Title: T.L.C

BY: Major Sam

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SONG TITLE: I Touch Myself by The Divynals

Sam looked at her watch, 5.40pm. What she wouldn't give to go home right now. To see her love. Shelley had been taken ill that afternoon and had gone home sick. Not to her apartment but to Sam's house. Sam had given her a spare key a few days earlier. Now she wanted to go and make sure she was okay. She'd called her an hour ago but no one had answered. When Shelley had left she'd looked exhausted and weak and said she was gonna head straight to bed. Which is was one of the reasons why Sam wanted to go home. All she wanted was to lie next to her and make her feel better and she had come up with just the thing. On her way out of the base, Sam had stopped by the infirmary then on the way home a little boutique that she knew of, which stayed open till 8pm.

"Shelley, you home."

Sam whispered her name quietly, placing the boutique bag on the chair in the living room. She rummaged through the bag, smiling to her self, imagining Shelley's face when she saw what she'd brought. Sam picked up the bag and took out her purchases.

It didn't take her long to do what she had to do. Sam moved towards her bedroom, hoping that Shelley would be on the bed waiting for her. As she entered the room, she noticed that Shelley wasn’t lying on the bed but in the shower. Sam stood in the doorway, placing down the CD player and moved towards the bathroom. She could see Shelley’s refection in the glass. Her hair was down around her back, the water from the shower making it stick to her body. Sam wanted to move closer, to open the shower curtain and step inside and take her right there and then. The blonde smiled as she breathed in the soft fragrance from the shower gel that Shelley used. It was so sensual of breath taking and she had to fight off every impulse she had not to take off her coat and joining her lover. But she had something else planned. Sam moved back into the bedroom and sat on the edge of her bed, still being able to see Shelley in the shower. Sam shifted her position several times as sh!e stared at the redhead bathing herself, lathering herself in warm soft bubbles. The heat began to rise in between her legs. She could see her massaging her breasts, the heat and the water making her skin soft. God, she couldn’t take her eyes off her. She loved to watch her do this. Most of the time she’d sit and pleasure herself as Shelley bathed. But she couldn’t at the moment. Sam couldn’t wait to see her face as she gave her a little show of what she was wearing under her coat. She began to grin as the shower door slid open and her love stepped out, naked and dripping with wet soapy suds. Shelley could feel her staring at her and look up and gave her a warm smile.

"Wow," Sam said. "I love a wet readhead."

"I didn't hear you come in.,” she whispered.

“I didn’t know if you were asleep, so I came in quietly. You feeling better honey?”

“A little, the shower helped.”

Shelley wrapped her robe around her as she finished drying herself off and moved towards Sam.

“Are you ok Sam? You haven’t taken your coat off.”

The blonde couldn’t contain her smile any longer and it burst into a mild giggle.

“Come and sit down.”

“Ok,” Shelley said, moving across the room and sat down on the bed.

“Lie back. I’ve got something for you.”

Shelley lay back on the bed, watching as the blonde stood by her dresser and began to remove her coat. Her hand reached up to the CD player as it began to play.

“I love myself, I want you to love me. When I’m feeling down, I want you above me.”

Sam's coat fell to the floor and she began to turn back towards Shelley. The redheads eye's widened at the sight infront of her. Sam began moving slowly towards her. She was wearing a tight fighting nurses uniform she'd 'borrowed' from the infirmary. It was white, crisp and clean. But Shelley's eyes moved up and down Sam's body as she noticed the revealing underwear. The uniform was so tight on her that Shelley was hoping that she was going to burst out of it. The redhead bit her lip, feeling to weaak to do much else.

"I search myself, i want you to find me. I forget myself, i want you to remind me. I don't want anybody else. When i think about you i touch myself. I don't want anybody else. Oh no, oh no, oh no."

The top half of the outfit made Sam's breasts heave over the top of her tight fitting red-laced bra, which was just visible. Shelley smiled at the contrast of colours. The virginal white of the uniform and the seductive red made Shelley want to grab hold of her and drag her on to the bed. But something else made her think that Sam had something else on her mind. Shelley began to study her more carefully. She was wearing high heeled shoes, red, to match her lingerie. Her eyes travelled up her legs, drooling at the sight of the suspenders.

"You like?" Sam asked.

The redhead nodded furiously.

"Oh yeah."

"Shame you're too weak to enjoy it. Looks like i'll have to give you your medicine myself."

"You're the one who makes me come running. You're the sun that makes me shine. When i'm around you, i'm always laughing. I want to make you mine."

The music began to fill the room. Now Shelley remembered it as she imagined what was coming next. Sam stood at the edge of the bed, singing along to the music. She looked down at Shelley, her robe open slightly. Shelley's hand was moving down her body.

"Huh huh. Don't you dare."

Shelley moved it away, moaning in disappointment. Sam leaned over the bed, raising her hand and pressing it against Shelley’s forehead.

“You’ve got a temp. You need to calm down.”

Shelley got up off the bed, but was pushed back down onto the bed. Sam sat back down on a chair in front of her. With one leg on the bed, the music stopped. After a few second it began to play again. Sam had put it on repeat. She wanted to take her time. From Shelley’s point of view she had a clear view of Sam’s pussy. It glistening in wetness.

“I thought about you all day,” the blonde said. “Of what I’d do to you when I got home.”

“Good, cause I want you,” Shelley said. “Want to taste you. Want to slip my tongue in the to that oh-so-wet puss.”

Sam smiled.

“You’re too weak hun.”

Shelley’s green eyes widened as Sam un-popped off the top buttons of her uniform. Now Shelley had more of a view of her breasts. They were bouncing out of the top of her bra. Sam’s hand slipped into her uniform, into the top of her bra.

“I’m thinking of you hun. That your lips are licking my breasts! That my nipples are hard and erect in your mouth.”

Sam began to grown as her hands tweaked and rubbed her nipples. Her other hand slid under the rest of her uniform. She didn’t open it, but slipped her hand down to her waiting wetness. Shelley licked her lips slowly, savoring every delicious movement of Sam’s hand. She could see her fingers clearly moving up and down her soaking pussy. They ran slowly, getting soaked, as Sam got more and more aroused. She continued to pleasure herself, watching as Shelley became excited. The redheads eyes stayed firmly on Sam as she ran her hands inside her bra ad erect nipples. Whilst her other hand began to slowly slide in and out of herself. Sam closed her eyes imagining that it was Shelley’s tongue inside her.

“I can’t take no more,” Shelley said.

The redhead writhed on the bed, the pressure building in between her legs. Sam stood slowly, still wearing her red high heels. Shelley smiled. She’d never seen such an erotic sight before or Sam look so sexy. Apart from when she was in her uniform.

“Nurse Carter needs to take your temperature,” she said.

Shelley’s green eyes smiled up at her, her lips curling into a cheeky smile.

“But you don’t have a thermometer?” Shelley asked innocently.

“Who said I need one. I’ve got the perfect instrument to test how hot you are.”

Sam stood next to the bed, ready to take off her uniform.

“Leave it.”

“What about the shoes?” Sam asked.

“Leave them. They’re kinda kinky and I love it. You look so….”

“What?” Sam asked as she sat on the bed and felt Shelley’s forehead again.

She leaned forward practically pressing her breasts against the redheads face.

“You look so sexy, especially when you were touching yourself.”

“I was imagining it was your tongue.”

Shelley was overcome by a sense of arousal and deep passion. Sam crawled onto the bed, kneeling in front of Shelley’s spread legs. She sat back on her heels, slightly uncomfortable in her high-heels. As she leaned over to de-robe Shelley, the redhead’s hands opened the top button of Sam’s uniform. She ran her fingers across the lace bra.

“God your incredible, Nurse Carter.” Shelley chuckled.

“Now I’d better take your temp. I just want you to touch me as much as you can. I want to feel your touch.”

Since their relationship, Sam had avoided ‘dirty talk’. But on the odd occasion she knew it turned her lover on.

“Okay babe. I think I’m getting hot again, nurse.”

Sam’s grin widened as her devilish plan was near its end.

“Time to take your temp. Spread your legs for me please. Let me see how hot your pussy is.”

Shelley shivered, as Sam’s tone was stern and sexy. The redhead complied and spread them as wide as she could. Wider than she had during her last exam Janet had given her.

“Beautiful,” Sam said. “But your so wet honey. I wonder if you taste as good as you look?”

Sam leaned over, running her finger up Shelley’s wet lips. A wicked grin appeared on her face she licked her fingers slowly.

“Oh yeah. You want me to taste your pussy?”

“Yes, oh god yes please.”

Sam ran her hands up and down Shelley’s thigh before taking in one deep breath, inhaling her intoxicating aroma. Her tongue slowly licked Shelley’s lips, moving up and down the heated, wet pussy.

“Tell me what you want, hun, tell me what you want me to do to you?” Sam asked.

Shelley was already breathless just from that first sweet contact. Her head was dizzy and her body weak and aroused.

“I want your tongue, just your tongue in my pussy. Oh god Sam, please.”

The blonde licked her lips before thrusting her tongue deep into her dripping hole. Shelley bucked and writhed on the bed, her hips grinding against Sam’s face. She feasted on the sweet, tender flesh, getting everything she could. God, she loved to eat her. Her sweet juices dripped down her mouth as she tried to drink as much of her as she could. Shelley was coming too quickly. Even as she tried to slow her tongue thrusts, Sam could feel her pussy muscles gripping her tongue.

“Yes, yes, oh god, oh god. I’m cumming, I’m cumming. ”

A loud pleasing scream escaped Shelley’s mouth as she came hard against Sam. The blonde lapped up everything she could, drinking her down quickly not wanting to waste a drop. Sam moved back on her heels, watching Shelley come down from her orgasm.

“You want more?” She asked.

“Oh yeah.”

Sam scooted up the bed, lowering herself on Shelley’s waiting mouth. The redhead’s hand reached up, pulling open the starchy white uniform. All Shelley could see was red. The red of the bra made her face flushed with arousal. Luckily Shelley knew her lover preferred a front clasping bra. Her fingers unclasped it, releasing the firm mounds into her hands. She knead them softly, running her fingers against the hardening nipples. Sam lunged forward, banging her hands against the wall in front of her. Finally Shelley let go as her tongue snaked upwards towards Sam’s dripping pussy. Her hands lowered, moving around her back, holding both ass cheeks in her hands. She ran them all over her shapely ass, trying to force her further down on her mouth.

“Oh that’s it Shell, oh god that’s it. Harder, please, oh god.”

Shelley ran her tongue over the hard clit quickly, wanting her to cum as quickly as she could. She couldn’t wait to taste her. Sam spasmed on Shelley’s mouth. She smiled, hearing her lover lapping up her hot juices. Finally as it subsided, she lay next to her, holding her closer. Sam leaned over, kissing her softly.

“So, Nurse Carter, do you think I’ll live?” Shelley asked.

“Oh I’d say so. Your temperature seemed normal. Although I think I should repeat the exercise on a… lets say, half hourly basis.”

The redhead giggled to herself as she welcomed Sam’s tongue into her mouth, instantly being able to taste herself.

“Sounds okay to me.”

For several hours, Sam continued to take her lovers temperature in a way that neither of them had imagined.

“I close my eyes and see you before me. Think I would die if you were to ignore me. A fool could see, just how much i adore you. I get down on my knees, i'd do anything for you."


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