Fic: Don't Tease

Author: Major Sam


Rating: NC17 PWP

Pairing: Sam/Shelley

Notes: I've been writing far too much smut lately

'Don't tease me... Sam...'

But i love to tease her. Deep down i know she enjoys it. And i love it.

We've been flirting all day. Sending each other emails. Back and forth through 10 floors of the sgc. They were quite raunchy. Not that i would have expected anything less, considering the mood we were in this morning.

All through breakfast we couldn't keep our hands off each other. But that was very romantic. But soon ended when i got the first email. I was shocked that she could use such lanuage. Then i replied, telling her what i wanted to do to her when we got home...  The Shelley sent me another one and another one. The last one i got about half an hour ago, that made me get out of my lab....

She couldn't wait, i coudn't wait. I found her in a storage room on level 23. Shelley stood against the stack of office supplies and began to un button her blouse. All i could think about was getting her out of her clothes, touching her, kissing her, tasting her.

'Please... don't tease me...'

She pulled me closer and i let me hand lower and push up her skirt, my fingers trailing all the way back up. They were inches away from her heat. I could feel how wet she was through the  fabric of her panties. I run my finger up and down it and stare deep into her eyes. There's a look of need and lust that i got from the emails earlier. I don't think i've ever seen her so turned on before. I think she likes the idea of being caught. That she'd love to see someone come in right now at the moment i go down on her. And i will be doing that, make no mistake about it. I pulled back for a moment, my eyes firmly fixed on her breasts. She'd already took off her bra befor ei got there. I saw her breasts through the blouse and lowered my head easing out my tonugue to lick her. That's what she likes. For me to play with her breasts. I suck a nipple in my mouth as my tongue and teeth gently nip at it. She begins to bang against the shelves behind her.

'Mmmmm.' she moans and screws her eyes shut.

I know how to please her. And i love to please her. She runs her fingers through my hair and one hand down my lower back, trying to get into my pants. I'll let her do that later. I know what she wants now, where she wants me to go. To sit between her thighs.

I kneel slowly and begin to tug down her panties. Shelley's wearing the white lacey ones today, that i brought her a few weeks ago. She steps out of them and i place them into my pocket as a keep sake. I'll give them back later.

I hear her hold in her breath in preperation for my oral onslaught. I never tire from that view, seeing her all wet. I know she's going to taste incredible.

'Ahhhh, that's it... ah that's...'

My tongue teases her for a moment, just grazing her. But that's enough for her to force me to go further. I lift her legs on my shoulders, gaining a better angle. Shelley begins to bang harder against the shelves. The noise was only adding to the erotic sounds coming from her mouth. And it only made me tease her further.

'Make me... oh god make me....'

I've never had sex in a storage cupboard before. And it wasn't even my idea. Not that i'm bothered anymore. I was only more than willing to give her what she wants.

I slip 2 fingers deep into her as my tongue tastes her. It's hard to keep up with her when she's so horny. I feel like i'm lagging behind. I can feel her cumming. I don't think that's she's going to be so silent.


I remove my fingers, taking the rest of her into my mouth. I lap at her slowly, brushing her still erect clit with my tongue, making her shudder a few more times.

'God, that was...'

I have to agree with her. That was just......

Major Sam

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