Title: There's Someone Else

BY: Major Sam

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Rating: R

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

Date: 07/03/05

Series: Alternate Realities

Notes: I saw Threads and didnt like the ship... So... this is my spin on it

Spoilers: ***** SG1.. Series 8 Ep Threads********

Summary: Sam doesn't want to marry Pete.. But who else is she thinking about?

We all do what's expected of us from time to time. And that's what she was doing. Doing what people thought she should do, when she didn't want to do it.

Deep down, Sam didn't want to marry Pete because there was someone else. Someone she had been having an affair with. She knew it was wrong but she couldn't help herself. Truth was, it wasn't wrong. It was incredible. They had the most incredible sex, intense and passionate. Now she was planning on throwing it all away, marrying someone she didn't really love enough, if at all. But Sam couldn't let go and wanted it all.

She waited around for Pete to show up, not feeling nervous, just apprehensive. This wasn't what she wanted. But this was expected. To date, say yes to a proposal. Then the marraige, kids etc. What she wanted was a relationship that she wanted, with someone that drove her crazy, that made her body shake in ecstasy. Which it did on many occasions when they were together. Everytime she thought about it, about there meetings in that cheap motel in town, the blood would rush to parts of her that seemed dead when she thought about Pete.

Sam had been in the briefing room when she'd gotten the call. They were supposed to have met that morning, before her meeting with Pete, but she'd had to work. Then a few moments later was the call from Pete. She didn't want to hurt him, to carry on with the pretense that she wanted to get married, but there was no other choice. She couldn't have what she wanted.

She met Pete a bit later than planned. All he could talk about was the wedding. About what cake to have, chocolate or vanilla. Her mind was on other things, on other people. One person in particular.

When they pulled up to the house, she'd been in a state of shock. He'd took her to look at a house. A house they he wanted to buy for then they were married. She felt sick inside. Getting married, settling down was something that she had always wanted but was Pete the right person for her. Not when she couldn't stop thinking about her lover.

Sam had sat in the car for ten minutes, deciding whether or not to go in. She wanted to talk to the one person that would deffinately tell her that the impending marriage was wrong, that she didn't need to waste her life. She needed that. For someone to talk her out of it. Not that they did a lot of talking when they were together.

This time, Sam had decided to go to the apartment that she had only seen a few times. Usually they met in secret in a cheap motel in town. They'd had a few funny looks when they checked in. On a few occasions, Sam had spent it at their apartment, sleeping in their bed, waking up in their arms. Sam hadn't let herself accept the truth of their affair, that she was in love and knew that they felt the same way. It was just difficult, with the regulations and all.

Sam knocked on the apartment door, waiting patiently. The door began to open and Sam smiled. All of her doubt running away as she was greeted with a beautiful smile.

"Hi." Shelley said.

The redhead pulled her inside. Sam felt the door against her back, moaning into Shelley's kiss. Shelley let her hand drift downwards, disapearing under Sam's skirt.

"I've missed you," Shelley moaned.

Her kisses moved to her neck. Sam was lost in the moment. This is what she wanted! Not to get married, settle down, buy a house and have a dog, but this... passion, excitment and hours of intense sex.

Shelley pulled Sam closer, moving towards the bedroom.

"MMm, can you stay?"

"Huh huh." Sam moaned.

Clothes lay on the apartment floor between the front door and the bedroom. Scatterd from their bodies as they needed to feel each other. Shelley hadn't seen her for days. Sam had spent most of her time with her dad and Pete. Shelley felt as though she was disposable. Only to be called out when the impending wedding got to Sam.

It was always the most intense sex either of them had ever experienced. Shelley lay on the bed, on her stomache, naked. Sam ran her hands over her body, feeling the soft silky texture of her skin. The moments after they made love was always quiet, touching, kissing, whispering to each other. This time it was different. She leaned over, kissing the back of Shelley's neck, moving slowly down her spine. The redhead moaned and whimpered in need to feel her again. To feel her fingers inside her, her tongue teasing, reaching as far as it would go.

Shelley rolled over onto her back, looking up into Sam's eyes.

"That was incredible."

"It always is."

Sam lay besides her, her hand caressing her breast and kissing her softly.

"It's a shame it has to end." Shelley said.

"Shelley, don't."

Shelley looked away. She didn't know how much more she could take. Everytime Sam left her, it broke her heart. She hadn never been sure what they had, what they'd been doing for the last few months. Since that first kiss, the first sweet taste of her, Shelley had wanted more than Sam had been prepared to give her.

"You're going to marry Pete, Sam and this.. And i'll lose you."


Sam saw the way Shelley had looked away, sensing that something more was really going on.

"I don't know if i can marry him, Shell. We put a deposit on a house and..."

"A house?"

Shelley got up from the bed, wrapping a sheet around her.

"Well i guess your all set then, aren't you."

"Don't be like that." Sam said.

The sheet fell from around Shelley's waist and she began to pick up her clothes.

"Like what?"


"How do you expect me to be? I feel like your using me. That your unhappy with the life that you use me..."

Sam shook her head, getting off the bed.

"No. Don't you think that. I..."


Both of them wanted to say it, to tell each other how they really felt. But fear was holding them back. They looked away as they heard Sam's phone ringing nearby....

When Shelley had returned to the SGC she had heard about Jacob, about how he was dying. She wanted to go and see her, wrap her arms around her, hold her, comfort her. But she couldn't. It wasn't what was expected. Everyone expected Pete to comfort Sam, to hold her. It wasn't that Shelley disliked Pete. In the rare occasion that they had met, she liked him. But knew deep down that he wasn't what Sam needed. That in reality, Sam needed her.

Shelley had been curious when Jacob had asked to see her. She had waited until Sam had gone to the mess for something to eat and a break. It was strange, listening to the things he was telling her. Understanding that he just wanted his daughter to be happy, no matter what the circumstances and with whome. It sounded like acceptance. Even though, he didn't come out and say it, Shelley knew what he meant.

Sam wandered around, hoping to find her. She wanted to see her, for her to be the first person to comfort her. She hadn't phoned Pete. He was the furthest person from her mind.

Shelley swivled around on her chair as she heard footsteps behind her. Sam entered slowly, her eyes full of tears. Shelley jumped off her stool and slowly walked towards her. She wiped the tears away with her thumb, looking into her eyes, feeling her sadness.

"He... he's..."

"Ssh." Shelley cooed. "It's okay. It'll be okay."

She wrapped her arms aroud her, holding her close to her.


"I know."

Shelley felt Sam hold on to her, tighter than she ever had before. Sam wanted to tell her, what her father had said. That she could have everything she wanted, despite regulations. And Sam wanted Shelley.

Sam never expected Pete to take it so well. She couldn't explain to him why. She couldn't tell him that there was someone else.

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