FIC: Memory Loss

BY: Major Sam



PAIRINGS: Sam/other

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SUMMARY: A night of passion leaves Shelley's mind wondering who she spent the night with.

AUTHORS NOTES: Thanks to John and everyone's support in helping me write these fic's. And feedback is always appreciated and want to know what people think of my stories.

Her eyes opened slowly. A mild curious sensation came over her of not knowing where she was. She sat up, looking around the room. Shelley was definitely on the base and seemed to be in someone’s living quarters but she didn’t know who’s and couldn’t remember how she got there. There were only a few people who lived on the base and she knew all of them. She tried to look to see if there was anything she could recognise. One or two things seemed to trigger something. Two glasses on the table on the other side of the room and a half full bottle of wine. Shelley pulled back the sheets, suddenly realising that she was naked underneath.  Quickly she pulled them back up, wrapping them around her and stood up searching for her own clothes. She knelt down picking them up from the floor, finding her panties hanging on the mirror in front of her. ‘This is a disaster,’ She thought to herself. She slumped back down on the bed sighing heavily. Wha!t had she done and with whom? All she could remember was the smell of someone’s aftershave or whatever it was. It was sweet and flowery not at all like aftershave. Maybe the smell had something to do with someone else. Surely it couldn’t have anything to do with last night? Shelley got dressed as quickly as she could, wanting to get out of the room before ‘they’ came back.

She walked slowly down the corridor, sf’s and staff starring at her as they passed her by. This was driving her crazy. She had to get away, finding somewhere to hide until her memory returned.

Shelley propped up against the shower wall, letting the water drip down on her face. The water was warm against her skin. She felt lost. What had happened to her last night?  She looked at herself in the mirror trying to see if she could see any marks on her but there was nothing. Her head looked up quickly, remembering something. A touch of someone’s hand gliding down her stomach, caressing her skin with there fingers! The memory that touch seemed to arouse her so much. Who was it that did this to her? Made her feel so guilty and turned on at the same time. Now she began to remember. She’d been on a mission with SG1 and when they came back, everything seemed go all foggy. She remembered being in the infirmary with Sam and Jonas and then everything was a blank. God, that touch again, making her remember how good she felt. Then another memory, a kiss, soft and passionate! The feel of there tongue dancing with hers. The feel of their body pressed against her. Finally the realisation struck her, it coming down to one of two people, either Sam Carter or Jonas Quinn.

Even just the thought of sleeping with one of them made her feel guilty. How could she do this to Daniel? He might not be there but she was still his wife and still loved him more than anything in her life. But had she really wanted last night to happen? She wasn’t sure. If it turned out to be Jonas then probably not! Their relationship had been tenuous at best but had found an understanding. Shelley felt the same way if it turned out to be Sam too. They had been friends for nearly three years now and would never do anything to jeopardise that. Another memory hit her, another hand running down her legs, pulling down her panties.

Shelley realised that they hadn’t been pulled in the heat of passion but slowly and with care. Her heart had pounded with excitement at that moment. Now things were becoming clearer. She still had no memory of who it had been but she knew that she had wanted it, needed it.

Shelley’s eyes flittered around the briefing room table, both of them in question sitting next to each other in front of her. She tried to avoid eye contact during the whole briefing but her eyes kept resting on one in particular. Shelley shook her head. No, no, it couldn’t be them.

“Dismissed.” Hammond said.

Shelley slid out of her seat, moving quickly out of the room. Sam and Jonas stood behind her, looking at each other.

The redhead stood in the doorway of her lab, looking at the sight in front of her. On her desk was a single flower, a red rose and a note next to it. Shelley moved towards it picking up the note. Unfortunately it had been typed on a computer and printed out. ‘Damn.’ She thought as she began to read the note. ‘My love, sorry I left you this morning but you looked so peaceful when I woke up I didn’t want to disturb you. Hope we can meet for lunch around 1pm. See you then.’ It didn’t actually give anything away. But, my love! Why would someone call her that? Were they all ready in a relationship? Why couldn’t she remember? Shelley leaned over, smelling the flower. It was lovely. The smell seemed to fill the whole room. But it still didn’t trigger anything, not even the smallest memory.

Lunchtime finally arrived and Shelley was nervous. Every time the door opened her head would look up. But after an hour, neither Sam nor Jonas had arrived and Shelley skulked back to her lab. As she stepped inside, a pair of arms enveloped her in a tight hug. Shelley sighed heavily, feeling a curious sensation of familiarity. This had happened before. She leaned back into them, her eyes closing trying to uncover that memory. A smile appeared on her face as she remembered whose arms were now hugging her. Shelley turned slowly, letting them see her smile. A hand skimmed across her cheek, followed by lips on hers, soft and warm. Shelley’s mouth opened, excepting a tongue with a burning need coming straight from the heat between her legs. Shelley pulled back, groaning out there name with passion.

"I'm glad it was you. Otherwise i would have spent last night with..."

A thin finger rose, touching Shelley's soft lips. The redhead had to fight back every impulse not to take it into her mouth.

"Sssh. Don't even think that," Sam said.

Shelley stared at the blonde infront of her, unable to stop smiling. All day long she hoped it had been her. She couldn't help but be attracted to her across the briefing room table earlier that afternoon. Now she understood why. It was all coming back to her. They'd been lovers for weeks and couldn't get enough of her. They couldn't get enough of each other.

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