Fic: Early Morning Wakeup Call

Author: Major Sam


Pairing: Sam/Shelley

Rating: R

Summary: What better way to start the morning

She'd been watching her sleep. Watching her body slowly rise and fall, her breathing soft. The sheet was wrapped half around her body, lightly over her breasts. Shelley's arms were underneath the sheet, her fingers running along Sam's soft skin. The blonde began to stir in her sleep, moaning quietly. Shelley smiled the moles and freckles on Sam's neck catching her attention. They looked so cute.

Sam opened her eyes, smiling. Shelley felt warm, her breasts soft against her back. The redhead began to nibble on her ear, stopping for a moment to kiss her neck. Sam moaned. Their early morning wake ups were the high light of her day. Shelley ran her hand across Sam's breasts, her thumb rubbing against her nipple.

'Mmmm Shell,' Sam groaned.

Shelley continued to kiss her lovers neck, paying special attention to those freckles. Sam giggled as the redhead licked them.

'So cute!' Shelley said.

Her hand moved down Sam's body, down her stomach, to down between her thighs. Two fingers entered Sam's wetness as she parted her legs a little so she could gain better access. She raised her hand, moving it around Shelley's neck. Shelley thrusted her fingers slowly, letting Sam enjoy her rhythm.

'So good, so good,' Sam repeated.

Shelley smiled, removing her fingers and letting Sam lay on the bed. She pulled off the sheet, looking down at Sam's naked body with lust. The redhead began teasing Sam's neck again, those freckles were just too cute to resist.

Moving down, Shelley began to pay attention to those soft, firm breasts. She loved how they felt, in her hands, in mouth. Sam rested her hands on her head, running her fingers through Shelley's hair. Shelley rubbed her body against her lovers, their breasts rubbing together. Her hand moved between Sam's thighs, seeking out Sam's heat. She thrusted slowly as they kissed with passion, Sam throwing her arms around the redhead's neck. She ran her fingers down Shelley's back. Shelley began to feel her tense around her fingers and slowed her movements. Her fingers slid in and out several times before Sam came with a muffled scream through Shelley's kiss.

Sam lay in Shelley's arms, relaxed. Their early morning wakeups were getting better.

Major Sam

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