Title: Shopping

Author: Major_Sam

EMAIL: funky_chicken88@hotmail.com

Rating: PG

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

Date: 11/12/04

Notes: This is just a bit of smush I couldn't help but write.

Most of the time, they didn't have time to go shopping. But on a rare occasion when they had the same day off, they did what they can to be together. And today was shopping day.

Shelley had decided that it would be nice for the 3 of them to be together. Sam had agreed and never minded spending time with her daughter. That's what she thought Mia as. She loved her like a mother.

Sam pushed Mia around a quiet shopping mall in Colorado Springs. The toddler kept reaching out her hands as they passed by the toy shops. The Lt. colonel smiled to herself. Shelley was walking besides her, smiling at her every time Sam looked at her.

'What's next.. lunch?' Sam asked.

The redhead smiled, nodding in agreement.

They walked slowly passed a row of shops on their way to the coffee shop. Sam was made to stop pushing the stroller as Mia grabbed hold of a teddy bear that was on a display outside a toy store. It had soft brown fur with a red bow tie.

'No, no,' Shelley said. 'You've already got too many teddy's.'

Mia grabbed the teddy and clung on to it tightly.

'Want, want.'

Shelley kneeled down in front of her daughter and tried to take the bear from her. Mia looked at her as though her whole world had fallen apart at being parted from the bear. Shelley stood and kissed her on the forehead.

'Maybe for Christmas I'll buy you a big teddy.'

'Big, big.'

Sam laughed and looked down at Shelley who was holding the bear to her chest. She thought she looked cute. The soft fur of the bear against her skin. Shelley put the bear back on the stand and they made their way towards the coffee shop. Sam looked back at the bear, thinking how lonely he looked now.

At the coffee shop, they sat, chatting about the maintenance that was needed on the house. They'd only just brought it and was in the process of doing it up. It was their home now. Brought together, decorated together. On the first day, they'd painted the living room and spent the rest of the night in the shower, scrubbing the paint from themselves. They'd curled up on the bed together afterwards, exhausted.

Shelley watched as Sam fed Mia in the high chair that was placed at their table. When they'd first started going out, Shelley thought that it might be hard for Sam, coping with a child too as well as their relationship. But it seemed to go easily. Shelley had always made sure that Sam was apart of their family.

The redhead, reached out her hand, placing a stray hair behind Sam's ear, causing the blonde to smile back at her. The hand fell from her face, caressing the Lt. colonel's cheek for a moment. Sam leaned in to her touch, making eye contact. Mia giggled in her chair, breaking the two lovers from their romantic gaze. Sam looked around her, a slight panic on her face.

'I think I might have lost one of my bags.'

'Are you sure?' Shelley asked.

'Yes, I think so. Why don't  you pay the bill whilst I go and find it.'


Shelley looked up at Sam as she kissed her on the cheek.

'I won't be long.'

Shelley watched her as she disappeared around the corner. She picked up Mia from the high chair and placed her back in her stroller.

'There you go little one.'

She looked at her daughter, feeling guilty for having to put back the teddy bear that she wanted. But truth was, she already had so many toys, and games and teddy bears. Mostly given to her by her uncle Jack. He just loved to spoil her. She was his only niece and his pride and joy even if he didn't show it. Sam too, spoiled her. Not to buy her off, but because she loved her.

Her head turned around, as she heard footsteps coming up behind her and she turned around, seeing Sam behind her.

'Did you find it?'

Sam nodded, shoving the bag under Mia's stroller.

'You ready to go?' Sam asked.

'Yep.. Just give me 5 minutes to go to the little girls room.' Shelley said.

'Shelley! Why didn't you go before we came out.'

Sam chuckled to herself and sat back down.

When they'd gotten home, there was a message on the answer phone from Jack saying that he Jonas and Teal'c would be around later to see what they'd done to the house. Mia had been exhausted and Sam had put the toddler down for her afternoon nap.

Shelley pottered around the living room, having one last tidy up before their guests arrived. She noticed Mia's stroller in the hallway and decided to fold it up and put it away. As she tried to fold the wheels, a bag fell out from the carrier and she picked it up. Sam appeared in the hallway, red-faced that Shelley had found her gift.

'That's mine.. well it's for you!' She said.

'For me?'

'Yeah. I saw how cute it looked on you and I couldn't resist it. Go on, open it.'

The redhead smiled and opened the bag. Her eyes widened and a smile grew on her face. She reached in, pulling out a brown soft furred teddy bear with a red bowtie.

'Sam.. it's so cute.'

'I know. I saw you with it and I knew you belonged together.'

Shelley walked towards her, wrapping her arm around her, the teddy still in her hands. A pair of lips met and after a few seconds, Shelley pulled back, a guilty, embarrassed look on her face.

'Wait there, don't move.'

Sam smiled, seeing her partner, disappear into the kitchen and reach under a cupboard to pull out a bag.

'I guess this won't come as a complete surprise.'

Sam walked into the kitchen and looked puzzled when Shelley handed her a bag. She opened it and put in her hand. Her finger tips were greeted by a soft feeling fur. Sam smiled and pulled out the article. She sat the bear on the kitchen counter. It was different to the one she had given Shelley. It was white with a pink waistcoat.

'Oh baby, its adorable.'

She reached out her hand, pulling in the redhead for a loving kiss, running her fingers through Shelley's hair. The redhead sighed as they parted as they heard the doorbell ringing. Shelley put her bear along with Sam's on the counter and smiled at them as they disappeared into the living room and opened the front door.

After half an hour, Jack noticed the two bears, commenting on how cute they were. Maybe it was a reflection on Sam and Shelley as a couple. They had been called cute as a couple, usually by Jonas.

Two days later, Sam had been called away on an important mission.  Mia was asleep in her room and Shelley was trying to keep her mind off Sam. She had seen the bear she had given her, which she had nicknamed 'Snuggles' on her dresser and picked it up. She lay on the bed, placing the bear on Sam's side of the bed, wrapping her arms around it. She pulled it close to her, snuggling up to her teddy bear, her Sam substitute for the next few nights and fell asleep, dreaming about her own snuggles.

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