Title: Territorial

Author: Major_Sam

Email: funky_chicken88@hotmail.com

Rating: PG13 turning to R

Pairings: Sam/Shelley Established Relationship.

Date: 06/01/05

Summary: Shelley and Sam talk about a certain scientist crush.

The two of them walked down the corridor, having had lunch in the mess. It was a regular occurrence. Today had been one of the rare occasions where there had only been a few people in there, so they could have a laugh. They felt relaxed and the conversation turned to one Dr Jay Felger.

'He does not.' Sam said.

Shelley laughed as they made their way down the corridor towards the elevator.

'Yes he does. And I can't believe you haven't noticed.'

'I hadn't.'

Shelley stopped mid-stride, making Sam turn back.

'Oh come on. What about that doll you told me about. You don't think that's...'

'It was just a doll.'

'Yeah, a blonde doll. Wearing sgc type clothes.'

The redhead passed her slowly...

'Bet she looked hot.' Shelley whispered under her breath.

Sam caught her up as they turned a corner.

'Maybe I should get my own doll.' The redhead said, as Sam appeared at her side.

'You already have one. Life size.'

Shelley laughed again.

'Oh yeah. I just can't believe you've never noticed!'

'I just thought he was.. over enthusiastic about going off world.'

'He's more enthusiastic about you. He doesn't have a Jack doll or a Teal'c doll. Well, at least I hope not.'

They stopped as they reached the elevator, Shelley sliding her pass down the scanner on the side. Both stepped inside, looking to face each other as the doors closed.

'I hate getting into these things with you,' Shelley said.


'Because it's private, but that camera. I just know someone in the security room is just waiting for us to do something,'

Sam laughed.

'Why, do you want to do something?' She asked.

'Not really, maybe, hold your hand a little.'


Shelley smiled. The two of them looked at each other, smiling. Then Sam's eyes looked up at the camera.

'Don't worry. Tonight there won't be any cameras around. That is, not unless you want one.'

The redhead burst out laughing, only to stifle it as the doors to the elevator opened.

In stepped Jay Felger.

'He must have heard us talking about him.' Shelley whispered, in to Sam's ear.

'Colonel Carter, Dr.....'

'...O'Neill.' Shelley finished for him.


Shelley looked at him in disgust. She knew what that was... Completely ignoring her and just standing there, smiling at the gorgeous blonde by her side. At least, Shelley knew he had good taste. Sam was hot and all hers.

'Hey Jay.' Sam said back.

The goofy scientist just smiled back, practically drooling down his lab coat. Shelley saw the looks he was giving her, the same look she had a few moments before he had entered the elevator.

'This is where we get off, Sam,' Shelley said.

For some reason she was being very territorial, even if Felger didn't know it.

Sam had to stifle a laugh as they made their way passed Jay and out into the hallway. Shelley looked back, hearing the scientist sigh after Sam brushed past him.

'See, see, did you hear that?'


'The way he sighed when you brushed past him?'

Sam continued to walk down the corridor, near to Shelley's lab.

'Okay, okay. He might have a little crush on me.'

'Finally,' Shelley said, smiling.

'I think its cute.'

They turned into Shelley's lab, then Sam took the redhead's hand.

'I think you're cute when you're jealous.' She added.

Out of the way of prying eyes, Sam pushed Shelley softly against the wall of her lab.

'Who said I was....'

Sam stifled Shelley's response with a sweet innocent kiss that sent the redheads heart racing.


'You have no need to be. You have the real Samantha Carter.'

Sam smiled as she heard that all too familiar soft sigh escape Shelley's lips. Her heart beat began to return to normal as Sam's hand fell from hers.

'I'll see you later.'

Shelley nodded, silently, still shaken quietly by that kiss.

She knew that Felger fancied Sam and it bothered her slightly. Maybe in a fun way, but it still bothered her. Sooner or later he would have to find out about the two of them.....

Ever since that kiss in her lab, Shelley hadn't been able to stop thinking about Felger. When they'd been in the elevator, she'd been remarkably territorial. She'd never felt it before. Knowing that someone fancied her girlfriend/lover/partner was at the end of the day a big turn on. Which Sam found out much to her pleasure as they came home.

Shelley grinned, falling back on to the bed. Her head turned to see Sam lying next to her, panting, all sweaty from the hours of sex they'd just had.

'Wow.. that was... You were, wow.'

'Yeah, you weren't so bad yourself..'

The redhead kissed her pounding her lips, then eased up, softly running her fingers through Sam's hair.

'Mmmm. I mean you were, very, assertive.'

'Was I.'

Sam pushed Shelley back, pinning her to the bed.

'Yes you were. Not that I was complaining. It was nice to have you, take control.'

Shelley kissed her back, wrapping her arms around her neck.

'Do you like that... me in control?'

'Oh yeah.' Sam grinned.

The redhead, moved, turning Sam over, making sure she was pinned beneath her and smiled.

'You think Dr Felger likes to be on top?' Shelley asked.

'I wouldn't know. Or maybe he'd prefer it if you were on top.'

Sam laughed.

'He's not my type. I prefer, oh redheads, who....'

The colonel's train of thought wavered as she felt two stray fingers.

'....Who... who can do that with their fingers.' Sam finished, breathless.  'Not to mention a tongue that can....'

Sam's eyes widened as she saw Shelley move down her body.

'Do that...Oh god, can do that,' she giggled.

Shelley had never thought of herself as a jealous person before. But when going back to the base the next morning, General, Jack had given Shelley her orders. Orders, she was particularly pleased in having. Dr Felger needed some help with some experiment or something and his usual assistant, Chloe was on sick leave.

The redhead fidgeted in her chair. All that she could think of was that, he wanted her girlfriend. Part of her was amused by it. Sam was pretty hot, there was no denying that. But she was hers. Shelley couldn't tell Jay that, they were in a relationship, that they lived together and had been for nearly 2 years. It was still something that neither of them drawn attention to it. And there was no way, Shelley wanted to embarrass Sam by telling him to stay away from her. She would have to be more sneaky, more, more, like her brother.

'Jack,' Shelley shouted down the corridor.

He turned back, slowly, scowling at her.

'General.' She corrected herself with a smile.

'What's up?' he asked.

'Its kind of a strange request.'

'Hey... just go for it.'

It had been the strangest request he'd had since he became General. But he had to consider his sister. He did like her style though. It was sneaky.

Jay Felger hated the SGC. Well not the work and definitely not the people, well certainly people. In fact, just one person, Samantha Carter. It was just that he kept getting lost. Stupid corridors that went on forever and got him well and truly lost.

Finally he realised where he was going and turned a corner, hearing familiar voices. It was General O'Neill and Teal'c. He hated being anywhere near O'Neill and Teal'c cause they scared the hell out of him. He was just a scientist, they got to save the world. Although he had done on several occasions. Jay was just in awe of them. They were his idles, and that's why he was all nervous.

He hid behind the wall, overhearing their conversation.

'You know T, I wish Felger would keep away from Carter!' Jack said.

Jay stood frozen to the spot. What the hell did that mean. His face grew pale... He and Carter, no, no. That's just not... it can't be.... Jay turned, headed back in the direction he came in, no doubt getting lost again.

'It's just making Shelley crazy, you know.'

'Indeed!' Teal'c said.

Both of them turned their head, looking in the direction Felger had been standing.

'You think he heard?' Jack asked.

'I believe so, O'Neill.'

Shelley finished her work in the lab, switching off the light. She turned quickly, hearing footsteps behind her. The redhead smiled, seeing Sam, smiling at her.

'You ready to go?'


Sam looked around.

'Don't worry. You're boyfriend isn't around.'

'Shelley,' Sam said. 'He's not my boyfriend. It's a stupid crush, and he'll get over it. Now come on, I'm starving.'

'Oh your hungry?' Shelley asked, with a huge grin on her face.

'Oh yeah. I could just eat....'

Shelley didn't need to be told, she knew exactly what she was in the mood for.


2 days later

They stood in the elevator. Shelley, Sam and Jack. The two women stood at the back, just standing next to each other, smiling.

'You two have a good weekend?' Jack asked, turning around.

'Yeah, it was great. Took Mia to the zoo. Now she wants to be a Zoologist.' Sam said.

Jack laughed.

'That's all I need, another female scientist in the family.'

'Come on Jack, you love it really.' Shelley said, laughing at her brother.

'Of course I do.'

The elevator doors opened. Jay Felger stood looking at the three of them, feeling nervous.

'General O'Neill, Colonel Carter....'

Shelley waited for the inevitable forgetting of her name.

'Dr O'Neill.'

The redhead was more than surprised.

'Dr Felger.' Shelley said.

'Jay,' Sam added.

'Feljer.' Jack finished, getting his name wrong, on purpose.

Jack smiled to himself, sensing the doctors nervousness. So, he had overhead his and Teal'c's mini conversation. The General turned his head, looking at his sister. Jay's eyes looked around. He felt more than uncomfortable. Jack looked down, seeing Sam's hand, briefly touch Shelley's. This is what they had talked about the other day. And Sam had indulged her girl for a moment.

The elevator stopped on level 25.

'This is my...' Felger said.

Jack didn't say anything, he just looked at him and he vacated the elevator. The General turned, catching his sister's eye. The redhead winked at him, so not to be noticed by Sam. She hadn't know what he'd said to Felger, but it worked. He hadn't looked at Sam the entire time he'd been there. So, brother's were useful for something after all.


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