Title: My Girl

BY: Major Sam

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Rating: PG:13

Pairings: Sam/Shelley Just after the beginning of their relationship

Date: 12/07/04

Summary: Shelley's jealous

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She’d hardly spoken all night. On the way home, they had driven back in silence. Sam had glanced her way several times only to be given the brush off. The look on Shelley’s face had been pretty cold. But before at the party, they hadn’t been able to stop looking at each other. Right from the beginning, things had been fine. The party had been at a friend of Sam’s, someone she’d known in college. Sam had introduced her as ‘her friend’. Looking back on it. Maybe it was that, that had made Shelley’s mood change.

They hadn’t even talked about where Shelley was going to stay and Sam had just driven home to her house. Shelley didn’t stay very often, cause she didn’t want disrupt Mia’s routine. But tonight, Jack had insisted he looked after his niece so they could enjoy themselves after the party. And it gave him some time to spend with his favourite niece.

Sam parked the car and watched as Shelley got out and disappeared into the house without saying a word.

As Sam entered she noticed that the lights were still out but could still make out the redhead in the kitchen. She was about to switch on the light when….

‘Can you leave it off please, I have had a headache.’

The major sighed.

'Perfect end to a perfect night!' she said.

The redhead looked up quickly, giving Sam another cold scowl.

'What does that mean?'

Sam placed her purse down on the kitchen table, turning to look at Shelley. She'd skulked back into the living room to sit down whilst she took off her high heels.

'Just that you've got a headache. It's not the thing a woman wants to hear.'

'Then maybe you should have stayed at the party, with....'

'With who?' Sam asked.

Shelley stood up, wanting to end the conversation before it begun. She passed Sam who had come out of the kitchen to try and get her to stop moving around. She'd drunk quite a bit and was feeling slightly tipsy.



Sam grabbed Shelley's arm, pulling her back as she tried to get away from her. The redhead looked up, a quiet rage building inside her.

'That guy you were chatting up at the party. You two seemed pretty pally to me.'

'We were just talking.'

'It didn't look like it from where i was standing!'

Shelley pulled away towards the hallway.

'What did it look like to you.'

'I saw what he did. The way he casually touched you, when it was obvious what he wanted.'

Sam moved across the room to where Shelley was standing, reaching out for her.

'And what did he want, Shell?'

'He... he wanted too... sleep with you. And it looked like you were enjoying it.'

'It was just flirting, Shell.'

'Well i....'

'You're jealous?' Sam asked.

Shelley shook her head, refusing to believe such a ridiculous notion.

'Of course not.'

'Yes you were. You were jealous. What is it, don't you trust me?'

'I don't know. I just saw you two together and....'

Sam moved even closer, managing to back Shelley up against the hall wall.

'And what Shell?'

Sam's hand made a trail from Shelley's thigh to her her waiste as the redhead's breathing increased.

'I was jealous. I couldn't stand to see him touch you because...'

There was a long pause before she finished her sentence.

'Because your my girl friend. He should have....'

Sam couldn't help but smile and ran the back of her hand against her cheek.

'You've never said that before. It's really the first time you've actually acknowledged this relationship.'

'I know. When i saw the two of you, i just wanted to scream it. You're my girl.'

The major leaned in slowly, running her finger's through Shelley's hair.

'I'm your girl.' Sam said. 'And you're mine.'

Two pairs of soft lips met, parting slowly, letting each other's tongues duel with each other. It was full of heat and desire. Shelley's hand lowered, grabbing hold of her girl's, leading her towards the bedroom, where she planned to show her how much her girl she was.

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