Title: Sunshine

Author: Major Sam

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Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Sam/other

Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM and use of them here is not intended to infringe, nor to make any profit. This story depicts a loving relationship between women. If you have objections, don't read it.

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Plot: What plot. A little fun in the sun

Author's Notes: I try to write one PWP a month and this is it. Thanks to John and everyone's support in helping me write these fic's. And feedback is always appreciated and want to know what people think of my stories.

Sam watched her through the kitchen window. Shelley was clearing the back garden and had spent the last half hour cutting it and pruning Sam's plants. The blonde licked her lips as she saw the sweat dripping down Shelley's back. It had been a scorching hot day and Shelley had decided to wear a tight-cropped t-shirt and cut off jean shorts. She'd been watching her for ten minutes, wishing she'd come into the house. There was no way Sam could go out there, feeling the way she was feeling. Shelley would be naked and begging her in two minutes flat if she had her way.

Sam was a little on heat herself. The sweat poured from every part of her body. She yearned for Shelley's touch, the sweat taste of her skin. The redhead continued to move around the garden, collecting the rest of the grass clippings and plants parts that were left over during the massacre. She bundled them into a plastic recyclable bag. Shelley smiled, knowing how much her baby love recycling. The bag fell onto the concrete near the back door and she ventured into the house, blissfully unaware at two eyes watching her.

She stood next to the sink for a moment, before turning to the freezer. Shelley reached inside, pulling out a huge jug of cold water and a tray of ice cubes. She poured them into a glass and gulped it down. It was too damn hot to work anymore and this was her only release from the temperature.

The pace of Shelley's heart quickened as she felt a pair of arms around her waist.

"You look so damn hot Shelley." Sam said.

"It is warm outside."

Sam shook her head.

"I don't mean because of the heat babe."

The blonde's hands reached out, grabbing an ice cube out of the tray and disappeared under Shelley's t-shirt. She gasped as the cold ice made contact with her hardening nipple.


Shelley turned quickly, coming face to red sweaty face with her lover.

Sam continued to rub the ice around the nipple and Shelley's breasts. She had gotten used to the cold now. It was cool, making her whole body temperature drop a few degrees.

“Mmmm, that’s nice.”

"Let's go somewhere more comfortable." Sam said.

Shelley nodded eagerly, smiling wildly as she saw Sam grab the tray of ice cubes.

They finally arrived at their destination, Sam's bedroom. Shelley fell back onto the bed. The mid-afternoon sun was already making the room hotter than usual. But nothing was going to stop the two of them from cooling down. Sam kneeled on the bed next to Shelley, pulling off her own t-shirt. Shelley's eyes almost popped out of her head as Sam revealed her firm, rounded breasts. It wasn't the first time she'd seen them and definitely not the last. But the heat was making her hornier and more lust crazier than usual.

Sam smiled as Shelley writhed on the bed below her. Her wet breasts were calling out, begging to be licked and nibbled. She leaned over slowly, taking one into her mouth through the wet fabric of Shelley's t-shirt.

"Take it off." Sam demanded.

Shelley responded with a smile and lifted her self off the bed, and lifted up her t-shirt.

"Beautiful, baby, beautiful."

Sam rested her hand on Shelley's stomach, forcing her back down on the bed. She smiled as she lifted up her ass, letting her pull down the tight shorts that were almost sprayed onto her body. Sam pulled them down slowly, letting Shelley enjoy the contact of her hands on her skin before her oral assault began. The redhead groaned lowly in her throat as Sam popped out another ice cube. She could almost hear it sizzle as it came into contact with Shelley’s breast. Whilst Sam licked and suckled on them, Shelley’s hands reached behind the blonde, unzipping her skirt. After a moment, it joined Shelley’s clothes and Sam’s t-shirt from earlier. Both were now naked. Their hot bodies pressed against each other. Enjoying the heat between them.

The heat that both of them craved from each other. Sam took the ice in her teeth the slowly traced it down Shelley’s stomach. Shelley’s back arched into her touch, desperate to feel it at her core. The cube soon melted, leaving a trail of water down her body. Sam’s tongue emerged from her warm mouth, eager to taste her lover.

“Mmmm.” Shelley moaned.

The blonde picked up another piece, this time letting it melt above Shelley’s heated pussy. The cool water was a pleasant change to the searing heat that Sam was causing her.

Her tongue made it’s way further to where Shelley needed it most, against her moist slit. It slid through the soft auburn curls.

“Saaaaaaaam.” The redhead cried out.

“Ssshh baby. Not long now.”

Shelley screamed out loud as she felt the ice cube enter her throbbing pussy. It seemed to melt in an instant, bringing sweet relief to the redhead. Sam lapped it up, thrusting her tongue deep into her lover. Shelley writhed below her, hips bucking, matching her baby’s loving touch.

“Oh baby, baby. Oh godddddd. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.”

Shelley lay panting beneath her as Sam lay besides her. She ran her fingers through the still wet curls and kissed her deeply.

“Oh god Shelley, I couldn’t help myself. I saw you in the garden and I just had to have you.”

“It’s okay baby,” Shelley panted. “Any time you want the yard fixing, I’m your girl.”

Sam smiled softly as she snuggled up against her.

“You sure are Shelley. You’re always my girl.”

Both of them looked out of the window, the sun still shining brightly outside. And both exhausted from their quick and blissful lovemaking. Sam wrapped her arms around her, resting her head on her chest and sighed, contented. In a matter of moments, both were sound asleep, dreaming of each other.

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