Remember Me

Pairing: Sam/Shelley

Rating: G

Genre: Smush

Spoilers: Atlantis S4 Ep6 'Tabula Rasa'

Word Count: 1, 113

Summary: Love will find you!

Authors Notes: Only took me about an hour and half to write. As you can tell. Not my best! But I've had the idea for weeks. Just some smush

Feedback: Please, anyone!!!!

She sat at her desk. The headaches started almost an hour ago. Finding it hard to concentrate. They had just begun moving people out of the infirmary and into the mess, keeping all the sick together. Now finding herself on that list. Not only her, but the woman she loved. The memory of her beginning to slip away with every second. Several memories in her mind were still fresh. When they had became more than friends, when they had gotten married in that ceremony off world, surrounded by their friends. And when Sam had told her that she was going to Atlantis, leaving her behind.

Sam swiveled around a little in her chair. The photographs behind her catching her eye. One of the two of them when they'd gotten married. Another of Sam, Shelley and Mia taken by Colonel Mitchell the day before Sam left. Looking at those photographs made her heart ache for fear of losing the memories they'd made over the last 5 years! Sam picked up one of the photo's, running her finger across Shelley's smiling face.

She blinked several times, staring at the photo in her hand. Wondering who the woman with her in the picture with her was!



"Hey get your damned hands off me."

The soldiers pushed her inside the room with the others, forcing her down on the ground as she fought with one of them.

"You can't do this," the young woman screamed!

She hit the ground hard, banging her knee against the hard surface.

"Let that be a lesson to you,"

The soldier said, turning to head back out to pick up the remaining stragglers they hadn't caught yet.

The redhead held her knee as the pain began to subside a little. She looked up as a hand reached down to her.

"Here, let me help you,"

She took the woman's hand, a blonde, pretty woman, who smiled at her warmly. Not at all like the soldiers who had hunted her down for the last several hours. Man handling her and throwing her on the floor. The blonde woman pulled her up on her feet.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yes, I think so."

"Did you see anyone else out there?"

The redhead shook her head.

"No. But I was hiding best I could. Guess it wasn't good enough."

She looked around the room, wondering who all these people were and where the hell they were. She moved forward, hobbling into the arms of the blonde, wincing in pain.


"Hey, here, let me help you."

The redhead nodded, wrapping her arm over the blonde as she helped her to the nearest available bed.

"Here, are you sure your okay?"

"Just hurts a little, that's all."

The blonde placed her hand on the woman's knee. Touching her felt familiar, making the blonde smile! She sat next to her on the bed.

"You've probably just bruised it."

The redhead smiled.



For the last hour they had been together. Talking, trying to piece together what had been happening to them! Nothing made sense. When they thought they were beginning to remember something, a few moment's later it would be forgotten, frustrating them both.

"I don't know how long some of these people can go on for," the blonde said. "Some of them are pretty sick."

"I know what you mean. My headache seems to be getting worse and I can hardly sit up straight."

The redhead began to sway, dizziness taking over.

"Here, rest your head on my shoulder."

The redhead rested her head on the woman's shoulder. The blonde looked down as she felt the redhead's hand in hers. Then she saw it, the ring on her finger. Almost identical to the one she was wearing.

"They look alike," The redhead nodded, sighing as she made herself more comfortable. The blonde looked at her, feeling her hand in hers, feeling how close to each other they were and how natural it felt. She reached up, brushing the fallen hair from her face. The back of her hand gently ran across her face. It felt so familiar and so good. They felt themselves moving closer. The redhead closed her eyes, feeling dizzy again.

"I need to... I don't feel so good.."

The blonde moved out of the way, letting the other lay back on the bed. She didn't look well!

"You sleep." The blonde said.

"Will you stay with me?"

The blonde nodded, running the palm of her hand across her forehead.

"Of course."

She sat on the bed, watching as the redhead slept. Not being able to shake the feeling she was important to her somehow. But something made her look up. Someone new had been brought in.



It had all come back to her. Their life together. And how they had found each other. But now Shelley needed her more than ever.

Sam looked across the infirmary, seeing a worried Rodney at the bedside of someone he loved. She knew how he felt. And the worry made him sick. Made him not want to move from their side until they woke up. Despite being in charge of everyone on Atlantis, worrying about everyone who had been ill and feeling sadness about the ones that died, she was more worried about Shelley. Only a handful of people were still to wake up, including the redhead.

Sam held her hand, brushing the hair from her face. It wasn't a secret on Atlantis that they were married. They had spent two whole days trying to find big enough quarters for the two of them. But they weren't the only ones in a relationship, and not even the only ones in a same sex relationship. But because Sam was in command of Atlantis, they tried not to have overly affectionate displays in public. Although Sam knew for a fact that Shelley liked it when they did. The little hand touches, the secret smiles and nods. That's why she didn't even bat en eye lid about staying by her side.

The colonel began to smile as Shelley turned her head to look at her and opened her eyes slowly.

"Baby!" Sam whispered, standing up and kissing Shelley's forehead.

"Sam," Shelley breathed out.

Sam nodded, fighting back the tears.

"I thought I'd lost you."

Shelley shook her head. "Never going to happen. We'll always find each other."

Sam leant in further, giving the young botanist a lingering soft kiss. From across the room, Dr Keller and Rodney watched her. They didn't think anything less of her for it. In fact, it made them realise that she was just like them.


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