Title: Valentine's Day

BY: Major Sam

EMAIL: funky_chicken88@hotmail.com

Rating: NC17

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

Date: 07/03/05

Summary: Shelley plans Sam's Valentines Day surprise

They sat in the mess; Shelley drooling over the way Sam ate her blue jello. Sliding the spoon into her mouth, and sucking the jello off. The redhead shifted in her chair, as Sam began to smile.

“You okay, Shelley?” he asked.

Shelley leaned over the table, whispering…

“Why do you do that, with you tongue?”

“I thought you liked that.”

“I do… I just preferred that you teased me in private.”

“That can be arranged,” Sam said.

Sam lifted the spoon to her mouth, slowly sliding it into her mouth, watching, as her lover grew more aroused. It had felt like months and not days since they’d last slept together. And today was Valentines Day, the one day in the year when sex was definitely on the agenda.

“Colonel Carter to the briefing room. Colonel Carter to the briefing room.”

Shelley sighed as she heard Sam being called away.

“Damn it.” Sam said. “I’m gonna have to go.”

“I know.”

Sam stood, pushing her bowl of Shelley towards Shelley.

“You finish it off. I’ll pick up some more on the way home and we can… share.” Sam said, seductively.

Shelley looked up, feeling too horny to respond.

“I’ll see you at home.”

The redhead nodded, watching as Sam left. She tilted her head to one side, watching as Sam left, staring at her ass. She looked damned sexy today and before the end of the day, Shelley was going to have that ass.

After her work was finished, Shelley went home. Mia was next door spending the night at her little friend Amy’s. Even for a 3 year old, she was very popular. But tonight, was her mothers’ night.

Sam opened the door, getting ready to turn on the light as she entered. But she was greeted with candles, lots of little candles.

“Shell,” she whispered.

But there was no answer. Sam looked around the room, seeing clothes scattered across the floor. A coat, blouse, shoes, stockings and various other items of clothing lay on the floor towards the bedroom. Sam grinned, enjoying where this was headed. She slipped off her coat, hanging it up and took off her shoes.

She tiptoed towards her bedroom and opened the door slowly. What she saw took her breath away…

Shelley lay on the bed, wearing a dark red robe, tied at the waist.

“Take off your clothes.” Shelley instructed.

Sam obeyed, not that she planned on doing anything else.

The redhead watched as Sam unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. Her hands moved to her waist, unzipping her skirt, sliding it down her hips. All the time, Shelley watched her, growing more and more turned on. Sam kicked the skirt away, and began unclasping her bra.

“You’re so sexy.” Shelley drooled.

Sam held up the bra for a few seconds before dropping it on the floor next to her and made her way over towards the bed. Shelley moved slightly. Sam stood at the edge of the bed, watching as Shelley swung her legs over and sat in front of her on the bed. Her hands reached up, tugging down Sam’s panties. Sam rested her hands on Shelley’s head, bringing her closer.

The candles flickered sparkles of light around the room, making silhouettes of their bodies on the wall. Shelley’s tongue was tickling Sam’s naval, whilst her hands caressed her soft ass cheeks. The blonde moaned into the room. Shelley looked up, falling back on the bed. She got up, kneeling in front of her lover.

Her hands moved to the straps on her robe, slowly. She knelt in front of Sam, naked.


They didn’t know who wanted each other the most or who was going to make the first move. Sam pulled Shelley by the straps of the robe, pulling her towards her. She wrapped her arms around her, tasting her lips. Shelley fell into her arms, reaching for the blonde’s body.

They fell back onto the bed, the robe falling open. Sam smiled, sliding down her lover’s body. Shelley whimpered as she felt Sam’s mouth, her tongue around her nipple.

“YESS!” she hissed.

Her hands caressed her breasts as she moved down her belly, dipping her tongue into her naval.

Shelley stretched out her arms above her, gripping the bed.

“Oh god, yes.”

Sam moved lower, her hands exploring, teasing. Shelley thrusted her hips to meet with Sam’s growing attention. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut as the colonel’s tongue made contact, followed by two wandering fingers. The redhead arched her back, groaning, moaning, her body shaking in ecstasy.

Her eyes fluttered as her release came quickly. Sam kissed her way back up the redhead’s body, falling into her arms.

“Wow.” Shelley whispered.

“Oh yeah.”

Shelley wrapped her arms around her, smiling.

“Happy Valentines.” Sam said.

“You too, hunny. The night is still young and we have all night.”


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