Fic: Real

Author: Major Sam


Pairing: Sam/Shelley

Rating: R

Notes: I try and keep some in track with the show. And do write the occasional fic to tie in with an ep. This is one of them

Spoilers: *****Threads*****

Summary: After the memorial, Shelley takes Sam home

Shelley looked at her from across the briefing room. Her face was pale, due to the fact that she’d been crying for the last few days. The funeral had been the day before and now they were fathered to remember him. Shelley had got to know Jacob Carter very well over the last two years or so. He hadn’t been exactly thrilled about his only daughter having a romantic relationship with a woman. But over time, he had gotten used to it. He had seen a few same-sex couples in the Tok’ra, even though it was looked down on, it went on.

Sam had been quiet for the entire time. Shelley had just watched her, keeping an eye on her. The room was full of mainly SGC personnel and Tok’ra. Sam stood by the window and looked down at the gateroom. She hadn’t noticed General Hammond talking to her. She hadn’t noticed anyone talking to her for the last few hours. Let alone, noticed Shelley looking at her.

‘Colonel,’ Hammond said.

Sam looked around slowly, seeing Hammond standing behind her.

‘I’m sorry sir, I…’

‘It’s okay.’

The General placed a hand on Sam’s shoulder. Shelley walked across the room. For a moment, she didn’t care who knew or didn’t know that they were a couple, the need to be by Sam’s side was more important.

Shelley ran her hand across Sam’s cheek, and then pulled her into a silent hug, rubbing her back.

‘You should take her home!’ A voice said from behind her.

Shelley recognised her brothers voice and wasn’t in the mood to disagree.

‘Come on, lets go home,’ Shelley whispered.

No one said anything as the two of them left, Shelley’s arms around her ‘wife’.


Shelley let Sam go in first. She disappeared into the bedroom.

‘Do you want something too…?’

Shelley took off her coat, hanging it up on the coat stand. It wasn’t like Sam to be so quiet. Just after Jacob die, she spoke more than she had over the last day or so.

Shelley moved down the hall, stopping at the phone and checked the messages. One was from the child minders, saying that she’d drop off Mia in a few hours. And the other was from Jack, making sure they home okay.

Her head peered around the bedroom door, seeing Sam lying on the bed. She looked up for a moment, glancing at Shelley. The redhead took off her shoes, placing them by the bed, next to where Sam’s lay.

‘Are you okay?’ she asked.

Sam didn’t say anything. Shelley moved around to her side of the bed, lying next to her lover. Sam rolled over, wrapping her arms around her. She pulled herself up, brushing her lips against Shelley’s.

‘Hey,’ Shelley said.

Part of Shelley was pleased with the kiss. It had been a few days since they had touched.

‘I need you. I need something to feel real,’ Sam sad. ‘The last few days, haven't felt real!’

‘I know. I want to be here for you. But I don’t think this is the….’

Shelley was silenced again as Sam kissed her again. The redhead wrapped her arms around her, running her hand down her back. The kiss grew as Sam’s need deepened.

Shelley rose from her position, laying Sam back down, towering over her, smiling softly. She moved her hand, unbuttoning Sam’s uniform blouse.

The blonde beneath her needed to be touched, to feel. Shelley moved down. Without words, Sam knew what Shelley wanted. She lifted her self up, allowing her lover to unzip her skirt and slide it down her hips. Shelley let it drop onto the floor at the side of the bed. No matter how much she wanted this, Shelley hesitated for a moment; unsure that this was Sam really wanted. She was still grieving and it as too soon.

Shelley made her way back up Sam’s body, letting her hand stroke the inside of her thigh. There mouths melted softly together and Shelley moved to Sam’s neck.

‘I love you,’ Sam whispered.


Shelley smiled at her, moving her attention to Sam’s breasts. She kissed down the valley between them, moving her hand, between her thighs. Sam bit her lip, releasing it slowly as lips met with her skin.

Shelley’s movements were slow, trying to make Sam relaxed.

‘I love you,’ Sam whispered again, making Shelley move her head to look up.

There was a smile on her face, reassuring. Shelley gripped both straps of her panties and pulled them down slow over Sam’s hips, bringing them all the way down to her ankles.

Sam closed her eyes, preparing her self, eagerly awaiting her wife’s love. Kisses to her inner thighs made soft tears fall down her cheek! Lips moved higher, caressing that place where Sam needed her to be. Two fingers followed as Shelley rose up to kiss her lips. They were slow, no need to rush their love.

‘Don’t leave me,’ Sam said.

She heard her self repeat those words over and over again as Shelley made love to her, making her climax.

‘Never, baby, never.’ Shelley whispered softly in the blonde’s ear.

Shelley held her gently as her body shifted, writhed underneath her. Shelley felt Sam’s breasts rub against hers, feeling her completion through her movements.

‘I’ll never leave you,’ Shelley whispered.

They lay next to each other, Shelley holding her love close, letting her rest her head on her lap. She ran her fingers through the blonde’s hair, gently, attentive. Shelley smiled as she heard Sam breathing softly, seeing her chest rise and fall as her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.

Over the last few days, since the death of her father, Sam had believed that nothing had felt real. The only thing that felt real, was their love.

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