Fic: News Gets Around

Author: Major Sam


Pairing: Sam/Shelley

Rating: NC17

Spoilers: Season 8: Covenant

Authors Notes: After the events with Alec Colson, Sam comes home to find Shelley in a state...

It had been a long few days, all that travelling then having to deal with bad news, Sam was exhausted. She'd just wanted to get home, hug Mia and kiss Shelley before she fell asleep.

It was just past 11pm and Sam knew that Mia would be fast asleep by now and her hug would have to wait until morning. She saw Shelley on the sofa, wrapped up in the throw that they kept over the back of it.

Sam knelt down at the side of her, adjusting the blanket, covering her up, making sure she was warm enough. She kissed her loves forehead, smiling as her eyes began to flutter open.

'Hey baby.'

Shelley looked up, and managed to drag herself up from the couch.

'What's wrong?' Sam asked.

Shelley stood in the middle of the living room, a quiet fury building on her face. For the last two hours, she'd been going over it in her mind, what she'd say to her when she'd come home, how she'd confront her.

'I saw it,  Inside Access.'

Sam stood up and smiled, moving towards Shelley.

'Was it okay. I didn't look nervous, did i.'

'No you, you looked fine. The two of you looked very cosy together.' Shelley snapped.


The redhead turned away, heading out into the kitchen. Part of her didn't want to have this conversation. She didn't want it to be true. The thoughts were just going around in her head and she couldn't help it.

'You and that woman, Julia Donovan.'

'What!' Sam said.

Shelley propped herself up against the sink, her back to Sam.

'I saw the way she looked at you. I knew she...'

'She what?'

'That she fancied you. I saw the way she looked at you before, remember.'

'Where's all this coming from, Shell?'

Sam crept up to her, putting her arm around her waist, only to have her pull away.

'She's been calling here for the last 6 hours. I tell her you're not here but she keeps calling. Why, why does she keep calling you?'

'I don't know. More information on Alec i guess.'

'I guess. Is that all.'

Shelley turned back quickly, angry.

'You, you think i'm having an affair, with her?' Sam asked.

Every part of Shelley's being hated herself for even thinking such a thing, but she needed to know.

'Are you?' Shelley asked.

She waited for Sam to respond, but instead, the Lt Colonel looked at her and walked away.

'I can't believe you're jealous.'

'Of course i'm jealous. I've seen her. Why wouldn't you want to?'

Sam paced the room, more angry than her lover appeared to be.

'Why wouldn't i want too?' she repeated. 'Because i love you, even though right now i have no idea why. How could you think that i'd even consider having an affair.' Sam shouted.

Shelley thought for a moment, trying to answer her without making her more angry.

'Well, considering how we started.' she said.

Sam shook her head, the anger on her face starting to show.

'I can't believe you said that. You've NO idea what it was like for me, no idea. And now you think i'd put all of it in jeopardy. I don't even like Julia Donnovan, she gets on my nerves.'

'I'm sorry, Sam. I... i just see you with her and i wounder why wouldn't you. She's pretty and smart and....'

'So not my type.' Sam finished.

Sam smiled, moving towards her girl friend.

'I prefer, smart,' Sam brushed Shelley's hair from her eyes. 'Pretty, sexy, fantastic in bed, redheads.'

'Fantastic in bed?'

Sam's eyes lit up and grabbed hold of Shelley's hand.

Shelley had seen that look in sam's eyes before and knew exactly what was going to happen now. In a matter of minutes, the redhead found her self almost naked, apart from her panties. She had returned the favour by depriving her lover of every piece of clothing.

Sam sat between Shelley's legs and slowly pulled down her panties, watching the redhead squirm and writh beneath her. Their bodies melted together, breasts rubbing against each other. Sam's thigh was in between Shelley's legs and applied a little pressure, making her moan deeply. Sam moved slowly down, teasing her neck with kisses as her hand lowered, her fingers barely entering that wet heat. They kissed for a moment, making the moment turn into something more heated.

'Lower Sam, please.' Shelley asked.

Not being one to resist her lovers need, Sam shifted herself, removing her fingers, pausing for a moment to lick her fingers.

'Mmmm, you taste so good.'

God, that turned her on so much. She licked the inside of Shelley's thigh, licking the juices that were running freely. Her tongue traced the outline of Shelley's lips, entering her slowly. Shelley's hops bucked to meet with that mouth and rested her hands on her head, stopping her from moving.

'Oh god, please, please don't stop. Can't get enough, can't get....'

But Sam wasn't about to move. Her lover was close and Sam thrusted her tongue as fast and as quickly as she could. Two fingers enterd Shelley as Sam's tongue made way.

'Fuck!!' Shelley screamed as Sam thrusted harder. 'So close, so fucking close.'

Most of the time, Shelley never swore during sex, but she couldn't help herself. Sam's fingers brought her off the rest of the way and she kissed her as Shelley recovered.

'No one else but you Shell. I don't need anyone else but you.' Sam whispered, softly in her ear.

Shelley knew that she had to trust Sam. There really wasn't any evidence that she was having an affair. Part of her was just a little unsure, even after nearly 2 years. It was basically because Shelley still couldn't believe that Sam wanted her, that she was in love with her. She just believed that she wasn't anything special.

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