Title: Violation

Author: Major Sam

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Rating: R for suggested rape

Pairings: Sam/other

Series: Violation

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM, Gekko and their creators, i am not making any money from these fics.

Notes: Thanks to Geonn and John who beta’d it for me.

Summary: A visiting race’s appearance has drastic consequences for Shelley.

Warnings: Contains a scene of suggested female rape by another woman.

"I keep thinking, was it my fault? Did I lead her on? Was I sending her signals? Was it something I did?


The Saimarians had been on the base for the last few hours. During the briefing, Sam hadn't been able to take her eyes off Shelley. They sat next to each other at the briefing room table. Sam tried to resist the temptation to rub her foot up and down against Shelley’s leg, but it was just too tempting to resist. Sam slipped off her shoe, letting it fall as quietly as it could on to the briefing room floor. Shelley’s head began to turn slowly a smile creeping on her lips. Everyone had been sitting in the dark whilst the Saimarian group leader was giving her speech and presentation on her planet. So they couldn’t see the smile on Sam’s face as Shelley whispered lowly under her breath.

“Stop it.”

“Why,” Sam said, leaning over and trying no to be noticed.

“Because we’ll get caught.” Shelley whispered.

Sam dropped her arm casually at her side, reaching out for Shelley’s. They’re hands slowly touched for a moment, making the redhead smile. Sam removed her hand slowly, trying to make it last as long as she could. Shelley looked back up towards the Saimarian representative, trying to catch the rest of her presentation. But she wasn’t really interested. All she could think about was Sam. They had been preparing for these meetings for two weeks, which meant little time for them and little time to spend with her daughter.

The presentation ended a few minutes later and everyone chatted politely, welcoming their guests formally.

Shelley had left her ‘charge’ in Dr Fraiser’s capable hands. Everyone who came to the base, had to go through the routine tests for health reasons.

The redhead decided to spend the time taking care of Cecily’s belongings in her VIP room. It had taken Shelley a while to get it to look right.

She looked up as she heard a knock on the door.


The door opened slowly and a smile appeared on Shelley’s face. Sam stood in the doorway.

"You are going to get me into SO much trouble, Major Carter."

Sam entered the room, watched by Shelley. Her eyes followed her every move. Despite having to keep their relationship a secret most of the time, or just not letting it get in the way of their work, Shelley loved it when they had visitors. It meant Sam would wear her uniform. And boy did Shelley love that. She'd never been for men in uniform or now even women. But there was just something about that blue uniform that drove her crazy. Sam began to undo her collar as she strode across the room towards Shelley.

"Don't tell me you don't love it, baby-girl."

Shelley stared at her. The redhead's face turning the same colour has her hair.

"How long's Cecily gonna be with Janet?" Sam asked.

"About an hour."

The major moved closer, slipping off her jacket. Shelley watched as it fell to the floor. Her eyes rising slowly up Sam's legs.

"What are you looking at?" Sam asked.

"You, always you."

"Then come here and get a better look."

Sam reached forward and pulled Shelley by the waist band of her skirt.

"What do you have in mind."

Sam smiled wickedly and pulled her lover closer. She licked Shelley's slips, sliding her tongue into the redhead. They kissed softly but with an intensity that turned into a hunger. Shelley groaned as Sam lifted up her skirt. They moved quickly back against the wall. Shelley popped open the button's of Sam's blouse, who quickly returned the favour. Both blouses were practically ripped open. They fell to the floor almost simultaneously. The major's hand dropped in to her lover's and guided her over to the bed.

They lay naked on the bed in each other's arms. One of the blankets curled around them. Shelley lay against her lover, looking up in to those blue eyes.

"We should go Sam. I don't want Cecily to find us like this."

She rose off the bed, taking half the blankets with her. Sam ran her hand up and down the smooth skin of her love's back.

"Do we have to, baby?"

The redhead turned and smiled.

"Yes. We'd be in so much trouble."

"And I thought you liked it when I get you in to trouble."

Sam leaned over, kissing Shelley's back, moving up to her neck. She kneeled behind her and pushed down the blanket that Shelley had around her.


"Enjoy it honey."

"Oh godddd."

She groaned heavily as Sam cupped her round, firm breasts. Her fingers ran gently across her nipples, making them harden with every touch. Shelley fell back in to Sam's arms.

"Saaam. We can't."

"Then tell me to stop." Sam said as she continued to feast of her lover's neck.

Shelley writhed against her as she tried to hold on.

"Tell me to stop Shelley."

"Don't stop. Don't ever stop loving me."

"Never Shelley, never."


For the next two weeks trade negotiations between the Saimarians and the SGC had been going well. Instead of her usual role, Shelley was been given the task of an unofficial ambassador, tending to the needs of the delegates. And Jack had commented that she was good at it. Everyone liked Shelley.

Sam watched her from across the room. The major smiled. Shelley looked beautiful today. Out of her usual SGC uniform and wearing a blouse and skirt. Shelley's head turned slowly, feeling the major's stare burning into her head. They smiled at each other across the room, every one else oblivious to their casual flirting. Jack tapped the major on the shoulder, breaking her eye contact with his sister. Shelley turned back slowly to continue her conversation with one of the other delegates, Cecily. For the last two weeks Shelley had been her constant companion. Giving her a tour of the base, including the base’s library. Cecily wanted to know everything about Earth and every planet and culture they’d uncounted.

“It’s getting late.” Cecily said. “And it’s been a long day.”

“Okay, I’ll show you to your quarters.” Shelley said.

As they got to where Sam and Jack were standing, Shelley stopped. Her arm draped around the major’s waist quickly, not trying to draw attention to themselves.

“I won’t be long,” she whispered in Sam’s ear.

The blonde smiled, feeling the redhead’s breath on the back of her neck. Sam watched her as the walked away. They’d been blissfully happy lately. Jack had seemed to be getting used to their relationship. Shelley was spending more time at her house and Mia felt like her daughter. They were a little family, the family that Shelley had always wanted for her daughter.

Sam had wanted them to move in on a more permanent basis and was planning to ask her but was afraid that she was going to say no. She wanted them to be together and not sneaking the odd night now and then.

Shelley opened the door for Cecily. The visiting alien was in her mid 30’s, blonde, pretty and as sexy as hell, but still not Shelley’s type. She only had eyes for one pretty blonde. Cecily reminded her of Sam, in the way they went about things. But Sam did have her wild, spontaneous side, which Shelley loved.

"Here you go," Shelley said, letting her inside.

The woman turned to Shelley, smiling.

"You want to stay for a while?"

Shelley shook her head slowly.

"I can't. I really should get back."

"For Major Carter?" Cecily asked. “I’ve seen the way that you two look at each other.”

The redhead looked up smiling nervously. So it was obvious that there was something going on between them. She nodded slowly. Cecily began to walk back to her.

"She doesn't have to know. I won't tell her."

Shelley was shocked and backed away. Cecily moved in front of her, blocking her escape.

"You're really beautiful Shelley. Do you know how beautiful you are?"

"Look, I....”

Cecily looked her up and down, her eyes traveling over the redhead.

"I really have to go."

Shelley moved towards her, trying to get past. As she got to the door, Cecily pulled Shelley back by the hair. Several strands came out in her hand. Shelley's head throbbed, like a dull niggling headache. Suddenly she was looking at the way just before her face made painful contact with it. The redhead's face began to sting. Cecily spun her around, grinning at her.

"I know you want it."

Shelley shook her head, tears of hurt and fear running down her face.

"Don’t…Please don't."

Cecily didn't say anything. She grabbed hold of Shelley's arms, raising them above her head, pressing her against the wall. Tears fell from her face, mixed with the blood from the cut of her cheek. Shelley struggled, but Cecily was too strong. The alien pushed her harder against the wall. Shelley winced in pain, her back cracking. Cecily let one of her arms fall to Shelley's waist. She grabbed at Shelley's skirt, pushing it up.

"Cecily, please stop." Shelley cried.

The alien leaned forward, placing a hard, ferocious kiss on Shelley's lips.


Cecily bit Shelley's lip. It began to bleed. Her tongue slipped out, licking the spot of blood. Shelley felt her hands on her inner thigh, nails clawing at her skin. Cecily's fingers traced the outer lace of Shelley's panties.

"Don't please, don't."

Her cries were falling on deaf ears.

"Tell me you want it."

Shelley shook her head furiously.

"No, no, no"

Teal'c had never been one for mingling at parties and had decided to call it a night. All he wanted to do was meditate. It had been a long two weeks. His quarters were close to the VIP rooms on level 25. Teal'c’s head turned quickly, hearing a door open behind him. Shelley stood in the doorway, her clothes torn; shaking, and her face bloody and tear stained.


Her head looked up slowly seeing the Jaffa standing a few feet away. She ran down the corridor, pushing past him.

"Where is she?" Jack asked

He paced around the briefing room in an angry rage. Everyone watched him, feeling his anger.

"We've got teams searching the base for her." Hammond said.

"I should be out there looking for her. God knows what state she's in."

Sam looked around the room, trying to keep her emotions in order. They were all worried about Shelley, but there was a more personal aspect. She was her best friend and her lover. San desperately wanted to find her, hold her, and take care of her. To make this whole nightmare go away. Most of all, she wanted to make Cecily pay for what she'd done to Shelley. Her payback involved inflicting lots of pain.

"I'd like to be present when you question Cecily."

Jack stared at her, having finally chosen to stay on one spot.

"I don't think so, Carter." Jack said.

"Why not. I don't think having a man in there would make her confess."

The colonel nodded, agreeing but there was something more on his face.

"You're right Carter. But having you in there won't help and it won't help Shelley." he said.

Everyone saw the look of frustration on Sam's face, some not entirely sure why. But those who knew felt her pain.

"I just want to find her." Sam said.

"We all do. She's here somewhere. Where would she go?" Jack said.

No one knew where she'd go.

"Where could she go? They are camera's everywhere.' Jonas said.

"Has anyone checked security?" Jack asked.

There were blank faces on everyone around the table. Hammond turned to Jonas. The alien knowing exactly what he meant.

“Yes sir.”

Jack looked up.

"General, if there's nothing else...." he said.

The colonel was eager to resume the search for his missing sister.

"Very well, dismissed."

They all stood, except for Sam who stayed motionless for a few moments.

"Carter," Jack said.

The major turned slowly, the anguish on her face beginning to show.

"How could I let this happen? Why couldn't I see what was going on."

Jack shook his head.

"It wasn't your fault. It's mine."

Sam looked at him, the tears beginning to form in her eyes. But she couldn't let it go. Not yet and not in front of her C.O.


"Because I’m responsible for the security. And I couldn't even protect my own sister. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?"

Carter nodded slowly.

"I do," she whispered. "I just want to find her."

"Well that makes two of us. I just don't know where she'd go. I can't begin to imagine what she's feeling."

Sam shook her head, trying not to think about what Shelley had gone through.

"I think she'd want to feel safe."

"But where on the base does she feel safe?" Jack asked.

His mind wandered to the places that, to Shelley, were special.

"Carter," he said. "Get a medical team and meet me on level 18. I know where she is."

"18. What's on level 18?"

Before she could finish her sentence, Jack rushed out of the briefing room.

General Hammond had ordered everyone in the vicinity to vacate. Only Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, Dr Fraiser and two medics were present outside. There was only one place Jack realized where Shelley always felt safe. The one place she always went when she was hurt or in pain.

"Why didn't I think of it earlier." Sam said.

They all stood outside Daniel's lab, which had been shut for the last twelve months but Shelley had managed to get it open.

Jack entered slowly, his eyes searching for his hurting sister.

"Daniel." A voice whispered.

Jack followed the sound of her voice. He saw her sitting on the cold floor, her knees huddled up to her chest.


Jack looked behind him, signaling Fraiser to stand by. He knelt next to her.

"Shelley," he whispered again.

Shelley's head rose slowly. He felt sick inside. Shelley's face was red and bruised. A deep cut on her forehead and on her cheek. Blood had dripped from each wound dried.

"I came to find Daniel. But he's not here. Is he with you?" Shelley asked.

Jack shook his head.

"No Shell," he whispered softly. "He's not here."

He reached up his hand, gently brushing the fallen hair from her face. Jack noticed that she was shaking. Her blouse had been torn in her attack and was now hanging from her. Jack slipped out of his jacket, and wrapped it around his sister.

"Let's get you out of here."

He helped her to stand slowly, his arms holding her tightly. Shelley's eyes darted around the room as they moved towards the door. Everyone stared in disbelief as Shelley appeared out of the room and into the corridor.

"Oh my god." Sam whispered under her breath.

Janet held out her arms to the redhead. Shelley froze for a moment and turned to Jack.

"It's okay Shelley. Go with Dr Fraiser."

"Okay. Could you find Daniel for me?"

"Daniel?" Sam asked, shocked.

Jack frowned.

"Of course."

Shelley smiled and let the doctor take her hand. Fraiser led her toward the elevator, followed by the two medics that had followed her.

"I can't believe what that bitch did to her." Sam said.

"Major Carter." Hammond said, shocked and surprised by her choice of words.

But Sam didn't apologize. How could she say sorry after what she'd just seen? Her lover bruised and bloody at the hands of another woman. The anger and rage was boiling inside her, desperate to find a release. What did it matter if her anger came out as swear words? At least she wasn't running to where Cecily was being held and beating her to death with a Zatt. Sam wanted to see her, to shake her confession out of her. She turned, shaking her head, following Fraiser and Shelley. Jack stood with his head lowered to the concrete floor. After seeing what he'd just seen, he shared the major's sentiment. He couldn't believe that Cecily had done this to his sister. What had she done to deserve this? Shelley was a nice person, not a bad word to say about anyone, especially about Cecily herself.

Everyone around the briefing room table was in a somber mood. Janet looked down at Shelley's test results, shaking her head at her findings. She'd never had to do those kinds of tests before and hoped that she wouldn't have to ever again. It had been a nightmare for her and for Shelley. Jack sat, solemn faced, trying to get the image of Shelley's attack out of his mind. Teal'c and Jonas both shared their dismay at the events of the last few hours. Sam's face was expressionless, still in shock herself.

"Dr Fraiser," Hammond said.

The doctor looked up slowly, taking one last look at her notes.

"How is she?" Jack asked.

Dr Fraiser took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"She's in shock. I was going to have her rest in one of the VIP rooms but I felt it was better to have her stay in the infirmary."

"Did she tell you what happened?" Jonas asked.

He had been debating for the last few minutes whether or not to ask but felt that no one else would ask it.

"Yes. I examined her. She has two cuts to her face, bruising on her arms and inner thighs. She also has a bruised rib. There is also some bruising to her wrists. I also found saliva and nail polish where she. Where she...

Janet stopped. She couldn’t go on any further. Sam sunk her head and pushed out her chair slowly.

"Excuse me," she whispered.

Janet's eyes followed her out of the briefing room.

The doctor stood too, nodding to the others.

Outside in the corridor, Sam had her back against the wall, tears dripping down her face. She raised her hand, wiping them away, not wanting them to see her crying. Her head looked up at hearing Janet's voice.

"Sam." Janet whispered.

The major sniffled and looked up, her face all red and puffy. The doctor reached out her hand to her friend.

"Don't," Sam sniffled. "Don't try and comfort me. I'm not the one who..."

Sam wiped the tears from her face with the sleeve of her jacket.

"Can I see her?" Sam asked.

“She’s sleeping but I don’t see why not.”

The infirmary was dark except for the light on the table next to Shelley's bed. She was fast asleep, lying in the fetal position and the sheet huddled up to her chin. Sam entered the room slowly, turning her head for a moment and seeing Janet standing in the doorway. The doctor smiled and headed back out in to the corridor, wanting to give her a little privacy.

Sam moved around to the side of the bed, pulling out a stool next to her love. Her eyes focused on her bruised and beaten lover for a moment before she forced her self to look away. She still couldn’t believe that this was happening. That Cecily had done this. Not only had done this but also to the most beautiful soul Sam had ever known. It didn’t make any sense. None of it made any sense. Why would she hurt her and why Shelley? Sam wanted to know. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking about what Shelley had gone through, how terrified she must have been. All the hurt she felt as Cecily forced herself on her. A tear fell down Sam’s face as she shook her head, trying to get the image out of her mind. But it wasn’t easy. It was all she could think about. That and the fact that if she ever came face to face with Cecily again, that she would kill her with her bare hands. Sam pulled up her stool closer to the bed and reached out her hand and h! eld Shelley’s tightly. The blonde sighed softly as her hand made contact with her love. Somehow she had been expecting her to feel different. But she felt like the same Shelley she had always loved. How could she think that she would feel different? Sam felt guilty for even thinking it. More tears fell down her face. This time she didn’t even attempt to wipe them away. They fell down her cheeks, her eyes sore and swollen.

Shelley began to move about and moan in her sleep. Her hair fell down her face. Sam leaned over, brushing it away slowly. Her hand came into contact with her face. Sam looked at the wound on her face.

“Oh god Shell. What did she do to you?”

The palm of her hand gently caressed the side of her face.

“If I ever get near that little bitch, I’ll kill her, baby. I promise she’ll never hurt you again. No one will ever hurt you.” Sam said. “I should have been there. I should have stopped her. The thought of her hurting you makes me feel sick. I should have been able to protect you.”

The tears fell freely down her face, unrelenting. Sam rubbed her eyes.

“I’m gonna get you through this. You won't be on your own."

Sam continued to stroke Shelley's hair. It was soft and silky.

Her finger traced her face, her palm cupping the side of her cheek. Shelley began to moan and her eyes began to flutter open. She looked up at the blonde sitting besides her, her hand gently brushing against her face. Sam was about to take her hand away quickly; sure that Shelley was going to flinch when she felt it. But instead her touch was greeted by a warm smile. Soft green eyes looked up at her. The same eyes that had been full of tears the last time she saw her.

"Hey," Sam whispered softly.

Shelley tried to open her mouth, but nothing but silence came out. Sam smiled down at her. She didn't know what to say. Instead she sat, holding her hand softly. They both looked at each other with similar, knowing looks in their eyes. All Sam could see was Shelley's pain. She couldn't get past how different she looked now. The bruises and cuts on her body seemed to be masking the real Shelley Jackson. Cecily had taken that special part of her away. Sam was scared that their relationship was not going to be the same anymore. That it was their relationship that had sent the signals to Cecily. That having a relationship with another woman had made her do this. Sam held her hand tightly and leaned over, kissing Shelley on the forehead. The redhead moved back. Sam looked at her, a look of fear in her love’s eyes. The major pulled away and sat back down on her stool. Several tears rolled down Shelley's face.

"I don't know what to do baby." Sam said. "I..."

For once in her life, Sam Carter was speechless. What could she say? How could she make this better?

"I'm so tired."

Sam smiled at her warmly.

"Then sleep honey. You sleep."

Shelley rolled on her side, turning to face the opposite side of the room.

"You sleep babe."

Sam leaned over, kissing the back of her head. She heard Shelley moan softly.

The major's head turned as she saw Janet appear in the doorway. The doctor shared her friend’s anguish and disbelief at recent events.

"How is she?" Janet asked.

Only this time it was as a friend and not as Shelley's doctor. Sam shook her head.

"I don't know Janet. I just feel so helpless."

"I think we all do."

Sam looked back at the sleeping Shelley.

"I want to help her but I have no idea what to do."

Janet smiled.

"You do what you can. Be there for her. She needs you."

The major began to shake her head slowly.

"And what if she doesn't need me."

"Of course she will."

Janet took Sam's arm, leading her out of the infirmary and into the corridor.

"Of course she'll need you," Janet repeated.

"Why would she? It's because of me that this happened."

The doctor shook her head.

"That's crazy Sam. This isn't you fault."

"Then why do I feel responsible."

“Why do you?" Janet asked.

Sam stood with her back against the wall, the emotion clear on her face.

"I forced her into this relationship, Janet. I knew it wasn't what she really wanted. But I kept pushing."

Janet didn't understand why Sam was feeling so guilty over something she had no control over.

"But what's that got to do with what Cecily did to her?"

"She must have seen how we were around each other. She must have picked up on it."

"I still don't understand Sam. This is not your fault. It wasn’t because of you that Cecily did what she did. She did it because…”

Janet was desperately trying to find the right words and she could only come up with one.

“Because she’s sick, she need’s help. It wasn’t a reflection on your relationship with Shelley or because of it. And to say that you wish you’d never begun it in the first place is absurd. When I know for a fact that you’re crazy about her.” Janet said.

Sam looked up slowly, seeing a silver lining. A smile broke out on her face.

“I am.”

“And I know that she wouldn’t change what’s happened between the two of you. She loves you.”

Sam’s smile got wider. Janet responded with a comforting smile.

“You’ll need her as much as she’ll need you.”

The major turned her head to look back to where Shelley was sleeping.

“I want to help her Janet. I’m gonna do everything I can to make this better.”

Janet patted Sam on the shoulder and went back in to the infirmary to check on her patient. Despite the shock of the way she found out about their relationship, Janet was pleased for them. Shelley had been miserable for months. Now she knew why Sam was edgy around her, especially when Daniel was around, she had been in love with her.


One Day Later

Jack paced around General Hammond's office.

He'd been ranting for the last ten minutes. His rage slowly boiling inside him.

"You can't be seriously considering handing her back?"

Hammond was sitting behind his desk.

"I share your concern Jack. But I can't hold her here."

Jack shook his head.

"What do you mean, nothing to hold her with? She ra... she attacked my sister. You've seen the state she's in. You can't let her get away with this."

All his anger and hate for Cecily poured through his veins, eating away at every part of him.

"I can assure you Colonel, she won't. There's a representative from Saimarian... arriving shortly."


Shelley sat on the infirmary bed, her hair over the scar on her head. Her face was a mixture of purple and blues due to her bruises. Sam stood a few feet away, waiting for Jack to come and take her home. She looked at her from across the room. Shelley still looked scared whenever Sam was near her. There was a look in her eyes. Sam knew it wasn’t her fault. It was Cecily’s. The major smiled at her. Shelley lowered her head, gazing at the floor beneath her feet. Sam didn’t know what to do. She hadn’t got much sleep, not being able to get it out of her head. She had stayed on the base, not really wanting to be too far away from her just in case she needed her. She’d tossed and turned most of the night. Usually if she couldn’t sleep, Shelley would wake up and they’d talk until she fell asleep in her arms. But not this time! It was clear from her actions over the last few minutes that Shelley didn’t want Sam near her.

“Carter.” Jack whispered from out in the corridor.

The major turned and went to see what he wanted.

“What did General Hammond say?” She asked.

“They’re sending her back.”

“They CAN’T do that.” Sam shouted.

Janet heard them from inside the infirmary and smiled warmly at Shelley.

“It’s okay,” she whispered.

“What happened?”

“They wanted her back. She’s very important to them.”

Sam paced up and down the corridor.

“What about what she did to Shelley. She should be made to pay for what she did.”

For a moment, Jack looked behind the ranting major. Sam turned slowly, seeing Cecily being lead down the corridor by 2 armed SF’s, General Hammond and a representative from the …, government. The major glared at her, her anger boiling over at seeing her face to face. She made several steps forward, wanting to get near her. Cecily’s head turned back, making eye contact with the major and Colonel O’Neill. There was no emotion on her face. Not even a hint of remorse for her actions. As Sam made her attempt to move forward, Jack grabbed her arm, pulling her back.

“Leave it,” Jack said.

He turned slowly, letting Sam see who was standing behind them. Shelley stood in the doorway, Janet holding her arm. Sam’s head turned back towards Cecily, then back to Shelley. She wanted to go over there and hurt her as much as she had hurt Shelley. As soon as she saw Shelley she realized that she couldn’t. The redhead looked at her, a pleading in her eyes, begging her not to do anything. Sam turned, heading in the opposite direction that Cecily was heading.

The major’s lab was cold and dark. She hadn’t done any work since Shelley’s attack and couldn’t face doing any at the moment. Sam stood in the middle of the room, looking around her. Nothing seemed to matter to her. Not her research, not her career and most definitely not the SGC. She’d practically run there and was now breathless and panting. Everything that was in her way came crashing down around her, pushing everything off in a vain attempt to control her rage. Focusing it on inanimate objects rather than Cecily’s body. She slumped down the desk, landing on the floor, her eyes filling with tears. Sam sobbed uncontrollably, not being able to keep her emotions at bay any longer. Sam tried to compose herself as she remembered that she had to take Shelley home.

Sam turned the key in the door of Shelley’s apartment and let the redhead in first. She dropped her overnight bag that she had kept in her car from her last night at Sam’s on the floor in the hallway. Shelley looked around her. She hadn’t been back since the day of the reception and nothing had changed. Shelley didn’t know why it would. It just seemed to her that after what she had been through that something would.

“Where’s Mia?” Shelley asked.

“She’s with the colonel. He said that he’d look after her tonight and bring her around tomorrow. If you’re feeling better.”

Shelley nodded slowly and walked through her apartment.

“I’m sorry for what I said.”

“What was that hun?”

“When I asked for Daniel.”

Sam smiled at her.

“It’s okay Shell. It didn’t mean anything.”

But Sam was lying. Of course it meant something. Sam had thought about it all night. That the fact that after such a horrendous ordeal the only person she wanted to comfort her had been Daniel and not her.

The redhead stood in the middle of the room, not sure what to do.

“Do you want me to get you something, a drink or…” Sam asked.

Shelley shook her head slowly.

“No, no. I’m gonna have a shower.”

“Okay. I’ll get you some fresh towels.”

Shelley didn’t even bother to reply and moved towards her bedroom and her bathroom. Sam looked around her. She hadn’t spent much time here and would have preferred to take her back to her house. It’s where they spent most of their time together. As she looked around, her eyes rested on Shelley’s wedding photograph. She felt helpless. And knew that if Daniel were still here, Jack wouldn’t have stopped him from taking his revenge on Cecily, all but it being in a more sedate manner than wanting to rip her face off. Sam knew he’d have been more rational about it. But she hadn’t been able to help the way she had felt and that’s why she had trashed her lab earlier. Why couldn’t she have done the same thing? She loved Shelley as much as Daniel and Jack.

The door to the bathroom was open and she could see Shelley standing the shower’s stream, letting the water wash over her. A tear fell from Sam’s face as she saw the bruises on Shelley’s back. She felt sick inside.

After a few minutes, Sam left her to get some fresh towels out of the linen closet.

“Shelley.” Sam whispered.

Sam stood in the bathroom doorway. Shelley sat in the corner of the stall. The water was still pouring down on her, helping to disguise the tears that were rolling down her face.


Shelley looked up. Sam saw the tears and dropped the towels on the floor. She stepped inside the stall, fully clothed herself and kneeled next to her. Sam wrapped one of the towels around her. The redhead’s face froze, confused and frightened. Sam opened her arms, ready to hold her. Shelley reached out pushing her away and knocking Sam off her feet. Sam wiped the water from her face as she reached out for Shelley again. She wasn’t taking no for an answer. Sam felt her in her arms. The blonde sighed at feeling her so close for the first time in what seemed so long. Shelley wriggled around, trying to push her away. But Sam wasn’t about to let her go that easily. Both of them fell back against the wall, Shelley falling into Sam’s arms. She pounded her fists against her body. Sam looked down at her. Her hand rose, gently touching Shelley’s face. Shelley pounded harder.

“Let it go baby, let it go.”

More tears fell down her face and loud sobs escaped from her chest.

“Why, why did she hurt me?” Shelley said in between sobs.

“I don’t know honey, I don’t know.”

The sat together in the stall, the water still beating down on them and neither of them seeming to care. Sam held her tighter than she ever thought possible. There was no way she was going to let her go. One thought ran through her mind. Sam knew that it was going to be a long road ahead for them and she was going to be there every step of the way during Shelley’s recovery. Sam loved her and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for her.

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