Title: I Heard A Rumour

Author: Major Sam

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Rating: PG17

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

Series: Alternate Realities

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM, Gekko and their creators, i am not making any money from these fics.

Notes: The First fic Iíve written in over 5 weeks, woo hoo!!!

Summary: A lab, 1 Major and 1 very horny redhead.

Shelley had been even less confident around women than she had been with men. Only Jack knew about her being bi sexual. She hadnít even told Daniel when they had dated briefly until they decided to remain just friends. And they had been very close friends right up until the day when he had ascended. But that was a long time ago now and she had been alone for what seemed forever.

Since arriving at the SGC she had distanced herself from her brother and his friends whenever she could, apart from Daniel. She wanted to be taken seriously as a scientist and a professional and not just being there as Jack O'Neill's sister. Everyone seemed to respect her and she even had the respect of the other female members of the sgc, which she kinda secretly liked. Especially respect from one in particular. Shelley was fascinated by one of her colleagues. On many nights she had fallen asleep fantasizing about her and had developed quite a crush on her. Well it was more than a crush, more like her being in deep lust.

A few nights ago, Shelley had felt particularly alone and had decided to go out and ventured out into the world of the only gay club she had actually liked. On the nights she liked to go, it was usually quiet and that night had been no exception.

Shelley had heard the rumours of course but never expected that they would be true. She had watched her all night, wondering whether or not she should go over there and talk to her. Offering her a friendly smile and someone to talk to. Shelley had seen a few women trying to chat her up but no one had succeeded yet. Shelley felt it best to leave it for another day. The last thing she wanted was to have someone know that she was in a gay bar, even if the other person was there too.

She'd been re-arranging the things in her lab for hours, trying to get some kind of order. She was having help on her new project and was even more nervous about working her than she had been the first time she had gone through the gate. It was quite hard not to stare at her sometimes. Jack had known about his sisters little crush and thought it cute. It being the only thing that they Shelley had ever told him about. Jack loved to tease her about it. Even if she was in lust with another woman, Jack didn't care. His sister was happy.

"Hey Shelley."

The redhead turned slowly, seeing Major Carter standing in the doorway. Wearing the usual regulation sgc green combats and black t shirt. Shelley was already finding it difficult to look at her without blushing. Sam had the kind of body that most men would go gaga over and most women too.

Shelley looked away before Sam saw the redness in her face. Sam walked across the lab and sat next to her friend.

"This looks as though it could be very exciting!" she said.


Shelley managed to turn around. Big mistake! Sam was looking straight at her and Shelley could already feel more than just her face getting hotter. Being so close to her was making Shelley very aroused.

"Are you okay Shelley. You're not having second thought about me helping you out are you?" Sam said.

"No, no," Shelley said, finally beginning to relax. "I could do with the help."

Sam smiled and nodded.

"Then Iím your girl."

Shelley laughed at her remark, trying not to make it look too obvious. She thought the quip sounded strange but continued on with her work.

They worked all through the day and through the night until about 11pm. Both were tired but on a high because of all the work they'd gotten done. Shelley was always in a happy mood when her work was going well and it was going well today. Not to mention that she had spent the last twelve hours in the company of one of the hottest women on the base if not the whole of Colorado Springs. All through the day Shelley had continued to watch her. On several occasions she had been sure that she had seen Sam looking back at her. Not just the way a person does when you work with them but the way you look at someone when you're checking them out. Because Shelley didn't have to wear the regulation dress she usually wore a skirt and a blouse over her lab coat, like she did today. Whilst Sam had gone to the commissary to pick up some food, Shelley had sat in her lab, daydreaming about having Sam take her in the lab. About feeling her hands slipping down, slowly sliding down her stockings. Then she'd kneel in front of her and unzip the back of her skirt, then let is fall over her hips. Shelley had felt the wetness and heat between her legs began to build all through that daydream. Just thanking god Sam had been out of the room when it happened. It had proved to strong a temptation not to relieve the stress she felt, but had somehow managed it. She was still horny now, some 8 hours after the incident.

"So I guess were done for the night?" Sam asked, turning to Shelley who was standing besides her.

"I'm sorry Sam. I shouldn't have kept you so late. It's just when I get to work I don't know when to stop."

Sam smiled and laughed lightly.

"I guess that's a good thing in your private life too,Ē she said.

Shelley didn't say anything for a few seconds and just nodded. She raised her hand and ran it without thought down Sam's back. Her hand travelled all the way up to her neck and her fingers began to tickle the strands of blonde hair at the base. There was a long moan, coming from Sam's throat as Shelley continued to find that spot that made the blonde shiver at her touch. Sam tilted her head to the side and Shelley could see that she had her eyes closed and begun nibbling on her bottom lip.

"Mmmm." Sam moaned.

Shelley moved closer, practically pressing her whole body against Sam's back. The blonde leaned back and Shelley leaned down slightly and began to kiss her neck. Shelley could smell her perfume and loved it. She had already dreamed that she had wanted Sam to seduce her, not the other way around. Not that she was complaining. After months of drooling and lusting over, she was finally having her way. She moved her head and began to slowly nibble on Sam's earlobe. Her breathing was now getting hard and heavy, as she always did when she was aroused and the attention Shelley was placing on her was sure making her feel it. The growing heat between her legs made her shift on her stool. She'd never felt this turned on in so long.

By now, Shelley had lost all sense of control and didn't care if someone came in at that moment; she was too caught up in the feelings she was, feeling. She had been with a few women in her time but no one had made her want to fuck them right then and there. They'd usually do the small talk; go for a drink then back to her place. But she couldn't wait that long and from the way Sam was moaning in her arms, she wasn't going to let Shelley stop any time soon. She soon found that spot behind her ears that made the blonde growl at her. Shelley moved further forward, moving her lips from her neck and began to nip at her collarbone. She pushed Sam's head to the side slowly, to get a better angle. Her skin felt so soft under her fingers that she couldn't wait to feel the rest of her body. Shelley pulled back and started to work on Sam's neck again, sending shivers up and down her spine in the process. The blonde gasped as she felt Shelley's hands under her t-shirt and along her stomach.

"Shelley...." she growled.

"You want me to stop?"

Sam shook her head slowly and stood up. Shelley turned her in her arms and tugged at the t-shirt, pulling it over Sam's head. Now the wetness in her panties got heavier as she tried to control her impulse to deprive her soon to be lover of her clothes. Shelley leaned in, parting her lips and letting her tongue seek out the warm soft lips in front of her. They connect and she edged her tongue into Sam's waiting mouth. The blonde moaned as she felt herself being pushed back against Shelley's desk. The kiss was everything Shelley had expected, hot, fiery, passionate, wet, pant making wet. Sam kissed her back with everything the she had felt in the last ten minutes. Soon she would be begging for a release and she wanted Shelley to make her cum soon before she exploded.

Finally, Shelley broke the kiss and kneeled in front of the horny blonde. She tilted her head down to see what Shelley was doing and then smiled. Shelley pulled down the trousers that was in her way and stared for a moment at the panties in her eye line. She moaned low in her throat and stood up directly in front of Sam. Her hands reached out and slipped into one of the bra cups then held Sam's breast captive. Sam threw her head back and groaned in to the room. Shelley began to squeeze gently, making the nipples become erect against the palm of her hand. She bent her head and began suckling the nipple through the bra whilst her hand travelled low between her legs.

There was an unmistakable smell of sex in the lab as Shelley's hand pushed down the soaking panties and began circling the lips with her finger. Sam thrusted her hips against her hand, trying to get Shelley to penetrate her. God, she needed to be fucked by this woman who had made her so horny over the last twenty minutes. Sam kissed the redhead furiously, attacking her mouth as though it was her last meal.

"I need this. Fuck me!" she panted.

Shelley's fingers were already soaked and slid into Sam easily. At first she thrusted slowly using soft easy strokes. But Sam demanding to be fucked, over and over again was making her lose control and she thrusted harder and faster, whilst all the time kissing her. Shelley wanted to get her off as quickly as she could so she could take her home and enjoy her more later.

It didn't take long for Sam to cum hard all over Shelley's fingers. Her body began to shake and writhe uncontrollably. Shelley held her and stroked her until her tremors had stopped. She kissed her forehead softly and looked at the disguarded clothes around them.

"I heard a rumour about you." Sam said.

"I heard the same one about you. Looks like the rumours were true." Shelley said.

They both smiled at each other and Shelley helped Sam get dressed. Afterwards Sam took her to her house where they both explored the rest of the rumours they had heard.

The End....

Major Sam

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