FIC: The Times, They Are-a Changeling

BY: Major Sam



PAIRINGS: Sam/other

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SUMMARY: Sam daydreams.

SPOILERS: Changeling

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The Coquitlam Fire station was having its annual community day. It promised to be a big event and for the last few years had drawn in the crowds and raised a lot of money for the local children’s hospital. They had it every year and every year was a success. But this year, one of them was hoping that it was going to be eventful.

It was a gloriously sunny day, scorching to be exact. Everyone was wearing their short-sleeved tops, trying to get a little relief from the heat.

Chief O’Neill stood outside, welcoming guests as they arrived. One guest in particular caught his attention. She was about 5ft 8in, with long red hair down her shoulders.

A pair of eyes followed her into the station. The last time they had met, they had flirted mercilessly with each other. It had been fun.

“Looks like the Chief’s little sister’s all grown up.” T said.

Captain Carter turned and smiled.

“I’d have to agree. She didn’t look like that before.”

“She finally dumped that boyfriend of hers.”

“Really?” Sam asked, trying not to sound too obvious.

“Yeah. The chief and I packed up his stuff and kicked him out.”

Chief O’Neill moved towards them, arm in arm with his sister.

“Captain, you remember Shelley?”

”Of course.” Sam said, blushing.

Jack dragged Shelley into the station towards the refreshment stand. The Captain turned slowly and cocked her head to the side as she surveyed the redhead from head to toe, as slowly as she could. Shelley was wearing a pretty summer dress with buttons all the way up the front. Not that it had to go far. The length was pretty short and stayed just between her knee and her upper thigh. Carter was practically drooling. It was no secret where her sexual desires lay. But she kept her lesbian side away from work. It was better to have the rest of them drooling over her instead of over someone she wanted to sleep with. This time, ‘it’ being Shelley O’Neill.

“I need some air,” she said.

Sam continued to watch her as she went outside. Shelley certainly didn’t look this good a few weeks ago. Then, she had looked pretty good but now she was stunning. Seeing her had left Sam breathless. She watched as the chief introduced his sister to the newbie, Jonas and the rest of the crew. Sam’s eyes couldn’t stop staring at her. The dress wasn’t tight and fitted perfectly enough to show off her terrific body.

Carter waited for a few moments until her brother left Shelley alone. ‘Time for a drink.” She thought to her self. She walked towards her slowly, moving behind her. The Captain breathed in, smelling Shelley’s scent. God, she smelled incredible. As she passed by her, Sam trawled her hand around her waist and her back. Shelley gasped lowly at the first contact, making her turn towards her. Sam smiled. They could practically feel the heat between them. Sam stayed behind her as she leaned over, taking a cup of water from the table.

“Thank you.”

Shelley felt the blonde’s breath on her neck, gasping as she felt the heat between her legs throb.



”You want some more water?”

“I’d like a lot more.” Sam said, whispering softly in the redhead’s ear.


What came out of Shelley’s mouth weren’t words, just heavy breathing.

The redhead turned slowly, coming face to face with the flustered Captain. She picked up the cup and placed it in Sam’s hand.

“There you go.”

Sam smiled and took the cup to her mouth. The water trickled down onto her moist lips. She licked them slowly, relishing the shocked and aroused look on Shelley’s face.

After an hour or two, Shelley had done her best to avoid the Captain, but her eyes kept moving towards her. Even if it was just a moment as she showed the kids how to ring the bell on the truck or turning on the water pump. Shelley just hoped that she's get wet but she hadn't. By late afternoon everyone had left. The fire crew were upstairs, catching up on some sleep before their next call out. Shelley had no idea where her brother was, nor did she seem to care at this moment. It was just her and the captain. Shelley sat at the refreshment stand, her legs crossed. Sam smiled as she walked towards her, unable to take her eyes off her legs. Following them all the way up to her desire.

"T told me you finally got rid of that pig of a boy-friend."

"Yeah, he and Jack helped me."

"You deserve a lot more than that."

Shelley stood, moving towards the fire truck.

"Yeah, he was a pig. Been in therapy ever since."

The redhead stepped up to the wagon, watched by Sam who moved closer. Now she was standing right behind her.

"You know Jack said he'd show me the inside of one of these things."

As Shelley stood on tiptoes her dress lifted up her body. It shifted high up her thigh, just under her ass. The horny Captain bit her bottom lip as she raised her hand, running it slowly down her back. Due to the fact, that it was a scorching day, the fabric clung to her body. Showing Sam every curve of the redhead. Sam got closer as Shelley stepped down. Her arm shifted from the back to Shelley's front. As she lifted her dress the redhead groaned deeply in her throat. Sam's hand slipped up and down her stomach, slowly rippling the fabric of the dress.

"You're such a sexy woman Shelley. You deserve to be with someone who knows what your body wants."

"I know what it wants."

"And what's that?"

She got hold of the captain's hand, sliding it under her dress. Sam kissed the back of her neck as her fingers slipped into her panties, making the redhead gasp.

"My body wants you." Shelley groaned.


Sam ran her fingers up and down her wet pussy, lightly tracing the outer lips. Sam's other hand wasn't idle and moved in front of her and popped into Shelley's dress. Neither of them seemed to care that they were in a public place and they could be caught at any moment. The station was deadly quiet, apart from Shelley's contented moans. Sam's fingers toyed with Shelley's proudly erect nipples. The redhead writhed against her. Rubbing her exposed ass against the blonde. The captain continued to lick and bite Shelley's neck whilst playing with her pussy and rubbing her breasts.

"God, I can't get enough of you." Sam murmured

Sam released the blonde quickly.

"No, don't stop." Shelley pleaded.

Shelley's dress fell back into position. The blonde Captain reached up and opened the door to the cab.

"This thing holds 4, plenty of room for 2."

She grabbed hold of Shelley's hand and helped her up.


As soon as she got inside, Shelley grasped at Sam's shirt, yanking it up from her trousers and ripped it open. Sam un-zipped her trousers, pulling them down quickly.  Shelley smiled as she saw the naked blonde above her. Sam pulled open the redhead's dress, letting it slip from her body. She let her lay down as best as she could as Sam straddled her body between her well toned thighs. Shelley began to pant heavily as she looked up into those eyes. Her hand reached up, touching Sam's body. The blonde pressed her heated body against her. Their breasts rubbing against each other, nipples poking at aroused flesh. Sam licked her lips as she crushed Shelley's. Tongues fought each other in an erotic game. The kiss was long and deep. The redhead below her gasped as she was let up for hair.

The blonde’s lips moved, kissing her way down her lover's body, biting and nipping at her. Shelley had never been so aroused before. Not even with the creep of a boyfriend she'd just dumped.

"Oh god."

Shelley moaned into the cabin as Sam's mouth, her teeth found her breast and nipple. The pretty redhead ran her fingers through her love's hair, practically pushing her away, moving her to the source of her desire.

Sam's tongue slowly ran through the soft wet fur above Shelley's heated pussy. The Captain heard Shelley's groan in response and new exactly what to do next. She ran her hands under Shell's legs and lifted them up onto her shoulder. Her head lowered, her tongue regaining its earlier position. It swiped slowly at the exposed clit. Shelley writhed and thrashed around below her. The redhead's pussy dripped warm juices into the captain's waiting mouth. She was practically crying with pleasure as Sam's tongue invaded the woman's pussy. Deep tongue thrusts followed. Sam felt how quickly Shelley was climaxing as her muscles began to tighten around her tongue. Shelley came quickly, hard, screwing her eyes shut and screaming Sam's name. Her body went rigid as she fell back, lying panting beneath her lover.


Their head's shot up quickly as they heard Chief O'Neill shouting. Sam pressed her face up against the window of the cab, peering out, trying not to be noticed.

"I don't think he heard us,” she said.

The captain's train of thought disappeared as she felt a pair of lips of her ass.

"Ohh, Mmmm. Who cares."

She turned back, seeing Shelley behind her and pulled her back into the cab. The girly giggles could be clearly heard upstairs. But did either of them care. NO.

"Carter... Major Carter."

Teal'c reached out his hand, jolting the major from her reverie. She looked up startled, unsure of where she was for a moment. Sam looked around, realizing that she was in the commissary. Teal'c was sitting in front of her, Jonas to his side. Sam turned her head, seeing Shelley sitting next to her. Her face reddened for a moment as she remembered her daydream.

"Do you think it means anything?" Jonas asked.

The major shook her head slowly.

"No. I think it's about time I left." Sam said looking at her watch.

Jonas smirked; catching the look that Carter was giving Shelley.

"We get the point,” he said.

Jonas pushed the chair from under him, followed by Teal'c.

"I think she's trying to get rid of us?"

"And why would I do that?" Sam asked.


Jonas mumbled something under his breath as he left the room. Sam turned slowly to Shelley and smiled.

"You wanna go home, hun. Why don't we rent a video on the way back? What about..."

Sam searched her mind for an appropriate film to watch. Then it hit her.

"What about... Backdraft."

Shelley's eyes lit up and her smile widened.

"Sure, anything you say... Captain Carter."

Sam smiled, reliving her daydream. And boy, was she planning to make it reality when they went home.

---- the end -----

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