FIC: My Minds Eye

BY: Major Sam



PAIRINGS: Sam/other

DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer: All characters belong to MGM and use of them here is not intended to infringe, nor to make any profit. This story depicts a loving relationship between women. If you have objections, don't read it.

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In my minds eyes, I see more than I should. More than the people do around me. But they don't look, they don't see. They don't see how your smile affects me, how your eyes seduce me with one look. You try and pretend that you don't see me, that you don't feel my love. So you try and hide the way you feel. But I know it's there, I can see it, in my minds eye. You try and resist my arms around you, my lips on yours but you give in so quickly. So willing to feel comfort again, to feel like a woman again. How you miss it. Miss me when we're apart. Arms that reach out for you, fingers that caress your soul as well as your body. I feel your sudden rush of passion as you look into my eyes. I feel myself drowning, submerging, gasping for breath. You never cease to amaze me how open to our love you are. I see that sweet look on your face as you follow behind me, letting me guide you to that place where my soul cries out for your touch. As you lay besides me, my arms around you, shiel!ding you from those cruel words outside our door. You whisper my name in your sleep and my heart soars. I know now that this is right. But it wasn’t always so. You were afraid. Afraid to feel this way, about me, about us. Scared of what we might become. I was afraid too. Now any doubts have been blown away by your soft touch on my skin. Your lips moving down my body, fingers caressing my desire for you. How I thrill at that touch. Those green eyes stare into me, making me weak inside as you make your presence felt. I gasp at that first contact. My thoughts, my mind racing. This is it, that perfect moment we share. Where you know how to take me to that place. My heaven on earth. You. You crawl up to me, smiling that radiant smile. Your hair falling around your shoulders, long and so soft to touch. My arms are around you, scared to let go. Nothing compares to this feeling, how you make me feel. How you’ve always made me feel. Your eyes begin to close, still with !a smile on your lips. I kiss your forehead, breathing in that perfume I brought you. The one you only wear when we’re together. It’s our secret, one of many. But as I lie here, in this room, our shelter from the pain and harsh realities of what lies out side. I know that in my minds eye, I see all I need to see. You and me.

Major Sam

Stargate SG1

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