Title: Shame

Author: Major_Sam

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Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

Category: Slash

Date: 15/10/03

Website: www.realmoftheshadow.com/majorsam.htm

Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM, Gekko and their creators, i am not making any money from these fics.

Notes: It hasnít been betaíd, so sorry for spelling mistakes. Part of me is in this fic.

Summary: A walk in the park proves an awakening for Shelley.

Warnings: None

The park wasn't far from Sam's house. Just across the road. It was perfect, especially when it was sunny. And to day was no exception.

Sam sat on the bench a foot away from Shelley and Mia who were sitting on a rug on the warm grass. The sun was warm on her face and she smiled as Shelley looked back at her. This was what her life was about now. Sure she had her work but nothing was more important to her than her family. And Sam felt that they were both her family. In essence, Shelley was her wife and Mia was her daughter. She loved her like she was her own and would do anything to protect either of them. But on days like this, she never felt happier.

Shelley left Mia playing with her toys and joined Sam on the bench. She slipped her hand into hers.  Shelley had never been one for public displays of affections even if it was just holding hands. She had a reputation to uphold. Single mom and all. But when she was with Sam, nothing seemed to bother her. A part of her was always scared of what people would think of them and the other part of her, the strong part, didn't give a damn. She was comfortable with her sexuality and the fact that she was in love with another woman. And with one of the funniest, smartest, sexiest women she knew. Most of the time she didn't understand why Sam would love her. Part of her still didnít know. Not that it mattered. All that mattered was that they were in love.

Shelley gripped it tightly as a tall, older looking man walked past them, showing his disgust as he muttered something under his breath.

"Disgusting, and with a child too."

Shelley stared at him for a moment as he looked down at Mia. One of the things that she didn't like was people judging her as a mother, even if she was bi-sexual and in a relationship with a woman. It had no bearing on how she brought up her daughter. Mia was a healthy, bright, vibrant one year old that didn't have to want for anything, especially not love and affection. She had a besotted uncle, numerous step aunts and uncles. Not to mention two mothers who thought the world of her. And that's what Shelley thought of Sam, her other mother. What did it matter if her partner happened to be a woman? It would make no difference to Mia when she was grown up. Shelley would never have brought her up to be ignorant even if she and Sam weren't in love.

Sam turned her head to look at her lover. There was a unique smile on her face as she continued to watch the man walk away. She wished she knew what she was thinking.

"Penny for them?" Sam said.

"Oh. Nothing."

"Just ignore him."

"Ignore who." Shelley answered back.

Sam smiled. She wanted to kiss her but knew if she tried, Shelley would probably back away. So, she sat there, holding her hand. It felt so nice to be alone with her, even if they had the little one with them. To feel her hand in hers. Both of them watched Mia play with her toys for about ten minutes.

"You want to get something to eat now?" Shelley asked.

Sam nodded her agreement and stood up. Her hand slipped from Shelley's as slow as it could possibly be. It lingered longer and Shelley stood with her, not wanting to let her go.

Both of them picked up Mia's toys and packed them away in the hold all next to the bench. Shelley strapped the toddler in her buggy and bungled the bag under the seat. Sam began to push the stroller down the path with one hand, whilst the other hand was firmly enwrapped in the redhead's.

They walked hand in hand, smiling at each other, like two lovesick teenagers. They were most of the time, when they were alone. Just sitting and talking for hours about nothing that seemed to matter. Then falling asleep in each otherís arms, softly whispering I love you's to each other. Shelley looked away for a moment as she saw the man from earlier. It was quite scary. It could actually be her own father, standing there, shouting his disapproval at them. But who was this man, to have such an effect on her. He didn't know her, or anything about her life. Especially anything about her relationship with Sam or how she brought up her own daughter.

The man walked past them, snorting.

"Disgusting, perverted. Should be ashamed of yourselves."

Shelley made Sam stop quickly as the man just happened to stop. He stared at them. Shelley wondered why he hated them so much. So what if they loved each other. They shouldn't be ashamed to feel love for another woman. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to them. People can't chose who they fall in love with. And Shelley wouldn't have changed anything in her life. Especially not her love for Sam.

Her green eyes traveled up to meet with the blonde's blue ones. Sam smiled, not entirely sure what her partner was going to do next. She felt her hand slip from hers and brush against her face whilst Shelley's other hand, rest on her hips, pulling her forward slightly. Sam was slightly shocked as she felt Shelley's lips press against hers. She opened her mouth, letting her tongue in. They kissed tenderly, slowly. Mia began to giggle with laughter as she saw the too of them. That made them part. Sam smiled at her.

"How can I be ashamed of loving you? People like him are wrong. Cause loving you is so right. They think we should be ashamed of loving who we love. Just because we happen to be in love with the same sex. No one in this world could ever make me stop loving you, Sam."

The old man, said nothing and quietly walked away.

"You didn't need to do that. I know how uncomfortable you feel."

Shelley smiled.

"Well. I guess Iíve just gotten over it. Let's go home. Because I want to show you just how much I love you."

"I think you just did."

Sam knew that Shelley loved her. But sometimes, actions spoke louder than words.

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