Title: Therapy

BY: Major Sam

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Rating: NC:17

Pairings: Sam/Shelley Established Relationship

Date: 12/07/04

Summary: A little therapy goes a long, long way.

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The counsellor had been very exact in what she wanted them to do. Go to a place they hardly ever go and flirt. Not with each other but with other people. Didn't matter who as long as it made the other crazy. And that's exactly what had happened. They'd gone to a straight club of all places. But the counsellor had made them change one aspect of their normal routine. That Shelley had to be the one in charge. She had to be in control, make the first move, second move and complete her task. Shelley didn’t seem to have a problem with it. She wanted to be more controlling instead of always being the more submissive partner.

Shelley had been flirting with a guy in the club; different looking from the kind of guy she normally went for, tall and blonde. More like her type of woman than the male of the species.

Sam had also gone for her type of woman, dark, gorgeous eyes.

All four of them ended up drinking together at the bar.

One of the stipulations their counsellor had made them both agree on, was they were not to have any physical contact with each other before such a time when the time is right.

Sam had found it increasingly difficult to keep her hands to herself as she watched that guy drooling over her girl friend. She wanted to touch her. Take her to the ladies toilet and fuck her till she screamed down the club. But she couldn’t. This whole situation was because that’s all they did, fuck. It wasn’t sensual and tender any more it was based out of pure lust and greed. And that wasn’t what either of them wanted. They needed it to be like it was in the beginning. And that’s why they’d gone to the counsellor. To try and understand why.

After an hour, Sam couldn’t take it any longer and left her seat at the bar. Shelley went after her, excusing herself. The guy she had been drinking with had given her, his number. But she had left it on the bar.

In the car, Shelley had seen how their night had affected her lover. Sam could hardly look at her. She’d never seen her so jealous before.

They were only 2 minutes away when Shelley unbuckled her seat belt and slipped across the seat towards Sam.

Her breath made the major shiver as it tickled her ear.


Sam turned her head quickly, managing to see Shelley’s hand run up her leg, slowly teasing her the hem of her skirt. Her fingers lingered, moving higher. Shelley’s breathing increased as her tongue painted Sam’s ear lobe. She nibbled it softly.

“…. Shelley… don’t. I’ll crash the damn car in a minute!”

“Then hurry… we’re not far away. And when we get home I’ll do you slowly.”

The redhead slumped back in her seat and smiled as Sam put her foot down.

Sam practically pushed the door off its hinges. Shelley dragged her inside.

Shelley could feel Sam’s body trembling in her arms and she walked her towards the bedroom. She stopped momentarily to press her up against the wall, kissing her heatedly. Their tongues played with each other, teeth biting, hands roaming over each other’s bodies. Shelley pulled up her lover’s skirt, tentatively slipping her hand underneath. A soft sigh escaped Sam’s throat. The major rode Shelley’s hand, forcing her to make more contact. Shelley found it hard but managed to tear away her lips from Sam’s and began to move down the white flesh of her throat, making her love growl in appreciation.  Another hand rose, and unbuttoned the soft pink blouse that Sam was wearing.  The hand came into contact with the clasp of Sam’s front clasping bra and released it. She ran her fingers across the hardening nipple and pinched it softly.

“Mmmm, that’s nice….” Sam groaned into the hallway.

Shelley lowered her body just enough so her eyes were face to face with the major’s breasts. There had never been a more erotic sight to her than seeing her lover showing signs of arousal. Her mouth enveloped one, her tongue running over the hard nub. She suckled on it and felt Sam’s hand on her head, trying to force her further down.

“Not yet, baby.”

Underneath Sam’s skirt, Shelley’s fingers run up and down the wet panties. There was hesitation as she nearly pushed aside the fabric and slipped them inside. The major writhed up the wall. Twice the stimulation making her head spin in a million different ways.

“Shelley… please,” she demanded.

The redhead looked up, seeing wanting in her lovers eyes and knowing what she had to do. Shelley stopped and released the breast from her mouth and removed her hand from underneath the skirt.

Sam panted heavily, frustrated at being denied in her moment of need.

Shelley smiled and took her hand, leading her all the way into their bedroom. There was a romantic look about it as the moon shone through their window. The redhead stopped in the middle of the room and told Sam to lay down. The major did as she was told.

Sam watched as Shelley stripped slowly in front of her. Unzipping her skirt and letting it fall slowly from her hips to the ground. And let her hair fall around her shoulders. Sam couldn’t take her eyes off her. Her own desire to have her was rapidly taking over her, but knew Shelley had to be in control.

Shelley turned away as she pulled up her top over her head and dropped it along side her. She reached behind her, unclasping her bra and turned back slowly to her lover, showing her, her breasts.

“Beautiful.” Sam whispered.

The redhead smiled and stalked slowly across the room to the bed. Sam laid back; her legs open, inviting Shelley to finish what she had started in the hallway. Shelley positioned her self at the edge of the bed to remove the last piece of clothing on her body, her panties. Sam’s hand reached out, running it up along Shelley’s thigh. She licked her lips, enjoying the touch a little too much.

Shelley knelt on the bed, in between Sam’s spread legs, noticing that something was in her way. She moved up slowly, both hands reaching out, fingers slipping into the straps of the pale blue panties. She slid them down slowly, managing to run her fingers down Sam’s thighs in the process. The major’s body shuddered at the contact. The sensations making her wet beyond her control.

Shelley practically lay flat on the bed as she looked up into the deep eyes of her lover. She leaned over, planting soft kisses on her thigh. Her hand made a trail upwards, her finger circling her naval. Shelley changed from one leg to the other, gazing up from time to time to see how Sam was doing.

Sam writhed on the bed. She arched her back as her lovers lips moved from her thighs and were now kissing her stomach. She began to play with her own nipples with one hand, making them hard, teasing them. With the other, she rested it on Shelley’s head, running her fingers through the short lengths of her hair. She’d recently had it layered and Sam loved it. Finally, Shelley’s body covered her and she was able to touch her properly. Sam ran her hand down the redhead’s back, making a trail of scratch marks down the soft skin.  Shelley kissed her deeply, forcing her tongue into her mouth without much resistance. Their breathing grew, practically matching each other’s. Breath after heart pounding breath.

Beads of sweat made their bodies glisten under the moonlight as they writhed against each other. Sam wrapped her legs around her lover, practically trapping her. But Shelley had managed to leave her hand firmly placed between the blonde’s legs. Sam thrust her hips to Shelley’s hand as the redhead easily slipped two fingers inside of her. It had been easy enough. Sam had been wet since the ear licking in the car. She released Shelley from her grip, making it easier for her to thrust her slowly. They continued to kiss, the passion taking over and it became harder, hotter. Sam grabbed Shelley’s hair, pulling her head back as they carried on kissing. Another finger traced the wet lips below and found its way inside.

Shelley thrust a little faster, harder, making Sam squirm and writhe below her.

“Baby…” Sam cooed.

The redhead moved, kissing her way back down Sam’s body. She stopped at her breasts, kissing, licking, and teasing those nipples out again before moving further.

She rose off the bed and leaned over. Now kneeling directly in between Sam’s legs, her tongue slipped out from her warm mouth, making contact with the warmness of her lover. Sam’s body rose off the body in response and lay back down slowly. She tasted like no other to Shelley. There had be no other since her.

Shelley tasted her, nibbling on the soft flesh that was hidden away.


Her fingers continued to thrust and pump. Her thumb rubbed the hard nub, making Sam tremble some more as her completion neared. Shelley felt her tense quickly against her fingers and was greeted with wet warmth from deep within Sam as she came.

She lay panting beneath the redhead and greeted her with open arms and Shelley lay against her. The redhead rested against Sam’s breast and smiled.

“I love you,” Sam whispered.

“And you… so much.”


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