Title: Moving In, Moving On

Author: Major Sam

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Rating: G

Pairings: Sam/Shelley

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Summary: Taking a big leap,  but is it too much?

Shelley looked down at the little package that Sam had placed in front of her. It was fairly small, wrapped in shiny blue paper. Sam smiled at her.

“Are you going to open it?” she asked.

Shelley picked it up and opened it slowly. They were in a café in town, where they met for breakfast every other day or whenever they got the chance to. Having breakfast in the commissary was convenient but they couldn’t relax with everyone else around.

Shelley unwrapped the last piece of paper and smiled. Inside was a key, familiar to Shelley as a key to Sam’s house.

“I already have one of these!”

Sam leaned over the table and brushed the back of her finger’s across Shelley’s face and smiled.

“I know you do hun. But that’s my spare this is your own. We’ve been together for 11 months now and you spend nearly all your time at my place.”

“I guess.”


“It’s a nice key.” Shelley said.

Sam laughed.

“Shell, hun. I want you to move in, you and Mia. I want us to be together. I want to wake up to you every morning.”

“Sam…” Shelley whispered.

The blonde began to fidget nervously in her chair.

“I know it’s a big step, but I think we’re ready.”

“What about the military? If they found out, they could make it difficult for you, even…”

Sam nodded slowly.

“I’ve spoken to the colonel.”

That made Shelley’s eyebrows rise slightly.

“You did?”

”Yeah and he talked to General Hammond. If they don’t ask, we won’t tell them, Shelley.”

“I know that. I’m just… are you sure?”

Sam moved closer, pulling her chair around the table with her.

“Of course I’m sure. They’re happy for us to do this. Even Teal’c said that he’d help moving your stuff in.”

The redhead began to laugh.

“Well….” Sam asked, waiting patiently.


Shelley leaned over, flinging her arms around Sam’s neck.

“Yes!” she repeated.


Jack already knew about Carter’s decision to ask Shelley to move in with her and tried to look surprised when his sister told him. He was so happy for her. Jack had seen how low she had gotten over a year ago. Shelley always tried to hide it but Jack always saw threw her as she put on a brave face.

Teal’c had indeed offered to help Shelley move and so had Jonas. Jack was used to playing C.O and decided to supervise their efforts.

Shelley’s apartment had been her home for over three years now and over a year of that had been with Daniel. Sam was waiting the other end at her house waiting for them. She was excited, however strange that seemed to everyone else. Shelley spent at least three days a week there anyway and the thought of having her there all the time made her so happy.

Finally after four hours, everything had been packed and had arrived at Sam’s safely, apart from Shelley who had seemingly gotten lost in transit.

“Colonel, isn’t Shelley with you?” Sam asked.

Jack shook his head as he and Jonas re-assembled Mia’s cot in her newly decorated room, largely thanks to Teal’c.

“I think she might still be back at the apartment!” Jonas added.

“Why?” Sam asked.

Jonas stood up slowly, letting the cot nearly fall on top of Jack.

“Hey!” he shouted.

“She was very quiet when we were packing.”

Suddenly there was a look of panic on Sam’s face.

“You don’t think she’s changed her mind, do you?”

Jonas shook his head.

“Of course not Sam. She wouldn’t have let us pack this stuff otherwise.”

“I guess so. I’m gonna go over there and see if she’s okay.” Sam said.

Jack stood too, finally giving up on the cot. He didn’t know how Shelley had managed to fix it up herself in the first place without smashing it in to tiny pieces.

“Maybe you should give her a little time by her self. It must be hard for her.”

Sam knew that it was hard for Shelley to leave the home she had shared with Daniel. But they were a couple now. Sam didn’t want to seem heartless but Daniel was gone and she wanted to do what most couple in a relationship did, including living together. They practically did anyway. Sam still wondered why Shelley hadn’t chosen not to sell her apartment. Maybe a part of her wanted to hold on to Daniel for as long as she could and Sam didn’t really blame her. In her position, she would feel the same way.

Sam decided not to take the colonel's advice and went back tot he apartment in seach of Shelley anyway. It was late, about 8pm and had brought dinner with her, in a little picknik basket.

She let her self in with she spare key Shelley had given her, not that she used it much. As she entered, she saw the whole place was in darkness. She dropped the basket by the door and stepped inside. It looked strange empty, as though no one had lived there. Sam hadn't spent too much time there because Shelley always felt uncomfortable staying there with her.

"Shelley!" she whispered softly.

A figure in the distance turned to look at her then turned away again.

"You know sometimes, i think i can still smell him. Usually late at night, when Mia's asleep."

Sam didn't know what to say. How could she follow that.

"I'm sorry."

She moved closer, trying to figure out where Shelley was standing.

"And for a moment i think he's here, then i realise he's not."

The sound of Shelley's voice lead Sam towards the balcony door, which were open slightly.

"Then it all comes back to me. The pain of losing him and realising that he's never coming back. Bringing Mia up without her father."

Sam just stood behind her. There wasn't anything she could say that would make this moment go any easier for either of them.

Shelley's head turned slowly, managing to see her lover standing behind her, bathed in light from the moon outside.

"Then i remember you, from that first time to the last time."

"You mean last night." Sam said, smiling, trying to break the tension.

The redhead nodded slowly and turned back to look outside. Sam moved closer, wrapping her arms around Shelley's waist. She didn't know if it was a good idea or not but when she felt her holdiing her hand, she knew.

"How you brought so much light back in to my life when there was only darkness before."

"It's because i loved you, love you. And i'll never stop until you tell me to go away." Sam said.

She rested her head on Shelley's shoulder and sighed.

"I thought that i'd moved on. I guess i haven't!" Shelley said. "This place is all i have left."

Sam shook her head and turned Shelley around in her arms.

"That's not true, hunny. You have your memories, pictures, friends and the most beautiful daughter in the world. Nothing can ever change that. And not even by leaving this apartment. He'll be with you where ever you go!" She said.

Shelley smiled as several tears rolled down her face. Sam's finger came up to capture one and wiped it away.

"Let's go home." Shelley said.

The blonde nodded slowly and took her girl friend's hand. They walked slowly towards the door and Sam picked up the basket that she had left.

"What about all that food you brought with you."

Sam looked down at it and sighed.

"I'm sure Jonas will finish it off. That guy will eat anything."

"As long has you have a banana in there, he'll be just fine."

There was a loud laugh from Sam as she stepped out into the hallway. Shelley followed behind slowly and had one last look before she closed  the door on her old life, looking forward with some regret to what lay ahead with her new life with Sam.

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