Title: The Woman In Red

Author: Major_Sam

Email: funky_chicken88@hotmail.com

Rating: PG17

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

Category: Slash

Date: 06/11/2003

Website: www.realmoftheshadow.com/majorsam.htm

Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM, Gekko and their creators. Apart from Shelley, she is mine. 

Notes: Hasn’t been beta’d. So sorry for the spelling mistakes, if you find any. A total PWP. Have to get out of the habit of writing for smut sake. Feedback please. Where is my feedback?

Summary: Sam’s alone in a bar. Would she really cheat?

Warnings: None

Sam had, had a horrible day. Her argument with Shelley had left her feeling low and depressed. Not to mention the fact that they had argued over something so incredibly stupid and pointless.

Now here she was, sitting alone in a bar, wishing Shelley was there with her. Touching her hand or brushing the hair from her face just before the moment when they kissed. Sam liked it when she did that, it made her feel special. With Shelley, she was always special.

Sam heard murmurs coming from behind her and she turned her around. Several men in the corner of the room were looking at a woman who had just entered the room. In fact, they were staring at her. Sam looked at her too. She was strikingly beautiful, long dark hair and head to toe in red. Her dress was a dark but vibrant red, extenuating her sleek frame. The woman was about 5ft 8in tall in her red high-heeled shoes. This wasn’t what Sam wanted to see right now. A gorgeous looking woman when there was only one gorgeous looking woman on her mind. But for one moment, she forgot about Shelley and about their argument and couldn’t stop looking at the stranger that had appeared before her.

The men in the bar kept staring as she made her way over to the bar itself and to Sam.

“Hi.” She said, turning her head towards Sam.

Sam looked at her and smiled.


The blonde’s eyes drifted slowly down as the woman pulled up her dress over her thighs as she sat down. She ran her hands along them as her eyes made contact with Sam’s.

“Can I get you a drink?” she asked.

Sam shook her head.

“No, I’m fine thank you.”

The woman next to her shook her head slowly.

“Well, you don’t look fine to me. You look kinda sad.”

Sam looked away; remembering her stupid fight with Shelley.

“I had a fight with my…”

It felt strange to say it to a stranger and not to her friends and colleagues at the base.

“…Your, what. Mother, father, brother, girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend. And how did you know that?” Sam asked.

“Well. Men don’t get the same look in a woman’s eyes that you have in yours. And I’ve seen that look before, in my own eyes.”

She perked up and sat up right on her stool.

“You have a girl friend?” she asked.

“Sort of. We’re kind of in an open relationship. How about you, do you and yours…?”

Sam shook her head.

“No. This is kind of new for her. I’m the first woman she’s been with.”

“But she’s not your first?”

“No. There were a few in college, that’s all. No one else until…”

A smile appeared on Sam’s face as she said her name.

“...Shelley.” She cooed.

The mere mention of her name brought the wetness to her panties and she suddenly became aware of how horny she was.

“Pretty name.”

“And absolutely gorgeous.” Sam added.

The woman next to her smiled and placed her hand on Sam’s leg. The blonde squirmed on her stool, uncomfortable and highly aroused by that touch.

“Just like you.” The woman said.

Sam blushed and grabbed the woman’s hand, stopping before it moved any higher.

“Thank you.” Sam said. “I… I don’t even know your name.”

She turned and smiled at her.

“I’m Kitty.” She said, smiling.

Sam laughed a little.

“I bet people call you…”

“Yes, yes they do. And considering my sexual persuasion I don’t really mind.”

“I’m Samantha, people call me Sam.”

Kitty smiled and continued to run and hand up Sam’s leg.

“And what does Shelley call you?” she asked.

“Sam. It’s shorter I guess.”

“I prefer Samantha, it pretty, sexy. And it definitely suits you.”

Sam let Kitty’s hand move further. This was hot; Kitty was hot and so sexy.

“Kitty look, this…”

“Is what, just the thing you need? Exciting? You can tell me to stop you know.”

“I know.” Sam whimpered.

“I’m not trying to come between you and you’re girl friend. I just thought you looked lonely sitting here and needed some comfort.”

Kitty leaned forward on her stool. Her hand reached up, brushing away Sam’s hair from her eyes. Soft, wet, ruby lips brushed against Sam’s as Kitty’s other hand moved higher up Sam’s leg. The wetness began to pool in Sam’s panties and she stood up quickly. Kitty followed her suit. She grabbed Sam’s hand and dragged her towards the ladies toilets.

The men in the room watched them and smiled. Feeling slightly jealous but knowing that two women together was incredibly hot. Just the thought of it made one of them cross his legs.

The toilets of the bar were just like any other, row after row of cubicles. Kitty had noticed that there weren’t any more women in the bar and didn’t feel the need to drag Sam into one of the small cubicles. Instead, Sam pushed her up against the wall, attacking her mouth passionately as she did so. The heat between her legs now was almost too hot for her, just like Kitty was. She’d never seen such a sight. Kitty panted heavily as Sam’s hand went straight between her legs. She whimpered as her hand ran up and down the wet panties. Sam stopped suddenly and moved back slowly.

“What… what’s wrong?” Kitty asked.

Sam’s eyes looked her up and down, imagining what she’s looked like without that dress on.

“Just looking at you. I can’t believe how incredibly sexy you look in that dress. But I think you’d look better with out it.”

Kitty nodded in response and smiled as Sam pulled her close. The blonde moved behind her, trailing her hands across the flat of her stomach. Kitty moaned softly. Ever since she’d sat down at the bar she’d wanted her. She heard the zipper of her dress slide down. Sam slipped her fingers under the straps and pushed them down. They ran down the soft skin of Kitty's arms. Sam leaned in, smelling her hair. It was sensual. Her whole body smelled and felt so good to. Half the dress fell down Kitty's body and Sam pushed down the rest and watched as it fell to the floor. Sam turned her around.

"You're gorgeous."

"God, I want you." Kitty said. "I want you too."

"To what?' Sam asked, panting heavily.

"Pleasure me. I want to feel your tongue, your fingers..."

The blonde felt the throbbing between her legs increase as Kitty demanded to be taken right there in the ladies bathroom. Sam felt the desire and lust grow in side her as she pushed Kitty back against the wall. Her eyes surveyed her body. Tight, firm stomach that was begging to be licked. She bit her lip as she ran her hand across the red satin bra and squeezed gently. Kitty groaned deeply. Sam's finger traced the lace that covered most of the breast. She managed to slip in her finger. It made contact with Kitty's now erect nipple. Sam rubbed it, gently, getting it harder. Both of them panted heavily. Sam stifled Kitty's moans as her tongue forced her way into her mouth. Their tongues met, trying to deprive each other of one last breath. Finally Sam managed to cup the whole breast and squeezed it harder.  Kitty pushed her away, the greed growing in her eyes.

"Lower lover, lower."

Kitty pulled her closer. Sam nestled between her breasts. The red satin bra was so soft against her face. She kissed her breast whilst her hand unclipped the front clasp. Sam slipped her hands in side both cups as she stepped back.  She watched as Kitty licked her lips and bit them as Sam squeezed harder. This was so hot that her girl friend was far from her mind. All she thought was how good Kitty would taste. Kitty looked down as she saw Sam begin to kneel in front of her slowly. The wetness in between her legs got harder to control as she felt Sam's tongue again her stomach. She licked all the way down, stopping at her belly button and swirled her tongue around it. Then her hands slipped into the straps of her matching red satin panties and pulled them down. She continued to lick her way down, finally stopping at the dark red curls above her dripping pussy. Sam smiled at the thought of eating Kitty's pussy. Kitty managed to lower herself on Sam's waiting mouth and groaned!  out loud as the blonde's tongue slid down her dripping slit.

"Ahhh, ahhhh, ooooh."

Sam grabbed hold of her hips, pulling her further down on her waiting tongue. She nibbled on the tender flesh, thrusting her tongue harder and faster. Kitty forced Sam in deeper as she thrusted herself on Sam's face.

"Ohhh that's it baby, that's it."

Sam swabbed all around Kitty's dripping pussy then swiped at her hard clit. Kitty felt as though her legs were about to buckle underneath her. However much she wanted to lie down right now, nothing was gonna stop her from coming. Sam grabbed hold of her hips, bringing her further down on her. Kitty writhed up and down the wall, up and down on Sam's eager mouth. She'd never picked up strangers in bar's before. So this was a new experience, one she was loving. Sam began to run her hands up and down Kitty's body, tracing her stomach with her finger, and then kneading the swell of her breasts.

"Ahhh I’m... I’m...."

Sam thrusted her tongue harder as Kitty screamed out her name into the room. The blonde licked her lips and stood up. Kitty was slumped back against the wall, panting. Sam wiped the sweat stained hair that had stuck to her face and kissed her heatedly.

"God I needed that." Kitty giggled.

"Glad to be of assistance." Sam answered as she helped Kitty back on with her dress.

They said their goodbyes certain that neither would see the other again. For one night, Sam had found Kitty and Kitty had found her Samantha.

Sam crept around the house, trying not to wake either Shelley or Mia. The basis of their argument had forced Shelley to remain at home. She had let Sam go and be on her own to cool down for a while. Sam made her way to the spare room, looking in on the sleepy infant. It made her smile. Mia was just so cute, especially when she was sleeping. But not as cute as her mother, in Sam's eyes anyway.

She opened the door to their bedroom, seeing Shelley curled up on her side of the bed. Her heart soared at that sight. After a few minutes Sam appeared from the bathroom, having changed into her pj's. She pulled back the covers and slipped into the bed, next to her lover. Shelley turned over, her arms falling over Sam.

"Mmmm hi." Shelley whispered.

She ran her hand down Sam's leg as her other hugged her tightly.

"I'm sorry," Sam said.

"It's okay. It was your personal opinion."

Sam pulled back, smiling down at Shelley.

"But I was SO wrong."

Her head turned slowly as her eyes scanned the room, landing on a chair in the corner of the room. Shelley smiled and followed her lover’s gaze. Both were now looking at a red dress, draped over the chair. Shelley lay back down and snuggled against her. She felt Sam's hand running down her back. It came flooding back to her, that moment of bliss in the bathroom of the bar; she had followed Sam too, wearing that dress. Sam had insisted it wouldn't be right for a place like that. How wrong she was.

"I've gotta say it Shell. I just gotta say it."

"Sure hun, what is it?" Shelley asked.


Shelley giggled as she reached over and kissed Sam, then turned out the light.

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