Title: The Sonogram

Author: Major_Sam

EMAIL: funky_chicken88@hotmail.com

Pairing: Sam/Shelley

Rating: PG

Category: Smush ;)

Summary: And baby makes 4

Authors Notes: This is a future fic... Not to far in the future.. but a future fic. The whole thing is in the works, I just had to write this first.

Shelley had practically run from the gateroom to the infirmary. SG7 had been 2 hours late from their mission. She'd dumped her bag on the gateroom floor and bolted out of their so fast that there was a Shelley shaped blur passing passed Hammond as he greeted them.

On her arrival in the infirmary she looked around, nervously, feeling guilty for being so late on such an important occasion. She'd never been late for anything in her life. Sam had even commented that she'd even be early for her own funeral, even though they tried not to think of such things.

Shelley looked around the infirmary, only finding empty beds, except for one. Sgt Siler sat on the bed, having his wrist bandaged. He caught her look and turned away. He knew he spent too much time there, maybe it was the company he liked. The young nurse sitting next to him, smiled at Shelley as she finished attending to her patient. The redhead smiled and turned away.

'She's gone' A voice said from behind her.

The young woman turned, seeing Janet standing behind her.

'I... I tried to get here,' Shelley panted. 'I... i...'

'She went home. I told her to rest.' Janet said.

Shelley began to panic for a moment, her chest heaving more and fast than it had been when she'd been running around the base.

'What.. is there... is something wrong?'

'No. No, she just tired. I thought she could do the rest.'

'Damn it. I should have been here, I should have been here with her.' Shelley said, slumping down on a nearby bed.

Janet moved around the room, sitting next to her friend.

'I'm sure she understands,' she whispered.

'I tried. I tried to get here but..'

'It's okay. Just go home and talk to her, she'll understand.'

The doctor smiled as she watched Shelley bolt from the room again. She knew that Sam wouldn't stay angry with her for long when she told her the news.

Sam's head moved up slowly as she heard the front door open as she sat on the couch. She made no attempt to make eye contact with Shelley who crept up behind her slowly. Her eyes were focused on the sonogram picture clasped in her hand. Now it all seemed real.

'I'm so sorry,' Shelley whispered softly. 'I tried to make it.'

'It's okay, really. I was fine.'

Shelley stood behind her, knowing that she was angry with her. Sam's voice was low, whispery.

'I can't believe it.' She whispered.

The redhead sat on the couch behind her. Shelley was concerned and moved closer, attempting to hold her. But she hesitated. Her welcome hadn't exactly been warm. Instead, Shelley rested her head on Sam's shoulder, seeing what was holding her attention.

'Is that... Is that..' Shelley practically choked on the words, not being able to get them out.

'That's our baby.'

Shelley gasped and peered down at the picture. It was so clear. Being able to make out little arms and legs. It looked like it was waving out them.

'Our baby!' She finally managed to say.

Sam nodded, falling back into Shelley's arms.

'Our daughter!' She finally added.

The Lt Colonel managed to turn her head, finally making eye contact with her partner. She saw the tears begin to swell up in her eyes and smiled. Sam reached around her waste for Shelley's hand and laid it gently on her stomach. Her bump had just started to show and Shelley insisted that she looked as beautiful now as she did before they had gotten pregnant.

'Our girl, Shell. Our baby girl.' Sam cooed.

'So am I forgiven for being late?' Shelley asked.

'I'm just glad your here now.' Sam said, looking up at her love.

Sam snuggled against Shelley's neck as they gazed down at the sonogram. In a few months time there was going to be another addition to their family and neither of them could wait.

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