Title: Wild Side

Author: Major_Sam

Email: funky_chicken88@hotmail.com

Rating: NC17

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

Date: 11/11/2003

Website: www.realmoftheshadow.com/majorsam.htm

Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM, Gekko and their creators. Apart from Shelley, she is mine.

Notes: Hasn’t been beta’d. So sorry for the spelling mistakes, if you find any. A total PWP. Have to get out of the habit of writing for smut sake. Feedback please. Where is my feedback?

Summary: Don't really wanna say anything. Just read it.

Warnings: None

Every woman in the room staring at her as she comes in to the club. You've never seen her look so confident, so sexy. She's wearing a low cut back dress and black high heels and that white shawl over her shoulders. Every woman is staring at her, jaw's dropping on the floor. And who can blame them, she does look incredible.

You watch her walk through the club, not being able to stop looking at her ass. Boy, that girl can shake it and she's all yours. I bet no one's ever been jealous of you in your entire life. But tonight as they all look at her, you know that if they found out that she was your girl friend that they'd hate you for it. A part of you loves that. Knowing that everyone red-blooded female in this room wants her, and knowing that she's all yours. That she will continue to be yours, especially when you take her home soon. God you can't wait to take her home, to claim her body over and over again.

But that's not what tonight is about. Tonight is about her, about your fantasy.  You want to watch her, trying to seduce someone else. Not that you want her to go too far, you know she wouldn’t go any further. Cause you know how the night will end.

She walks across the club, her eyes surveying the room for her pray. You both know that who ever she chooses will be the loser but you, you; you lucky thing will be the winner. Her eyes stop as she finds someone, dancing on her own in the middle of the room. She smiles and walks over to her. You continue to watch them, to watch her. Making sure she's following your instructions. Her hand trails across her shoulders, making the young woman turn. She's about twenty-five years old, dark brown hair coming to a stop above her shoulders. The woman turns, locking eyes with your woman. You've seen that look before; you've had that look in your eyes too. And you know what it means, desire, need, passion. And you feel it still as you watch them. You feel that sweet, heat between your legs. You shift on your stool but carry on watching, you can't stop looking. She looks so hot under the burning lights of he club. You can practically feel the sweat dripping down her back. There's nothing more you'd like to do right now than to deprive her of that dress. Run an ice cube down the flat of her stomach, watching it, licking the water as it melts. The water drips down her body to the heat at her core. You have to move again to try and control your own desire as you shake your head from that intense vision in your mind.

The young woman is surprised by her actions. She's never this bold at these clubs. But you know it's probably because of your girl. It's hard for you every day to keep your hands to yourself whenever she's near you. When she brushes up against you, her breasts pressed against yours. You resist the urge to run your hand down her back and pull her close. But there are people around and only a few know of your relationship. There’s just her brother, your best friend, a few colleagues. Only 5 people probably in total. She's the first woman you've been in love with and you want to spend the rest of your life with her. So you'll do anything for her, anything to keep her in your bed.

Now you watch them move together as the music begins to blare out around the club. She's standing behind her victim, her hands on her hips, grinding herself against her. Her hands slide up her body as her lips attack the woman's neck. There's no space between them now and that jealous bone in your body is beginning to twinge. You want to go over there and reclaim what's yours. They continue to dance, close together. Their bodies sweating, hands roaming over each other. You want to change places with the woman she chose. You want her hands on your body, her lips on your sweaty skin. Your hand begins to travel down your body and run across the hem of your skirt. People are doing there own thing but you still resist the temptation to slip your hand along your thigh and up your leg to your heat. This isn’t the right place for this kind of a display. Not that it’s stopping your girl friend. She seems to be enjoying herself and your not entirely sure if you’re happy with it. This was meant to be your fantasy. Watching her with another woman, but it seems that she is enjoying it more and more with every passing second. You want to go over there and stop her. But something is stopping you. This is what you wanted. You wanted to see her with another woman; you wanted her to go as far as she was comfortable. Maybe after all that fantasizing you’ve done about this, you really don’t want her to be with anyone other than you.

You stand from your stool, a little shaky on your legs after all the drink you’ve had. But you’re not that drunk to know what you want. And right now, you want her.

As you get nearer she turns away, not wanting to see you make your move. She has her arms around her chosen mate and you manage to slip them away. The young woman turns slowly, seeing you, feeling you move her away from behind. She sees the desire in your eyes and backs away. Your woman stands alone for a moment, moving her body to the music as though she’s dancing with an invisible being. Now it’s your turn to control her. She was the one in control but now, you plan your revenge. You won’t take her now but will wait.

You slip your arms around her waist, your fingers running up and down her stomach, making the fabric ripple under your fingers. She moans slightly, and falls back into your waiting arms. You remove her hair off her shoulders to one side and kiss her neck. It’s instinct as she takes your other hand and pushes them both up the edge of her dress. It pulls higher up her leg and you feel her bare skin. Your body tingles as you feel the skin of her thigh. She drags your hand higher. You know where she wants you to go and you feel obliged to her.

The part of your mind that wanted to wait is now fuelled by the searing heat between your legs and your desire to take her in front of all those people, including the woman she was dancing with. She gasps as your hand makes contact with her wet panties. You smile cause you know you were responsible for it. She rests her head against your chest. Your fingers run against her panties. You can feel her heart pounding, almost as hard and fast as yours. The dress falls over your hand, covering up the movement of your fingers as they slip into the wet panties. She begins to moan and you kiss her neck again. Somehow, she turns her head and you kiss her, slipping your warm tongue into her waiting mouth. The kiss is fiery and passionate, everything it always is between you. But this is different somehow. Neither of you have done this before, in front of a crowed. That’s why it’s a part of your fantasy, that wild side of your personality that you want to share with her. She is your mate, your partner, lover and friend.

She moans into your mouth as your fingers enter her and she pushes her ass into you. Your finger thrusts try and match the rhythm of the song that’s making everyone deaf.  She’s so wet that you have no trouble, entering her, thrusting as hard as you can. Your thumb makes contact with her hardening clit, which makes her tremble every time you brush against it. She’s coming and you can feel the walls clench around your fingers. She pants heavily.

“Take me…”

She finally whispers. You want to finish her now. Now she asked for it. You thrust and pump harder, strumming the clit with your thumb. Her whole body shakes against you as she comes, hard. Just the way you wanted her to. You remove your hand from her panties and lick your fingers clean. She turns around in your arms and kisses you deeply, tasting herself on your lips. You know nothing tastes as good as she does. She pats down her dress and takes your hand. This part of your fantasy is over, and another is about to begin….

You’re not going to be able to sleep again as the image of her coming in your arms fills your mind. It was more incredible than you had expected. When you came home, you had dinner, not being able to take your eyes off her. In the back of your mind you know that she is planning on having you for desert and you can handle that.  You long to feel her lips on your body, her fingers in your hair.

She’s in the bedroom, getting dressed or getting undressed. You lye on the bed wearing nothing but a smile, a silk bed sheet wrapped around your body. You took a shower before she went in there, now your body is as soft as the silk against your skin.

Your head looks up as the door to the bathroom opens and she emerges, wearing that satin robe you brought her for no reason at all.  You thought she’d look pretty in it and she does. You sit up for a moment and reach out your hand. She moves towards you, untying the straps of her robe. As she gets to the edge of the bed, she stops and lets it fall off her shoulders and down her body.  You stare in awe as she stands before you, naked. Her whole body already aroused by the sight of you. The robe lands on a crumpled heap on the floor and she steps out of it.  She moves closer to you and your hand rubs against her leg, running up against her thigh. A smile on her face make you smile too and a moan from her lips makes you want her more. You take her hand and pull her onto the bed with you.

Instead of your usual position, she lies on top of you and you widen your legs to accommodate her. Her breasts press against yours and you feel her wetness against yours.  Your hands explore every inch of her, trailing down her back. She leans up and kisses you softly. Her tongue licks your lips then enters your waiting mouth. Then you feel it, one hand lowering between your legs and another, taking hold of yours. You hold on tightly to each other. Her lips move from your mouth and attack the soft flesh of your neck. She nibbles there for a moment before moving down your body, kissing and licking between your breasts. You let go of her hand and you rest it on her head because you want her lower. But she’s not moving. She’s enjoying the feel of your breasts, your nipples in her mouth. Her tongue swirls around the hard nubbin and bites it gently. You pant and moan heavily as her hand slips between your thighs. Your hand continues to survey every curve of her body, the body you worship. The palms slide along her skin easily, running down her back and perfect ass. She moves her body again, leaving your breasts, heading south to her ultimate objective and the source of your pleasure.

She licks and kisses down your stomach and her tongue circles your belly. You giggle for a moment as she resumes her search for her prize. You can’t help but moan. You feel her tongue at the apex of your thigh. She licks you there, slowly, taking her time, prolonging your pleasure. Now only an inch away, you can feel her hot breath on your sex. You run your fingers through her hair as she moves. Two fingers spread you and a soft tongue teases you for a moment before she feasts on your hot flesh. You writhe on the bed. Up till now you’ve been quiet, but you want to scream, scream out your passion into the bedroom you share. She’s sometimes quiet, but on rare occasions you can make her scream and you love doing it. Maybe later, you’ll try it just to see how far you can go. You thrust against her hand as her thumb circles your clit. Two fingers slide into you, matching the thrust of her tongue.

You can’t hold on much longer and want are begging to be released.  She seems eager tonight. Eager to please her lover, eager to taste all that you have. And you are pleased for her to take it all. You just want her to hurry because you can’t take much more. You force her deeper, twirling your fingers around her hair, tighter and tighter. Her free hand rises to you breasts and kneads it and runs her thumb against your erect nipple. You’re so close now, so close you begin to squeeze her fingers that are so tight inside you. You feel dizzy, trying to decide what to concentrate on, her fingers or her mouth, her tongue. You can’t decide which is giving you the most pleasure.  But you don’t care, you just care that she’s making love to you. Your whole body aches for her when you’re apart. Your job is dangerous one and some days she doesn’t know if you’ll come home to her. You love her as much as she loves you.

You come slowly; she pulls it out of you. She always likes it like this. She rides your body as you shake and writhe against her hand, against her mouth. She pulls up to you, kissing you, teasing your lips. She falls into your arms and she snuggles against you. You kiss her forehead softly and hold her tighter.  Then you fall asleep.

It’s early morning and she’s lying at your side, the silk sheet across her body. You smile at seeing just enough flesh for you memory to replay the events of the last few hours in your head. You lean over and brush the red hair away from her eyes. You smile to yourself, not being able to remember the times before she was yours. Your smile widens as you picture the two of you growing old together. Her hair would be lighter then of course and your blonde hair would probably be white, even though you’d fight to keep your blonde locks. But you know, Shelley would love you no matter what colour your hair is. Even though you secretly know she loves her little blondie. You lie next to her and kiss her softly as she begins to stir.


“Go back to sleep,” you whisper.

Shelley drapes her arms over you and huddles against you, her bodies still warm against you.

I'm Major Samantha Carter, officer, scientist, woman and lover. I like the last two more at this very moment.

I remember earlier in the bar and begin to realize that that fantasy isn’t apart of my wild side. Shelley is my wild side.

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