gave them a dose of medication to slow the process but we don't have much time.  Your friends here have decided they'd rather sit around and watch their friends die than respect my wishes.  I've already told them I'm taking Faith and propositioned them in the matter of the other slayer.  You're her sister Dawn, aren't you?"

Dawn glared at her elders then stared at Misty.  "Uh huh."

"Well, if you know what's best for your sister than you'll help me," Misty advised, picking Faith up.  She headed toward the door when Xander tried to stop her.  "Gyou," she yelled causing everyone, aside from herself and Dawn, to be frozen in their current position.  She looked at Dawn then walked outside where an RV waited for her.  She took Faith inside and set her on a bed in the back.  As she approached the driver's seat she sighed.

"Where's the other one?" Spike asked from the drivers seat.

"Her friends are keeping her from me."  Misty exited the RV and stared at Dawn who had followed her.

"Hey, you can help Buffy right?  Well, I can help you get her.  Now's not good but I can let you know when they're not expecting it and you could, ya know, come and get her," Dawn offered.

"So you want to help me save your sister?  You're a very noble young woman Dawn.  All you have to do is think my name really hard and we'll communicate through our minds.  That way they won't know what we're up to.  You're making the right decision and thank you," Misty replied.

Dawn smiled happily.  Misty didn't call her a kid and she loved that.  "So, what is your name?  It's kinda a big thing to know."



Dawn smiled as she watched the stranger take her sister away.  She’d diverted the other’s attention so Misty could help Buffy and they’d pulled it off.  Watching the van leave she curled up and went to sleep.


Sighing, Misty slowly patted the slayer’s sweating face with a damp cloth.  Doing the same for the other slayer, she looked at Spike.  “Well?”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be done soon.”

Misty nodded.  “Good.”


“Buffy’s gone!” Willow screamed.

“Uh oh,” Xander muttered.  “Ok, we’d better get some weaponry and go find Misty.  It has to be her.”

Tara nodded.  “I think he’s right.”

Willow nodded.  “Ok, Tara, you get any magik supplies you think you and Willow may be able to use.  Xander and Anya, grab lightweight items like crossbows and daggers.  We have to be prepared!”


Xander busted down the door and they all flooded in.  They stood in silence.  The slayers lay motionless on the floor.  Xander ran out, heading for Spike’s crypt as the others fanned out to find Misty.

Xander threw Spike’s door open, throwing him against a wall and placing the ax’s blade to the vampires throat.

“Easy there mate!”

“You killed THEM!” Xander roared.

“Back off.”

Xander stiffened, the dagger’s tip tickling his neck.  He knew that voice.  Slowly pulling away, he turned around.  “But you. . .he. . .”

“He helped find a way to stop what ever was happening.”

Meanwhile. . .

Tara spotted blonde hair and approached the girl.  She tried to touch the blonde’s shoulder but was violently thrown back.  The blonde turned around, wondering what was going on.

Willow’s eyes went black as she helped Tara up.  She launched a fireball at who appeared to be Buffy.  The battle began, Willow angrily trying to hit the slayer as the slayer dodged.

Giles approached, chanting loudly.  They all stopped and watched as a ferocious demon appeared.  “Destroy him to break the curse!” Giles instructed, backing away.

Buffy began fighting the demon as Xander, Spike and Faith joined the group.  Faith ran in, helping Buffy destroy the weak demon.  When the prophesy had been cast the demon had been among the strongest but now he was nothing compared to the two slayers.  They quickly defeated him, standing to catch their breath.  They looked at the crowd as silence consumed them.

“So what happened?” Faith asked, slightly confused.

Willow and Giles explained the arrival of Misty and the abduction of the slayers.  “Misty?” Buffy asked.

“Where is she?” Faith demanded, looking at Spike.

“Probably long gone slayer.  She was really concerned bout you.”

Faith sighed.  “B, we gotta find her.”


“To thank her!  She saved our asses.”

Buffy nodded.

Later at the airport. . .


The girl stopped and bowed her head.  “What?” she asked softly.

Dawn gave her a big hug, evoking a smile on the woman’s face.  “Thank you.”

“It was the least I could do.”

Faith knew that voice.  Turning the girl to face her she gasped.  “Melanie?”

Buffy watched the two, unsure of what had just happened.

“Faith. . .I. . .”

“Why weren’t you gonna stay?”

“I didn’t want to intrude.”

Faith grinned.  “B, everybody, this is my lil sis Mel.  She goes by Misty sometimes.  She’s stayin, right?”

Mel smiled.  “If I’m not imposing. . .”

“You can stay with us,” Buffy interrupted, smiling.  Playfully glaring at Faith, she hit her arm softly.  “Why didn’t you tell me you had a sister?”

Faith looked at Mel as they both got gloomy looks on their faces.  Mel spoke softly, “she thought I was dead.  Our mom and her boyfriends weren’t the nicest people.  I. . .CPS took me away but we were both too young to know what that meant.  She thought I was gone forever and I spent the rest of my life learning all I could about what and who she was.  That’s why I was part of the Watcher’s Council.  I sent her a picture of me when she was in jail, just to let her know I was breathing.”

Willow smiled.  “Hey Buffy, what do you say we have a girls night?”

~<>~ The End. . .for now ~<>~

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