Title: The Pledge

Author: Major_Sam

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Rating:  G

Pairings: Sam/Other

Date: 27/07/03

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM, Gekko and their creators, i am not making any money from these fics.

Notes: Thanks to John and everyone's support in helping me write these Fics. Feedback is always appreciated. And thanks to some one for the inspiration. They know who they are.

Summary: The title says it all, doesn't it?

Warnings: None

Shelley stood in front of the mirror, just staring at herself, wondering what had happened to her in the last six months. She'd gone from wife and mother to bereaved widow and lesbian lover. Now things were going to go one step further. Shelley looked down at her hands and slowly pulled off her wedding ring and laid it on the counter in front of her. A small tear fell down her cheek and she remembered that day, the day of her wedding. Shelley had only taken off that ring a few times since she'd gotten married. Now, as she stood there, she believed that she would never wear it again. This weekend was the first real weekend they'd spent together in the six months they had been together. There had been the odd nights now and then. But nothing like this weekend. Two whole days, no interruptions and no Mia. The little one had been sent to her uncle Jack's for the weekend, sent with her favourite toys and games and a kiss from her mother as she dropped her off an hour ago. Now she!  was just waiting for Sam to pick her up. This weekend was going to be special for a different reason. A reason that made Shelley smile when she thought of it. Shelley picked up the ring and slipped it back on to the necklace she had been given by Jack when she had first joined the SGC over three years ago and tied it back around her neck.


The bed and breakfast was a small place with only 6 bedrooms, in the mountains of Colorado. It was small and cozy, just the sort of place Sam wanted for this weekend. She'd been looking at the brochure for 3 weeks and couldn't decide to have the single or double room. Sam knew that despite being together six months, Shelley was still shy about showing their relationship in public. But, after an hour of discussion,  had chose the double room.

Shelley dropped her overnight back on the floor of the bedroom as the owner showed Sam around.

"So you're just staying for the two nights?" The woman asked.

Shelley nodded slowly. Sam stood next to her, brushing the hair from her face and smiled. Her hand lowered and held Shelley's. The redhead looked up, smiling awkwardly.

"That's right." Sam said.

"Just the two of you?"

"That's right too."

The woman turned, placing the key in Sam's hand.

"Breakfast is 7am to 9am. No later. Hot water is on for an hour each morning. Towels are provided. I'll leave you to..... settle in."

The old woman turned back and left the room. Sam looked around. She'd never seen anything so beautiful and she didn't mean the room either.

"Are you okay Shell?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, I'm just.."

The major walked over, holding her hand again. She turned it over, kissing her palm.

"It'll be okay baby. But we don't have to do it."

"I want to, I'm just..."

Sam held her softly, running her hand down Shelley's hair.

"I know, baby, i know."


Shelley yawned, making the blonde next to her smile. The redhead looked at her watch. It was 5.00 am and they'd been awake for an hour. This was perfect. The warm breeze flew around them, making Shelley slightly more sleepy than her lover.

Sam placed the basket down on the ground and kneeled down, taking out items the owner of the bed and breakfast had packed for them the evening before. Shelley stayed standing and looked out at the broad vista before her. Sam looked up, already beginning to see the sun rising in the distance. She stood slowly as Shelley took her hand and pulled her up close to her.

"Are you ready?" Sam whispered.

Shelley nodded slowly. Sam smiled and took in a deep breath.

"Well, here goes nothing. I've known you for over three years now, and there hasn't been a day gone by that i haven't loved you. At the beginning  I kept telling myself over and over that  I was just imagining how I felt. And I never believed for one moment that what i was feeling was real. How could it be real. You were the girl friend and wife of my best friend. No matter how hard I tried to tell myself that i wasn't in love with you, I couldn't and it didn't work. Narim, Martouf and even Orlin were just a show. Just a way to try and see if what I was feeling for you was real. Everytime they touched me, all I could think of was you. I've always loved you and I always will. So, as I stand here today with the ocean as my witness, I pledge to you my undying and everlasting love. I will stand beside you as your partner, I will stand before you as your protector. And I will stand behind you as your solace. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. The rest of my life with your love in my heart."

The wind began fill a light breeze around them. Sam reached out and touched the side of Shelley's face softly, waiting for her to respond. The redhead smiled as a tear began to fill her eyes.

"Seven months ago I never would have believed that I'd be standing here, on this hilltop, with you, saying these words. I was a little scared when you suggested this. You have to believe me that I argued with myself about how much I didn't love you. About how much I couldn't love you. How I couldn't love another. But the thought of not being with you makes me feel weak inside. It took a long time to make myself believe that I could fall in love again. And not just anyone, but a woman, my friend. I learned that love knows no boundaries. Sex, race, age nor colour. I'd shut myself off from everything and everyone for a long time. I didn't want to feel anything for anyone in case I lost them. But you, you brought me back to reality. Your love brought me back to life, with you touch, your smile and your love. You're touch will be in my heart and soul forever. In the same place I want to be with you. In my heart and in my life."

Several more tears fell down Shelley's face. She smiled as she felt Sam's thumb wipe it away slowly. They looked deeply at each other. Sam turned slowly, taking something out of her pocket. It began glistening in the new morning sun.

"Your bracelet." Shelley said.

"Yes. I want you to have it. I've already given you my heart, what does this matter."


"But nothing." Sam said, wiping the hair from Shelley's face.

She took Shelley's hand, and tied it around her wrist. Shelley looked at her and smiled.

"This is a symbol of our love and commitment to each other. Of our love and devotion."

Shelley was utterly speechless. She leaned in slowly. Their lips met, brushing against each other softly. Sam wrapped her arms around the redhead, holding her tightly. The kiss lingered for as long as humanly possible. Not wanting to let the other go.


The sun began to rise on the horizon, bathing everything in a soft yellow glow. They sat on the grass, on the blanket from the bed and breakfast. Sam wrapped another blanket around her and Shelley. The redhead began to shiver and Sam pulled it around her tighter. Shelley sat in front of the blonde, in between her legs. Sam rested her head on Shelley's shoulder and nibbled on her ear softly. The woman in her arms began to giggle. Shelley fell back into her lover's arms, feeling safe.

"I love you." Sam whispered in her love's ear.

"I love you too, always." Shelley answered.

Both watched the sunrise in front of them, wrapped in each other's arms. Disappointed that soon they would have to go back to keeping their pledge a secret.

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