Title: Lovers and Friends

Author: Mel M/Misty

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Rating: NC-17

Warnings: um. . .I can't think of anything I haven't mentioned

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Family Vacation

The crisp night air was freezing, touched with a hint of mischief. Fires were raging in every fireplace as it began to look a lot less like spring break in Arizona. "I still don't see why mom and dad dragged us HERE for spring break," an angry, shivering voice grumbled from behind the opened closet door.

"They need a break from reality Sammy, and a condo here was cheap. Look on the bright side, you get to 'bond' with me for the next seven days," Brooke McQueen answered with a hint of sarcasm.

"Oh joy!" the other voice muttered. Samantha McPherson had a "just shoot me" look plastered on her face as she dragged the extra blankets out from the closet. "It's bad enough that we have to sleep in the same bed but now we're suppose to bond!" Sam huffed in a sarcastic manner.

Brooke let a smile trail across her lips as she placed the extra blankets on the bed. "I'm gonna crash, you?" Brooke asked as she pulled the covers down from the top of the bed.

"Yeah, me too. Just gonna slip into my pj's really quick," Sam answered with a pained sigh as she trudged into the bathroom.

Brooke flipped her hair back as she slowly unbuttoned her tight, white blouse. She neatly set it on the chair beside the bed as she stood. She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, letting the material slide down to her ankles. She stepped out of her jeans, picked them up and set them directly over the blouse.

Sam walked back into the room, a long, shiny blue silk shirt with matching pants slightly dangling from her perfectly sexy form. She raised a brow as she watched Brooke sit on the bed. "You sleep in the buff?" Sam blurted out without thinking.

Brooke jumped slightly then cut Sam's thoughts off before she could scold herself. "No! FYI I sleep in a comfy bra and panties and that's off the record Ms. McPherson," Brooke hissed, still a little startled.

They both wiggled in between the sheets and mountain of blankets to find it was still cold. "God, why does it have to hit below freezing when we decide to vacation here?" Brooke whined.

"You know, whining solves nothing. What's the next best way to keep warm? The heaters off until summer ends, the blankets are thinner than the sheets and we brought summer clothes," Sam stated rationally. "Body heat?" Brooke questioned, though it really needed no answer. Sam scooted closer, her breasts pressing onto Brooke's back.

Brooke felt a surge of fire flow through her and inhaled sharply. Sam's arm slid under Brooke's, her elbow resting at Brooke's side. The space between them was so tight that they could hear each other breath. The journalist's idle fingertips began to trace circles on the Glamazon's stomach forcing the blonde to stifle a soft, cute giggle. Sam got braver trailing her fingers directly beneath Brooke's breasts.

"Sam!" Brooke gasped softly, arching her chest slightly. Sam began to pull away until she felt the blonde's gentle hand stop hers and hold it in place. "It's ok, I like it," the cheerleader admitted.

The journalist simply proceeded with her exploration, tentatively touching the other girl's breasts. She cupped one, her thumb easing gently over the nipple. Brooke moaned softly as Sam continued the torture. She could hear Sam breathing softly into her ear and it was getting her slightly worked up.

With one quick movement Brooke was facing Sam with a smile. Sam eased her fingertips down Brooke's back and kissed her softly. "Are you sure?" Brooke whispered.

"I'm ready if you are Brooke," Sam answered softly. Brooke unbuttoned Sam's flimsy top and slid it off to expose the journalist's milky shoulders, perfect breasts and hard nipples. Sam blushed a pale crimson as a coy smile creased her lips. She unsnapped Brooke's bra and tossed it to the floor carelessly. It was Brooke's turn to blush.

They were now completely focused on each other. They both wiggled out of the rest of their troublesome clothes in a matter of seconds. They lay there for a moment, their eyes raking over the others perfect body.

"You're beautiful," Brooke whispered as she kissed Sam's ear. Sam let out a low giggle and caressed Brooke's side, "So are you." "Slow and gentle," Brooke gasped as Sam's fingertips eased down her lower back.

"I wouldn't do it any other way," Sam responded as her hand slid between Brooke's legs.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Brooke's alarm screamed loudly to wake the sleeping beauty. Brooke sat straight up mumbling, "oh god, just a dream. Just a dream." Her heart was racing and she couldn't catch her breath. Once she came back to reality she yawned, stretched and crawled to the bathroom. She slid on a new pair of black jeans and a red silk shirt she'd borrowed from Nicole. Nic was a great best friend. . .when she wasn't out for blood.

Brooke examined herself after fixing her hair and makeup. She nodded an approval to herself, grabbed her backpack and headed to Kennedy High.


"Sam!" Carmen yelled into her friend's ear.

"Huh? Oh god, I'm sorry Carm I'm just tired," Sam yawned, feeling bad for floating into oblivion and leaving poor, bored Carmen with a vegetable.

"More dreams?" Carm asked softly as Harrison and Lily approached.

"Yeah. I'm so not looking forward to this trip," Sam answered sleepily.

"So, planning for the vacation from hell?" Harrison grumbled as he sat down. Lily sat quietly, warning Harrison with her eyes.

"Well, it's not going to be a bed of roses. I'm stuck with her for seven whole days in one part of the condo with no phone. I know our parents want to make up and all but this is cruel and unusual punishment," Sam whined.

"At least Nicole and Mary Cherry wont be there," Lily said, spitting those names out as if they were a deadly poison.

Sam sighed and nodded in agreement.


"Look Brookie, I'd save you from the spring break from hell but your dad made it extremely clear that it's a relative convention only," Nicole Julian huffed as an angry frown formed on her lips.

"I know Nic. It's just those dreams again. You know, the kind that wake you in the night and cause you to wake up in a cold sweat," Brooke whispered with a slight sigh.

"I know what you mean," Nicole answered below a whisper.

"Really? You've been there?" Brooke chirped excitedly.

"No. I saw some show about dream in between naps when I was out sick," Nicole explained, her heart beating rapidly.

"Oh," Brooke said disappointedly. For a moment she had sensed something human in Nicole Julian and it scared a little part of her but mostly it made her wonder who her best friend really was under that mask of queen bitch.

Brooke had noticed Nic was acting weird a few weeks back when she passed up on an insult swap with Sam in the hall. She seemed to be withdrawing from her role a little. She still acted her part all the time but she seemed to be throwing less effort into it lately. It made Brooke even more curious as to who was behind the mask.


"No, not the end of the day already," Sam groaned as if in pain.

"It won't be that bad Sam," Lily attempted to convince Sam but it wasn't by any means working. Sam paced as Lily attempted to calm her again. Brooke pulled up in her car, signaling for Sam to get in.

"Bye Lil," Sam hesitantly yelled.

"Bye. Sam, try to have some fun," Lily plead as Sam closed the door.

Brooke sped off, leaving poor Lily in the dust.

"When are you gonna tell her?" a soft voice from behind the Latina whispered. "Soon enough," Lily answered as the form's arms wrapped gently around Lily waist.


"Yeah Nic, dad said they're staying there for another week so you can come over," Brooke said into the phone.

"So it's a party? Who's Spam trapping into this rendezvous?" Nicole asked with a smirk.

"I'll tell you if you promise not to invite Mary Cherry," Brooke bargained.

"Deal," Nicole agreed.

"Lily and Carmen," Brooke informed.

"Sounds like you're gonna have one hell of a group on your hands. I'll be as civil as possible without getting sick, I promise," Nicole replied.

Brooke smiled, "Thanks Nic. Well, I've gotta pack the rest of my stuff so I'll call you back, k?"

"K, later," Nicole hung up the phone and began plotting.


"I've never kept anything from my friends. Should I call her or should I tell her in person?" Lily asked as she paced in front of Kennedy High.

"I could tell her," the other voice offered.

"You will not! I promised and I'm going to tell her. C'mon, I'm going over there," Lily belted, dragging the other person with her.


"Would somebody get the door already?" Brooke yelled from her room as the continuous knock slowly drove her insane.

"Yeah, I got it," Sam grumbled as she sleepily headed for the door. Rubbing her eyes awake, she opened the door and smiled. "Hey guys, come in," Sam yawned then lead them to the living room. She curled up in the still warm chair. "So, not to be rude or anything, but why're you here? It's not that I don't want you here but I was sleeping," Sam confessed with another dreadfully long yawn. Sam snuggled into the chair to get comfortable again as Lily took a deep breath.

"Sorry to wake you but I had to tell you something. You probably noticed that in the past few weeks we've been acting a little weird, well we want to tell you why. Me and Carmen are. . .um. . ." Lily blushed lightly then finished, "we're together."

"Together?" Sam muttered as her brain worked in overtime to decode the one word message. "Together!" she repeated in almost a scream.

"But Josh. . ." Sam stared at Lily for an answer.

"Remember when me and Josh had that disagreement? It was like three weeks ago but he broke up with me. Not because of the fight but because we were both having feelings toward other people," Lily explained.

"She showed up at my doorstep soaked and crying. It was heart breaking but I knew she didn't show up so I could pity her," Carmen cut in.

"That's when it happened. All my confusion was shattered when I kissed her. Yes, we have our differences and our fights but deep down I know I need her," Lily poured out from her heart.

Sam gave them the look. Carmen knew that look to well. It was the "stay still and this will hurt a lot less" look that made her skin crawl. Carm prepared for hurricane Sam, preying everything would be ok. The look on Sam's face had changed to a look of sadness.

"I'm hurt. Why didn't you tell me sooner? You guys know me better than that," Sam pouted.

"I'm sorry Sam, it's just that we haven't told anybody except you and I was scared. There's always fear no matter how well you know the person," Lily explained.

Sam nodded and gave them a big hug. "Congratulations."


"I know what I heard. Yeah, I got it on tape Nic. See ya in five," Brooke beamed wickedly then hung up the phone.

This was so not like Brooke. Nicole had somehow possessed her to do what she had just done but at this point she didn't care. She had some juicy info and boy was she gonna use it for all it was worth.

She heard tapping on her window and smirked as she let Nicole in.

"Where's the evidence Brookie?" the Glamazon demanded in a seemingly friendly tone. She was never really mean to Brooke, she couldn't be. She didn't have it in her.

Brooke pulled out the tape and played it for the very anxious Nicole Julian.

"After break they're gonna wish they hadn't had that touching little moment with Spam," Nicole grinned and noticed Brooke was doing the same.

This was starting to scare Nicole. She was becoming softer, nothing really noticeable, and Brooke was becoming the bitch. Nicole shook it off, passing it off as a hidden evil streak she never knew Brooke had.


"Sam! Brooke! C'mon, we don't have all day," Jane yelled from the bottom of the staircase.

"I'm coming mom," Sam huffed as she dragged her luggage down the stairs. Brooke soon followed suite and they were ready to role.

They soon boarded the plane, all of them pondering what would happen on this trip. Little did any of them know what was in store. ((Sam: Something big? Brooke: Something exciting? Mel: No, something surprising to both of you but your parents remain clueless ::grins:: for now))


"Ah, finally here," Mike sighed as he stepped into condo. "Looks like it was built for two different families. Perfect. Brooke, you and Sam share that half, we'll be in our half and we all share the kitchen," Mike announced.

"Thank God! We get the entertainment system," Sam sighed with relief as she set her bags down in the living room.

"No sleeping in the living room either," Jane added as she took her bags to her and Mike's room.

Sam groaned and dragged her stuff up the stairs. Finding only one room with one big bed made Brooke a little fidgety because her dreams had made a point of the cold weather, which was predicted, and the fact of her and Sam sleeping in the same bed.

Sam joined Brooke in the room with a smile. "So what now?"


Nights had flown by quicker than the blink of an eye and Brooke and Sam were on civil terms. The parental units were out for the night, stranding the two teenagers with popcorn, a tub of "Death by Chocolate" and old horror flicks.

"Ugh, I've seen this stupid movie a zillion times," Sam groaned as "Pet Cemetery" appeared on the TV screen.

Brooke turned the TV off and smiled. She'd brought out several bottles of alcohol and set them on the table.

"What do you say to a game of Truth or Dare?" Brooke challenged. "Sounds good. You first Miss McQueen," Sam accepted with a grin.

"Truth Miss McPherson," Brooke chirped slyly.

"Ok, if you had to sleep with Michelle Phiffer or Alyssa Milano, which would you choose?" Sam asked, taking a swig from one of the bottles.

"Both," Brooke answered truthfully then took a swig from the same bottle.

"Threesome? Kinky. Dare," Sam replied with a smirk.

"Hmm, blurt out the first thing that comes to mind when I say . . . lesbian," Brooke commanded.

"If These Walls Could Talk 2!" Sam shouted and they both busted up laughing.

"Remember when we first saw it?" Sam chuckled, pouring herself a Long Island Ice Tea.

"Oh God, that was so funny. Half way through the movie our parents were out cold and our eyes were glued to the screen like a couple of deprived children ogling at a toy commercial," Brooke giggled. That was the movie that had made them both wonder about being with a girl, touching her, loving her. That's when the dreams had started, for both of them.

An hour later they were full-blown drunk and getting crazy with their dares.

"Truth, huh? Ok, have you ever thought about having sex with another girl and gotten off on it, Miss McQueen?" Sam slurred, licking the alcohol off her lips in a sexy manner.

"Yeah," Brooke answered in a low voice as she turned a dozen shades of red.

"Well I guess you're not homophobic. Dare," Sam toasted and drank some more.

"Off the record, are you homophobic?" Brooke asked unable to think due to her state of mind.

"No, now on with the dare!" Sam yelled cheerfully.

"Ok hot shot, I dare you to French kiss me," Brooke blurted out.

The air became still as Sam thought. She signaled for the cheerleader to come closer. Brooke hovered over Sam who was lying on the couch. Sam pressed her lips to Brooke's then began to explore the other girl's mouth with her tongue. The kiss lasted 'til they both could no longer breathe and left them frantically gasping for air. Brooke pinned Sam to the couch kissing her neck softly.

Sam gasped, her eyes closing tight. "We can't," Sam pled, her heart racing. God she wanted this but it didn't feel right, not with Brooke.

Brooke felt the same way but the alcohol had lead her so she was in one big state of confusion. "I know," Brooke whispered, resting her body on Sam's.

Brooke drifted into a deep sleep as Sam cleaned up their mess. After the cleanup, Sam took Brooke up to their room. She tucked her in then cuddled up next to her and fell asleep as well.


"Oh god, tell me I didn't," Brooke mumbled as she paced in front of the bed. She'd woken up curled up and comfy but the last thing she remembered doing was drinking 'til she passed out. Now she wasn't even sure she passed out.

"Hey you. Finally decided to crawl out of bed?" Sam teased in a friendly manner.

Brooke looked at Sam with a serious face and asked, "Sam, what happened last night?"

Sam suddenly got "deer in headlight" syndrome and could barely speak above a whisper. "We. . .you dared me to kiss you but that's where I drew the line. I mean, we kissed but nothing more," Sam answered.

Brooke let out a soft sigh. "Thanks Sam. I needed to know," Brooke mumbled, suddenly uncomfortable.

"Well, breakfast in five," Sam muttered then scampered off to the kitchen where their parents waited.


Only one day remained of their vacation in Arizona yet Sam and Brooke hadn't spoken since the morning after the event. Sam had been avoiding Brooke and Brooke was tired of it. The most they said on a regular basis was "dinner's ready" or "pass the. . . (fill in the noun)". They slept in the same bed but somehow seemed to avoid all attempts at conversation.

Sam sat on their bed and sighed as she tried to sort her thoughts. Brooke entered the room, shutting and locking the door.

"Look Sam, what happened just happened. We need to stop running from the fact and face it. We kissed. Now we need to figure out what's next," Brooke stated firmly as she sat beside her soon to be sister.

"You're right but what's the next step?" Sam asked hesitantly.

"We need to state what's on our minds and how we feel," Brooke nodded and looked into Sam's eyes.

"I was scared. That one little kiss made me think of so much. It was wonderful but it didn't feel right. It wasn't the fact you're female, it was the fact it was you. No offence," Sam whispered, gazing back at Brooke.

"None taken. I know what you mean. I love you Sam, I really do. Just not in that way," Brooke agreed.

"I feel the same way. Promise you won't tell the parents?" Sam asked as she threw her arms around Brooke, hugging her.

"Promise," Brooke agreed.

Girl's Night

Sam rushed around the living room cleaning like a maniac. Brooke brought out the snack, setting them on the table.

"Time?" Sam huffed hurriedly.

"Half hour," Brooke clarified then headed upstairs to change her clothes for the fifth time that evening.

After cleaning for three hours Sam finally finished and the doorbell sounded. "Ugh!" she grumbled as she opened the door. Nicole Julian whooshed past her in a flash, Carmen and Lily cautiously creeping in after the Ice Queen.

"Sam, she's starting to scare us," Carmen stated below a whisper.

"She's actually being civil," Lily added, watching Satan waltz up the stairs at a brisk pace.

"Well, just for tonight be civil back," Sam gave them a quick glance then ushered them into the living room.


The pile of unwatched movies that had been set on table had now dissolved into a rewind stack and the gang of teenagers were getting restless and bored. Nobody was tired and they'd already tried searching the TV for more movies but all that was on were ancient romance movies.

"So what now?" Carmen piped up, almost regretting it the moment she said it.

"Truth or Dare?" Brooke proposed.

"I'm in. What about you freaks?" Nicole pitched in with a grin.

"Sure," the other three girls chimed.

The first few dares were shy and simple kids stuff but then came the liquor. Everybody had at least one drink before proceeding in the game.

"Dare!" Nicole said and inhaled another shot of Tequila Rose.

"Kiss Brooke," a fairly drunk Lily dared.

"Where and how?" Nicole questioned in a seductive tone.

"French kiss," the Latina answered smugly.

All eyes were now transfixed on the very drunk and spacey Brooke. Brooke raised her head cluelessly, the dare not registering.

"Come here Brookie," the cheerleader commanded.

Brooke stumbled toward Nicole and sat beside her. In this state of mind Brooke was more of a follower than a leader. Nicole straddled Brooke, gazing deep into her eyes. There was something about those baby blues that had always attracted the cheerleader to her best friend, but now it turned her on. Maybe it was the alcohol but who cared? She didn't. Nic cradled Brooke's face with her hand, slowly moving in for the kill.

Brooke snapped back to reality and realized what was happening. In any other situation she would have freaked but now it didn't seem to matter. All she wanted was to kiss Nicole and never let that moment fade. She captured Nic into a hot, heavy, passionate duel of their tongues. Brooke moaned softly as Nicole sucked on her tongue.

The other three girls sat there gawking like kids in a candy shop. They were all so consumed by the site. Sam could feel her body temperature rising and she wondered if the other two were getting turned on by this like she was. But of course the intense looks on their faces was a dead give away.

Nicole gently broke the kiss and stared into the eyes that begged her to make love to their owner. Fearing the one thing she couldn't control when drunk Nic got off of Brooke and sat on the couch. Then her gaze moved to the three awe stricken females before her.

"What?" she hissed defensively, her barriers reforming. Brooke was damn near sober at this point but the only coherent thought she had was that she wanted to be curled up in Nicole's arms.

"Your turn Spam," Nic stated cockily.

"Um. . .truth," Sam answered, pulling herself together.

"Have you ever slept with a girl?" Nicole asked with a grin.

"N-no, you?" Sam stuttered, mentally smacking herself for letting Nicole trap her like that.

The Ice Queen simply shook her head as she glanced at Brooke. Brookie had always been the only person she could see herself with, the only one she loved that much. Yeah, believe it or not she loved Brooke, with all her heart none the less. She discovered this while the whole "Family Vacation" thin was going on.

"Who's your biggest girl crush Spammy?" Nicole muttered numbly as another shot of Tequila Rose raced down her throat.

Sam thought hard then answered truthfully, "I don't have one, you?"

At this point Brooke had passed out and was leaning on the couch, lifeless and oblivious. Nicole answered quietly, just above a whisper, "Brookie."

Sam, Lily and Carmen all dropped jaw and got bug eyed. Nicole Julian, bitch of Kennedy High, had a crush on Brooke McQueen. What next? Queen Elizabeth marrying the Pope? Fat chance. Sam began to slip into shock. She stood and gave her friends the "time to run" look. Lil and Carm obeyed silently. This was way too much for them to grasp.

"We're gonna. . .um. . .crash," Sam nodded then lead her friends upstairs to her room.

"Freaks," Nicole muttered as she stood and scooped Brooke up in her arms. She never noticed how light Brooke actually was until she carried her up the stairs. She tucked Brook in and laid beside her.

"You probably can't hear me but I've decided to come clean Brookie. I love you Brook McQueen. Always have and always will. I have no chance with you so all I can do is protect you," Nicole whispered as she played with a stray strand of Brooke's hair.

Nicole knew she was too drunk but it didn't matter, she needed sleep. With a tear in her eye she stood and softly crept to the door. As she opened it she looked back as if it were the last time she would be able to see that angel. She turned to walk out but stopped when she heard a soft voice call to her.

"Nic, don't go. Stay with me," Brooke whispered, half asleep.

Nicole couldn't refuse an invite so she wiggled between the sheets and pulled the covers up to her shoulders.

"Hold me," Brooke demanded like a child demands candy from its mother.

Nicole couldn't help but grin and take the other girl into her arms. She never wanted to let go, never wanted morning to come and take her angel away.


Brooke snuggled against the other warm body that occupied the bed as she began to wake up. She tightened her embrace as if letting go would make her world vanish. For the first time Brooke McQueen felt complete happiness. Her eyes lifted open as she smiled. She had a look of peace in her eyes as she watched her best friend sleep, felt her strong, gentle embrace.

Brooke took a deep breath, noticing for the first time how beautiful Nicole truly was. Memories of what Nic had said the night before flooded her mind and made her want to cry. She'd been so sweet, so sincere, so honest. Brooke had always known she needed Nicole but until then she hadn't known how much. Brooke nuzzled her face to Nicole's neck and sighed contently. 'I hope you meant what you said last night because I know I love you,' she thought.

Nicole began to stir as rays of sunlight disrupted her slumber. The Ice Queen felt Brooke body against her and did the one thing she did only for extremely special and rare occasions. . .she smiled. Not her usual demonic smirk or disappointed frown. It was a genuine full smile of pure, unearthly delight.

"You know, you should do that more often. It makes you even sexier," Brooke purred. Nicole inhaled deeply then pulled her best friend to eye level. "What you said last night, did you mean it?" Brooke whispered, almost afraid of the answer.

Nicole froze. She hadn't realized Brooke had been fully awake when she'd confessed but every word she breathed that night was true and she wasn't about to lie to the only person she trusted and cared for.

"Every word," was all Nicole could answer.

"I love you too Nikki," Brooke confessed with a giggle then gently kissed Nicole's lips. This was a new beginning.

Sneaking Around

Monday morning had come too quick at Kennedy High. Classes hadn't even started yet controversy lingered in the air. "Look Jennifer Lopez School of beauty flunky, keep your mouth shut and I wont hurt you," Nicole Julian hissed at the smaller girl.

"Listen Nicole, I'm Sam's friend and for her sanity only will I keep this a secret. I'm not afraid of you but Sam is like a sister to me and I don't want to see her get hurt," Lily responded with narrowed eyes.

"Whatever! I know you think Brookie's made me soft but I'm still fully armed and dangerous. I won't make snide remarks about you and your fuck toy in public but anywhere else, you're mine," Nicole growled defensively, noticing Lily casually rolling her eyes.

Lily agreed to the deal and headed out of the bathroom with a smile. She actually knew one of Nicole's secrets, one that could destroy a lot of people. Thinking of it that way made her regret walking in on the site of the two cheerleaders kissing.

As the bell rang Nicole headed to class with a smitten smirk plastered on her lips. She was still the bitch of Kennedy High and she had all she'd ever needed. The evilness still lived inside of her and tons of people still feared her but now she had her angel beside her. What more could a girl ask for?


The bell rang for lunch and hundreds of starving students poured out of classrooms. Like many other girls Brooke had taken temporary sanctuary in the girls bathroom. It seemed more crowded today than most days but the head cheerleader still managed to get a spot in front of a mirror so she could touch up her makeup. She looked at her reflection and sighed at the sight of bags under her eyes. Keeping a secret wasn't only hard to hide but it was hard to sleep when that one secret was the only thing you could think about.

For the past three nights she'd only slept for a few hours then came the bad dreams and finally waking to realize it was four in the morning. Brooke took a deep breath and closed her eyes, imagining she was at home, in her room, with Nicole. She slowly came back to reality, noticing it was really quiet and still. She let out a relaxed sigh as she felt her lover's warm, slender arms surround her waist and heard that sexy, tender voice whisper in her ear, "Hey beautiful." Brooke leaned back onto her lover as she opened her eyes.

Nicole eased her hands lower to caress Brooke's thighs.

"Nikki," Brooke whispered hotly.

Nicole couldn't help but smirk. Brooke McQueen was the ONLY one who had ever called her that and lived to see the next day without an injury. Brooke used it so often it had become a nickname. Nic really didn't have a cute nickname for Brooke. She'd always just called her Brookie, and that's how it stayed. No other nickname was needed, only a certain tone. The kind of tone that was even sexier than her smile.

"How'd you get them to leave?" the head cheerleader questioned.

"Gave 'em the look," Nicole answered with a dark grin as her fingertips lingered as they traveled up Brooke's thighs.

"Why do you have to be so cruel?" Brooke gasped, closing her eyes again.

"Do you really want our first time to be in the Kennedy High girls bathroom?" Nicole asked, frowning halfheartedly. She wanted Brooke bad but she wouldn't stoop so low as to make love to her for the first time in a school bathroom. That was just tacky.

"I see your point. When. . ." Brooke's question was cut off by a soft, gently kiss.

"Tonight, my house. My mom's gone 'til tomorrow," Nicole whispered before nibbling gently at Brooke's earlobe.

Brooke giggled cutely then turned around to face Nicole. She slowly captured Nic's lips into an intimate kiss. When the kiss broke Brooke softly whispered, "I love you Nicole Julian."

Nicole felt a warm fuzzy feeling sweep through her as she replied in a soft, gentle tone, "And I love you Brooke McQueen." Nicole's hand retreated from their teasing position as they gazed at each other lovingly.


Brooke sighed heavily as the boring movie on some stupid topic that wasn't worth remembering rolled on before her eyes. No, she wasn't watching the movie. Quite on the contrary. Brooke McQueen was half asleep. The only thing on her mind was Nicole. The way her kisses lingered for hours after they'd been in contact with each other.

A few times Brooke could even swear she felt Nicole all over her, inside of her. Touching her, kissing her, melting her with every amazingly delicate caress. For being the cruelest bitch on the planet, Nicole seemed to be the gentlest person Brooke had ever known which brought Brooke to her next thought. Her and Nic hadn't made love yet although they'd come close on several occasions. Surprisingly Nicole had been the one to stop Miss McQueen in her tracks and slow her down. They just wanted everything to be perfect and tonight, well that would be perfect.

Brooke squirmed in her seat impatiently as her mind ran away with her. Time seemed to crawl by like a turtle crossing a highway during rush hour. Why'd time seem to creep by slower than moss when you were looking forward to something? The bell finally rang and Brooke was out of her seat and to her car in mere second. Record timing for the cheerleader.


"I can see if Brooke can give us a lift to your house Carm," Sam offered only halfheartedly meaning the offer.

"Sounds like a plan," Carmen agreed as Brooke pulled up.

"Speak of the devil," Sam said as she opened the car door. They spoke for mere seconds before Sam turned to her friends simply to say, "hop in." They all got into the car and Brooke sped off.

They soon arrived at Carmen's. After thanking Brooke the girls got out of the car and entered Carm's house. Brooke sped off, making a quick stop at home before hiding her car in some bushes by Nicole's house. It was time to put her diabolical plan into action.


Nicole waltzed into her house, placed her purse on the kitchen table, then headed up to her room. She shut the door, preparing to fix her room up for that night. Turning around a warm feeling consumed her as she took in the site of the beautifully decorated candlelit room. She also noticed the faint dying scent of Dragon's Blood incense in the cool, thin air. Her eyes lit up as they followed the trail of roses that were apparently left there for her to follow. Her eyes finally landed upon the black satin sheeted bed that bore the center of all this glamour and goddess of Nicole Julian's dreams, Brooke. Not only was Brooke laying there looking incredibly sexy but she barely had anything on.

Nicole looked her over. A very tasteful black see-through gown covered Brooke's black silk panties and matching bra. Nicole bit her bottom lips as her now feeble knees threatened to crumble beneath her. Brooke stood, inching her way closer to the love of her life.

Nicole could barely contain herself. If it had been any other person the Ice Queen would have pounced them then and their but with Brooke it was different. Nic wanted to go slow to show how much love she had inside. Nic had never felt even a fourth of what she was feeling right now and the only thing she could think about was doing this right.

Brooke shattered her lover's thoughts, capturing her lips into a kiss. The head cheerleader pulled Nic onto the bed, happily taking the submissive position of being on bottom. "Nikki, make love to me. Touch me deep inside and linger on my lips when I speak your name. I'm yours," Brooke whispered, baffled as to where that creative spurt came from. She was never really creative with words, that was Sam's department. She was better at acting.

"Anything for my angel," Nicole whispered, gently kissing Brooke's throat. She began to slowly unbutton the gown and quickly disposed of it by tossing it onto the floor beside the bed. The next task was easy, taking off Brooke's bra. Nic smiled, unsnapping her lovers bra. She tossed that in the same pile as the gown and stared down at the blindingly beautiful woman before her. Brooke smiled as she slide Nicole's black leather jacket off her shoulders. She dropped it onto the growing pile of clothes then trapped Nic into a passionate kiss ((Mel: Oh God. . . Brooke: What? Sam: disgusted much? Nicole: can it Spam! ::evil glare:: Mel: Oh, I'm just listening to "Let's Make Love" by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill on repeat, so this scenes will be interesting. . . Mary Cherry: Tim McGraw! OMG! WHERE? ::psychotic look in her eyes::)).

Brooke unzipped Nicole's incredibly sexy midnight tinted plastic shirt, quickly tossing it aside. As the kiss deepened Brooke got Nic's bra off and then focused on getting her lover's plastic pants off. Nicole helped, kicking the garment to the floor after Brooke had unzipped them. The kiss broke for a moment, both cheerleaders panting for breathes of air. Nicole trapped Brooke in another passionate kiss.

Brooke moaned into the kiss, her hands sliding in between Nicole's thighs. "Mmmmh, you cut to the chase don't you Miss McQueen?" Nic gasped as her own hands tentatively explored her lover's perfect form.

"Am I moving too fast? Nic, I'm. . ." Brooke's frantic body language and tone where cut off by Nic's finger in front of her lips.

"Just take it easy. You're doing everything right," Nicole cooed softly, gazing into Brooke's eyes.

Brooke searched Nicole's eyes, for what she didn't know but somehow she knew it was there. Her fingers wondered through Nicole's hair as she whispered, as if speaking for the first time, "I love you."

Nicole smiled, that warm fuzzy feeling capturing her like it always did when she was with Brooke. Then she whispered softly into her lover's ear, "I love you too."

They kissed again, their eyes closed tight with passion. They were all that seemed to matter at that moment. Both thinking of the other before themselves. Emotions were erupting within them, some familiar and other foreign to them. This love was much deeper than anything one heart could hold but if it was deeper than the heart, where did it stand? That didn't matter. They had each other and that's how they needed it.

They found their hands instinctively wondering over the others body. Nicole pressed her body onto Brook, directly above her. Instinct took control, their bodies now controlling every emotion. Neither of them had ever felt this way but it felt amazing. Their minds were blinded with pleasure as were their eyes. They could only feel each other and the pleasure that consumed them, drugged them, rocked their entirely "perfect" worlds.

Brooke raked her nails down Nic's back, panting and moaning. Nicole returned the pleasure by attacking Brooke's throat with a fierceness that was so gentle it was almost inhuman. They both froze as the pressure held within then burst into oblivion. Nicole collapsed onto Brooke but quickly rolled off of her onto her back. Brooke curled up next to her lover, half of her body on the bed and the other half on Nicole.

"Nikki, that was beautiful, you're beautiful," Brooke whispered shakily, still suffering minor tremors.

"It was more than I've ever had Brookie, you're more. You're my everything. I don't want to lose you and. . .I want you to need me like I need you((thank you Celine Deon))," Nicole whispered softly, her heart fearing the worst for their future.

"Nikki, I'll always be here. Friends, lovers, wherever, whenever and I do need you, like the air I breath, " Brooke eased the other girls fear with her words.

Brooke kissed Nicole softly. "I might not be able to tell you how much I love you but I'll always show you," Brooke said softly.

"I just need to know that sometimes. I love you my angel," Nicole replied softly as she pulled the covers over them.

"I love you too," Brooke reassured as they cuddled and basked in the afterglow.


"Hun! Mamah gave meh some spendin moneh and I was wondrin if yah wanted tah go shoppin?" Mary Cherry yelled from the doorway of Nicole's house. She already managed to let herself in and was making her way up the stairs quite loudly.

Nicole's eyes shot open at hearing the very distinct voice of Mary Cherry nearing her room. "Shit," she muttered under her breathe as she slipped away from Brooke. She threw a robe on and walked out of her room not realizing her hair was a disaster.

Nic stopped her friend at the stairs. "I have plans, maybe tomorrow?" Nicole asked, trying to sound as nice as possible.

Seeing Nicole in the state she was currently in gave the Southern Bell the hint that she had "company". "Oh, right. Sorry if ah interrupted anythang," the other Glamazon apologized and headed back the way she had come. The whole thought of nearly walking in on Nicole and one of her "friends" made MC a bit sick. After all, this was her best friend.

"God that was close," Nic muttered as she crept back into her room. For a moment she sat there watching Brooke sleep. Then she decided to take a nice long shower. That would just be heaven. She glanced at the clock. 'Five already? I hope Brooke's not late for her family dinner thing,' Nicole thought, setting the alarm on the clock.


Brooke woke in a slight panic, not remembering exactly where she was or who's bed she was in. It took her a moment to realize she was in Nicole's bed, but where was Nic? She heard the sound of running water and a smirk creased her lips. She silently crawled out of bed and crept into the steamy bathroom.

"Hey sexy, care to join me?" Nicole purred through the steam.

"Definitely," Brooke whispered as she slipped into the shower. She trapped Nic's waist in her arms and kissed her neck tenderly. The other cheerleader tilted her head to one side, letting a low gasp of passion rush past her lips and escape into the hot air. Brooke seductively devoured a few water droplets from Nicole's right shoulder, forcing her to shiver with slight excitement.

"I have to go soon," Brooke whined.

"I know. Guess who dropped by before you woke up," Nic replied with a frown.

"Who?" the head cheerleader questioned.

"Mary Cherry. I think she suspects something's going on because I refused to go shopping with her," Nicole murmured distastefully.

"At least Sam didn't come looking for me," Brooke comforted, half smiling.

Nic nodded and sighed. If Sam ever found out it would be all over school and both her and Brooke could kiss their popularity goodbye. And their parents. That was a whole new mess in itself.

"Nikki, I'm sorry but I have to go," Brooke whispered, glancing out of the shower at the clock. Brooke was out of the shower before Nicole could say another word and was gone before Nicole had the chance to yell to her.

Nic ran a warm bath and laid there deep in thought. Why was society and love so damn complicated? She couldn't touch Brooke in public without getting nasty glares or feeling everybody's eyes on them. She just wanted to escape and take her true love away to a place where nobody else could ever matter. A place where only they mattered. This whole sneaking around thing was really getting to her. On several occasions she even felt like screaming out that she was a lesbian and that Brooke was hers and nobody else's. She couldn't keep the truth in much longer. It was time to face the cruel things that the world was going to toss at them. It was now or never.


"You're late," Mike chided as Brooke slipped into her seat.

"Sorry, traffic problems," Brooke fibbed.

"So how was your day Brooke?" Jane asked, noticing the glow of happiness that radiated off of Brooke.

"It was great," Brooke answered with a dreamy grin.

"How's hell's keeper?" Sam muttered, hoping to get a good fight out of her soon to be sister.

"Her name's Nicole and she's doing good," Brooke teased, letting Sam know with a beaming smile that she wouldn't be engaging in battle at that point in time.

Sam was shocked at the way her insult slid off of Brooke like raindrops from a rooftop. She knew there was more to the story than what Brooke was letting onto and she was damn determined to find out what it was.


"You're half an hour late," Brooke whispered as she opened the window.

Nicole crawled in, weakly falling into Brooke's room. Brooke looked at Nicole for the first time that evening and let out a horrified gasp. Nicole swallowed hard, muttering softly, "I told her. She came home early and we got into a fight. That's when it slipped outta my mouth. Brookie, I'm sorry." A few tears fell from Nicole's eye as she trembled slightly.

Tears began to fill Brooke's eyes. "Nic, it doesn't matter," she whispered, taking her lover in her arms.

"We need to get those wounds cleaned up," Brooke led Nicole to the bathroom. Stepping into the light only made everything worse. Nicole's face was stained a deep, rich strawberry and she was still bleeding.

"She did this?" Brooke questioned angrily.

"She said it was a mistake to hit me and that it would never happen again. She's accepted the fact, she just has to get use to us," Nic explained.

Brooke wet a washcloth and gently eased it across Nic's wounds. She was cut up pretty bad. Scratches on both cheeks, a black eye and a shallow cut on her forearm. Nicole held back whimpers as Brooke doused her wounds with peroxide and wrapped them up tightly. The sight of Nicole was painful, so painful that Brooke just wanted to break down and cry for her. She knew Nicole's mom had a bad temper but she never thought it was that bad.


"I know something's going on! And I am going to do a all I possibly can to find out what Brooke McQueen is covering up," Sam argued as she paced before Carmen and Lily.

"Maybe you should just forget about it Sam," Lily nervously proposed, wanting desperately to get away from the whole Brooke subject.

"You know something don't you?" Sam raised her eyes to her friends with a fiery glare.

Carmen shook her head profusely, her eyes proving her innocence. Lily avoided Sam's glare and nodded meekly, knowing a fragment of information that she wasn't suppose to.

"Spill! I'm going crazy over here Lil," Sam ordered, very frustrated.

"I can't Sam. I can't tell anybody," Lily admitted seriously.

"Not even me?" Carmen pouted playfully.

Lily shook her head, still very serious.

Sam quirked a brow. This had to be big for Lily to be sworn to secrecy. "I'll be back," Sam informed, leaving before her friends could protest. This whole situation was one big mess, one big nightmare.


Sam snuck into the house and up the stairs like a night mountain lion moving in on its prey. Hearing a soft noise she stopped in her tracks and remained still. Curious yet cautious, she crept toward Brooke's room and cracked the door open just enough for her to take in the scene before her denying eyes. She shakily shut the door and stumbled downstairs. She couldn't believe what she had just seen. She disappeared into the dark night, roaming back to Carmen's.

"Do you think she saw us?" Brooke whispered softly, kissing Nicole's jaw.

"If she didn't then she probably heard us. We aren't the quietest people in the world you know," Nic joked playfully.

"Believe me, I know," Brooke chuckled.

"When are you gonna tell the parents about us?" Nicole blurted out, drastically changing the subject.

"I'll tell them tomorrow at dinner," Brooke answered, sighing contently.

"Sleep?" Nic yawned.

"Maybe," Brooke teased playfully.


"They were doing WHAT!?!?!" Carmen looked completely shocked and slightly disgusted as she stared at Lily.

"Don't look at me that way, I didn't know or want to know about that part," Lily enlightened with a light mask of shock creeping past her features.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Sam interrogated with her cold, angry glare set on Lily.

Lily hadn't really said much since Sam had started ranting and yelling at her. She was damn near close to blowing up. She could take a lot but she was on the brink of letting all of her fury escape and it wouldn't be a pretty picture.

"Well?" Sam grumbled.

That was it. Lily completely lost it. "This is why! You're the only sane single female of both the popular group and ours! Brooke didn't want to hurt you and the reason I swore myself to secrecy was because I didn't want to hurt you either! We both love you Sam. Not like that but we still love you," the enraged Latina bellowed, her right eye twitching like it always did when she was upset. She was so upset that her hands were trembling and you could almost see her eyes filling with a bloodlust indescribable to the human race.

Sam shrunk to the size of an ant when Lily yelled at her. She was more in shock than anything else. She'd never heard the Latina yell. She barely even head her raise her voice and here she was dripping with rage and even with a tinge of darkness about her. This part of Lily scared the living hell outta Sam. It honestly did. Sam had been reduced into a puddle of water within mere seconds. She now realized what Lily had decided to scream at her was a good reason for them to keep the situation on the down low and a secret from her.

Carmen just sat there wide eyed and silent. Ok, so she'd overreacted to the new information but now she knew how bad her and Sam had pissed Lily off. She'd only seen Lily that angry once and that was after she watched the movie Hannibal. That had really pissed her off and Carmen had hoped she'd never have to see that side of Lily ever again. Unfortunately she was seeing it right now and it made her want to crawl outta her skin and flee the scene faster than humanly possible.

"You know I'm right Sam, I can see it in your eyes," Lily breathed, apparently attempting to calm down.

Sam nodded. "Carm, can you promise not to tell anybody?" Sam's voice crackled, the ability of speech still slowly returning to her.

All Carmen could do was nod numbly, a fearful expression masking her pale features. The night was not over but would soon end and it appeared to be taking a turn for the better.


Sam didn't return home until the next evening and when she did she was led to the living room and instructed to sit and stay until dinner was ready. Surprisingly Brooke was cooking and their parents were on their way home. She bore a sober look on her face as she ventured deep into thought.

Sam felt somebody sit on the other end of the couch and lifted her eyes to find her arch nemesis sitting there. There was something different about her. She was dressed normally but there was still something different. When Nicole sat back half of her face was visible to the journalist and then Sam knew what was different. She clamped her hand over her mouth as she let out a low gasp. Nicole had healing scratches and a black eye on her beautiful face. Had Brooke done that?

Nicole knew by Sam's reaction that the idea of being civil had probably just gone out the window. "We'll explain after dinner Spam," Nicole hissed, trying her hardest to be civil.

Sam scooted closer, examining Nicole's wounds. Nicole eyed her cautiously, turning to meet her gaze. Sam gently pressed her lips to Nicole's then whispered, "I know everything Nicole and now that you are with Brooke I highly suggest we make peace. If we don't her life will be hell. That was my peace offering, either accept it or make everything even more tender than it already is."

Nicole looked at Sam wide eyed. Samantha McPherson had just kissed her as a peace offering. She did agree with the peace idea, at least for Brookie's sake so she softly hissed, still in shock, "Deal. Oh and Spam, never, ever kiss me again or I'll be forced to skin you and feed your remains to my pet vultures." Ok, so it was a very sick and demented warning but that was what Nicole Julian was best at and if that didn't stop Sam she'd actually have to follow through with that threat. That was the unpleasant part of the deed.

Sam smiled and scooted back to her side of the couch and began thinking again. This civil thing was going to be hard but she knew she could do it. Before she could go any further into thought she heard the front door open.

"We're home," Mike announced as her closed the door behind Jane.

"Good, dinner's ready," Brooke informed as she poked her head out from the kitchen. "Hope you don't mind Nic staying for dinner," Brooke smiled and offered both her dad and Jane a seat.

"I don't mind," Mike replied. Brooke entered the living room, informing Sam and Nicole that dinner was ready.

They all sat down at the table Brooke had set and waited for Brooke to return with the food. Brooke set the large bowl of Shrimp and Broccoli Fettuccini Alfredo in front of her dad and took her own seat. Mike and Jane both stared at Nicole's face for a moment but when Brooke gave them the "I'll explain later" look they focused on passing the bowl of food around.

"Where'd you learn to make this?" Mike probed, honestly hoping it tasted as delicious as it looked.

"One of grandma's old recipes. I found it in an old cook book," Brooke answered as she filled everyone's glass with red wine.

Sam smiled. What a good idea. Give their parents a good meal and good wine before spilling the beans. It made a lot of sense though. Sam sipped the wine and thought for a moment. 'Should I tell them I'm curious as well,' she pondered.

When everyone had finished eating Brooke looked up and murmured softly as she stood, "I have something to tell you."

Both Mike and Jane feared those words. They both knew it had to be something big. Mike held his breath as Jane waited patently for the blonde to speak once more. Nicole gave Brooke's hand a gentle squeeze of confidence and smiled warmly.

"I, um, I'm a lesbian," Brooke confessed, "and Nicole's my girlfriend. As you can see, her mom didn't take it too well."

Mike sighed with relief. "Thank god you're not pregnant," he breathed.

"You two have had us worried to death," Jane confessed.

Brooke sat down and relaxed a bit. 'Thank you god,' she thought.

"She's not the only one with something to say. I guess you could say I'm curious but I don't have a girlfriend, yet," Sam confessed slightly above a whisper.

This caught everyone at the table, aside from Brooke, off guard. Samantha McPherson bi-curious? It now made perfect sense to Nicole how Sam could kiss her and not even flinch. Jane and Mike were speechless. What could they say to something like that?

"I'm glad you decided to tell us and we want you both to know that this doesn't change anything. We still love you for who you are and we always will," Jane finally said with a smile.

An uncomfortable silence set in as they sat there with their thoughts, pondering the new information. "Lemon Marange Pie anyone?" Brooke offered with a grin, shattering the silence.

Lethal Lover

Summer vacation was merely a week away and Samantha McPherson had already been dragged into going to some small town not too far from LA with her beloved sister. Her mother thought it would be a "good experience" for her but she disagreed. Being with Brooke was fun and all but Nicole was going to be a pain. Not only did she have to deal with Satan and Brooke being all mushy but Carmen and Lily were going as well.

Sam could almost swear Mike bribed Brooke into taking her and her friends. She still couldn't grasp the concept of her surviving a month of captivity with Satan. It was an outrage. Sam hated the whole idea and had protested profusely. She'd be the fifth wheel and that concept frustrated her immensely.

When George had found out about her kiss with Brooke he said he couldn't trust her so it was over. That had been weeks ago and Sam had time to think about the situation. She really did love him but she'd found that she didn't "love" him. He was a good friend but that was all he could be. She wasn't willing to let him in. She didn't trust men.

Some nights were lonelier than others. Depression had taken a tight grip on the journalist when she'd found out about Brooke and Nicole. In a way she was jealous of Nicole but she was more jealous of what the two cheerleaders had. They had love. Of course they had little quarrels but nothing major. Every time she heard Brooke say "I love you" into the phone before hanging up it put a strain on her heart, breaking and tearing it apart.

Sam only wanted one little thing. She wanted somebody to love. Someone to hold her as she rambled on about her problems, to wipe away her tears when she was scared, just some person so special that even I love you wasn't powerful enough to express her feelings. She had found that in her dreams.

Her dreams were so very vivid and real that Sam could almost touch her. She was too beautiful to describe. All Sam could possibly say to describe her came out sounding like a romance novel. She had soft, golden hair to about her shoulders that Sam couldn't resist running her fingers through, piercing sapphire eyes that seemed to see right through her, a charming smile that won her over every time they disagreed, a sinfully stunning body that Sam could never quite get out of her mind and the most sincere yet enigmatic personality that Sam couldn't resist. She'd fallen in love with this woman that she could only dream about and she couldn't wait to sleep again so she could see her angel. Maybe this trip wouldn't be so bad.


"Brooke, I know this trip was suppose to be for you and Nicole and I know I've said this a million times but thank you. Thanks for taking Sam, Carmen and Lily with you. I think this trip will do some good," Mike said, catching Brooke before she headed out the door.

"And like I've said a million times before, it's not like I don't need the company. If me and Nic wanna be alone we can go into another room," Brooke replied, heading out the door before her dad could thank her again.

"Time to fly! C'mon you three, we still have to pick up Nicole," Brooke shouted, getting into her dad's car. Sam, Carmen and Lily came waltzing out, chattering and laughing as they put their stuff in the trunk and piled into the back seat of the car. Now it was off to the Julian residence.

Upon arriving at Nicole's Sam jokingly blurted out, "we are now entering Satan's lair." Brooke shot her a warning look and Sam grinned. It was the only was to keep the depression at a minimum.

Nicole got into the car and with a grin proclaimed, "Let's get this circus on the road, I've got plans for us." She turned the radio on and the long drive began.

The miles seemed endless, time a mere moment in space. "Oh, I love this song," Nicole announce, blaring the music. She sang along softly, "Desperate for changing, starving for truth. I'm closer to where I started."

"I'm chasing after you," Sam sang in chorus. Within seconds they were all singing together and, believe it or not, having fun.

Song after song kept them singing and bouncing around. Before they knew it they were parked in front of a store. None of them had caught a glimpse of the sign that had said where they were headed to but none of them really cared. It had been fun.

"We're here. Well, sorta. This is our first stop so we can get the keys and directions to the house," Brooke informed, getting out of the car. "You coming?" Brooke added with inquiring eyes. The others got out and followed Brooke into the slightly musky magik shop.

"Hi, need any help finding anything? Books, candles, incense?" a young blonde woman chirped, standing in front of them.

"Anya, it's for me. Remember?" Giles reminded as he approached the girls.

"Uncle Giles!" Brooke squealed, throwing her arms around the older man.

"Uncle?" Sam and Willow muttered at the same time.

"Brooke? It's been quite some time hasn't it?" Giles chuckled.

"I'm not fourteen anymore old man," Brooke giggled as she let her arms slip away from the watcher's body to rest at her sides.

"I see that. Well, we can catch up later. The house isn't too far from here and he'll be gone until September so feel free to stay as long as you like," Giles replied grinning as he handed her a set of keys and a piece of paper.

Sam let her eyes wonder over the shop curiously. She'd never been to a magik shop so this was all new to her. Her eyes stopped when they reached a human face. The blonde sitting in the far back with the redhead to her right was eyeing her and she didn't know why but it gave her goosebumps.

Lily and Carmen were browsing through stones and amulets, eyeing each one with caution as Nicole eyed the dark haired young man in the back. She didn't like him, not one bit. He seemed harmless but she didn't like the way his eyes crept over Brooke's body. It was like he was some sort of hunter who'd just spotted his prey. Nicole also noticed that Anya, as she recalled the girl being referred to as, appeared to be quite irritated at the man's actions.

"Thanks Giles, I'm glad you're closer to home. I've really missed you," Brooke whispered as she hugged the watcher goodbye. She caught the attention of the other girls and they headed back to the car.

"Who was that?" Anya squeaked, glaring at Xander who's mouth was gaping.

Xander quickly closed his mouth as Giles answered and cleaned his glasses, "that was Brooke McQueen. Her father, Michael, is a close friend of mine."

"T-that girl. There's something about her Willow," Tara whispered as her eyes followed the car until it was out of site.

"Last time you had a feeling about something you fell in love with me," Willow pouted playfully, acting jealous.

"It's different," she stated, thinking for a moment.

"What girl?" Buffy panted, walking in from the training room.

"Uncle?" Sam probed as they sped off.

"Giles is an old friend of my dad's. He was around constantly when I was growing up. Well, at least until I was ten. The last time I saw him was the day after my fourteenth birthday. I honestly didn't know if I'd ever see him again," Brooke revealed as her slender fingers gently stroked the bloodstone broach Giles had given her when they'd last met.

"He means a lot to you, doesn't he?" Sam inquired cautiously.

"I love him like I do my own father," Brooke replied as she pulled into the driveway of the three story house. They all got out of the car and stretched. Now it was time to set up camp.

"Buffy, you wanna go to the Bronze tonight? Me, Tara, Xander and Anya are going," Willow offered with a grin.

"Sorry Will but I've already decided to patrol tonight. It couldn't hurt, right?" Buffy replied as she watched the sun set.

"Are you sure? It could be fun?" Willow coaxed.

"Will, I just need to be alone tonight. Dawn's at her friend's house so I think I deserve a little alone time," Buffy replied, her eyes dim and gloomy.

"Fine but don't cry yourself to sleep again or I'll be forced to. . .um. . .do something really evil, okay?" Willow begged.

"Ok," Buffy agreed with a melancholy half smile.

"What are these?" Carmen mumbled, eyeing the card Nicole had handed her.

"Take a peek. I heard about this sizzling college hang out called the Bronze so I got us the best fake ID's on the market. Consider it an act of mercy," Nicole replied proudly.

"Pretty impressive," Sam smiled as she shoved hers in her pocket.

Carmen, Brooke and Nicole did the same but Lily eyed it for a moment longer before asking quietly, "isn't this illegal?"

"It's only illegal if you get caught," Nicole snapped, opening the car door. "Let's go," she added rushing the others into the back seat. Sam scowled angrily at Nicole's bossiness but got in the car none the less. Brooke started the car as Nicole planted herself in the passenger seat. Nicole leaned in toward Brooke, kissing her softly as her fingertips traced the other blonde's face.

"Get a room," Sam groaned, trying to hide that jealous streak that always surfaced when Brooke and Nicole got close before her eyes.

"Bite me Spam," Nicole hissed, planting herself in her seat once more.

"No thanks, you're not my type," Sam retorted as fury began to rise within her.

"Enough," Brooke intercepted in a dark, growling voice.

Both girls retreated into an uncomfortable silence. Brooke parked the car then looked at both of them. "Both of you apologize or I'll be forced to drive us all home and I don't mean to the house we just came from," Brooke demanded. Sam and Nicole muttered their apologies insincerely, not wanting to return home just yet.

They all headed to the entrance of the club, showed their ID's to the bouncer and entered the bumping nightclub. Lily and Carmen grabbed a seat near the pool tables and ordered a drink as Sam went solo and sat on one of the couches that was there. Brooke pulled Nicole aside and whispered to her before grabbing a seat in the very back, "I think you really hit Sam's soft spot back there."

Noting Nicole looked like she was worried about Sam, Brooke reassured softly, "give her about an hour and a Long Island Ice Tea and she'll be fine."

Sam ordered a margarita and sat there quietly, sipping the very well prepared drink. Nicole sat beside her softly whispering, "I know something's wrong Spam so spill." So it wasn't the friendliest way to ask but Nicole was still getting use to being civil to Sam and that last line had taken all the sweetness she could muster for her rival.

"Listen hell whore, I really don't need your false pity or concern," Sam hissed. Nicole gritted her teeth as she returned to Brooke and informed her of the incident.

"We'd better just let her fume," Brooke suggested. The others agreed and they returned to their separate tables.


Sam had been watching Brooke and Nicole for nearly two hours and her anger had festered into a full fledge rage monster. She hadn't been paying much attention to Carm and Lil but she did note that they were playing pool.

"Hey, isn't that the girl from the magic shop?" Carmen whispered as the Scoobies, minus Buffy, entered the Bronze.

"Yeah, I think it is," Lily replied with a shy grin. Carmen smirked and dragged Lily over to the where the two witches were standing.

"Hi. We saw you at the magik shop earlier. My name's Carmen and this is Lily," Carmen introduced as Lily waved shyly.

"Yeah, you came in with Brooke. My name's Willow and this is Tara," Willow replied with a smile.

"Would you guys like to play some pool or maybe just hang out?" Lily murmured.

"S-sure," Tara stuttered letting Carmen lead the way. They all sat and ordered drinks. Tara's eyes darted about the club as a serious look captured her features. Something was very wrong and she could feel it. When her eyes landed on Sam she frowned. "W-why's your f-f-friend all a-alone," the Wiccan stuttered, a bit nervous like she always was with new people.

"She's in a really bad mood," Carmen answered.

"No, that's not it," Tara contradicted to herself under her breath. "I'll be right back," she whispered into Willow's ear as she stood and made her way toward Sam. "H-hi," the blonde stammered softly.

Sam turned her head to spit and insult at the intruder but seeing the sweet, caring, shy face of the somewhat familiar girl melted her anger away for the moment. "Hi," she forced herself to reply.

"M-my n-n-name's Tara. W-we met a-at t-t-the M-magic Box," Tara whispered. She sat beside Sam and murmured tenderly as she notice the other girl staring as Brooke and Nicole, "Do you w-want t-to talk about i-it?"

Sam smiled. She felt some form of security in talking to Tara and though it seemed strange to her she decided to take her up on the offer. "I'm just lonely. They don't know how much it hurts me to see them together and I don't think anybody knows just how lonely I am," Sam confessed below a whisper with her head drooping slightly.

"I was l-l-lonely once. T-then Willow came into my life. S-she changed me, loved me. S-she still does, love me. Y-you'll f-f-find the right one, I promise," Tara comforted as she touched Sam's shoulder.

At the contact Tara was thrown into a flash of a dream that was not her own. "Thanks," Sam replied, shuttering briefly at the contact.

"You c-can join us I-is you l-l-like," Tara offered, gesturing toward their table as she stood and wondered dizzily back to the table.

Willow watched silently, hoping Tara had handled the issue at hand with caution. Female human emotion was a very fragile thing but Tara already knew that. Tara pulled Willow aside and burbled excitedly yet below a whisper, "Willow, I saw her dream. I know why she's here."

"Why?" Willow beamed in a giddy tone.

Tara cringed as her tone dimmed, "I can't tell you. If I do it could interfere with natures balance." Willow nodded in understanding and they returned to their table.

Brooke eyed Sam then casually sauntered in her sister's direction. "Sam. . ."

Sam cut Brooke off, furiously hissing as the anger returned to her, "Listen, I don't need your fuckin sympathy."

"And I'm not giving it," Brooke defended steadily.

"Really?" Sam growled, her body launching into a standing position inches away from Brooke.

"Trouble," Carmen whispered as her eyes followed the heated argument. Lily glance up and all four of them quickly moved toward the bout, hoping to stop a full blown fight.

"Listen little Miss Popular, I'm tired of your pity parties and Nicole "I'm Too Good For You" Julian attitude," Sam barked.

"Leave her outta this Sam," Brooke warned, coldly returning Sam's death glare.

"Why? Ever since you two hooked up it's been like one big nightmare! You think you've lost a lot Brooke McQueen, think again! I just got over the anniversary of my dad's death but of course you wouldn't know that because you've been too busty screwing Satan's whore to realize the world isn't revolving around you. Did you know that I cried myself to sleep for nearly two weeks? No, you didn't and who was there to let me know I wasn't invisible? Nobody! Even my mother seemed to ignore me but I can't blame her because she was going through the same thing but she had Mike. I didn't just lose my dad, I lost my best friend, my sister because of her new fuck toy," Sam roared.

Brooke was left speechless. She'd never heard Sam remotely raise her voice but right now she was roaring with a force too strong to even describe. Brooke began to speak but her vocal cords gave on her at the last minute.

"Don't," Sam barked then stormed out of the Bronze. All that were left behind were in temporary shock. Nicole pulled Brooke into a hug as she began to cry.

"I think we'd better go home," Nicole suggested.

Willow looked at Lily and Carmen then generously offered, "you two can stay with us in our dorm room tonight. We don't mind." Lily nodded numbly as Nicole led Brooke to the car.


Tears cascaded down Sam's cheeks as she walked on. She had nowhere to go and didn't know where she was headed but she kept going anyway. Wondering haphazardly into the graveyard she took a path of twists and turns that ultimately got her lost.

Sam heard a restless stirring behind her and spun around quickly. What met her gaze was far from what she expected. It was mortifyingly horrid. Bloodied fangs, distorted face, angry red eyes. What scared the brunette even more was that the vampire was not alone. His friend was even more hideous. All she could make out of it was that it resembled a gorgon. She must have interrupted feeding time because both creatures looked infuriated.

Sam wanted to run but fear had crippled her tense body so she stood there numbly. The vampire wrapped five cold fingers around Sam's throat and grunted, "you're going to be quite a tasty dessert." Sam began to pray as she felt her breathes become fewer and further apart. She was gasping for air now, kicking and breathlessly trying to scream. She managed to let out a loud shriek before she was silenced by the tightening grasp.

As she closed her eye, she cried out in her mind, 'please don't let me die this way.' An instant later she felt an eerie whirlwind of dust wash over her as she fell limply to the ground. She slipped into shock, now only being able to hear what was happening around her. She brought her knees to her chest and rocked back and forth as a battle was fought. She could here them fighting. Inhuman grunts and soft, light human panting. "Take that you slimy creep," she heard a strong female voice boom right before a splattering sound. There was a moment of silence but then Sam picked up on the soft panting that seemed to be nearing her.

"Hey, you ok," the girl panted in her ear.

Buffy eyed the girl for a moment. 'Oh god, she's in shock,' the slayer realized, mentally beating herself senseless for not noticing sooner. "It's ok. They're gone and they won't hurt you ever again," Buffy whispered softly. She backed away for a moment, pulling out the cell phone she had recently bought. "Yeah, I need an ambulance."


"She'll be ok. We're running a few tests as a safety precaution so she has to stay overnight. If everything comes back alright then we'll be releasing her in the morning," the handsome male nurse explained.

"Can I see her?" Buffy whispered, staring at Sam through the open door.

"Sure, just one more question. Do you know of any family or friends we could contact?" he replied.

"No, I found her like that," Buffy explained walking away from the nurse and into Sam's room.

The slayer sat beside the bed and gently grasped Sam's hand. "If you can hear me, I'm sorry. You shouldn't have seen what you did," Buffy whispered as she trailed her thumb along the side of Sam's hand. Just when the slayer had given up all hope on her dying humanity it came back with a force so powerful that even the slayer herself couldn't believe it.


The morning sun rose and Brooke hadn't slept a wink that night. Neither had Nicole. They had been up all night talking and worrying. Carmen and Lily felt they were imposing too much on their new friends and returned to the house to worry and talk with the others. They couldn't believe Sam was still gone.

Brooke felt so selfish and conceited. She was the cause of Sam's anger. She hadn't been there when her sister needed her the most and that was possibly the biggest mistake she'd ever made. Jealousy was one thing but neglect was another.


"As soon as she wakes up you can take her home but make sure she gets plenty of rest," the female doctor informed.

"Any paperwork?" Buffy questioned, still watching Sam.

"No. We got all of her medical information from her wallet," the doctor answered. Buffy nodded, wondering back into Sam's room.

Buffy let her fingers caress Sam's cheek as she smiled. She couldn't help but touch the softness of the girls skin. She was so beautiful, so intense, so familiar. Buffy felt like she'd known Sam forever and she wanted to hold her close, protect her from anything and everything that could hurt her. This was not a normal Buffy feeling, well at least no lately. This was just another sign that the slayer still obtained her humanity and that it had never really left her.

Buffy cupped Sam's cheek, her thumb caressing the girls soft skin. Sam nuzzled her cheek to Buffy's hand as she began to stir. The slayer quickly retreated her hand and observed Sam for the moment.

Sam opened her eyes, dazed and confused as to where she was and who she was with. When her vision cleared up she eyed Buffy incredulously. It couldn't be. . .could it? Sam pushed those thoughts aside and smiled broadly.

"Hey" Buffy whispered, her features softening as she caught a glimpse of the girls smile.

"Hey," Sam echoed.

"About last night. . ." Sam cut Buffy off before she could say anymore, "It's ok, I just never expected to bump into a hungry vampire and be saved by a sinfully beautiful slayer."

Buffy was taken back by Sam's forwardness but decided on playing dumb. "Slayer?" she inquired, praying Sam couldn't see through her.

"Don't play dumb with me. I know all about the legend and after the way you handled those creeps last night, I know you are the slayer," Sam claimed with a sly grin.

Buffy let a grin crease her lips. Not only was this girl beautiful but she knew about slayer business. This was perfect. "Ok, you caught me," Buffy held her hand in the air, surrendering, "what do you say we go to my house and talk more?"

"Sure but before I just up and go home with you can I ask you name?" Sam whispered with a hint of laughter in her tone.

"My name's Buffy," the slayer answered.

"Hi Buffy, I'm Sam," the brunette replied as she threw her jacket on.

"Shall we?" Buffy offered, opening the door. "Lead the way brave slayer."


"Buffy, do you mind if I use you phone? I need to call a friend so she doesn't start to worry about me," Sam asked as they entered the Summers home.

"Go for it. Phone's over there," Buffy answered, pointing to the phone. Sam dialed and waited for an answer. "I'll make some lunch," Buffy said, heading into the kitchen.

Carmen finally picked up, softly whispering, "hello?"

"Hi, it's me Sam. I called to let you know I'm alright and that I'm staying with a friend," Sam replied.

"Oh, thank god you're safe," Carmen sighed with relief.

"Tell the others I'm sorry about last night and that I overacted," Sam whispered sincerely then hung up the phone.

Carmen did just that and everybody, including Sam, seemed a bit more at ease.

Sam wandered into the kitchen, her eyes automatically settling on Buffy. The blonde carried two plates to the table, murmuring softly, "I hope you don't mind leftovers. I need to go shopping."

Sam took a seat and let her gaze sweep briefly over the food then back to Buffy. "Are you kidding? I love leftovers, especially cold chicken," Sam chirped. Buffy sat beside Sam and smiled.

They ate in complete silence though they never quite broke eye contact. After they were done Buffy picked up the dishes and placed them in the sink.

"So. . ." Sam began, intensely gazing at the slayer, "who else do you live with?"

"Well, I live with my annoying little sister Dawn. She'll be home tomorrow. And my mom. . .um. . .she," Buffy couldn't bring herself to say it. Her mother was dead but it was still a very tender subject.

"Died? My dad died a few years back so I know how you must feel," Sam swallowed her tears as she thought about her dad.

"So who do you live with?" Buffy asked on a lighter note.

"I live with my mom, her fiancÚ Mike and his daughter Brooke. They're not so bad. Actually I'm really lucky to have them as my family," Sam answered with a warm smile.

"My friends are my family. I've known Willow and Xander since I moved here some years ago and we're still friends. We're meeting at the Magic Box later if you'd like to go," Buffy offered.

"Sure," Sam agreed, noticing Buffy book bag. "Do you go to college?" Sam gestured toward the bag and Buffy sighed.

"I had to drop out. Taking care of Dawn and slaying are my top priorities right now," the blonde explained.

"I could stick around until school starts if you'd like. You look like you could use the help," Sam stated, hoping Buffy would accept.

"I would love to have you stay but first I need both Dawn and my friend's approval, okay?" Buffy replied.


An eerie silence set in as both girls fell deep into thought. "Sam, can I ask you something?" Buffy question, shattering the blanket of silence that lay over them.

"Anything," Sam uttered in response.

"Have you ever fallen in love with somebody you thought wasn't real but they were and you just didn't know it?" Buffy broke eye contact and focused on the table surface.

Sam gazed into Buffy's eyes as she replied, "Yes, I have and she's amazing. Soft, golden hair to about her shoulders, piercing sapphire eyes, a charming smile, a sinfully stunning body and the most sincere yet enigmatic personality that I can never resist."

Buffy curled her lips into a grin. Now she remembered why Sam was so familiar and why she felt the way she did. For the past few months she'd been dreaming and falling in love with the raven haired angel she thought her mind had created. Now that same angel stood before her and she didn't know whether to run or kiss her.

Sam couldn't resist any longer. She leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on Buffy's lips. Both of them remained silent for a moment then Buffy spoke as she led Sam to the living room, "I think we should get to know each other better." With that began hours of talking, watching TV and just really getting to know each other. They both wanted love and they were willing to give their all to this blossoming romance.

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