Title: Softly

BY: Major Sam

EMAIL: funky_chicken88@hotmail.com

Rating: NC:17

Pairings: Sam/Shelley Established Relationship

Date: 12/07/04

Summary: Just something soft

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The room is so quiet. All i can hear is her breathing, soft, deep against me.

The bed sheets are curled up around us. Silky and warm from our heat.

She smiles, sotly. Her eyes warm, filled with love, connecting with mine.

I lift up her top slowly, pulling it over her head and letting it fall behind her on the bed.

Her skin ripples under the touch of my finger tips.

My finger tracing her breast, meeting with my thumb.

There's a moan from her lips, telling me she's pleased with the attention.

I wrap my arms around her, hands gliding down her back, pulling her closer.

I feel her need, already. Her need to feel complete.

Her hands rest on my shoulders and down my arms. Gliding along my skin.

Her breath is warm on my lips as i taste her.

I taste her lips, so wet. My tongue enters her mouth and her hand travels lower down my back.

There's no rush. No reason to hurry. No work to do.

I release her mouth, paying more attention to her neck. She's always liked that.

.... Saaaaam. She purrs my name.

I lay her back down on the sheets, her head laying soft agains the pillow beneath her.

My hands move lower, my fingers teasing her with every touch.

She runs her fingers through my hair and pulls me up for a deep kiss that makes me shiver.

I love the feel of her, the way she moves beneath me. The contact between us.

She shifts, writhing in desire. Her heat capturing me.

My kisses move lower again to her neck as my fingers are now within her.

I mange to move with her, striving for every lingering contact.

Her breathing is heavier, deep.

I feel her tense for a moment and hear her whisper my name with urgency.

I control myself, giving her what i know she needs.

Her release is complete.

My lips reaquaint themselves with her lips as her arms enfold me as she calms and slows.

I brush the hair from her eyes, softly.

I want to hold her forever in this moment.

This unspoken moment afterwards.

This soft love.

Major Sam

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